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"Cooking up a Great Year!"

1. large chef poster holding tray where the lunch menu will go 2. the classroom library will be "The Reading Cafe" with a sign, comfy chair, ect. also a bulletin board behind "Be a smart cookie, pick a just right book" with large cookies that have picking a just right book idea. 3. Reading charts that have a cup of latte in the background. When a student fills up their chart they get to drink a cup of latte (hot chocolate) in the reading cafe during DEAR time. 4. On the outside door pictures of the students with a chef hat with classroom theme "Cooking up a great year" 5. Classroom rule on a large recipe card 6. hamburger pocket chart for writing process 7. A cute bulletin boar. It had a big chef on it and each child made a piece of pizza. The toppings had to be about their interest(ie pepperoni slices could look like soccer balls.) The title was I'm a "pizza" the _____grade. 8. One primary teacher in my school covered her bulletin board with red and white checkered table cloths and made a huge chef. In his hand was a large cookie sheet (made with aluminum foil) and each kid was on a cookie....It was really cute 9. At the end of last year I also saw the Really Good Stuff catalog with the white board magnets of Ketchup, mustard, ect, and eat had a saying that went along with it. I decided to make some, so I got clip art of a ketchup and mustard bottle, and a mayo jar and then changed the lables to say "catch up", "must-do", and "may-do". I lamenated then and stuck magnets on the back. Next to each one on the white board I would write things to catch up on, assignments that we didn't finish go under must-do and extra things like writing projects that can be done after all other work is done went under may-do. The kids really liked it and it was a good way for them to keep track of their work. 10. Keep yourself out of a pickle" and post your rules! Or "Behavior we Relish" "We relish Great Work" and post a pic of pickle relish with the good work papers! "OLIVE great work!" and use olives! 11. spelling words = weekly "menu" I too want to bring my Outside Bullitin Board idea throughout the classroom. I have a large chef saying "Cooking up a fresh Batch of Smart Cookies" I have about five cookie sheets made out of foil and then I got oven mitts at the dollar store and put two on either end of the cookie sheets. I photo copy choc chip cookies on brown construction paper and write their names on them. I was trying to think about some cute names/ideas for my Guided Reading Groups as well as what to call some of the centers. I LOVE your Reading Cafe idea!! How about adding GOT BOOKS??? (got milk?) Doing like a book reccomendation chart on recipe cards. I was thinking of having reading groups called the Oreo, Gingerbread, Chips Ahoy, Vienna Fingers, etc. but how to make it look cute/creative?? Really Good Stuff had some cute things but I really wanted to stick to the cookie theme as well. For Back to school night you can have items written on cookie shapes that you could use in your classroom---have them in a big pretzel Jar and say "Please Steal a cookie from the cookie jar" also have cookies on the tables for parents to eat during your presentation.

frog theme ideas

By Debbie

I did a frog theme in my second grade classroom last year. I had a job chart titled "Hopper of the Day". I had all the classroom jobs written on that chart and each of my student's names writtien on small frogs. Everyday there would be a new "hopper of the day" that was responsible for the classroom jobs. Many teachers assign each student a job for the week or for the day, but I've always had one student responsible for everything and it works fine. I also had frog tags on their lockers with mini frog incentive charts posted. They got to give themselves a frog sticker if they didn't "hop their frog"

for the day. I had a bulletin board set up for my behavior system. It basically consisted of a mini frog (same used for the job chart) with each student's name. Then behind their labelled frog was 4 lily pads. If they misbehaved or broke a rule for the day they were asked to "hop their frog" It worked well! I always assign my student a number as well (just to organize papers etc) So, in the corner of their desks next to their name tags was a mini frog that had their number written on it so they could remember it. By Darci I bought a wooden frog cut out that stands up and with a huge wooden watering can and painted "Hop on in" on the can.....I placed it outside my window. Outside of my classroom I had paper frogs on lilly pads and had each students' name on a lilly pad (I kept the actual frogs to use again later). I had a big frog on a larger lilly pad for me....I titled it "Come on into my learning pad!" In my room I used small paper frogs with the students' names on them (laminated) and the "Toad-ally Awesome Behavior" for the title. Anytime a student would break a classroom rule I would not have to stop the class. I would simply ask them to move their frog to the lilly pad (by the door)that meant they owe me five minutes of recess to talk to me about their choices. If it gets moved into the pond (on the door) they owe me the entire recess. It stopped a lot of wasted time because it made the students in charge of their own behavior, and I could keep right on teaching. Also, I visited a school that had pond for a reading corner. It was a plastic wading pool with water in it and an air pump(to keep the water moving and air in it.....whatever). Anyway, they placed water plants in it, and had little trees in pots around it....complete with a bench to sit on and read. To top it off, the teacher had placed real goldfish in it and the class had raised frogs for science.....they were both in the "pond." She said the frogs stayed right there in the pond.....It was exciting! Posted by: Missy I am taking a new approach to behavior management next year. The kindergarten teachers at our school attended a workshop this past January, sorry I forget what it was called. Anyway the guest speaker suggested the following idea to have about 5 lily pads and then the student's names would be on frogs. Any time a student or group is caught being good they move their frog to the next lily pad. When they get to the last lily pad they get some form of reward.


