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Customer Own Material (COM)

Before Getting Started


Please Complete this Form When Requesting Haworth to Color Match a Custom Wood Finish Including Lamena

Effective May 2007, Wood Casegood and Systems Products will be produced using Haworth EcoShield TM Finish. The EcoShieldTM finish will produce a slightly different appearance from seating and from systems and casegood product produced prior to May 2007. Wood Seating Products will continue to use Catalyzed Lacquer. 1. One sample minimum 3" x 3" requried for casegoods: additional sample needed for seating 2. Products will be finished in the gloss level standard to the product line specified. 3. Haworth does not offer custom colors on Low Gloss Double Cut Veneers. 4. There is a $200 finish formulation fee 5. Product using custom wood finishes will be billed at an up charge of 6% based on the list price of each custom wood finish product. Exception to this rule is with Enclose. Enclose orders will be billed as follows: Upcharge of $1,500 net to be added to orders less than $250,000 List Upcharge of $3,000 net to be added to orders greater than $250,000 List 6. Every effort will be made to achieve the best finish match possible. However, any veneer will show some natural varia tion between samples and the finish product. 7. Finish samples have a shelf life of 12 months. We ask that samples older than 12 months be resubmitted to insure color accuracy. There is no charge for this request 8. Installed product will change color. If you are ordering new product to match product that has been installed for over 12 months we ask that you submit a sample of the installed product. A shelf or drawer front works best. 9. Finish matching is an art. While we attempt to turn around all samples within 2 weeks please realize that some samples may take longer. 10. Samples will be matched to the veneer specified on the sample submitted unless otherwise specified. Veneer selected must be offered as a standard on the product requested or your request will be re-directed to our Specials Department.

Your Information

This information is needed to track your request, load our data base and provides a contact. This information must be completed by a Haworth Dealer Name of Dealership Contact Information Contact Telephone Number Fax Number Street Address City, State Zip E-Mail Client Name ,

Sample Information

This information is needed to load our database and process our testing. Name of Competitor or Supplier of Samples Color Name Color Number

Veneer Species (must be available on product being specified) Is this a rematch of an existing finish Yes No

If requesting a previously approved Calgary finish please include the original M# or VEN#, or LA# for Lamena


Product Information

Please list the product line this finish will be specified on. Please list any conference tables separately. Product Product Product Product Product Product 1 2 3 4 5 6 : : : : : :

Formulation Fee : There is a $200 formulation fee for seating and a separate $200 formulation fee for non-seating products.

Send This Form and Test Material To Haworth

Send completed form and samples to Haworth, Inc. Haworth Big Rapids 1919 Industrial Drive Attn: Shari Raterink Big Rapids MI 49307 (231) 527-6765 or email: [email protected] We will make sure sample is sent to the correct plant's) for testing 1. Attach your PO for $200 or $400 (see Formulation Fee) 2. Include your sample chip(s) You will receive a letter from Haworth informing you of test results. Please review the sample(s) we submitted. If approved sign the back of the sample and send a scanned copy to [email protected]


Q. If I already used this finish on seating do I need to resubmit for casegoods or seating and will I be charged the $200 fee. A. Yes. Finish technology will vary by plant. Each technology requires a unique formula. The $200 fee will apply in these cases. The exception is product produced by Calgary and Big Rapids Wood. These plants both use the EcoShieldTM process. These plants produce Casegoods, Systems and Wall product. Q. Is there a charge to match a standard Haworth Finish on a product that does not currently offer that finish. A. In most cases there will be no charge. For example matching a standard casegoods finish on a wood side chair. Q. How long will the test take. A. Normally 10 business days from receipt of sample. Q. Is there a product upcharge. A. Yes, consult current price book



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