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Swarthout's Skull Works Shipping Instructions

Skull Preparation

Skulls should be skinned prior to shipping, but that service is available by us for an additional fee of $15.00. Freeze skull solid for at least 3 days to help prevent leaking of fluids. Wrap skulls in multiple layers of newspaper to help with any excess moisture and then multiple layers of plastic. You can alternate layers of newspaper and plastic to help with insulation of the skull. Pack in shipping box (Styrofoam coolers and hard-sided coolers are an ideal way to ship to help keep skull frozen. Plastic containers can also be used. Any container you want returned, will be upon request and should be properly marked with your name. Secure the skull with packing material to help prevent damage during shipping. Package should weigh no more than 70 pounds. Mark all packages "Taxidermy Items", this is required by federal law. A packing list of the enclosed items must accompany your shipment. Please place the packing list in a zip-lock bag along with your deposit. Make sure all items are completed and the form is signed and initialed where required. We prefer packages to be shipped on Monday to ensure arrival by Friday, so they do not sit over the weekend. If a package sits over the weekend and spoils the company may throw it away. Please notify us by phone (570) 6735052 or email [email protected] when your package is shipped, we will notify you of its arrival. Return shipping is not included in the price of the skull. Please make sure all items are adequately packaged. Poorly packaged specimens are more like to be damaged in the shipping process and may be more likely to be discarded by the shipping company if they spoil. Swarthout's Skull Works accepts no responsibility for and items that are damaged or discarded by the shipping company due to poor packaging


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