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· · The 80 is the middle sibling of a five board line-up going from 65 to 95L. Like the Global the range is shaped by Harold Iggy and Rick Naish, and carries a great deal of significance, being Robby's own signature wave board series. Designed to perform in all wave sailing conditions. Construction is different from Global being particularly light yet durable, with a full wrap of TT aramid over PVC sandwich, before including wood and carbon reinforcements under the foot sections and in nose. Fittings are excellent, with dual density deck pads that include a support wedge under the back foot for increased comfort. Fin is 8.5" and prepreg moulded. Footstraps remain unchanged from last year, but include anti-twist washers to ensure their position. Everything has been kept to minimum to try and make the board the lightest (yet toughest) wave board on the market ­ sanded finish and minimal pad design. Bottom shape is flat in the nose to double concave by the shoulders, washing into double concave with vee by the mast track and finally vee in the tail.

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· Although with the average maximum width in this group of 55cm, the tail and nose of the 80 are narrow giving it probably the most traditional appearance in this group. Planes early although you have to resist standing back too early and making it stall on the tail. Once planing the board feels very direct and lively underfoot, and demonstrates a good turn of speed. It does also feel quite edgy and whilst the fittings are supportive and help to secure your feet on the board, the ride is quite harsh and clattery. It is certainly alive and responsive, almost anticipating a change in weight and responding intuitively. This may upset the timid passenger but for the demanding expert rider it is a very welcome sensation. With this speed and alertness, the board is a good contender for the bump and jump honours ­ you cannot get over how direct it is though, so it feels like you have been on the water for hours after only half the time! In the turn it bites okay, but really does require the rider to get forward and commit properly with good techniqe to really make the most of its credentials. You can't alter the weigh or angle of the arc once initiated ­ it

doesn't like you to alter commitment on the front or back foot through the turn. It is critical and you need to keep the power on throughout without letting up. Get it right on bigger waves and the board carries its' speed for an expressive gouge in the top turn, but it is really only for bigger waves and not snappy transitions in the close quarter of small onshore waves.



Suitability: The Pro Wave is one for the more experienced rider looking for that nervous edgy and direct feeling in their board where they can feel its every move. + Fast alert board with direct instantaneous response. - Not for use in riding small cross-onshore waves ­ look to the Global. The Pro Wave is unmistakably Naish, and whilst not the most forgiving or comfortable to sail, has real aptitude in a high wind bump and jump or larger wave riding role.





The Official Test Centre

Windsurf Holidays. With Purpose El Médano, Tenerife

T: +44 (0)121 288 9965 (UK) T: +34 922 179 401 (Tenerife) W: E: [email protected]


Harbour Wall Cabezo South Bay The OTC


I can't recommend the OTC enough. While I was there I tried about 8 boards and quite a lot of sails. The range of kit and the lads who run the place are just brilliant.

Ken Morton Forum

What is The OTC?


The OTC is a unique windsurfing centre offering the first real opportunity for you to compare the boards and sails from each major brand for yourself ... and all in the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday environment. It was the brainchild of Tris Best, who, acknowledging the privileged position he was in whilst testing all the latest windsurfing equipment for magazines, wanted to extend the same opportunity to a wider audience.

The Harbour Wall is easily accessible from the centre, and offers a clean smooth face at the right tide state. A good introduction to wave riding for the uninitiated, it is a great deal of fun to ride, with the added security of a safe exit channel within easy reach at all times. Cabezo is the northern most bay of the town, which, with its typical European cross-onshore conditions provides the ideal test arena for wave and crossover equipment. Hosting World Tour events in the past, the sailing standard in the bay is awe-inspiring and is sure to captivate even the non-windsurfer's imagination.


The centre stocks the very latest equipment from all the major board and sail manufacturers, including: Boards: F2, Fanatic, Goya, JP Australia, Mistral, Naish, RRD, Starboard, Tabou, Witchcraft Sails: Ezzy, Gaastra, Neil Pryde, Naish, North Sails, Severne, Simmer, Tushingham From wave to freestyle and crossover, into the expansive realms of freeride, almost every discipline and equipment category is represented, catering for all rider styles and abilities.


Contained in a modern building directly on the beachfront of South Bay, the centre caters for a limited number of clients each week, ensuring every opportunity to try the desired kit.


Boasting over 250 days of planing conditions (force four and above) a year, El Médano is Tenerife's primary windsurfing location and is well exposed to the influence of the Atlantic, offering some of the most consistent conditions found in the Canarian archipelago.

A Chart to Show the Percentage of Planing Days in El Médano Per Month

100 90 80 70


The centre is situated in the town of El Médano on the island of Tenerife just ten minutes transfer from Reina Sofia Airport in the south. With an average air temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, the OTC is open throughout the year, and benefits from three fantastic windsurfing areas to cater for every windsurfing ability and preference. South Bay is a true windsurfer's playground ideal for intermediates and above, providing a large bump-and-jump sailing area with the added benefit of having a safe, enclosed sandy beach.

Percentage (%)

60 50 40 30 20 10 0





The Official Test Centre

Windsurf Holidays. With Purpose El Médano, Tenerife

T: +44 (0)121 288 9965 (UK) T: +34 922 179 401 (Tenerife) W: E: [email protected]












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