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Weekly planning for after school clubs and holiday playschemes example Dates: Monday 25 to Friday 29 July 2011 Activity Indoor activities Monday Box modelling JC, EM Staff initials: SS Resources needed: Cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, paper, paint, glue, masking tape and scissors. Skipping ropes, elastics, footballs, ball targets. DF Staff initials: LT Resources needed: As above, example elastic games. Chalk for scores. Tuesday Make ginger biscuits DF, AT, SL Staff initials: SS Biscuit recipe and ingredients, bowls x2, wooden spoons x2, baking trays x2, scales, sieve x2, teaspoons x2. Making dens JC Staff initials: LT Clay, apron, plastic tablecloth, utensils. Lego Wednesday Clay EF Lego JG, JC, CC Thursday Make judges masks and score cards for X Factor show. Staff initials: TG Download judges masks, scissors, glue, card and pens. Friday X Factor show ­ create a stage area and decide on roles. Staff initials: LT Judges masks, CD player, CDs, score cards 1-10, microphone, props, dressing up outfits, instruments. Giant snakes and ladders, skittles, limbo. Staff initials: TG As above.

Outdoor activities

Nature hunt


Staff initials: TG Blankets, cushions, loose parts box.

Staff initials: SS

Staff initials: LT Woodwork table, balsa wood and solid wood, hammers, nails, saws.

Evaluation: (Children, young people and staff)

Sheets pf paper with amounts of objects to find. Camera, wax crayons, magnifying glasses, bug boxes, nature books. Used modroc as clay Girls enjoyed elastics Quick recipe, lot but not enough for all joined in and enjoyed had not arrived. to join in, need to get it. Found most nature some more. items. Ended up playing conkers.

Limited woodwork to two at a time. Those that took part enjoyed it. Some enjoyed just hammering.

X Factor show enjoyed by all.

Blue initials ­ child's interests or idea. You can make notes when children have comments on activities or have suggestions of activities themselves.


Day planning for holiday playschemes example

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Day planning for holiday playschemes example