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Dear Educators Our's is a wondrous, exciting and highly rewarding World of Books. It has been a great pleasure to be associated with you who are committed to the cause of Education. It has always been our endeavour to supplement your efforts with cost-effective publications, excelling in editorial inputs, production values and easy-to-understand subject matter. Education is an ongoing process both for the learner and for the publisher. In the World of Education, one has to be completely committed and must ever strive to update one's subject knowledge. To keep abreast with the needs of the curriculum, change is the only permanent thing that we at Sultan Chand & Sons (P) Ltd aspire for. With renewed focus, the books are reviewed and revised for each academic session. Critical feedback from the valued readers is acknowledged and incorporated in the subsequent editions, which helps to enrich the textual content. With a country-wide network of our marketing representatives, the gap between you and us is bridged and we are constantly made aware of your needs. At the start of the new year, we have launched the all-new Symphony series. It comprises thirteen books designed to meet the requirements of Primary classes. It has five Readers and five Activity Books (Cls. l­V) and three Literature Readers (Cls. lll­V). Having extended our series of Essentials of English Grammar and Composition to cover Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes, we had, on popular demand, introduced the Nepal Edition of this series. Under our ICSE banner, another book, Exploring Physics for Class X has been added enlarging the Exploring series which already has, Exploring Biology and Chemistry for Classes IX and X, which have been thoroughly revised. The Value Education series, Happiness ­ A Treasure Within, has been enlarged to cover Classes I to Vlll. A number of our publications have also been revised and updated, dictated by changed curricula. Following the CBSE guidelines for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation for Cl. lX, the "Visualised" series consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Cls. IX and X has been revised. So has been New Visualised Science and Technology (alongwith Multimedia CD) for Cls. VI ­ Vlll. Extensive revision of Indian Economic Development ­ CBSE XI, A Text Book of Economics Applications ­ ICSE X, Essentials of Economics ­ ISC XI, XII and Essential of Chemistry ­ ISC XI, XII was undertaken. Our popular Accountancy books, viz., Double Entry Book Keeping for CBSE Classes XI and XII and Analysis of Financial Statements for CBSE Class XII were launched in 1973. These books together with Double Entry Book Keeping for ISC Classes XI and XII have been thoroughly revised, incorporating the suggestions of both the teachers and the taught. A valuable addition to the wide array of our publications are two books for the preparation of Common Proficiency Test (CPT). These books are on Mercantile Law and Economics. The National Curriculum Framework 2005 initiated changes in the syllabus and NCERT also redesigned the pattern of the Question Paper. Our Self-Tutor series for the students of Classes IX to XII has been thoroughly revamped in tune with the vital alterations. Teacher Enrichment Programmes are a regular feature with us. Workshops are organised to provide a platform to teachers to share their educational experiences with authors, resource persons and fellow educators. These can be arranged at the behest of interested schools. Request for a Workshop may be forwarded to our Head Office or to our representative covering the area. Wishing you success in your endeavours, we rededicate ourselves to help you succeed in your noble Mission. Warm regards Satish Agarwal Managing Director



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Books for +2

20. Orissa Board 50


(Explorations for Early Years)

Great Beginnings

for age group 4 to 6 years Parts I and II Henu Mehtani

Great Beginnings is a series outlined for age group 4 to 6 years. It is planned and designed to lay a strong foundation of basic concepts and skills and develop a positive attitude towards learning. Focus Areas: Listening, speaking and motor skills Social and emotional development Salient Features: Colourful and attractive visuals Helpful hints, ideas and an innovative teaching approach

Volumes I, 2 and 3 for Nursery and Prep. Meeta Rai, Geetika Bahl

Foundations is an exclusive series comprising three parts for schools providing all-round education to 4-year olds. Authors have meticulously arranged the work in a systematic manner around a particular theme that would encourage the teacher to use innovative techniques. The volumes are completely self-contained. Volume 1: English: Knowledge of the English alphabets A to Z, sound association and written formation. Maths: Pre-number concepts; Formation of numbers. Hindi: Recognition of the alphabets


d ­ g.