Posted by: Crystal Beginning of the year board: I give each student a soccer ball piece of paper and they have to write a few goals that they hope to achieve in fifth grade. Then on a green bulletin board, I staple a net to look like a goal and put their soccer balls on there. I title in Aiming for our Fifth grade goals. I have two sayings in my room: Teamwork Works and There is No I in team. I have a pencil on each of their desks the first day, that says Teamwork Works. Jobs-Special Teams, I put each child's name on a foot ball, and the name of the class job is on a goal post. Reading Corner is called Reading Arena, each reading group gets to vote on a sports team name, ex: Yankees, Bulls, Blackhawks. Reading Centers are called Reading Dugouts. Have a ball on your birthday- I write their birthdays on various sports balls. Spelling- I created a baseball diamond and named it Homerun spelling. If students earned a 100% on their test they have a baseball on the Home Plate, 1 wrong - 1st base, 2 wrong- 2nd place, etc. Then when a child earns 15 homeruns, they earn a baseball pen. Works great. Behavior Management- I call it Swoosh. Similar to the other poster, but I keep a little scoreboard looking grid. When the class makes a basket they receive two tallies, when the teacher earns a basket I receive two tallies. If the students have the most tallies at the end of the week, they earned a Fun Friday Recess. If the teacher has the most tallies at the end of the week, they don't earn a Fun Friday Recess. Posted by: Kristin do All-Star Behavior, which is similar to the stop light or card pulling system. The students earn fouls that are posted on their basketball around the room. I also

have used football helmets and penalty flags for 1st down, 2nd down, etc. Another teacher in my school used 3 strikes and baseball. My job board is a field goal post. Jobs are listen on the uprights. The horizontal bar says "Teamwork." I use clothespins with the students names to point to their job for the day. I made an ongoing game for the whole year called Football Frenzy. We had set teams and used this game for all subjects. Students would draw a card that said 5 yards, 15 yards, fumble, interception, etc. I then asked them a question. If they were correct, their team moved that many yards. If not, their team got a down.I even had a nerf ball that they could throw through the goalposts to score an extra point. The kids really loved this game. I'm thinking of adapting it to a basketball game this year. We also play spelling baseball. This year, my reading corner is going to be "The Dugout" I bought a green rug to look like turf and bought blow up baseball cushions from Oriental Trading Company for the kids to sit on around the room (a dozen was $6.95) They also have basketball, football, and soccer cushions. They were very cheap. I also bought a blow up chair ($4.95) that looks like a glove that I will use as my "Author's Chair" when a student wants to share something that they have written. I read somewhere about Pigskin Geography. Students have football helmets for their chosen team posted on a US map. Each week, they have to find out how many points their team won or lost by and which direction and distance they had to travel for their game. You could adapt this idea to any grade level. One teacher said that she used the local football team with her first graders each week as a class activity. I'm thinking of adapting it with my 2nd graders to possible have them do it individually as well. Football season could be a warm up for basketball season, whenthey would have to do it more times a week The kids could also get familiar with finding scores on the internet or in the newspaper. They could keep a journal about it. Hang team pennants from ceiling or on the wall. You could have your students design their own pennant or sports t-shirt for display or nametags. "Reaching our Goals!" Have students write goals down on a football or basketball or soccer and have the balls heading towards the appropriate goal. Reading area: Reading Zone-put goalposts Word Wall: A "hoop"ful of words or Catch a word Student Work: Winning Work, or Something to Cheer About, or Cheer-ful Work, or Wall of Fame News/Weekly Info: The Dugout Behavior: Swinging for Good Behavior Writing: Sliding into Writing (Baseball bases with steps)

Team Theme Ideas for the Classroom

Contributor By Andrea Buckner Schoenherr, eHow Contributing Writer 1. Create a sense of teamwork and unity in your classroom by establishing a team theme at the beginning of the year. A team theme creates opportunities to involve students and let them know that they are valued members of your classroom. In addition, a theme can help refocus the class when tensions and off-task behaviors arise. Team Names 2. Have students create a team name for your class at the beginning of the school year. If you teach more than one section of students, each section can develop its own team name. Students can create team cheers, slogans, team colors and a mascot. Player Statistics 3. At the beginning of the year, have each student share personal information to create a team player statistic sheet. These can be made into large trading cards for display. Otherwise, they can be displayed on a sports jersey or pennant template. Hang all the students' sheets around the room to form a colorful border. Alternatively, feature one student a week on an all-star or most valuable player bulletin board. Team Bulletin Board 4. Develop a bulletin board with your team name. Decorate it with pompons, pennants, a team mascot and other team-related items. Use this board to highlight pictures of students engaged in good teamwork, any newspaper articles about your students or school and student-created products that were accomplished through teamwork.

