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Supernatural Vol. 6 How To Banish and Contain Arch Demons

By S. Sophia E.G.C. Priestess


Table Of Contents Introduction The Lower Demons Level Five Arch Demon Level Six Arch Demon Level Seven Arch Demon Level Eight Arch Demon Level Nine Arch Demon Level Ten Arch Demon Level Eleven Arch Demon Level Twelve Arch Demon Pentagram Of Obedience Sigil Of Containment The Circle and Banishment Bibliography 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 22


Introduction Greetings supernatural and ordinary beings. This book tells about the methodology of banishing and containing arch demons. In it I give some ways in which one can accomplish this, their names and sigils that one must use to ensure their containment. It is not an easy process and is dangerous. If it is not done correctly they may come after you. So be sure you want to do this. The only reason that this may be of use to you is if they are already a bother to you and one needs to ensure your safety. On the side of caution I urge not to call them up just to see if it works, only if you feel you are in danger. If you try this method and are having difficulty, I suggest you contact me. I have had to contain one high ranking Arch demon using this method with success. Rest assured it can be done. One must first create the environment to ensure your safety. Demons cannot go outside a containment field once it is created. They need to be placed in three triangles. One can do this on the floor with blessed chalk, or written on blessed paper with a blessed pen. You may refer to y Supernatural Vol. 1 or go to the Key Of Solomon which I will iterate for you. Lastly, this is serious matter and not for the weak of heart or soul. Bless your environment with caution and make sure you take a bath in exorcised water. For further information or questions, Please contact me at: [email protected] S. Sophia Chappelle


The Lower Demons The lower demons of the first four demonic realms are of little consequence to most people. They can cause upset stomach and anxiety to most but rarely cause serious damage. Anyone who has gone through my earlier works and meditations is in no danger whatsoever from these. A mere cleansing of the chakras clears them and their affects, so does any white light. One surrounds themselves with white light and breathes this in. That should and does send them away. Given the nature of demons you must know that they serve the next higher ranking demons or any that are higher ranking, but generally they will only call on those in their realm for assistance. Since they are attracted to dark things they will not come near any thing of light, unless they are directed to, or ordered to. This is why when one gets to be of a certain level of power the higher ranking ones will come to set you back or as it were get you out of their way. If you exorcise demons they will keep sending higher ranking ones until they stop you or you stop them. This is the purpose of this book so as to give a method to deal with the ones that can stop you and will if you give them the chance. They will use whatever means necessary to stop you. Do not be fooled into thinking they are in a different realm and cannot hurt you. They can. They will take over a body of one who is their slave or one who is weak and then either get them to do their bidding or do it themselves.


Level Five Arch Demon Level five is the lowest realm that can do serious damage and if you let your guard down (which I have under the influence of alcohol in the past), they will make you do things that are damaging to your property and/or life. First you must cast a circle according to the Key Of Solomon with a blessed sword, sprinkled with blessed water and blessed with exorcised incense. Draw the sigil on blessed paper inside the Pentagram of Obedience. Then you acknowledge the demon as real. Then you call it by name. You show the sigil and demand obedience. You must acknowledge yourself as its' Master. It will then obey thee. The Fifth level Demonic Arch Demons' name is: Shaka-me-lee-man Its sigil is:


Level Six Arch Demon The name is: Shaka-leeem-maya-shikam-sheezam Its sigil is:

The sixth level ranking demons have a propensity towards stealing things of importance.


The Seventh level Arch demons' name is: Shama-tik-lama-shikam-boja Its sigil is:

Seventh level demons have a propensity for lying and messing up machines.


The Eighth level Arch demons' name is: Shan-biji-took-la-bershith Its sigil is:

Eighth level demons have a propensity toward making confusion and creating insurmountable difficulties that can usually be corrected easily.


Ninth Level Arch demons' name is: Sha-sheesh-dema-sok-natha Its sigil is:

Ninth Level Demons have a propensity toward creating havoc in legal fields


Tenth level Arch demons' name is: Beja-nam-beech-sheez-tam It's sigil is:

Tenth level demons have a propensity toward disrupting engines and large locomotives.


