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CrysCoat MP is a robust, simple-to-use, nickel-containing zinc phosphate for steel and zinc-coated steel, applied by spray or immersion prior to painting. Small amounts of aluminum may also be processed through CrysCoat MP. PRIMARY APPLICATlON

CrysCoat MP is a nickel-containing, zinc phosphate process for steel, hot dip galvanized steel, galvanneal and electrogalvanized steel applied by spray or immersion. Small amounts of aluminum may also be processed through CrysCoat MP. The dense, fine-grained zinc phosphate coatings produced by CrysCoat MP improve the performance of electrophoretic, powder, solventborne and water-borne paints. CrysCoat MP meets the requirements of Federal Specification TTC-490 Type 1 and Boeing Process Specification BAC 5810 Type III. Coating weights of about 150 ­ 500 mg / ft2 (1.5 ­ 5.0 g/m2) can be produced with CrysCoat MP, depending on the parameters and on the particular grain refining activator used in the rinse prior to CrysCoat MP. CrysCoat MP is used with Gardobond Additive H 7212 free acid adjuster, and Gardobond Additive H 7014 nitrite accelerator.

Oakite CrysCoat MP



chemical composition..............................acidic blend of zinc, nickel, phosphate, nitrate, fluoride physical form liquid odor .........................................................slightly acrid specific gravity.........................................1.387 at 20° (68° C F) bulk density .............................................11.6 lb/gal at 20° (68° C F) behavior in hard water.............................good, sequesters pH at working concentration....................approximately 3


Oakite CrysCoat MP is used in the coating stage of a multi-stage spray washer or immersion process after cleaning and grain-refining activation stages and is normally controlled as follows:

Parameter Spray Immersion Contact Time 1 ­ 2 minutes 3 ­ 5 minutes Spray Pressure / Bath Turns 8 ­ 12 psi (0.5 ­ 0.8 bar) 3 ­ 5 bath turns / hour Temperature 120 ­ 140ºF (49 ­ 60ºC) 130 ­ 150ºF (54 ­ 66ºC) Total Acid 14 ­ 18 ml 20 ­ 30 ml Free Acid 0.8 ­ 1.2 ml 1.5 ­ 2.5 ml Total / Free Acid Ratio 14 ­ 20 10 ­ 14 Accelerator, titration 1.0 ­ 3.0 ml 1.0 ­ 3.0 ml Accelerator, gas points 0.8 ­ 2.5 gas points 0.8 ­ 2.5 gas points Zinc (Procedure 59) 3.0 ­ 5.5 ml 4.5 ­ 8.0 ml Solution Control: Please refer to the CrysCoat MP Process Instructions and Gardotest Procedures 27 and 59 for details on solution control.


The Chemetall Oakite Electrodeless Conductivity/Concentration Control System and Chemical Metering Pump can be used to monitor and automatically maintain the concentration of this product using conductivity. Please contact the Chemetall Oakite Process Equipment and Engineering Department for specific recommendations.


Stainless steel tanks and equipment are recommended, preferably type 316. Heating surfaces, pumps and valves should also be constructed of stainless steel, preferably type 316L. Suitable plastics may be used for tanks, equipment, piping and nozzles. Mild steel is not recommended unless it is coated with an acid-resistant material. Chemical metering pumps should be constructed of CPVC, with PTFE or PVDF diaphragms and other internal wetted moving parts. As with any chemical, the materials described in this document must be used within the recommended operating ranges. Avoid contact with or mixing with chlorine-releasing materials.


Prior to handling and use of any of the materials referenced in this document, the Material Safety Data Sheets should be read and understood by all personnel in contact with these materials.


Dry indoor storage at temperatures between 40° and 100° is recommended away from any F F incompatible materials referenced in the Material Safety Data Sheets. All containers should be tightly closed when not in use.


Any disposal of the materials referenced in this document should be in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. The process solution can contain components other than those present in the materials as supplied. Analysis of process solutions may be required prior to disposal.

Oakite Products, Inc. warrants that the product or products described herein will conform with its published specifications. The products supplied by Oakite and information related to them are intended for use by buyers having necessary industrial skill and knowledge. Buyers should undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability of the Oakite materials for their own particular purpose. Since buyer's conditions of use of products are beyond Oakite's control, Oakite does not warrant any recommendations and information for the use of such products. OAKITE DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF ITS PRODUCTS.

ISO 9001:2000 FM 93653

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