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Trunks: PP0022a

Fine period and accent furniture--hand-made and hand-finished by artisans.

Elegance is an art form--

With Old World furniture making by craftsman with timeless paintings and finishing by artisans, we bring to you furniture as art. Each piece is of investment-grade--made to an astonishing level of inherent quality that replicates that of a 200 year-old one-of-a-kind antique. Online Catalog Access To go shopping on the TradeOnly web site-- Use this temporary Guest Pass-- Guest1 1234 Circa Motifs--See this style group under "Hand Painted Furniture"

Focus on Design--

We have thousands of styles of furnishings, painting and patinas. You may select from our catalog that shows over 900 photographs or web site.

Custom Designs Available--

Or, you may use our existing furniture style elements for creating your own piece and our existing paintings, patinas to apply to your created piece. Lastly, we will take your examples from paintings, photographs and documents of furnishing pieces and make it a totally custom piece. All of this without additional costs usually associated with custom products.

Exclusive Designs Available--

We are pleased to offer our Exclusive Design Program. You are able to fashion your pieces incoporating your own furniture elements, paintings and patinas in combination with our elements create items that are exclusively yours. They will not be made available for sale to anyone other than you. This allows for developing a particular look as part of your branding program. Please contact us for more information or to start the development of your product.



Focus on Materials--

Each piece is made from restored reclaimed hardwoods. The wood is worked by hand to form each piece, as done in the golden era of the finest furniture making, and is used inside and out, including in every hidden place on the piece.

Focus on Quality--

Our artisans, and craftsman create each piece by hand. Every piece is made by people taking the greatest care, resulting in the finest investment-grade furniture available today. These artisans literally create antiques. An opulent quality that will show well when mixed with original circa 18th and 19th century period furniture, as well as when incorporated as an accent piece with other styles. The quality is inside and out on all sides with no exception.

Focus on Purchase Terms--

A 50% deposit is required with all orders. The remaining 50% is due with the customer's production authorization. There is a fee if the order is cancelled at this point. Once an order has entered production, it may not be cancelled.

Great Floor Plan Available Floor Plan at 2% for up to one (1) year is currently available. Payment at any time within the one (1) year For opening orders and recurring orders of multiple pieces

Announcing the Buying Group with Special Pricing--

Surface Companies, Inc. supports the creation of, and purchasing by, Arteiro Buying Groups to bring much of the savings of container-sized (either 20- or 40-foot) orders to the smaller design firm or store. Group members purchase their items as they would if they were not part of a Buying Group. All orders from the Group's members are consolidated into a single production order, with a single delivery date to a single location (chosen by the Buying Group). Each member of the Buying Group arranges their own shipping or pick-up from the single delivery location. Please contact us for more information on the Arteiro Buying Group service. You may work within your own geographic area to form a Buying Group, or request that Surface Companies assist in assembling other companies within your area to form a Buying Group.

Focus on Delivery--

With our masterful capabilities we are able to deliver your piece(s) within 60 to 90 days from the time of confirmed order. Once all aspects of the design and finishing is determined, a written quote will be sent for final customer approval. For Arteiro Buy Groups, the production order is not placed until fully assembled from the members of the Group. Most items are hand-crafted within 60 days. An additional delivery time is up to 30 days.



The actual time frame for the piece(s) that you are ordering or creating, will be specified at production confirmation. FOB Kansas City, Missouri--a central location within the United States.

Here is how to start--

Arteiro ArtCrafted Furnishings is available through trade-only showrooms and fine interior design firms throughout North America. Contact us for a showroom or interior design firm near you. Or you may have your designer contact us.

Do you want to select from our catalog of over 900 items?

We offer a catalog and web site with over 900 pieces in color; with each piece itemized in our price list. The catalog is available to trade accounts and authorized showrooms at a cost of 125.00 each, credited towards first purchase. Color and finish samples are available at a very modest cost, credited towards the order.

Contact Us Should you have any questions, please contact us--

Surface Companies, Inc. [email protected]

Toll Free: 800.844.7602 Fax: 816.523.4031 Trade-Only Web Site

Do you want to create a semi individual piece that has your design and style customized?

Use the catalog's over 900 pieces to form a new creation or variation.

Send us your color palette, upholstery design or china pattern and we will use your pieces of inspiration to create your own style and colorways.

Do you want a one-of-a-kind?

Contact us for an information packet with check list and suggestions to create your one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Light Line: GG-0053



Casual Traditions: DT 0032

Cabinets: PP-0128

Cabinets: PP-0022a

Chest: DRI-0100


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