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Algebra II Vocabulary List

June 9, 2009 Unit Relations and Functions Direct Instruction

parent function translation extraneous solution dependent/independent variable function notation

Planned Incidental

relation domain range function mapping vertical line test point-slope form linear intercept standard form slope slope-intercept horizontal vertical perpendicular parallel absolute value inequality compound inequality vertex regression objective function coordinate space ordered triple

Linear Systems


constraints feasible region elimination substitution system linear programming element order/dimensions row column square matrix

Quadratic Equations and Functions

imaginary number complex number complex conjugate radical form

matrix/matrices zero matrix scalar identity matrix inverse matrix determinant coefficient matrix variable matrix constant matrix quadratic function parabola axis of symmetry vertex vertex form difference of squares perfect square trinomial g.c.f. zero of a function completing the square quadratic formula

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discriminant rationalize actoring

Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

synthetic division conjugates multiplicity linear factors prime factors

Radical Functions and Rational Functions Rational Functions

inverse function composite function rational exponent nth root rationalize hole asymptote point of discontinuity branch combined variation natural logarithm logarithm e continuously compounded interest common logarithm

polynomial degree standard form constant cubic quartic quintic monomial binomial trinomial relative maximum relative minimum divisor quotient dividend complex conjugates fundamental theorem of algebra radicand radical like radicals extraneous solution inverse relation inverse variation direct variation rationals simplest form complex fraction Exponentials growth factor decay factor natural number or base interest compound interest translation principal rate number of compoundings change of base formula conic sections hyperbola center radius vertices co-vertices transverse axis conjugate axis

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Conic Sections

ellipse focus and foci directrix major axis/minor axis

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Sequences and Series

recursive arithmetic geometric common difference common ratio

Statistics and Probability

outliers permutations combinations dependent events independent events

sequence term explicit series limits sigma summation converge diverge Pascal's Triangle Binomial Theorem expand coefficient factorial mutually exclusive probability distribution frequency cumulative probability conditional probability tree diagram measures of central tendency mean median mode bimodal quartiles percentiles standard deviation measures of variation range interquartile range z-score sample

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