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Pre-Qualification Questionnaire For Disabled Facilities Grant, Primarily Shower rooms, external ramping and associated works And Stairlifts

Swale Borough Council ­ Staying Put DFG: 23.12.2010


SECTION DESCRIPTION PART A Project Data and Context Advert PART B 1 2 3 4 5 Introduction to PQQ Response Form Introduction and background Purpose and scope of this PQQ The procurement process Responding to the PQQ Queries relating to this PQQ


PQQ Response Form Key Preliminary Information

1 2 3 4

Organisation information Financial Information Technical Ability Equal Opportunities Declaration


PART A ­ Project Data and Context

Advert Name of Project 1. Disabled Adaptation grant work and services ­ Shower room conversions/ adaptations, external ramping and associated works 2. Stairlifts This advert is on behalf of Swale Staying Put agency. The Swale Staying Put Service offers advice and help to the over 60's and the disabled, who are owner occupiers or private tenants and who need practical assistance to repair, adapt or improve their homes. The agency manages the whole process on behalf of its clients with the aim of removing anxiety or worries. The purpose of this advert is to give reliable, trusted builders, who work to quality standards and offer value for money, the opportunity to be considered and included on a list of Contractors to be used by the agency and other interested parties. Further details relating to the agency are available on Statement Successful Providers and Contractors for inclusion onto the list will need to demonstrate similar values to the agency respecting the rights of clients. The right to be treated as an individual and have views and opinions treated as such, to be consulted on things tat will affect them, the right of privacy and confidentiality, of equal opportunity, to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times, the right to have information in plain English or other suitable formats. A guarantee that these rights will be upheld by the Agency at all times Contract start date 1st April 2011 Duration 3 years Total Annual Value £350,000 Average contract value £5,000 Category of works Shower rooms, external ramping and associated works Stair lifts Completion of Stage 1 Application form (PQQ) by required date of 12.00 noon 24 January 2011 Special Requirements · Respect for the rights of Clients · Offices within close proximity of Clients and Swale Residents · Ability to call back to Client within 2 hours if complaint or leak reported within 2 weeks of completion of scheme. · It is likely that the top 20 Contractors will pass to stage 2 of the process · A Placement list will operate to enable Client choice with contractor required to enter into a contract with the Client.


PART B ­ Introduction to PQQ Response Form

1 1.1 Introduction and background This Pre-Qualification Questionnaire ("PQQ") relates to the procurement project advertised by Swale Borough Council's "Staying Put Agency" 2 2.1 Purpose and scope of this PQQ As an organisation that has expressed an interest in tendering for the Requirement, this PQQ assesses your: · · · 2.2 technical and/or professional capability; financial and economic strengths; and eligibility.

In your response to the PQQ, you will need to demonstrate that you have the appropriate qualities, values and resources to successfully deliver the Requirement.

3 3.1

The procurement process This procurement is being conducted following restricted procedures whereby an initial short list will be drawn up of an anticipated 20 Contractors.


Staying Put will be awarding the contract to the most economically advantageous tender taking into account price, quality and Service User Choice. Tenderers will be asked to submit a tender through the use of a schedules of rates descriptions and unit prices, which will form the basis of a framework agreement that will be entered into with all successful tenderers.


Staying Put will operate a Placement List and Individual Service Contracts will be entered into between the contractor and the Client on the basis of the Provider who is delivering the most economically advantageous service. The Placement List will be updated on an annual basis to take into account the actual quality of the service assessed and provided in the previous financial year using a quality ranking assessment system/framework. The Placement List at the start of the contract will operate with greater reliance upon references and the details submitted and verified through the evaluation of tenders.


Contractors, who make an application to Staying Put after the closing date may be added to the Placement List following the appropriate completion and evaluation of the necessary documentation at the discretion of Staying Put.



The Placement List will operate as a database and take into account specifically Client needs which may vary according to the importance of different criteria relating to:

1. Type of specialist building works and services. 2. Quality of works and services 3. Location of Contractor 4. Ability to meet ethnic and cultural need 5. Availability 6. Swale Council policy and requirement in relation to grants. 3.6 The Placement List will operate as a database and take into account specifically Client choice which in addition to meeting need and the above, may vary according to the importance of different criteria such as those relating to: 1. Works and services undertaken for past and existing clients. 2. Reputation and word of mouth 3.7 It is accepted that Client choice may be subjective nonetheless Clients' rights and the basic right for Service Users to exercise choice and to select a Provider will be respected. 3.8 Staying Put's aim through this procurement process is to identify those Providers which are the most economically advantageous and to bring them to the attention of Clients through a Placement list, so that the Service User has a real choice and is aware of the Providers that represent the best value for money and provide a high quality of service.

3.9 The key dates for the remainder of the procurement procedure are set out in the table below (although the Customer Organisation reserves the right to vary key dates). Event Advert closing date Evaluation Issue of tender document Date 24 January 2011 3 weeks 14 February 2011


Closing date Evaluation 3.10

14 March 2011 4 April 2011

Your completed PQQ response form and a completed and signed Declaration should arrive no later than 12.00 on 24 January 2011. Staying Put agency reserves the right to reject any Response which is received after this deadline.


