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Syllabus Keyboard Collaborative Arts

MUSC 2320 Sections 1-4 Vocal Accompanying Instrumental Accompanying (Duo) Instrumental Chamber Music with Piano Piano Ensemble (Piano Duo) 2 Credits

Meeting Times: TBA, in Music 101 Instructor...............Dr. Kirill Gliadkovsky or Staff, e-mail: [email protected], campus # 586-1935. Office Hours:......MW, 10am-12pm, T 2-3pm M 101. Please sign up in advance on the sign-up sheet on the class door. COURSE DESCRIPTION The course teaches essential collaborative techniques for vocal and instrumental accompanying, chamber music (for 3 or more players) and piano ensembles in repertory chosen from different styles. Includes assignments of singers, instrumentalists and fellow pianists for practice in rehearsals and lessons and performances in juries and concerts. Required for: BM Piano Majors. Elective for: BA Piano Performance /Music Education.

Each student will receive one hour applied accompanying (KCA) lesson per week (12 per semester) in collaborative techniques for one of the 4 sections (see above), in repertory chosen from different styles; includes training collaborative assignments with students. Each student is expected to have ADDITIONAL weekly rehearsals with the assigned person (the exact number of hours per week will depend on many factors, such as the repertory, the type of the ensemble, the difficulty of music, the student experience and other factors, to be determined by the instructor). Each student will be expected to attend the assigned person's major teacher for a number of lessons per semester (the exact number of those is TBA on individual basis, according to the same principles as for the rehearsals ­ see above).

This course will have 4 sections: Section I -vocal accompanying for pianists ­ 2 credits; Section II instrumental accompanying (duo) for pianists ­ 2 credits; Section III - instrumental chamber music with piano (in groups with 3 or more performers) ­ 2 credits and Section IV- piano ensemble (piano duo) - 2 credits. Total number of Keyboard Collaborative Arts (KCA) credits required for the BM in Piano Performance is 8 (more credits are allowed as electives). Each of these sections will be offered every semester. Two or more could be taken simultaneously in the same semester, if the student has not reached the limit of credits allowed per semester. The order in which the sections are taken is flexible (though the most logical one is listed above), as long as all of the 4 sections are taken before graduation.

TEXT BOOK Various pieces from vocal/instrumental/piano chamber music/piano ensemble repertory, as assigned by the instructor.

ATTENDANCE Attendance is mandatory in a course of this nature. Three unexcused absences will result in a lower grade (by one letter point) or withdrawal from the course.

GRADING: Grading will be based on student's work and progress in classroom (40%), as well as in concert and jury appearances (40%), rehearsals with assigned students (10%) and attendance (10%).

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Scholastic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. You are expected to have read and understood the current issue of the student handbook (published by Student Services) regarding student responsibilities and rights, and the intellectual property policy, for information about procedures and about what constitutes acceptable on-campus behavior. ADA STATEMENT: Students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities desiring academic adjustments, accommodations or auxiliary aids will need to contact the Southern Utah University Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), in Room 206F of the Sharwan Smith Center or phone (435) 865-8022. SSD determines eligibility for and authorizes the provision of services.

WITHDRAWAL If a student finds it necessary to withdraw, he/she must do so at the Registrar's Office according to the following policy (please do not assume the instructor will withdraw students automatically):

· ·

No course may be added after the first ten class days of the term. Any exception to the add policy requires instructor and dean chair signatures. For regular fall or spring semester, withdrawal from an individual course must be made prior the end of the ninth week of the term. If the student withdraws during the first seven class days, no record of the course will appear on his/her transcript. If the withdrawal occurs between the eighth class day and the ninth week, a "W" for that course will appear on the transcript. For other sessions and terms, such as summer terms, withdrawal must be made before 60 percent of the term has expired.


A student should be aware that all classes he/she drops must be properly processed through the Registrar's Office. If a student stops attending class without officially withdrawing, he/she will receive a "UW" (failure) for the course. This grade is calculated in the GPA as an "F." A charge of $5.00 will be assessed for each class dropped.

RECITAL APPEARANCE: Play with assigned student (or chamber group) in at least 1 recital per semester. FINAL EXAM: Play a Jury during the finals week of every semester in which one of the sections of accompanying is taken, consisting of 2 or more pieces from different styles 10 min. (or more) in total duration.

Information contained in this syllabus, other than the grading, late assignments, makeup work, and attendance policies, may be subject to change with advance notice, as deemed appropriate by the instructor.



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