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Kenz Cardico 302 Three channel digital Electrocardiograph with Analysis; Presenting the superlative value with simplicity SPECIFICATIONS

Leads Input impedance Common mode rejection Frequency response Time constant Patient leakage current Filters Standard 12 leads and Cabrera leads Over 50 M Over 120dB 0.05-100Hz(within -3dB) Over 3.2 sec Less than 10A Sampling rate 2msec 250 sec for pacemaker detection Speed marker Automatic records per 1 sec

Digital filters

Recording paper Defibrillator protection

AC noise : Over -30dB (60 Hz or 50 Hz) Drift : -3dB (0.5Hz) Muscle 1 : -3dB (35Hz) Muscle 2 : -3dB (25Hz) 2.5, 5 or 10mm/mV in AUTO mode 2.5, 5 or 10 or 20mm/mV in MANUAL mode 0.5V/mV 10mm/0.5V 16bit 12bit 5.7 inch Graphic LCD (320 X 240 dots)

Thermal paper Roll type R112X27R Z-fold type R112X27Z To 5,000V , 400J

Chart speeds

AUTO : 25, 50 mm/sec MANUAL : 10, 25, 50mm/sec LONG-TERM : 12.5mm/sec


Power supply

AC 100-120V, 220-240V DC rechargeable battery 12V

Auxiliary output Auxiliary input CPU A/D conversion Display

Safety Environmental conditions

Class I type CF Operating temperature : 10 40 °C Storage temperature: -2060°C Relative humidity : 10-85% RH (no condensation allowed)

Dimensions Recording system Thermal array (8 dots/mm) Weight

320(W)X230(D)X75(H)mm Approx. 3.0kgr


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