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Grade Level: 4 to 5

Favorite Vegetables Logic Puzzle

Last night, four of the Super Crew kids helped make dinner. There were two girls (Penny and Jessie) and two boys (Carlos and Marcus), and they each added their favorite vegetable (yellow squash, avocado, eggplant, and mushrooms) to the dish. Use the website to figure out which power foods each Super Crew member likes. Then figure out in what order they added their favorite vegetable! 1. The girl who likes green foods went last. 2. Marcus added his vegetable before Carlos. 3. Eggplant was the first vegetable added to the dish.

Order First Second Third Fourth


Super Crew Member


"saving the world one healthy food at a timeTM"


Microsoft PowerPoint - Superkids_Logic_Puzzles 12.18.08Final

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