EVS: House; Home; Family; Self. Art and Craft: Colouring; Shapes and Sizes. Volume 2: English: Small alphabets; Three-letter words. Maths: Before, After, Between numbers; Greater and Smaller numbers. Hindi: Writing of the alphabets; Two-letter words. EVS: Transport; Plants; Animals. Art and Craft: Festivals. English: Word patterns; Fill in the blanks; Rhyming words; Opposites; One and many; Simple sentences. Maths: Addition; Subtraction. Hindi: Names of pictures; Fill in the blanks; Three and fourletter words. EVS: Days of the week; Months; Safety and Hygiene. Art and Craft: Fun with Shapes.

Volume 3:



Counting, Rhymes and General Knowledge

This multi-purpose book designed to meet all the requirements of the Nursery or LKG children includes: Alphabets (both capital and small letters). Counting (building up the number system from 1 to 10 and then extending it to 100). Nursery rhymes. Fruit and vegetable charts. Bird and animal charts. Parts of the human body. Colour chart. The book, completely plastic coated, printed in four colours and profusely illustrated, is a child's first picture dictionary.

My 1st Step of Alphabet


This first book for children has a laminated cover to lend beauty and durability, and multicolour pictures on art paper. It introduces capital and small letters of the English alphabets through attractive pictures of familiar objects. It also introduces common fruits, vegetables, animals, major parts of the body, colours and numbers.

Let's Write ABC -- Capital Letters Let's Write abc -- Small Letters Let's Write Capital and Small Letters

The books with multicolour laminated covers and four-colour illustrations are designed to aid recognition and formation of capital and small letters of the English alphabets. practice and fluency in drawing strokes and forming letters. the process of learning and writing with fun.

Parts I, II and III

The set is an anthology of popular nursery rhymes appropriate to the children's interests and the range of their experience and imagination. They are pre-eminently musical rhymes that children would love to sing and dance to.

Let's Sing



Premier Cursive Writing

Parts I to V

This carefully graded series of five books is designed to teach cursive writing. The books will help the child to develop sufficient motor control and acquire a fluent and beautiful style of writing. Multicolour covers and two-colour illustrations add charm to learning.

Premier Pattern Writing

Parts I-A, I-B, II, III, IV and V

Scientifically designed to teach pattern writing in six steps, the books gradually lead the child from making simple horizontal and vertical strokes to making more complex patterns and writing the alphabets, words and sentences. The words chosen to give practice in writing have been carefully graded. Multicolour covers and two-colour illustrations are appealing to the child.

Premier English Reader and Workbook

Rajendra Pal

Profusely illustrated, interesting and informative reading material. Carefully graded and strictly controlled vocabulary. Well-graded comprehensive exercises at the end of each lesson. Ideal for practice in the use of basic sentence patterns and basic language skills. Sparkle Multiskill English­Starters A and B for LKG and UKG are also available. (See Page 18)



Let's Count (1­20) Let's Count (1­50) Let's Count (1­100)

This set of three books gradually leads the child to learn counting and practise writing numbers up to 100 with emphasis on a clear understanding of the concept of numbers. The books include carefully designed and graded exercises to offer built-in revision-cum-assessment mechanism and are fully illustrated with multicolour laminated covers.

Systematic Mathematics

Pre-primer, Primer

This series aims at maximum possible involvement of the child in understanding the number system and developing basic computational skills and logical thinking. The exercises are well-graded and contain questions that invite active participation on part of the pupil. Systematic Mathematics for Classes I to X are also available.

The World Around Me


This useful companion of children introduces them to all the relevant objects in their world comprising the animal world, the world of nature, the home and the school. Children will find it fun to go through the book designed to build a solid base of vocabulary in a natural way. The World Around Me for Classes I to VIII are also available.







ised Rev

Parts 0 to V for Classes KG to V Dr. V.K. Sharma (Parts 0 to II) Dr. Vinod Kumar (Parts III to V)

Written according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the NCERT and the Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian Education, this series for primary classes leads the students to scientific exploration. Salient Features Emphasis on presenting basic scientific facts in simple, easy-to-understand form. Style that makes study of science explorative and a fascinating experience. Age-appropriate vocabulary and terminology. Profusely illustrated with visuals from familiar environment. Carefully designed exercises to test students' knowledge and satisfy their creative urge.

