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DVR4-1000 - Easy Setup Guide



Package Contents


Camera Connections

DVR4-1000 Unit

BNC to RCA Cable


Connect the camera cables to the Extension Cables


Connect all power ends of Extension cables to the Power Splitters

Remote Control


Software CD

USB Cable

Security Stickers

Cameras Optional

DVR Power Adapter

Power Adapter Cable

Cameras and Accessories Optional


Back of TV

Connecting the DVR to TV



Connect BNC Extension to back of DVR in ports marked Video Input


Connect Power Splitter to Camera Power Adapters

Connect the yellow RCA cable to an INPUT on the back of your TV

Back of DVR



Tune your TV to the correct INPUT - this is sometimes labelled A/V, input, source, L1, L2, etc. - consult TV manual for details


Connect the BNC end of the cable to the top VIDEO INPUT on DVR


Plug in Camera Power Adpaters and DVR Adapter to outlets



Swann Communications · Toll Free Technical Support: USA - 1-800-627-2799, 1-877-274-3695, Australia - 1300 13 8324 · Email: [email protected]

DVR4-1000 Basic Settings Easy Setup Guide

Front Panel Setting the Record Schedule and Motion Recording


1. USB Port 2. Up Arrow/CH1 3. Down Arrow/CH2 4. Right Arrow/CH3 5. Left Arrow/CH4 6. Menu/Previous Menu 7. Remote IR Sensor

8. Power LED 9. HDD LED 10. Play/Pause 11. Reverse 12. Forward/ Auto Switching 13. Record/Stop

`T' =Normal Record, `M' =Motion Record, `-' =No Record

1. Push the MENU button to bring up the menu 2. Move the cursor to `Record Schedule' using

the DOWN arrow and press ENTER

3. Move the cursor using the LEFT/RIGHT

buttons. Press the UP/DOWN Arrows to change the record mode

Note: Schedule based on 24 hour clock

Setting Motion Sensitivity

Questions & Answers

Q: Why do I get a "Hard Drive Detect Error?" A: Make sure you are using the correct power supply for your DVR. The DVR should not share power with cameras or any other device and should be connected directly to the DVR. The DVR4-1000 power supply is the larger `brick' power supply described on the reverse of this document. Q: Why can't I access the menu? A: In order to enter the menu system be sure to stop all recordings, playback, timers etc. by pressing the STOP button. Then press the menu button to access the settings.

To change the sensitivity of motion recording go to `MENU > MOTION SETUP' - Each camera has a separate sensitivity level. 9 is most sensitve down to 0 which is off

Q: Can I view my cameras and record while the DVR is connected to my PC? A: No, when the DVR is connected to a PC it enters USB or mass storage mode. While in this mode you will can access your recordings and backup to your computer but you can not record or view live images from your camera. When the USB cable is disconnected from the DVR it will return to live camera view and full access will be restored.

Swann Communications · Toll Free Technical Support: USA - 1-800-627-2799, 1-877-274-3695, Australia - 1300 13 8324 · Email: [email protected]



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