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On a dedicated teacher's laptop, or in a computer lab, or projected on a wall... in Sunday School, in fellowship, in Children's Worship, or at home... interactive Bible software gets their attention, promotes retention, and encourages them to come back for more of God's Word.

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"New Tools for a New Generation"

We have been helping teachers ATTRACT & ENGAGE their students with interactive Bible software since 1996. Our software is being used in churches across the denominations, across a wide age range, and is recommended in 7 different denominational curriculums. This is my ministry as well as my business. I've been teaching with software in the church since 1990 and can honestly say that there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to go about it. If you're thinking about software and computers for your program, read my brain on the subject, otherwise known as the book, "Teaching with Computers in Christian Education" Whether you're new to this, or an old hand, I'm ready to help you pick software that meets your teaching, topic, theological, age range, and computing needs. I also enjoy talking lesson plans! Not only do we provide great software, we also provide free lesson guides, teacher helps, tech support, and free training materials at our website. If you have "getting started" questions, view our articles online at, or email me at [email protected] <>< Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software Highlights below from 3 popular programs. More on back!.....................................


An interactive curriculum about our Savior for older children and younger youth.

Life of Christ's 40 multimedia lessons cover the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection. Each ends in a quiz. Life of Christ tracks individual usersand rewards them with certificates as they complete each section of the interactive curriculum. Or you can use lessons independently. Students can complete a "cluebook" of Jesus information as they progress through the presentations and consult a large kid-friendly database about Jesus' life that includes additional quizzes, narrated interactive maps, timelines, and creatively presented material about the New Testament, including on location videos and Books of the Bible games, and much more. Great for classroom use, home use or independent study. Windows XP/Vista/W7 and OSX compatible. Learn more at


In Awesome Bible Stories CD students see and hear and interact with six major Bible stories, --each of which is animated, narrated, laid out like a lesson, and includes study notes, games and reflection activities. Great for ages 6 to 15. Each story and its activities takes about 30 minutes. Windows XP, Vista, W7. Learn more

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We feature software designed & written by a children & youth pastor for use in the church's teaching ministry.

Name Badger from Sunday Software!

Kids walk up to screen, click or touch their name, out pops a single nametag, and their attendance is registered.

Print single LEGIBLE Name Tags on demand for any event!

Worship, fellowship, Sunday School, seminars.

Use it to register kids for SUNDAY SCHOOL and VBS. Add messages to their tag. View attendance. Import names from your membership data or manually type names into

the simple interface.

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Sunday Software

4501 Summer Cove Drive East, Suite 313 Sarasota FL 34243

1-800-678-1948 [email protected]

GALILEE FLYER CD ­a fun flying game around Galilee with four lessons to choose from: The Lord's Prayer, The Beatitudes, Kingdom Parables, and sayings from the Sermon on the Mount (seek first, salt, light, cheek, etc.) Flyers not only master the verses, they also discover what they mean. Ages 6 to adult. LIFE OF CHRIST CD ­ A bestseller because it's good, comprehensive, and it's about Jesus. 40 presentations and a huge interactive database on the life of Christ. Also includes a game through the database in which you fill up a cluebook and print certificates of completion. Ages 7 to adult. LIFE OF DAVID, NOAH & THE ARK, LIFE OF PAUL & ADVENTURES WITH DANIEL CDS: These popular older CDs are back in print! See their detailed outlines, lesson plan samples and teaching tips online at FALL OF JERICHO -make your own bible quiz games about ANY subject. Students race to Jericho by answering your questions. ACTUAL REALITY CD --the cool multimedia & music-infused program for teens and pre-teens about Jesus and what Christians believe. Good for teen classes, Confirmation, projecting in fellowship and worship. BIBLE CROSSWORDS & WORD SEARCH CDS Students and/or teachers make their own crossword or wordsearch puzzles to print, OR play onscreen. This is a very versatile tool for both kids and teachers as it can be used to reinforce ANY subject. BIBLE GRAND SLAM 3.0 ...A fun "Bible Baseball" quiz game played onscreen in a stadium with animated players running the bases. Comes with a question editor. Great for quizzing your students about previously taught lessons and reinforcing their memories. KID PIX STUDIO 4TH EDITION ­"Think of it like Powerpoint for kids." Perfect for creating talking Bible illustrations and stories. All ages, but especially good for younger students, --a tool that can be about any subject. Use the built-in graphics and templates, or import your own graphics & photos. Our version is Windows 7 compatible! INTERACTIVE PARABLES CD ... play a 3D style maze-quiz game about one of 24 parables. See our online description for details. Ages 10 and up. This game is also available in a Letter of James and Philippians version. TIMOTHY & TITUS CD ­a 3d style adventure game through the era of the New Testament church. Fun, multi-level challenging adventure. CHARLIE CHURCH MOUSE BIBLE ADVENTURES ...THREE different CDs to choose from: Charlie #1 for preschoolers: Creation, Jonah, Fishes and Loaves, 3 Magi, Lost Coin, Noah. #2 & # 3 for young elementary. Charlie #2 has Walls of Jericho, Ruth, David & Goliath, Daniel, Pearl of Great Price, Paul's Journey to Rome. Charlie #3 has Elisha & the Jars of Oil, Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall, Queen Esther, Birth of a Savior, Prodigal Son, Zaccheus. Includes some early learning games, such as, arithmetic and matching. PLAY AND LEARN CHILDREN'S BIBLE 50 interactive Bible stories with fun clickable screens for early readers and preschoolers ages 3 through 7. Also includes Bible Paint and Bible Puzzle. SAY YOUR PRAYERS WITH LIL ANGELINA -A very cute interactive program for ages 3 to 6 about the importance and practice of praying. Lots of songs and familiar prayers, including mealtime and bedtime prayers.