Science Around Us

Science and Technology

Classes VI to VIII Dr. N. K. Sehgal, Dr. Sarita Kumar, Sunita Hooda, Vinay Kumar, P. N. Kapil, Jayashree Raman

This series, based specifically on the latest syllabus prescribed by the NCERT and its objectives, aims at laying the foundation for better understanding of science concepts at middle school level. Salient Features Systematic and interactive approach. Concepts explained through relevant daily life experiences, events and situations. Activities that allow students to consolidate learning through experimentation. Informative and inspirational inputs to inculcate a scientific and technological temper.

New Visualised

ised Rev



Visualized Chemistry

Parts I to III for Classes VI to VIII P.L. Soni, R.K. Sethi, Dr. H.M. Chawla

This series aims at integrating the study of Chemistry with the child's environment. This approach makes the study of the subject not only interesting and relevant but also a creative activity. Salient Features Liberal use of simple and self-explanatory illustrations for better grasp of the subject. Summary capsules under `Points to Remember'. Short-answer and objective-type questions under `Do You Know' to facilitate recapitulation and for assessment. Experiments listed under `Things To Do' to ensure active participation of the students and motivate them to study the subject further.

Parts I to III for Classes VI to VIII N.K. Sehgal

This series aims at making the study of Physics an active and stimulating pursuit of knowledge. It does not teach; it helps students to learn. Each chapter includes Scientific facts propounded through exploration of the environment. Generous use of illustrations for clarity and a better visual impact. `Points to Remember' for recapitulation. `Do You Know' for evaluation. `Things To Do' for experimental verification. The series is useful for schools following the ICSE syllabus as well as those following the syllabus of other State Boards.

Visualized Physics

Parts I to III for Classes VI to VIII Dr. V.K. Sharma, Vinay Kumar

Visualized Biology aims at facilitating learning of the subject through maximum use of visual aids. Salient Features Simple, attractive and self-explanatory illustrations. Simple language, free from technical jargon. Short answer and objective type questions at the end of each chapter. Simple experiments to involve the children in the learning process.

Visualized Biology



Exploring Biology for Classes VI to VIII Archana Verma

Flora and Fauna Series would help unravel the mysteries of plant and animal kingdoms. Based on the syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian Education and recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. Simple explanation of various topics. Designed to inspire students to explore and experiment. Activities and projects to enliven interest in the subject. Large number of examples and illustrations based on every topic.

Flora and Fauna Series

Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Class VI) Beena Jain, Pankaj Bhatt, Ranjana Gupta

The book conforms to the latest curriculum of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education as recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi for the teaching of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Salient Features Expressive, lucid and easy to understand language. Attractive and well-labelled illustrations. Interesting information about the scientists and their discoveries. Activities to stimulate the mind and help nurture a scientific temper. Recapitulation of new terms introduced in each chapter. Summary at the end of each chapter. A wide range of evaluative exercises for a wholesome drill.

ICSE Exploring Science


Social Sciences

Our Rich Heritage Series

Ancient India--Class VI Medieval India--Class VII Modern India--Class VIII Anita Devraj, Kuldeep Agarwal

This History series exposes the pupils to the rich heritage of our country and aims to develop a feeling of respect and pride towards the country and its culture. The books are generously illustrated, the language is simple, and the style communicative, to correspond to the age and ability level of the target group.

Citizenship Consciousness Series

Co-operation and Civic Sense--Class VI We the People of India--Class VII Building up the Nation--Class VIII Anita Devraj, Kuldeep Agarwal

The basic emphasis of this Civics series is on helping children develop a civic sense and become ideal citizens. The focus of the series is on appreciating and cultivating the values of secularism and socialism. national integration and the preservation of our environment as well as cultural heritage. promoting an awareness and knowledge of the functioning of the government at various levels.

