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USPS Tracking

Tracking functionality of USPS Supreme Tracking component is very easy to use. There is no need to care about services, packaging types and much of the information you need for rating functionality. All you need to do is make a request object, set authentication information to it, add tracking numbers and check for response. Here is an example of USPS tracking. Make an instance of USPS authorization ticket with required information. USPSAuthTicket ticket = new USPSAuthTicket("user id", "passwd"); Make an instance of USPSTrackNumber and assign tracking number to it, then add this object to tracking number list. USPSTrackNumber uspstrack = new USPSTrackNumber(); uspstrack.Number = "tracking number"; request.TrackingNumbers.Add(uspstrack); Make an instance of track and check for tracking results. USPSTrackProvider Track = new USPSTrackProvider(); USPSTrackResponse response = Track.Check(request, false); Go through tracking numbers list and get track details for each tracking number. foreach (USPSTrackInfo track_info in response.TrackInfos) { foreach (USPSTrackDetail detail in track_info.TrackDetails) { string city = detail.City; string country = detail.Country; string description = detail.Event; } }


USPS Tracking

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USPS Tracking