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Kukri Pattern

The Kukri-Parang that I bought in 2004 has become an invaluable survival knife. The files in this PDF document will allow it to be reproduced. Some people like to make their own knives. After printing these out, I compared them to the original, for size. They matched. The Pictures on the following two pages reprint to full size to match the size and shape of my current Kukri- with the re-worked blade. The handle was enlarged to about ten-percent larger, in the computer, to make the whole knife about three-quarters-to-oneinch-or-so-longer. The handle is also ten-per-cent wider, making it easier to use, and maybe more comfortable. The steel of the knife is almost a quarter-of-an-inch thick. Hardness is such that the blade can be worked with a file. I would cut out the white part that divides the pictures in the blade, and paste them on to some thin wood. From there you can cut the wood to the pattern, and keep it around. As an extra, the second page is printed twice, with some improvements to the guard you might want to make. It is only a sketch, and you will want to round it, or shape it, or something. Included on the same page is another rough picture of someoneelse's handle for a Kukri. Actually, as I went on, I added some other handle ideas for a kukri knife. Of course, feel free to re-draw the handle or blade, as you may wish.


Kukri Dimension Sketch 0.JPG

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