Discovering Our World Series

Southern Continents--Class VI Northern Continents--Class VII India and Asia--Class VIII B.S. Parakh

Here is a series of three books to make the teaching and learning of Geography a fascinating experience. The books introduce and develop basic geographical concepts in a systematic and graded manner, making them an integral part of the child's daily experience.

A companion volume for teachers and parents is also available.


Social Sciences

National Identity Series Classes III to V Nita Mukherjee Classes VI to VIII Anita Devraj, Kuldeep Agarwal, Subhashini Sinha

Each book in the series is based on the syllabus prescribed by the NCERT and covers Geography, History and Civics for Classes III to VIII. These textbooks introduce the three vital branches of Social Sciences in an integrated, informative and interesting manner. The series has been produced to develop an appreciation of the growth of various components of Indian culture. an understanding of the diversities of land and people of India and the world. an awareness of the current processes of change and related issues and challenges. an understanding of the natural and human resources and their potentialities for a better tomorrow. a scientific temper and objective thinking, free from all kinds of stereotyped images.

A Textbook of Social Sciences

National Identity Series Classes VI to VIII Anita Devraj, Kuldeep Agarwal

This series, based on the syllabus recommended by the InterState Board for Anglo-Indian Education, revives the ancient glory, and the material, intellectual as well as spiritual wealth that was ours at one time. The ultimate aim is to lead the young minds towards achieving a sense of national identity and pride in being an Indian. integrating indigenous knowledge and recognising India's contribution to the world civilization. value development.

A Textbook of History and Civics


CBSE Textbooks


Systematic Mathematics

Classes IX and X Dr. Harbans Lal

These books, written in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus, intend to provide the students a better understanding of the relevant mathematical concepts and adequate practice in their application. The special approach of the books meets the needs of all kinds of students. Salient Features Concepts explained in simple and lucid language with the help of several thoughtfully chosen illustrations for easy grasp of the average and below-average students. Sufficient material requiring a sophisticated degree of reasoning and intellectual acumenship for the benefit of the above-average students. Large number of worked-out examples to familiarise the students with a wide range of problems.

A set of two textbooks for CBSE Classes XI and XII Sanjeev Saxena (Available both in English and Hindi)

This set of two books has been specially developed for the students of Classes XI and XII as per the latest CBSE syllabus. The entire syllabus has been divided into a number of smaller units with a view to simplify the content. Salient Features Point-wise discussion to facilitate learning. Large number of innovative charts and diagrams to make the concepts easy to understand. Tabular representations to help students understand the comparisons and contrasts more precisely. An exhaushtive set of questions at the end of each chapter. Summary at the end of each chapter for a quick review. Model Test Papers to familiarise the students with the trend of the CBSE board papers and for self-assessment. Chapter-wise Scanner comprising questions which have appeared in CBSE Delhi, Outside Delhi and Compartment examinations in the last five years.

Business Studies


CBSE Textbooks

Approved by the Central Board of Secondary Education

Double Entry Book Keeping

A set of two books for CBSE Classes XI and XII T.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, G.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla (Available both in English and Hindi)

The textbooks present a modern approach to accounting through the use of accounting equations. They include the necessary material to provide a sound conceptual base in accounting theory. Salient Features Accounting formats, tables and several diagrams and illustrations pertaining to the entire book-keeping process. Systematically planned chapters with learning objectives enumerated at the beginning. Large number of examples interspersed throughout the text. Summary and essay, short answer and objective type questions at the end of each chapter. Weightage to each topic as per the marks and periods allotted by the CBSE. Class-tested and well-graded material. Important questions of the previous year examinations solved and included throughout the text. Appendix I (Scanner) and Appendix II (Glossary) to facilitate quick reference.

Analysis of Financial Statements

Including Project Work CBSE Class XII T.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, G.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla (Available both in English and Hindi)

The book has been designed strictly as per the CBSE syllabus to be used as a textbook for Class XII students. Salient Features Due weightage to each topic according to the marks and periods allotted by the CBSE. Class-tested and well-graded material written in lucid style and simple language. Accounting formats, flowcharts, tables and illustrations to explain the subject material in an easy-to-understand style. Summary for quick recall. Exhaustive set of essay, short answer and objective type questions at the end of each chapter. Latest board examination questions incorporated throughout the book with solutions to familiarise the students with the trend of the question paper. Appendix I (Scanner) and Appendix II (Glossary) for quick reference.


