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Updated: March 2008

**Please consult with your hotel concierge for directions to the following great shopping areas and stores.


Shenkin Street ­ Like Soho - Great for funky clothes, shoes and jewelry Michal Negrin ­ Jewelry Store Alma - 9 Mercaz Baalei Melacha Street (1 street north of Shenkin) ­ great clothing 03 620 0145 Nachlat Binyamin ­ Open Market on Tuesdays and Fridays ­ Great for silver jewelry and gifts. Neve Zedek ­ Like NY's Soho ­ Great for interesting jewelry, clothing and other things Orit Ivshin ­ Great Jewelry Gold and Silver ­ Shabazi 53 Agas and Tamar ­ Great hand made jewelry ­ Shabazi 42 Alma- Shabazi 27 antique/new Posters 03 5107470 (stop for a coffee on Shabazi at Nina Café) Bazel Street- A quiet serene European-like spot in the middle of Tel Aviv. A residential area with a city center full of eclectic shops, unique little boutiques and a plethora of places to eat or drink. Jula- Beautiful one of a kind jewelry store- 37 Bazel St. Old Tel Aviv Carousela ­ Great for Kids #27 Rothschild Street ­03 5603697 Elemento ­ great design things for the home #68 Achad Haam Street 03 620 9848 Ben Yehuda Street ­ Omer ­ Great silver/gold jewelry 03 527 8221 Padani ­ Fabulous Jewelry Store for expansive jewelry and watches ­ across from the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel H. Stern Jewelry - Store in Hilton Hotel lobby ­ Great for expensive jewelry, silver items

Gottex ­ Bathing suit store (Gottex, Gideon Oberzon and others), Hilton Hotel Lobby Mall - Gan Hair Mall ­ Ibn Gviron Street (near Kikar Rabin) ­ High End Stores Ethiopian Clay Works - very special Kikar Hamedina ­ Stores around a large circle ­ Very European ­ Expensive Mall - Canyon Azrielly ­ Great for clothes and shoes You can have a great fresh juice at Yotvata Hazorfim ­ Silver items - great menorahs, candle sticks, Kiddush cups etc. Also can be found in certain malls.

RAMAT AVIV ­ 15 minutes north of Tel Aviv

Mall - Canyon Aviv ­ Great for clothes, Jewelry and shoes Comme Il Faut ­ great funky clothes for women, made by women Hazorfim ­ Great for Silver ­ Jewish items like Candle Sticks, Kiddush cups Etc. (Stop for a coffee at Ar Café)

HERZLIYA ­ 20 minutes north of Tel aviv ­ Coastal Route

Mall - Canyon Arena ­ Great for Clothes and shoes ­ (good to combine with eating lunch at the port).

MOSHAV RISHPON - 30 minutes north of Tel Aviv ­

Coastal Route

Fun stores all around the Moshav. (Great to combine with lunch or a coffee at Café Guperman. Very Israeli.) Maya Negri ­ stylish women's' clothing - 09 958 9023 or Noa - funky sweats and kids clothing - 09 955 1762

ZICHRON YA'ACOV ­ 40 minutes north of Tel Aviv, 30 minutes south of Haifa ­ Coastal Route

A wealth of galleries & stores including handmade arts & crafts, jewelry and designer clothes. It is a lovely pedestrian area, with cafes and restaurants. Small enough that you don't lose a group, they can't go TOO far away.

Yetzira M'Komot Gallery (works of local artisans). 52 Hameyasdim Street. 04-639-1262 Tut-Neyar Paper Mill (natural papers, cards, lampshades, ketuboth, stationery, wall hangings). 39 Hameyasdim Street. 04-639-7631 Beth-El Food (phenomenal jams, fresh bread, down pillows/blankets, anti-nuclear devices). 1 Avshalom Road. 04-629-9999 (this is a factory and part of a kibbutz) (Combine with lunch or a coffee at one of the out door restaurants or café). Tishbi Winery (also has a restaurant, wine tasting, visitor's center, gift shop). 04-628-8195. Carmel Winery (also has a restaurant, visitor's center, wine tasting, gift shop). 04-692-0977


Between David Citadel and King David Hotel There are very nice jewelry, silver and art galleries. David's-Jewelry, Judaica, Art. 22 King David Street 02-624-6635 Cardo Old City­ All sorts of Judaica: art, jewelry etc. 4-U Gifts ­ A beautiful gift and china shop. Many Israelimade items. Original children's items. 41 Derech Hebron, Abu Tor. 02-671-8406 Arts and Crafts Lane (Hutzot Hayotzer) ­ fine contemporary Judaica (silver, calligraphy, tallitot). Below theJaffa Gate, across from Derech Hebron Jerusalem House of Quality ­ artists' studios in one building. Silver, Judaica, Jewelry, Ceramics, etc. 12 Hebron Road Ethnics ­ Only Israelimade one-of-a-kind items (jewelry, glass, ceramics, Judaica etc), it is an Israeli cooperative. 34 Jaffa Road. 02-622-1481. Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall - mix of low end & high end stores, jewelry, t-shirts etc. Ahava - Dead Sea Skin products Emek Refa'im Street ­ mix of many stores, boutiques and cafes ­ shoes, jewelry, clothes. Very "hip" area Malcha Mall ­ same as other malls. Be Good ­ clothing, similar to American clothes. Slacks, great skirts, separates, mostly Israeli made. 1 Hassoreg Street up the hill from David's Citadel Hotel. 02-624-0944 Kedem Sasson ­ decidedly off-beat clothing for the average sized women. Very Israeli in tone. Wonderful for people who look for modest, yet stylish, clothing. 21 King George Street. 02-625-2602

EIN HOD ­1 hour north of Tel Aviv ­ Coastal Route

Ein Hod Artist Colony-a picturesque artists' village, the only one of its kind in Israel and one of the few such villages in the world.

HAIFA ­ 1 and ¼ hours north of Te Aviv ­ Coastal


Mall - Castra Artists Mall - Entrance to Haifa UNICO - having all sorts of items, religious, arts & crafts to house stuff & jewelry (everything - glass, wood, silver, stone, etc etc...). From just about every Israeli artist under one roof - quite nice!!! HAZORFIM are the famous silversmiths that have beautiful menorot, cups and candlesticks etc etc. Grass ­ jewelry, clothing, beautiful embroidery items


Naot Sandals ­ Great comfortable Sandals. Your guide will know how to take you there.


Artist Colony Famous Safed Havdala Candles


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