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John P. Lesko

Assistant Professor of English Appointed to SVSU in 2002 Ph.D. University of Edinburgh M.A. Bowling Green State University B.S. Pensacola Christian College B.A. Pensocola Christian College

EDITED PUBLICATION Plagiary: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Plagiarism, Fabrication, and Falsification., forthcoming. Plagiary is a scholarly journal dedicated to the study of plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and related behaviors across disciplines of inquiry and genres of communication. International in scope, this new journal publishes refereed papers and research reports, making the results of such scholarship available online to a wide audience via an "open access" alternative publication model. Plagiary provides a forum for ongoing discussion and dissemination of research on relevant trends and phenomena (both recent and historical), and provides a point of focus on issues of vital importance to professional and popular discourse communities today. John Lesko is managing and founding editor. As a publication of the University of Michigan's Scholarly Publishing office, the journal content will be available through their online database at as well as the journal homepage at A hardcopy version will also be made available at the end of each year for institutional and individual purchase.

PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS "Tony Blair, Colin Powell and the Case of the `Sexed Up' British Intelligence Dossier: A Linguistic Analysis." Annual meeting of the Michigan Linguistic Society, Flint, Michigan, 16 October 2004. Linguistic analysis of the plagiarism phenomenon reveals that plagiarized texts exhibit concealed instances of derivative language. Although not the primary authors of the intelligence reports in question, Tony Blair and Colin Powell represented the responsible figures associated with a plagiarism scandal which surfaced after the release of several government intelligence dossiers prior to the invasion of Iraq. Using data from this case of the "sexed up" intelligence dossier, patterns of error in derivative texts are illustrated followed by some general conclusions with regard to plagiarism and the dynamics of derivative writing. The paper and powerpoint presentation are available online as a "profile" at with Kerry Segel. "Effective Vocabulary Lessons." Fall conference of the Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, East Lansing, Michigan, 12 November 2005.

ONLINE RESOURCES The Famous Plagiarists Research Project website; http://www.waron and online database. 2005. is a web-based research project currently comprising 120-plus individually researched profiles in plagiarism across popular and professional genres of communication (academia, entertainment, history, journalism, literature, politics, popular fiction, science and medicine, theology and religion, miscellaneous). The project website also features "Plagiary's Hall of Shame," specially reserved for the most egregious plagiaristic offenders. This ongoing project is designed to educate, critique, and inform on the plagiarism phenomenon within classrooms at Saginaw Valley State University and beyond.



Microsoft Word - Document in 2005-2006

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Microsoft Word - Document in 2005-2006