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Spring 2011

Your Prayerful Support Will Help Others

Men's choir

"O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation." Psalm 95:1

Every Thursday afternoon the halls of Sunday Breakfast Mission are filled with a joyful noise. That's when the Men's Choir practices. The newly formed choir of residents, under the leadership of Virginia Vaalburg, took part in Brandywine Valley Baptist Church's Christmas program. They also sang at the Thanksgiving Banquet and the Dedication Ceremony at Sunday Breakfast Mission. The choir provides an opportunity for the residents to share about a life-changing God. After the first performance Edgar, a graduate of the Men's Discipleship Program, eagerly asked, "When are we singing again?" The choir has special significance for Edgar who has a solo part in one of the choir's selections. "I always loved to sing," says Edgar. "I sang in the church choir and school chorus. I was in All-State Chorus and All-Eastern Chorus. I even thought about making singing my profession. But drug addiction changed that. But now I can sing again." Edgar sees the SBM Men's Choir as a way to use his talent for the Lord. "It's a way for me to be an example to others," he says. He cites two of the choir's numbers, "Soon and Very Soon" and "Precious Lord, Take My Hand," as his personal favorites. If you would like to hear the Sunday Breakfast Mission Men's Choir, they will be singing at Emmanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church on March 20 and Faith Baptist Church on march 27. For more information, please contact the mission at 652-8314.

Listen to Rev. Laymon on Sunday 9:15 a.m. WDEL 1150 AM


Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011

How you can help ...

In preparation for the first residents of our new Women and Families Ministry, we have compiled a list of items that will be needed on an ongoing basis. If you would like to donate any of these useful items, please contact Janice Laymon (652-8314).

Irons Ironing boards Ironing board covers Fabric softener sheets Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions Craft supplies Children's underwear (boys and girls, all sizes) Women's underwear (all sizes) Socks (all sizes) Shampoo for African American hair Hangers Diapers Pajamas for children (boys and girls, all sizes) Slippers (women and children, all sizes) New toys Children's DVDs Toilet bowl brushes with stands Shower curtains White wash clothes Flip flops/shower shoes (women, all sizes and men, size 12) Sheet sets (twin) and pillowcases Standard vitamins such as Centrum Spiral notebooks NIV Concordances

Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011


We need YOU to volunteer!

DuPont volunteers help during Days of Caring

Volunteers are needed to help residents in the learning lab

Join Sunday Breakfast Mission's prayernet

Transform lives through the power of prayer You don't even have to leave your home to help do God's work among the homeless and hungry of the Wilmington area. Become a Sunday Breakfast Mission prayernet partner, and join a community of faithful Mission supporters who use the collective power of prayer to transform the lives of hurting men, women and children in our community. As a partner, you'll receive e-mail updates with the latest prayer requests and remarkable transformations you helped make possible. We encourage you to join this growing ministry ­ and pray with us today! Register as a Sunday Breakfast Mission prayernet partner at May God bless you, Rev. Tom Laymon


Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011

An Interview with the Mission's First Director of Women and Family Ministries

Over the past several years, Janice Laymon has served as the Director of Projects and Development at the Sunday Breakfast Mission. In that role she has guided hundreds of volunteers who have played a role in supporting the men's mission as well as the development of the new ministry for women and families. This interview took place in early February as she was in the process of training staff prior to the opening of the new ministry.

How does it feel to see the opening of the new ministry clearly in site?

"It is so exciting; this ministry will help so many people in our community. Currently I am getting calls every day from individuals and agencies that need the help we will provide. I have never played football, but this feels for me like just before the start of the Super Bowl. We have made preparations and are about ready to take on the challenges of serving women, children and families who want and need a helping hand."

Where are the homeless women and children?

"Well they are in cars, under bridges, in abandoned buildings and in a variety of unsafe places. In almost every case we are not so sure where they are coming from. The fact is that

Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011


women with children will do everything possible to hide their whereabouts. They do not want to risk losing their children. It is a very difficult situation and as we are getting close to opening the demand for our service is really increasing with each passing day." "One other thing I want to say about this opening is that we will open slowly. Initially we will start with about 8 or 9 families and then move to full capacity after about 90 days. It will be important that we work out all of the challenges of starting new programs before reaching full capacity.

Thanksgiving at the Sunday Breakfast Mission

What makes this ministry unique?

"I think the fact that our length of stay is not limited to 30 or 60 days. I want to do whatever is necessary to help the women get back on their feet and experience a new life that is filled with more hope and possibility than they ever thought was possible. That can only happen if we have dedicated staff and guests that really want to make an effort to become whole. This is a program that is designed for women who are ready to make a real go of it."

How are things going with the new staff?

"I am so excited to see the gifted and passionate people that God has sent to this ministry! Right now we are taking the time to prepare for the opening on a variety of levels. Part of that preparation involves getting to know each other. The personal stories of our staff are truly inspirational. Not only are they gifted and educated in their respective areas, but each person has a story to tell that can become a bridge of understanding in working with the women and children we will serve. Finally, each of our staff is making real sacrifices to be here. For each of us this is not a job but rather a ministry and deep connection to our understanding of being called to serve."

What role have volunteers played in preparing this ministry?

"Where do I begin with that one? The fact is we could not possibly make this ministry happen without the dedicated effort of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors to the mission. Our adopt-a-room project has involved dozens of church, civic and business groups who have furnished each room in our building. The love and care that they have put into this effort can be experienced throughout the mission. Volunteers will always be a critical aspect to everything we do. This might be a good subject to focus on in the next newsletter. I cannot overstate the value of their importance."

