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How to answer/close a NCR (non conformance report)


Go to the TE supplier portal and click on the quick link "Telecom Networks" in the left bottom corner


Select "Specific Supplier Information"


Go to your personal "area" by entering : - your User Name (supplier number mentioned on the purchase order) - your password. Click on "sign-in"


Select "Non Conformance Reports"


Select "Notifications" to view early information concerning the non-conformity detected at TE. Select "Open complaints" to find the non-conformance report to be answered/closed. Click on the product number to complete the report. In this window, the status of complaints can be viewed. You can verify whether: - you've answered the report - a credit note is required or not - the credit note is being received by TE or not - the responses are being accepted by TE or not



TEL K4006/QUA 1029/March 2011

How to answer/close a NCR (non conformance report)


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Review the content of the non conformity. Pictures or extra information from TE can be downloaded. Review the costs being charged. Important note: In case of material being returned, a credit note should be paid independantly from the costs communicated via this report. In other words, costs communicated via the non conformity report are all costs besides the return of material. They can include: · Estimated Rework, Handling or Containment costs · Material Scrap cost · An Administrative Cost of 150, only in case when having more than 3 complaints over a period of 12 months and when your average %NCR over the same period exceeds the average %NCR of your commodity. These costs reflects the costs made at Tyco Electronics or at his final customer. State your agreement concerning the content of the complaint and the costs. In case of disagree: state the reason why you disagree on the non conformity via the automatic mail being created. After agreeing, your confirmed costs will be displayed. Complete the report : · Containment action and Root Cause analysis: to be answered within 1 working day, · Corrective and Preventive Action: to be answered within 12 calendar days, · RMA ­ Return Material Authorization (where applicable) · Upload extra info files (Optional!) Click on "UPDATE"






· · · When receiving a notification, please check your production or stock immediately. The NCR is considered to be closed when all actions are filled in AND approved by the TE quality department AND if required, the credit note is paid. Open actions and/or open credit notes can be followed up under "open complaints"



TEL K4006/QUA 1029/March 2011


How to aswer/close a NCR

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