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Defense Information Systems Agency A Combat Support Agency

DoD Commercial SATCOM

Charlie Edwards DPM, PMO SATCOM

13 May 2010


A Combat Support Agency


· SATCOM PMO Mission · SATCOM PMO Business Model · COMSATCOM History · COMSATCOM Usage · Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition · Summary


A Combat Support Agency

Our Mission

· DoD COMSATCOM Policy (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction, CJCSI 6250.01D) states:

­ "Director, DISA...acquires all COMSATCOM resources, unless DOD Chief Information Officer (CIO) has granted a waiver to requesting organization..." ­ "Director, DISA...Serves as SATCOM System Expert (SSE) for designated USSTRATCOM assigned systems, providing technical, sustainment, and operational support to the SATCOM Operational Manager (SOM)...

SATCOM PMO delivers operationally responsive, customerfocused, and cost-effective commercial SATCOM services 3 that enable the Joint Warfighter

A Combat Support Agency

DoD COMSATCOM Business Model


n atio valu E

NSTISSP 12 / DoDD 8581.1E Evaluation, DAA Waivers and Tracking

Resolve Unintentional and Purposeful Interference



REQT MAC 1? MAC 2? MAC 3? Customer Requirement

· User inquiries · Requirements definition


Contract Vehicle


Technical Security Performance

Service GSSC Support

Trouble Ticketing/ Problem Resolution

Best Value

Appropriate Security

· MAC designation assistance

Specifying and Contracting For a Solution

· · · · · Develop IGCEs Develop J&As Develop SOW/SOO/PWS Prepare TSR Prepare RFPs

Evaluation, DAA Review, and Service Award

· Evaluate proposals · Evaluate IA compliance · Obtain user and DAA approvals · Track protection metrics

Post Award Support

· RFI resolution · Outage support · Billing assistance · Service planning · Reports

DISA Provides COMSATCOM Life Cycle Warfighter Support


A Combat Support Agency

Commercial SATCOM History

2000 2010

Future Future COMSATCOM COMSATCOM Services Services Acquisition (2010) Acquisition (2010)


CSCI CSCI (1993) (1993)

MTC MTC (1995) (1995)

DSTS-G DSTS-G (2001) (2001)

· Pilot strategy to · Single vendor award · Three small lease transponders to lease/manage business integrator and earth terminals commercial awards to lease with network bandwidth in full fractional management to transponder, full transponders for any satisfy non-essential year increments period of time nonSATCOM


· Three vendors · Inability to lease conducted partial transponders demonstrations and led to unacceptable recommended operational delays acquisition, · Prices high due to transition, logistics, absence of and host nation competition and approval plan as per incentives resulting MTC


· Competition between vendors and satellite operators resulted in good pricing · Effective construct given market conditions 5

Expenditures and Usage

A Combat Support Agency

Fixed Satellite Service (FSS)

· DISA is DoD's only authorized source for COMSATCOM service · COMSATCOM FSS usage and expenditures continues to grow

· FY08 bandwidth usage: ~8GHz of bandwidth · FY08 expenditures: ~$450M

· Primary growth of FSS service is in the Middle East and Africa

Total DoD FSS Bandwidth Usage and Expenditures FY00 ­ FY08

DoD Bandwidth Usage by Region FY03 ­ FY008

6 6

A Combat Support Agency

Transponded Capacity

· Dedicated satellite bandwidth and power in any commercially available frequency band · Example

­ CENTCOM inter-theater comms: 144 MHz Ku bandwidth ­ Armed Forces Radio and Television Services Digital TV Direct To Sailors FSS Global Network: Three 36 MHz transponders

Anything from a single data stream, to a partial transponder, to whole transponders, to entire satellites

6 7 3

A Combat Support Agency

Subscription Services

· Preexisting, pre-engineered FSS or MSS solutions, including terminals tied to a service, in any commercially available frequency band · Examples:

­ Army Space and Missile Defense bandwidth on multiple satellites, network managed FSS services, terrestrial, hub and teleport services ­ NASA Inmarsat MSS Global Area Network (GAN) Telephony, GAN Mobile ISDN and GAN Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) (approx. 26,000 minutes and 10.7 Mbps)


A Combat Support Agency

End-to-End Solutions

· Customer defined, End-to-End solutions, consisting of a combination of bandwidth, teleport access, equipment, terrestrial tail circuits, network management, and engineering services

· Examples: ­ AFRICOM: 36 MHz bandwidth, broadcast earth terminals, terrestrial circuit to DISN core site, and O&M for Global Broadcast Service (GBS) to fleet and ground forces in Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and Africa ­ Social Security Administration (SSA): 50 MHz Ku Band Interactive Distance Learning Network

Ability to handle any customer requirement, including "Turn Key" commercial solutions

8 9 3

A Combat Support Agency

COMSATCOM Services Requirement

· Scaleable COMSATCOM capacity (based on availability) · Worldwide coverage in any commercially available frequency band · Service provisioned 30 days or less from task order award


A Combat Support Agency

COMSATCOM Services Requirement

· NetOps monitoring and fault reporting consistent with commercial/industry standards and/or best practices · Commercial solutions addressing Federal Information Assurance and Protection requirements

­ Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) ­ Committee on National Security Systems Policy (CNSSP) 12 ­ National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-53


A Combat Support Agency

DISA/GSA Partnership

· Established by Commissioner, GSA Federal Acquisition Service, and Director, DISA in July 2009 · Benefits:

­ Shares contract replacement costs, saving taxpayers millions of dollars ­ Establishes a common marketplace for all Government customers ­ Leverages GSA's multiple supply channels to optimize delivery of services and achieve reduction in service costs ­ Ensures all Government customers receive solutions that consider Government Information Assurance and Protection requirements


A Combat Support Agency

FCSA Service Areas and Contract Vehicles


Contract Mechanism

Vendor defines parameters for use and price "Plug-in" SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES ($/month, $/minute, $/MB)

Multiple Award IT Schedule 70 SIN 132-54

Leased Bandwidth


Multiple Award IT Schedule 70 SIN 132-55

Vendor defines standards, interfaces, and subscription rates Custom END-TO-END SOLUTIONS

Leased Bandwidth







User Equipment Integration Services


Network Management

Multiple Award ID/IQ Contracts

Customer defines standards, components, and interfaces (which determines cost)

FCSA projected 10 year value is anticipated to exceed five billion dollars ($5B)

12 13 3


A Combat Support Agency





Committed to being the Recognized Provider of Choice for DoD COMSATCOM Services

14 14



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