Eleventh level Arch demons' name is: Toka- so ­long It's sigil is:

Eleventh level demons have a propensity toward taking over higher officials.


Twelve level Arch demons' name is: Biji-sae-loma-shik-ama It's sigil is:

Twelve level demons have a propensity toward interfering with high level ceremonies and religious rituals and are very dangerous.


Pentagram of Obedience The pentagram of obedience is drawn with an exorcised pen or chalk, upon exorcised land or paper. One draws their sigil inside the smallest triangle before calling them by name. Say their name three times, acknowledging them, and then say it again three times calling yourself as their master. Now you may curse them using the curse iterated in Supernatural Vol. 1 or the curse in the Key of Solomon or you may contain them. Cursing them does cause problems later if they manage to get out. It is best to get them to do your bidding and make them swear on the blood of their ancestors (which they cannot refuse) that they will not retaliate.


Sigil of Containment This sigil must be drawn on an earthen or metal vessel with an exorcised pen or scraper. Generally drawn on the lid or around the sides or both. It keeps the demon from escaping. The Hebrew written in the centre is the name of God in Hebrew, Yod He Vau He.

This containment sigil will work so long as it is kept on sacred ground indefinitely. One places the paper with the drawn pentagram and demon names inside the container and seals it. A good idea is to bury it on sacred ground if you mean to keep the demon contained. If you do not keep the container on sacred ground, they will likely escape at some point, either from being unearthed or the container deteriorates or both. Sprinkle the ground with Holy Water and salt after burying it there.


The Circle And Banishment Draw the circle according to the directions of the diagram on the next page. This diagram is a schematic of the Temple Of Solomon and can be drawn with the magickal sword , on the ground with salt or chalk, onto a sheet with blessed markers, or onto an exorcised paper and magnify it with your will. When one uses a magickal sword you also must use your will, intent and visualization to construct the circle. The sword itself carries a certain magickal signature, however if you are talking about demons and banishing them you'd best be more prepared. Concrete circles work better. A regular banishing of negative spirits is good to start. Bless the entire circle according the directions of blessing the circle in Vol.1. Choose a day when the moon is waxing on a Saturday or Monday at eight o'clock. Then say the Angelic names. Now using exorcised paper draw the pentacle two pages ahead four times onto one blessed paper, cut into four pieces, being sure to bless them according with the Oration. Place each one at the quarters around the circle. Bless yourself with exorcised water and incense. Say the Confession as in Vol.2 (both are a good idea). Do the Address to the Angels and then the Conjuration of the Angels. Then do the curse (which banishes) within the circle- no harm can then come to youPlease read instructions carefully, as when doing this work you may be tricked by outside influences, so double check everything. This is not as thorough as in The Key Of Solomon, but having worked with this type of ceremony for well over ten years, I know this is what is necessary to make the grade.







You must use the sigils as I have shown and the names said are those of the Arch Demons, not those written on the text starting with Aleph..... When it is time or after they have done your bidding) or sworn to never harm you) to release them you must make them swear on the blood of their ancestors that they will not retaliate against you or your loved ones or anything to do with you and you must hear them swear as such before drawing the sigils again and perfuming them with incense and saying: "Bereshith Bara Elohim Demon" Then they will be released. The curse was originally made to make Angels come that have been contained or commanded by evil doers and demons. When it is done the Angels have no choice but to come. The same is with demons. It is better in my opinion to deal with angels rather than Demons, however as I have stated there are occasions when one must in order to banish the evil they may be doing to you. Once the situation is cleared up, it is best to let them go with them swearing "on the blood of their ancestors" to never retaliate against you or your loved ones. Bless you and much luck to you. I have given all the relevant information to make this operation a success. Be sure to bless everything as I have iterated, and as is shown in order of appearance! I must here state a disclaimer and say that I am not responsible for any damage this book may or may not cause. If you have any questions before attempting this to defend yourself, please contact me.


Bibliography Key Of Solomon: Written by King Solomon

Edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers Revised by Joseph H. Peterson, Copyright © 1999, 2004, 2005. All rights reserved.

excerpts from Pages, 19, 31,32, 37, 40 and 59


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