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Motivate Learners & Maximize Learning

Technical training doesn't have to be a boring, stressful experience for the learner or the trainer! Getting the learners motivated and involved is the key to increasing comprehension and making the learning "stick" once class is over. If you train in computers and company systems/procedures, you know that one of the most challenging aspects is to get and keep the learners' attention. In this interactive 1-day workshop, you'll address this concern and have the opportunity to practice creative techniques to introduce, present, review and conclude training classes. You'll gain practical tips you can incorporate into your own computer classes. In addition, you'll learn strategies to improve the success of your training programs and ensure that training does make a difference!

Motivate Learners Topics:

Set Objectives and Manage Expectations Make Learning Stick: Instructional Methods and Retention Rates Discuss characteristics of Adult Learners Identify the 4 Learning Styles and How to Adjust Your Teaching Style to Fit Finish at the Same Time: Tips for Training Slow and Fast Learners Get Audience Involvement Right from the Beginning Present Information in Innovative Ways/ 10 Ways to Make Learning Stick! Get Them Back on Time From Breaks - Twenty Sure-Fire Tips Review and Summarize Information Make the Most of Your Wrap-up

Maximize the Learning Process Topics:

Understand the Training Cycle: Roles & Responsibilities Make Your Training Program Succeed: Manager and Learner Agreements Evaluate Yourself: The Trainer's Checklist for Success To ensure that this course meets your job needs, you will receive the Pre-Screening Questionnaire once you register, along with confirmation materials prior to training. You'll have the opportunity to describe your training environment and identify challenging training scenarios. These scenarios will then be incorporated into case studies for class discussion. Workshop also includes Bright Ideas Lists, Commitment Statement and follow-up evaluation surveys.

What Your Training Peers Have Said About this Workshop:

· · · · "This workshop gave me valuable tips and insights to handle diverse learners at different skill and experience levels." I've learned practical training techniques that I can immediately apply to my own computer training classes." "I can't wait to try the ice breakers and analogies in my next class." "This workshop met my needs. The discussion of training challenges and solutions with the other computer trainers was definitely a plus!"

Course Fee Includes: What You Will Learn:

In this interactive workshop, you will: · Identify tips used to motivate learners and get their attention. Discuss creative ways to present/review technical information. · Discuss common training challenges and identify practical solutions. Identify 10 ways to make learning stick! · Identify learning styles, tips for dealing with fast and slow learners and techniques used to assess the learners' understanding of a topic. · Discuss the Training Cycle, Manager/Learner Agreements and the Training Success Formula. Workshop Instruction Comprehensive Workbook Customizing the Workshop to your training needs Pre and Post Class Surveys

Your Workshop Leader:

Susan Boyd has over 30 years experience in the training and computer education field and is a member of the International Who's Who in Information Technology. Susan has extensive experience in planning and managing computer training projects, and has directed and participated all phases of the projects including: needs analysis, course development, training the trainers, course delivery and follow-up. Susan is a national conference speaker and published author of over 30 articles in training journals such as ASTD Learning Circuit, Training Magazine, Technical Training, Training Directors' Forum, and Online Learning. She has also published Accelerate Computer Learning with Analogies, a trainer's book that contains over 700 analogies and illustrations for computer concepts. Susan is a firm believer and practitioner in using creative training techniques and analogies as aids in learning motivation, comprehension and retention. Susan has been involved in e-Learning since 2000, is a judge for the Brandon-Hall e-Learning awards, a speaker at e-Learning conferences and has published several articles on e-Learning.

