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Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) made its debut in the paper business in 1998 with the sales and marketing of premium quality offset rolls, folio sheets and cut-size. The company has since established a global presence with sales and representative offices in all major markets in the world. Its flagship brand is PaperOneTM, made exclusively from plantation fibre. It is available in almost 60 countries and is currently the only internationally marketed paper brand. PaperOne Presentation is designed for colour, digital, laser and inkjet printing. Its ultrasmoothness, mega-whiteness, and excellent formation enhance colours to make documents appear richer and more vibrant. Combined with its superior thickness, PaperOne Presentation is highly recommended for design work, management proposals and school projects. PaperOne All Purpose is perfect for today's modern offices. It is a versatile paper which can be used on a wide range of office machines with superior print results; it has super high whiteness and thickness for producing worldclass documents with sharp and clear prints. Backed by ISO 9706 for paper permanence, printouts are guaranteed to last for 200 years, making it just the right paper for important documents. Excellent opacity makes it ideal for two-sided printing. PaperOne Copier is superbly engineered for high volume, high speed copying. It is a true work-horse, giving clear, crisp and excellent quality every single print or copy. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness to ensure consistent and problem-free copying. worldwide. With this award, PaperOneTM users are assured that they are using the finest quality product. company to conserve biodiversity values and create economic benefits for communities, while also generating renewable fibre supply from previously degraded land. · The company is focused on creating economic benefits for the communities in which it operates. PaperOneTM is a superior product made using best-in-class sustainable forestry practices which protect valuable natural resources.


APRIL takes every opportunity to promote and practice environmental sustainability and protection. The company embarks on regular and on-going promotion of the PaperOneTM brand of products to office buyers and home users as well as in various sponsorships such as the support of the arts. The company champions the engagement of youth and children in the support of the environment.


APRIL is LEI (Indonesian Ecolabelling Institute) certified for Sustainable Forest Plantation Management, and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certified, a mark of the company's commitment to observing the highest standards of environmental responsibilities at all times. Its mills are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified to ensure clean and green production. Its plantations implement a Wood Tracking & Acacia Chain of Custody programme to verify the source and legality of all raw materials.

In 2007, APRIL's work in safeguarding Indonesia's environmental heritage and its commitment to sustainable development was recognised by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. It became the first Indonesian company to be granted membership by the Geneva-based international NGO, winning the company the right to stand shoulder-toshoulder with about 200 other members in Asia Pacific, Europe, Oceania and the Americas, which include multinational giants like General Electric, Unilever, IBM, and DuPont. APRIL also became a corporate partner for the United Nations Environmental programmes from 2006 to 2008.

The incorporation of ColorLok® Technology in the PaperOneTM suite of products is supported by HP, Epson and Kodak. PaperOneTM's commitment to constantly improve its products has seen its brand presence grow from five countries in Asia to now almost 60 countries around the world. Incorporating the latest technologies, such as ColorLok® Technology, has ensured that fans of the brand are consistently getting the best products available in the market.


APRIL is committed to sustainability by developing fibre plantations that conserve environmental values, drive economic development in the region, and help empower local people. Our commitment to the environment is comprehensive and far-reaching: · PaperOneTMismade100%withplantation fibre from renewable, sustainable plantations. · PaperOneTMismadeusinga100%Elemental Chlorine-free process to minimise water pollution. · The company has practised the "No Burn" policy since 1994 where fire is NOT used for clearing land. · APRIL sets aside and protects high conservation value forest (HCVF) by practising the Mosaic Plantation concept, a model of sustainable forestry that enables the


PaperOneTM, which is entirely made from renewable plantation fibre, is available in a wide range of qualities and sizes to meet various printing needs. The PaperOneTM suite of products includes PaperOne Presentation, PaperOne All Purpose and PaperOne Copier.


In April 2010, PaperOneTM was the first copy paper to be awarded the "Hong Kong Green Label" by Hong Kong Green Council, a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) an international association of ecolabelling organisations committed to improving, promoting and developing the ecolabelling of products


Since its launching nearly a decade and a half ago, PaperOneTM has continued to enhance its quality to meet and exceed the changing needs and expectations of consumers. The company constantly improves the whiteness, smoothness and performance reliability of its products. In 2006, the company launched PaperOne Presentation, a 100gsm premium quality paper that offers super-high whiteness and an ultra smooth surface specially designed for colour laser and digital printing. In 2008, APRIL celebrated another major innovation milestone with the incorporation of the ColorLok® Technology to its leading brand of office paper. With this new standard for better printing, PaperOneTM now offers unprecedented print quality with bolder text, more vibrant images and sharper colours for better printing performance that helps prolong the life span of printers.


· APRIL plants about 450,000 seedlings daily. Figure accurate as at September 2010. · ColorLok® Technology is a paper standard certified by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) that locks the ink on the paper surface, resulting in more vibrant colours and darker blacks and eliminating ink-bleed or see-through problems. · PaperOneTM is individually cut to size and stacked to form cut-sized reams. PaperOneTM is rotary-cut to precision. No need to "fan" PaperOneTM paper, and no more painful paper cuts!








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