Team Apparel 5. Create T-shirts or hats to be worn by your team at special times. Give each student a team player number to avoid confusion of items. The hat or T-shirt can be worn once a month or for special activities to create a sense of unity. Goal Board 6. Decorate a bulletin board to look like a football or soccer goal. Using cut-out footballs or soccer balls, have students write their name and a classroom-related goal. This is a good beginning-of-the-year activity that can be repeated at the end of each grading period. Team Dugout 7. Make a special area in your room for small group activities, independent reading or a reward area for students. Several benches and sporting game chairs give students an alternative to the usual desk chairs. A team dugout will make your room stand out.

western theme

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · bandanas for curtains on the windows get the heavy cardboard and turn you classroom door into a barn rope for bulletin board boarders Put a campfire in your reading center. Easy to do with brown paper rolled up for logs and some gray stones circling around to hold it all together. cowboy hats in the room for the line leader to wear bulletin board: newspaper for the background with black boarder and black letters. "WANTED... GOOD BEHAVIN' STUDENTS" "Reading Corral" get some denim and/or bandana print to make some reading pillows "A Place to Hang Your Hats" center board that used to manage centers (each person has their own hat) manage attendance with little bandana cut-outs that have their names on them "Write 'em Cowboy!" Welcome board: "Mrs. T's Most Wanted" Make wanted posters that say Wanted... Susie Smith AKA _______ and print them on parchment paper. Add a photo of each child wearing a mustache and cowboy hat and the kids will add their own cowboy name for the AKA part. Attendance/Cafeteria Board: Chuckwagon Choices Reading nook: OK Corral Incentive bucks: Buffalo Bucks or Weekly Wampam Newsletter: The Pony Express Job chart: Ranch Hands


reading corner the bulletin board said "lights, camera, read!" "Roll out the Red Carpet for these Stars" - as either a welcome area, or student of the week/9 weeks/month area · "Starworthy News" - for upcoming classroom events and news, or maybe homework assignments. · Wall of fame" for student achievement-each week the student of the week placed their handprint in fabric paint and I cut it out and placed it on the wall of fame · classroom jobs were DIRECTOR-line leader and leads the pledge, also would draw numbers daily for the jobs, AGENT- takes materials to office or picks up materials from office- STAGE CREW- these students clean up at the end of the day, SCRIPT DELIVERS- students passed out papers or supplies to the class Classroom Management: 1. Popcorn Jar - Keep a classroom popcorn jar to go along with the Hollywood theme. Every time your students get a compliment or show good behavior, add popcorn scoops to the jar. When the jar is full, reward the students with a Popcorn Party! 2. Popcorn Parties - Rewarding your students with Popcorn Parties for showing good behavior. Whether you keep a Popcorn Jar or you have some other method for your students to earn rewards for good behavior, a · ·

great culminating reward is to have a class Popcorn Party. You can even add a level of excitement by showing a movie with the popcorn to make it seem more like Hollywood! 3. Celebrity of the Week - Create an area in your classroom to recognize specific students for good behavior. Classroom Decorations: 1. Red Carpet - Have your students enter your classroom like a celebrity! Buy a red carpet runner from Wal-Mart (they usually run at about $15) - or even a remnant from a carpet store (a lot of carpet stores will give you a discount if you say you're a teacher). 2. Critic's Corner - Decorate a bulletin board near your library for students to become books critics! Provide a pen or pencil and some paper for students to rate each book that they read - they'll love it! 3. Star Lockers - Turn your student's plain locker into a look-alike Hollywood dressing room door! Buy small stars that are pre-painted (like gold or silver) or give them a quick coat of spray paint, then write each child's name on each star and magnet them to their lockers. 4. Hollyword Wall - Turn your boring Word Wall into the "Holly"word Wall! Put up vocabulary or sight words on your Hollyword Wall! 5. "Shining Stars" or "Wall of Fame" - To proudly display student work! Give your student work display a creative Hollywood name. 6. Hollywood Hills Door Display - Make your door a grand entryway by turning it into the Hollywood Hills! Use blue Bulletin Board Paper to cover your door, then green to make two Hollywood Hills. Then, stamp out your name onto white paper and laminate the letters. Next, purchase small wooden sticks (or skewers), put the letters on the end, and stick them into the hills. It will come out looking like the famous "Hollywood" letters on the hills. You can even make it into a title by having it say "Mrs. _______'s 3rd Grade Cast" 7. Hollywood Pictures - Decorate your door further with pictures of each student!


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