Published Articles (partial list):

"Empowering e-Learners" 2006 Training & Performance Sourcebook, ASTD. December, 2005 "Using Job Aids" ASTD InfoLine, November, 2005 "Get the Most from e-Learning: A Learner's Checklist for Success." Allen Interactions Newsletter: November 19, 2004 "Planning and Presenting a Successful Webinar, 2005 Training & Performance Source Book, ASTD. 02/05 "Get the Most from e-Learning: A Learner's Checklist" Allen Interactions Newsletter: Learning for a Change ­ 11/04. "Evaluating Training: Before, During and After," 2003 Annual ­ Volume 1 Training, Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer. 2002 "Forty Ways to Make Training Interactive and Using Play Money to Motivate Learner Participation," 2003 Training & Performance Source Book, ASTD. 12/02 "E-Learning 1.0- Tips to Make E-Learning Stick Training at Light Speed, ASTD Learning Circuits. 05/02 "Training at Light Speed, 2002 Training & Performance Source Book, McGraw Hill. 02/02 "Getting Started with Online Training," and "10 Tips to Make Virtual Classes Successful" 2002 Training & Performance Source Book, McGraw Hill. 02/02 "Training the Tortoise and the Hare: Coping with Slow and Fast Learners in Computer Training, "Did They Get It? 12 Interactive Activities to Assess or Reinforce Learning," and Cutting the Apron Strings: Growing Independent Learners," 2001 Training & Performance Source Book, McGraw Hill. 02/01 "10 Lessons for PC Training from Country Line Dancing", Managing Training & Development. 01/01 "Using Analogies to Support Learning," SupportWeek. 07/12/00 "Training for Software Rollouts - The Definitive Guide to Developing and Implementing Software Training Programs, Charles H. Trepper. McGraw-Hill, 2000. Several of Susan's checklists are referenced in the Tip for the Trainer chapter. "A Little Help from Friends - Peer Learning in a Classroom, " Inside Technology Training. 03/99 "20 Analogies to Accelerate Learning," '99 Training & Performance Source Book, McGraw Hill). 02/99 "Training is Not like Pantyhose," Small Business Computing (interview). 02/99 "Info-Line Booklet: Job-Oriented CBT," ASTD Info-Line Booklet. 10/98 "ViewPoint Column: Dancing in the Back Row, " Training Magazine. 9/98 "Go Ahead. Make Me Learn, " Training Magazine. 8/98 (interview) "Jump-Start Your Creativity: Stepping Out of the Box, " IT Performance Improvement. 8/98 "Ten Commandments for Trainers & Learners," Inside Technology Training. 5/98 "10 Ways to Break the Ice" ASTD's Technical Training. 5/98 "Teach Them What They Need to Know and Skip the Rest" Technology for Learning. 1/98

"10 Ways to Make Training Stick," ASTD's Technical Training. 8/97

Contact Information ­, 216-886-2669 or [email protected]

Sample Agenda -- Motivate Learners & Maximize Learning ­ 1 day course

(Workshop can be customized to 1.5 or 2 days with the addition of trainer practice time, additional topics and discussion time for client specific training issues)

Time 8:30-8:50 Introduction · · · · Topic Welcome, Materials Objectives & Learner's Contract Logistics (Dialing for $$, Parking Lot, Schedule) Ice-breaker


Managing Expectations · Setting Objectives and Class Climate · Catching the Learner's Attention · Ice Breaker Examples · Adult Learning Styles · Learning Rates (group brainstorming) Break · · Tips for Slow & Fast Learners Bright Ideas List

10:00 10:15

Creative Training Techniques · Instructional Methods and Retention Rates · How to Kill Motivation · Presenting Information in Innovative ways · Using Analogies · Get Them Back on Time From Breaks 11:45 12:30 Lunch (provided by client, on-site) Creative Training Techniques (contd) · Training Challenges 1 · Reviewing and Summarizing · Make the Most of your Wrap-up · Bright Ideas List Break Maximize the Learning Process · Training Challenges 2 · Training Cycle: Roles & Responsibilities · Principal of Engagement · 10 Ways to Make Training Stick Back on the Job · Trainer's Checklist for Success Wrap-up and Course Evaluation · Commitment Statement · Course Evaluation · Follow-up Course Evaluation Plans · Prizes · Course Certificate

1:45 2:00


Susan Boyd ­ Motivate Learners & Maximize Learning Workshop Description, (215-886-2669)

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