CBSE Textbooks


Introductory Microeconomics Introductory Macroeconomics

Class XII Dr. Archana Agarwal

Textbooks for Class XII, CBSE, New Delhi; based on examination-centred approach that generates confidence among the students to score top marks at the Board Examination 2010. Salient Features Subject matter presented in small, simple and digestible prose. Large number of solved numerical problems given. Answers provided to supplementary questions.

Indian Economic Development

Class XI Dr. B.K. Bhargava, Vandana Sethi (Available both in English and Hindi)

The book is designed to enable the students to understand, analyse and easily grasp the various facets and phases of India's economic development since independence. Each topic in the book has been dealt with in a manner to provide necessary knowledge with an in-depth analysis of the subject matter. Efforts have been made to incorporate the latest available material and statistical information pertaining to various aspects of the economy. The book is expected to contribute enormously to the knowledge, understanding and performance of the students.

Statistics for Economics

Class XI B.M. Aggarwal

The book deals with the subject from its origin in an exhaustive manner. Salient Features Carefully selected solved examples to explain practical applications of all concepts. Each chapter appended with a variety of objective questions. Additional objective questions. Three Model Test Papers, based on the pattern of the board examination.

Visualised Science Lab Manual

The Lab Manual has been designed to equip the students with skills required for the practical examination as well as the written test on practical skills under the restructured design of the question paper. Salient Features 15 experiments with clear and comprehensive instructions. Basic principles underlying the experiments explained before every experiment to reinforce knowledge. Exhaustive set of Viva Voce and Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each experiment listed in the syllabus to make for a wholesome preparation.

Classes IX and X Sushma Sardana, Anju Sachdeva, Vibha Arora


CBSE Textbooks

Illustrated Biology

Class XII Dr. O.P. Arora

Updated as per the new syllabus set by the NCERT, effective year 2007, the book presents theory with clarity and supported by well-drawn and labelled illustrations. It is a student-friendly book with emphasis on several learning aids. Salient Features More than 400 meticulously drawn and labelled illustrations. A large number of tables, many of them illustrated, designed to be a valuable learning aid. Focus boxes to highlight applications of the concepts discussed and `hot' topics in research. New terms in bold face to permit easy location and emphasis. Chapter summary at the end of each chapter. Internal summary statements to stress the key points at the end of major sections or subsections. An exhaustive Glossary to facilitate rapid access to definitions of important terms. A large variety of questions for self-assessment. Board Questions of the last five years included chapter-wise. Suggestions for laboratory or field work. The book has a wider scope of meeting the needs of students preparing for various medical entrance examinations.


Classes IX and X

Physics Pankaj Tyagi

Chemistry P.N. Kapil

Biology Sarita Kumar

Theoretical concepts well-supplemented by labelled diagrams, schematic representations, flow charts and tables. Experiments and easy-to-perform activities to reinforce learning. Exhaustive set of exercises at the end of each chapter to reinforce the value points. The books have been designed to facilitate rapid recall before the examination.

The books are strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. Salient Features

Forthcoming Title

Illustrated Biology

Dr. O.P. Arora

Class XI


ICSE Textbooks


Fundamentals of Mathematics

Classes IX and X Anil Kr. Sharma

The books offer a refreshingly new approach to the fundamentals of mathematical concepts and their applications. The books are written in an informal style and simple language for easy comprehensibility. The organisation and exposition of the matter is such that the books are largely self-teaching, not in the mechanistic manner of the `programmed' material, but in a thoughtful and meaningful way. A large number of illustrative examples and frequent references to real-life situations ensure that students fully grasp all the relevant concepts. Adequate, imaginative and well-graded exercises make for a wholesome preparation.

Exploring Physics

Class X N.K. Sehgal

In depth discussion of the subject in simple language and lucid style. Each concept and idea related to day-to-day life situations. `Ab-initio'discussion of all the concepts for quick understanding. A large number of illustrative, eye-catching diagrams. Wide range of questions--essay, short answer, reasoning and objective type-- and numerical problems provided in each unit. Previous years' questions have been included in each chapter.

