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Driver Installation Addendum - USB DVR Windows 7 32-bit

Unfortunately the current driver installation will refuse to install the driver when you are installing the software for the system. We can get around this by installing the drivers manually with a modified driver file. Note: These instructions are for the installation of drivers for the USB DVR Guardian on Windows 7 32bit. At this time, Windows Vista or Windows 7 64bit drivers are not available. 1. 2. You must have first installed the PC DVR software. The package will install the drivers into a folder on your Desktop labelled USB DVR Windows 7 driver by default. Run the package and it will ask you where you want the drivers to be saved. This guide assumes that you are using the default setting.

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You may get this message after running the package. Just select `This program installed successfully'.

Your screen should look something like this when the drivers are successfully saved. You will see a new folder on your desktop called USB DVR Windows 7 driver.

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3. Open the Start Menu, right click on Computer then select Manage.


Select the Device Manager option on the left hand side of the screen. There should be at least one Unknown device under the Other devices category.

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If you have more than one Unknown device in the Other devices category, we will need to check which one is the USB DVR Guardian. Right click on each one and select Properties.

Select the Details tab. Look for the following information listed under the Hardware Ids property to confirm that this `Unknown device' is actually the USB DVR Guardian. USB\VID_3100&PID_F200&REV_9209 USB\VID_3100&PID_F200

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5. Right click on the Unknown device identified in the previous step, then select Update Driver Software...


Select the Browse my computer for driver software option.

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Select Browse.

The Browse window starts at the Desktop, therefore the driver folder should be at the bottom of the list.

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Once you have the correct folder identified, select Next.

Choose Install this driver software anyway.

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You should now see the following screen once the installation process has finished. Select Close.

Verify that the USB DVR now shows up correctly in Device Manager. It should display as TD3101_3104 Video/Audio Card.

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8. Run the PC DVR software to confirm that it will now start.

You're done!

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Microsoft Word - USB DVR Windows 7 driver installation addendum.doc
Microsoft Word - USB DVR Windows 7 driver installation addendum.doc