On receipt of the Responses, the Customer Organisation will perform an evaluation of Responses with a view to selecting a shortlist of a likely 20 Tendering Organisations to be invited to submit a tender for the Requirement.

4 4.1

Responding to the PQQ You must complete all relevant sections of the attached PQQ response form in full. Additional information and supporting documentation should only be supplied where requested.


Clearly state, together with reasons, if a section is not applicable to you. Responses should be in English, and should be concise and relevant.


You should provide 1 copy of your Response to the following address: Swale Borough Council Swale House East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 3HT FAO Susan Hughes [email protected] Closing Date 12.00 noon 24 January 2011


Staying Put shall have the right to disqualify you from tendering for the Requirement if you fail to complete the relevant parts of the PQQ (in full or part) as required by this document. The Customer Organisation shall also have the right to disqualify your tender at any stage in the process if it becomes aware of any omission or misrepresentation in your response to any question.


5 5.1

Queries relating to this PQQ You may submit, by no later than the 17 January 2011, any queries that you have relating to this PQQ. Please submit such queries by email to Susan Hughes Stay Put Manager [email protected] Any queries should clearly reference the appropriate paragraph in the documentation and, to the extent possible, should be aggregated rather than sent individually. As far as is reasonably possible, the Customer Organisation will respond to all reasonable requests for clarification of any aspect of this PQQ and supporting documents, if made before the above deadline.


In submitting a Response to this PQQ it will be implied that you accept all the provisions of this PQQ including these conditions.


Your PQQ is submitted on the basis that you consent to: · the Customer Organisation carrying out all necessary actions to verify the information that you have provided; · · the analysis of your Responses (in full or part) being undertaken by a third party the Customer Organisation requesting further information from you as part of this verification process or to clarify any elements of your Response that are not clear.


The information contained in this PQQ and the supporting documents and in any related written or oral communication is believed to be correct at the time of issue but the Customer Organisation will not accept any liability for its accuracy, adequacy or completeness and no warranty is given as such. This exclusion does not extend to any fraudulent misrepresentation made by or on behalf of the Customer Organisation.


By issuing this PQQ, the Customer Organisation is not bound in any way to enter into any contractual or other arrangement with you or any other party.


You will not be entitled to claim from the Customer Organisation any cost or expenses that you may incur in preparing your Response.


All information supplied to you by the Customer Organisation, either in writing or orally, must be treated in confidence and not disclosed to any third party (save to your professional advisers) unless the information is already in the public domain.


The Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") applies to the Customer Organisation. You should be aware of the Customer Organisation's obligations and responsibilities


under FOIA to disclose, on written request, recorded information held by the Customer Organisation. Information provided by you in connection with this procurement exercise, or with any contract that may be awarded as a result of this exercise, may therefore have to be disclosed by the Customer Organisation in response to such a request, unless the Customer Organisation decides that one of the statutory exemptions under the FOIA applies. If you wish to designate information supplied as part of a Response as confidential, you must provide clear and specific detail as to the precise elements which are confidential. 5.9 Any attempt by you or your appointed advisers to inappropriately influence the contract award process in any way will result in your Response being disqualified. Any direct or indirect canvassing by you or your appointed advisers in relation to this procurement or any attempt to obtain information from any of the employees or agents of the Customer Organisation concerning another tendering organisation may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Customer Organisation.


PART C PQQ Response Form Key Preliminary Information



Select Lists

Please indicate if you are on one of the following lists. Constructionline Kent County Council YES / NO YES / NO

Any other list ­ Please specify _______________________________________ If yes then please complete 1.1 provide company name and reference number only, complete 1.5 and move to section 3,



Category of Works

Please indicate which category of work you wish to be considered for 1. Disabled Adaptation grant work and services Shower room conversions. external ramping and associated works 2. Stairlifts YES / NO YES / NO



Organisational information 1.1 You should complete the details below for the organisation that it is proposed would enter into individual contracts with the Client and a any framework contract with Customer Organisation (the "Tendering Organisation"): Name/registered name: Previous names / registered names (if different): Current trading name: Previous trading names (if different): Registered number: Year of registration: Country of registration: Address address: Telephone: Fax: E-mail: Web-site: 1.2 Type of Organisation: Private Limited Company Partnership Public Limited Company UK registered branch of / registered

overseas company Other (please specify)



List any sub-contractors relevant to this project and their proposed roles. Also set out any aspects of the project where you envisage that the Tendering Organisation will use other as yet unidentified subcontractors.


Provide details of any holding or parent company of the Tendering Organisation.