Forthcoming Title

Exploring Physics

N.K. Sehgal

Class IX


ICSE Textbooks

Practical Physics

Classes IX and X N.K. Sehgal, K.L. Chopra, D.L. Sehgal

These are designed as books complete in themselves. Basic background knowledge needed for each group of experiments is followed by detailed construction, method of use and precautions to be taken with the different basic apparatus. Detailed instructions about a few illustrative experiments are included in each unit. A detailed note explaining all the essential details of graphs has been provided in the introductory chapter. Each unit gives the necessary definitions, formulae, theory, description of apparatus for the experiments of that unit. To help the student face the viva voce with confidence, a set of `Review Questions with Answers' is provided at the end of each unit. Large number of clear illustrative diagrams support the text.

Numerical Problems in Physics

Classes IX and X B.L. Dhar

This revised book is wide in its scope as it meets the syllabus requirements of Classes IX and X for CBSE and ICSE. Important definitions and formulae have been introduced in a studentfriendly language and style to boost the confidence of the students. A set of well-graded numerical problems, solved and unsolved questions from the previous ICSE and CBSE examinations and objective type questions prepare the students for the final challenge.


ICSE Textbooks

Exploring Chemistry

Classes IX and X P. N. Kapil

Written in a lucid, easy-to-understand language, each concept is illustrated with well-planned experiments. Illustrations and examples from the daily life of students to arouse and retain their interest in the subject. Quick memory aids at the end of each chapter to reinforce principal facts. A large number of short, long, objective and multiple choice questions as well as the latest ICSE questions have been included.

Chemistry Workbook

Classes IX and X Satinder Malhotra

Simple, lucid and easy-to-understand language. Questions of all types on each unit systematically graded to give the students a thorough revision of all the concepts contained in that unit.

Classes IX and X Dr. H.M. Chawla, Satinder Malhotra

These books attempt to inculcate in the students a spirit of enquiry and to enthuse them to do experiments, observe things for themselves and to learn to draw conclusions in a scientific manner. A general chapter to introduce students to a chemical laboratory and prepares them for using the equipment/ apparatus and conduct experiments in the correct manner. Enough theoretical details to help the students understand the basics of each experiment. Several experiments describing hobbies related to chemistry given in an appendix. Various chemical exhibits to help the students prepare models for science exhibitions.

Practical Chemistry


ICSE Textbooks

Exploring Biology

Classes IX and X Sarita Kumar

The book is a comprehensive teaching/learning resource. The simple style and language along with supportive illustrations enhance a student's interest in exploring and understanding the science of living organisms. A variety of demonstrative experiments gear the students to learn through observation and relate the key concepts to life around them. A helpful review, list of key terms and concepts together with an exhaustive set of questions based on the ICSE pattern at the end of each unit reinforce the important learning points.

Biology Workbook

Classes IX and X Dr. V.K. Sharma

These workbooks have been presented in the form of test papers and include Challenging and thought-provoking questions framed to promote understanding of the concepts. Short answer, long answer and objective type questions focused on the skill of collecting data, interpreting concepts, solving problems and applying the acquired knowledge to day-to-day situations. Test papers based on the pattern of the ICSE examination question papers. Students will find these workbooks very useful for revision before tests and examinations throughout the year.

Practical Biology

Classes IX and X Dr. V.K. Sharma

Guidelines and instructions for conducting experiments have been clearly explained. The instructions include procedures, requirements, theory, discussion, conclusions and precautions. Each chapter includes theoretical knowledge relevant to the experiments listed in it. Simple, eye-catching and well-labelled illustrations.