BE SURE to read our articles and extended descriptions and software guides online.

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ABRAHAM AND SARAH CD -3 important stories told through creative animation, lots of interactive background notes, discussion starters, cool video, and music & lyrics to reflect on. The Call, The Covenant, Sarah's Laughter, The Near ­ Sacrifice of Isaac, Counting the Cost. Ages 7-teen. ATTACK of the SUNDAY SCHOOL ZOMBIES CD -a 3D style game that teaches the importance of coming to Worship and Sunday School with the right attitude. Zombies combines fun with scriptures and good advice to address familiar complaints. Ages 7 to teen. AWESOME BIBLE STORIES CD - Six Major Bible stories on one great CD: Creation, Adam & Eve, Jacob & Esau, Esther, Zaccheus, Parable of the Talents. Animated interactive stories, content-oriented games, quizzes and reflection activities. Ages 5 to teen. BONGO LOVES THE BIBLE CD --a collection of 4 fun 3-D video-game-like adventures that teach Bible Basics, Books of the Bible, and How the Bible Came to Be. Game 4 includes a four level Bible quiz to gauge your student's knowledge of major content in the Bible. See our Bongo Question Expansion Pack CD online!


Memory Game hosted by John Calvin and Marty Luther, -with a verse editor so you can make your own. Ages 7 to adult. ELIJAH & JONAH CD ­ 4 important lessons told through a creative interactive comic-book-style interface: Elijah & The Widow of Zarephath, Elijah, Ahab, and the Still Small Voice, Elijah & Elisha and the Chariot of Fire, Jonah ­the Whole Tale. An exceptional and creative program. EXODUS ADVENTURES CD --Students explore the 3D terrain and story of the Exodus through 3 adventure-game lessons navigating "Robin," a young teenage archaeologist through the Sinai landscape on foot and in the air -discovering the story of Moses in Egypt, the Red Sea Exodus, and Wandering in the Wilderness. Ages 6 (with help) to teens



...the story of the man let down through the Roof. A new lesson-designed game from Sunday Software! Ages 6 to 16.


...a wonderfully rich and deep program with 6 individual lesson areas to explore. Covers the Advent story from the prophets and angels --to the birth, shepherds and Magi. Story, games, interactive reflection activities, and tons of depth make this a program you can use every Christmas season. Super Popular. Ages 5 -15. GOOD SAM THE SAMARITAN CD ­Featuring your onscreen animated teacher: Bildad the Bible Explorer. Come see why The Parable of the Good Samaritan has its own CD. Ages 5 to teen. THE PRODIGAL SON CD ­Bildad the Bible Explorer is back teaching a multimedia lesson about one of Jesus' most important stories. Interactive story, videoclips, a quiz game, and reflection music video. Ages 5 to teen.


Join Lt. Stu Dent, Captain Paul Hammer, and Shelbot the robot aboard the Starship Tarsus as they venture to three planets to teach aliens the stories of Jesus' baptism, Last Supper & foot washing, and story of the Road to Emmaus. Ages 5 to 15. Our most popular CD! THE TEN COMMANDMENTS CD- a virtual hike up Mt. Sinai via 360 degree navigable "photobubble" images shot on location on Mt. Sinai, with Commandment lesson activities and discussion prompts to be discovered as you hike. Ages 7- adult. game in which students explore the underground ruins of Joseph's Egyptian palace to discover his story and its meaning for us today. Ages 8 to teen. Version 2.0 owners can download a free update at our website. LET'S TALK CD -- Students or teachers create their own talking characters and talking lesson presentations by harnessing their computer's ability to talk outloud. Retell the stories or have students respond to your questions through onscreen character. Add quiz & discussion questions. Ages 6 -adult.

Cool Tools for Teaching God's Word!

JOSEPH'S STORY 2.3 ­the all new version ­a 3d style

We believe our software should be used to teach and not

merely to entertain. That's why our programs are Bible-centered and full of teachable content, in addition to being fun. We recommend an adult sit with their students at the computer for maximum learning, discussion, and enjoyment!


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