On a more personal level, how has this ministry impacted your life?

"When I get a call from someone in desperate need it just breaks my heart! We are beginning to face a variety of challenges that in some ways just baffle the mind. But in the end I count it as a great privilege to be in this position. I want to give my all to these women and their children and know that our staff, donors, volunteers and board feel the same way."

How do you take care of yourself?

"It all begins with my devotional life which is focused on prayer and Bible study. I really try to pray for discernment in working with all of the people we see. Beyond that, I want to maintain and cultivate a compassionate heart which is critical to the work that we do. I just hope and pray that the love of Jesus shines through my life and is experienced by others."


Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011

She has come full circle:

Mahalia Price

Mahalia Price has worked for the Sunday Breakfast Mission for the past 6 1/2 years. Over that period of time she has served as a counselor in the community outreach ministry that first began to serve women and families through non-residential services.

What will be your responsibility in the new ministry for women and families?

"I will be counseling the residents in Biblical Studies and overseeing their development from more of a spiritual perspective. In addition, my ministry will focus on the building of self-esteem. It is important that each of the people we serve knows how much God loves them and that we as staff are there to share that love. Finally, as each resident moves forward within our program I will begin to help them reconnect with various broken relationships from their past."

Are you ever discouraged?

"From time to time but I always try to remember how God pulled me through my past into the life I am leading today. The key is to stay focused on today and the love of God that I can sense all around me."

How do you take care of yourself?

"I'm really big on prayer. I always get up between 4-5 each morning, to pray and read my bible. This practice is key for the Christian."

Tell us a little about your life.

If you could only keep one book of the Bible what would it be?

"Well I am the daughter of a Baptist pastor, who decided to go her own "That's easy, it would be the book of John. You see it contains my favorite way. I dropped out and just lived a life that was full of rebellion. Finally, I verse, 3:16." rededicated my life to Christ, got a GED and went to college. I married James and we have raised three wonderful sons together. In addition, What has surprised you the most about this ministry? James and I conduct a ministry that serves the community on the west-side "Well I have been kept in the loop since the very beginning about the of the city." development of this ministry. I have always been amazed at the dedication and perseverance of Rev. Laymon as he has led our mission during this peWhat excites you about the new ministry? riod of growth. With all of that said I guess my greatest surprise occurred "Being able to preach and teach the Word of God to our residents. I just the day I set foot in the new building. I was overcome with joy. We have rewant them to know what I have gone through and the fact that new life is ally established something much more than a building that will house possible through a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ." homeless women and children. It is a facility that provides real warmth and a setting that will lift-up each of those who will call this place home."

Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011


Because you gave ...

We put out a plea for toys and YOU responded in a big way! Because you gave, 86 families were able to provide Christmas toys for their children. This wouldn't have been possible without generous donations from companies, churches, organizations and families. The response was overwhelming. What a blessing it was to see the overjoyed expressions of parents as they walked into our makeshift toy store. With table after table of toys piled high it was difficult to know where to start. Cars, trucks, Legos, board games, books, puzzles, electronic games, dolls,

86 families 271 kids Thank you!

Barbies, action figures and more! Parents were able to choose exactly what each child would like. Every one of the 86 parents who came to get toys expressed their heartfelt thanks as they left the Mission carrying sacks stuffed full of toys. "God bless you," said one mother with tears in her eyes. "We were robbed, so the money we had saved for the kids' gifts was spent for new locks and bars on the windows. Now we can give them Christmas after all." Because you cared, because you responded, because you gave, 86 needy families woke up to a wonderful Christmas morning.


Sunday Breakfast Mission

Spring 2011

Urgent Need!

Call for Details

(302) 652-8314

About us

"Low Cost" Vehicles for low-income families

P.O. Box 352 Wilmington, DE 19899 (302) 652-8314

Mission Statement


ach day in the greater Wilmington area there are hundreds of people that are in desperate need of affordable transportation. Many people have been turned down for employment or have lost their jobs because public transportation does not satisfy their needs. The Sunday Breakfast Mission has helped hundreds of these people in past years with low cost vehicles but we are finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demand. You can help us meet this demand by donat-

ing your vehicle instead of trading it in. These vehicles are provided at prices significantly below blue book to low income families. Automobiles should be in good working condition to directly help needy families. However, we will accept cars in any condition, and we will tow. Individuals desiring to donate a vehicle can visit our web site at and click on the link "Donate Your Car."

Sunday Breakfast Mission serves the homeless, addicted and impoverished through Christ-centered programs to meet their spiritual, social and physical needs. Our primary goal is to restore people to right relationships with God, their families and society. While we are not a member of the United Way, we do have a code for people to use if they want to designate us: 9141


Here's my tax-deductible gift to help Sunday breakfast Mission bring shelter, nutritious meals and life-changing recovery programs to the homeless and near-homeless of greater Wilmington and lower Delaware Valley.




$150 $_________

Other amount

To give online, please go to:

Please charge my gift on my credit card (please check one):

Card # ____________________________________________________Security code ___________ Exp. date __________________ Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Street Address_______________________________________________ City ________________ State ______ ZIP _____________ Email _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Return this card to:

The Sunday Breakfast Mission P.O. Box 352, Wilmington DE 19899

THANK YOU! Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We will send a receipt for you records. Please make your check payable to SUNDAY BREAKFAST MISSION.



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