ICSE Textbooks

io dit E n

A Textbook of Economics Applications

Classes IX and X I.C. Dhingra

d ise v Re

Each chapter of the textbooks for ICSE Classes IX and X begins with a statement of the objectives. The principal distinctive features of these books are as follows: Subject matter has been presented in short sentences and small paragraphs. This helps in easy understanding of the arguments and the underlying logic. A step-by-step approach has been adopted so that the various arguments build up progressively. This helps the reader to get a complete picture of the topic being studied. Near and accurate diagrams make the subject matter more interesting. Technical accuracy of diagrams is a pre-requisite for building a strong foundation in economics. Special care of this fact has been taken. Points for Quick Revision given at the end of each chapter help the beginner in Economics to understand the subject easily. Internal assessment is an integral part of evaluation. Topics for projects that may be taken up for internal assessment have been specified in the syllabus.


ISC Textbooks


Class XI B.K. Bhargava, I.C. Dhingra, B.M. Agarwal Class XII I.C. Dhingra

Essentials of Economics

The books have been prepared exclusively for the ISC course in Economics. The basic aims of the study of economics have been identified as follows: Equip the candidates with knowledge (information) and develop an understanding of facts, terms, concepts, conventions, trends, principles, generalisations, assumptions, hypotheses, problems, processes, etc. Acquaint the candidates with tools of economic problems. Familiarise the candidates with the main institutions through which the productive process is carried out. Develop an understanding of the role of institutions in the functioning of an economy. Enable the candidates to compare their own economic structure with that of the other areas of the world.

Classes XI and XII T.S. Grewal, G.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla

The books, designed primarily as textbooks, are written in a simple and lucid style. The books also contain abundant problems of graded difficulty to provide extensive practice to the students. Needless to mention, the illustrations and problems are in line with the latest trend of questions. Salient Features Adequate necessary material to provide a sound conceptual base of theory. Supportive illustrations for easy understanding of the text. Formats and tabular representations to make the topic precise and easy to understand. Essay and short answer questions at the end of each chapter so that students may revise and test their understanding of the subject. Class-tested and well-graded presentation of the subject matter. Due weightage to each topic.

Double Entry Book Keeping


ISC Textbooks

Essentials of Chemistry

Classes XI and XII P.N. Kapil

The books have a student-friendly style and organisation and are in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination. Salient Features Logically elucidated concepts and theories. Illustrative expression of concepts and chemical reactions. Comprehensive and diagnostic question bank (with hints and solutions), inclusive of questions set in the ISC examination. Recapitulation units and appendices for quick revision.

Great Expectations

A Brief Critical Analysis Class XII J.S. Sidhu

The book has been designed to equip the students with the muchneeded insight into the various aspects of the novel. Salient Features Precise and in-depth study of the novel. Extensive critical summary. Innovative check maps to give an overview of characters, themes and images. Exhaustive question bank at the end of each volume. Comprehensive general questions. Unique approach to enhance self-sufficiency.


Study Material

Lectures on Algebra, Calculus and Coordinate Geometry

Algebra--Book I Calculus--Book II Coordinate Geometry--Book III Pratyush Kr. Singh

This set of three books, viz., Algebra, Calculus and Coordinate Geometry, treats Mathematics as a conceptual subject and not as a collection of facts and formulae. Every article has been elaborately treated, not taking anything for granted. Problems have been meticulously chosen to suit the interests of students preparing for IIT-JEE and various other engineering entrance examinations. Apart from a disciplined approach in explaining the various concepts, the book offers complete solutions to all the problems included in the exercises. An exclusive section with an exhaustive set of Objective Type Questions has been included to prepare the students for the screening test also. Detailed explanations to the answers of the objective questions have been provided for better comprehension and understanding.

Forthcoming Title

Lectures on Physics


Pratyush Kr. Singh

Study Material


Bharat Bhushan, Rajni Abbi

The book specifically meets the requirements of students preparing for the foundation level exam, the Common Entrance Test (CPT), introduced by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Enhanced focus on one of the core subjects emphasised in the CPT. Comprehensive treatment of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 and The Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Basics of the content prepared as per the updated objective type pattern of the examination paper. Practical problems discussed to ensure practical understanding. Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each chapter of each unit. Model Test Papers for diagnostic evaluation. Model Test Papers for diagnostic evaluation.

Mercantile Law

Forthcoming Title

Accountancy Economics


for C.A.­CPT












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