Contact point for queries relating to this PQQ Name: Position: Telephone number: Email address: Address:


Economic and financial information 2.1 The Tendering Organisation must supply the information set out in this section. Where the Tendering Organisation is proposing to support its submission through a guarantee, indemnity, performance bond or undertaking from a parent company or ultimate holding company, then this should be stated and the information requested in this section must be supplied both for the Tendering Organisation and for the relevant parent or ultimate holding company. 2.1.1 A copy of the Tendering Organisation's most recent accounts that cover the last two years of trading, or for the period that is available if trading for less than two years. 2.1.2 A separate statement of the Tendering Organisation's turnover that relates directly to the supply of goods and services similar to the Requirement for the past two years, or for the period the Tendering Organisation has been trading (if less than two years). 2.2 Please provide insurance details by completing the following;


Employers Liability ­ minimum level required is £10 million Name of Insurer Value Policy Number Expiry Date Limit for One Accident Excesses

Public Liability ­ preferable level required is £5 million

Contractors Risk -

All Professional Indemnity ­ (State if applicable)

minimum level for full reinstatement value of works


Technical and/or professional ability 3.1 Please provide details of previous experience of relevant contracts undertaken for Home Improvement agencies or similar agency that deals with vulnerable clients in the last year.

Agency name and address

Contact name, Approx .value telephone number & date work and email address undertaken

Brief description of works undertaken

Names of supply chain members (sub contractors)

1. 2. 3.

3.2 Please provide three names and addresses of clients where you have undertaken disability adaptation work in the past 12 months. Two of the three should relate to shower rooms unless the application relates to stairlifts only. Please ensure that clients are local and willing to receive visits from technical officers to view standard and quality of work undertaken and have no objections to the Customer Organisation contacting them during the prequalification stage for reference and visit purposes.


Client name and address 1. 2. 3.


Contact name telephone number and email address

Approx.value when work undertaken

Brief description of works undertaken)

Names of supply chain members (sub contractors)

Please provide an indication of the percentage of your overall business in the last three years which is attributable to the type of work covered by this contract.


Please state the number of your staff providing works or services similar to those to be provided in relation to the Requirement.


Briefly describe your organisation's training and staff development programme for those staff employed in providing the services of the type to be provided in relation to the Requirement. Provide details and or certificates relating to any training undertaken in the last 12 months.


Please describe and provide a copy of your health and safety policies relevant to the provision of the works.


Based on your previous experience please identify the most important factors that have made projects similar to the proposed projects a success and describe any pitfalls encountered and how you addressed these.


Give details of any projects for contracts in which the Tendering Organisation has been involved [where there has been a failure to complete the project by the scheduled completion date or] where there have been complaints and/or formal court claims in relation to the project. Include, for each project, the reasons for the [failure or] claim.


Provide a statement of any material non-employment related litigation (pending, threatened or determined) or other legal proceedings against the Tendering Organisation within the last three years that may be relevant to your ability to deliver the Requirement.


State if your organisation has, or is seeking, certification under any international, European, British or other quality standards (e.g. BS5750, BS EN ISO 9000 etc). Please state the relevant quality standards, the date of the


award and the renewal period, together with the Certifying Body and enclose any appropriate documentary evidence. 4 Equal Opportunities The following questions and descriptions of evidence have been prescribed by the Secretary of State in respect of section 18(5) of the Local Government Act 1988 4.1 Is it your policy, as an employer, to comply with your statutory obligations under the Equal Pay Act 1970, Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended), Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (amended), Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (amended), Employment Equality (Religion of Belief) Regulations 2003, Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006, Equalities Act 2010 and accordingly, your practice not to treat one group of people less favourably than others because of their colour, race, caste, nationality or ethnic origin in relation to decisions to recruit, train or promote employees? Yes / No 4.2 In the last three years, has any finding of unlawful racial discrimination been made against your organisation by any court or industrial tribunal? Yes / No 4.3 In the last three years, has your organisation been the subject of a formal investigation by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Commission for Racial Equality, Disability Rights Commission or Equal Opportunities Commission on grounds of alleged unlawful discrimination? Yes / No 4.4 Is your policy on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, faith or belief and age set out. Yes / No Please supply relevant examples of instructions, documents, recruitment advertisements or other literature. 4.5 Do you observe as far as possible the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, Commission for Racial Equality, Disability Rights Commission or Equal Opportunities


Commission Codes of Practice, which gives practical guidance to employers and others on the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equality of opportunity in employment, including the steps that can be taken to encourage members of the ethnic minorities to apply for jobs or take up training opportunities? Yes / No Declaration I am authorised by the Tendering Organisation to supply the information given in this PQQ response. I declare that, at the date of signing this declaration, the information given is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge having made reasonable enquiries. The Customer Organisation has our permission to: · · Carry out all necessary actions to verify the information provided; and To pass any information provided to a third party commissioned by the Customer Organisation for the purposes of evaluating our responses. I acknowledge that: · It is a offence to give or offer any gift or consideration to employee of a public body as a reward or inducement in relation to the awarding of a public contract and that such action will give the Customer Organisation the right to exclude a Tendering Organisation from the procurement process; and · Any price fixing or collusion with other bidders in relation to the project shall give the Customer Organisation the right to exclude a Tendering Organisation from the procurement process and may constitute an offence. Signed: Name: Position: Organisation: Date: _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________



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