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July/Aug. 2009


Partners in seminary education

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Wille reelected as District president, three new VPs

By Sarah Holtan Rev. John Wille was reelected as president on June 7, 2009, at the South Wisconsin District convention held at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon. Wille was the incumbent on the ballot and was easily elected for a second term in office after a successful motion to elect by acclamation. Four regional vice presidents were elected and then ranked as first through fourth vice president: Rev. Randolph Raasch, first VP, Northeast Region, reelected; Rev. Daniel Torkelson, second VP, Southeast Region, first term; Rev. David Paape, third VP, Central East Region, first term; Rev. Mark Meier, fourth VP, West Region, first term. "It's been an extraordinary honor to serve the District these past three years," Wille said. "It's an amazing aspect of our God's grace that he chooses people like us to be his hands, his feet, and his mouthpieces here in this world." Wille remembered the words of advice given by LCMS Synod President Kieschnick after he was elected

Milwaukee and Beloit churches celebrate 50th

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Around the District

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Four grads go to military academies

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Pictured left to right are vice presidents Rev. Mark Meier, Rev. Daniel Torkelson, President John Wille, Rev. Randy Raasch and Rev. David Paape. Convention photography by Ron Kamprath. in 2006. Kieschnick told him that the learning curve is vertical. As a District president, he would enjoy good meals, read a few good books, but may never hear the truth again. Wille described the office of president as amazingly complicated in all that he must oversee and serve. He joked that his first year-and-a-half in office could be likened to a childhood activity. He would slide on his dad's shoes and shuffle across the floor because they didn't fit well. "Oppor tunities don't come without challenges, and without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges of the last three years has been the finances," Wille said during his president's report at the convention. He promoted openness, transparency and candor and "being accountable to the stewards" of the church. Changes were made to address the financial challenges, including a commitment to never balance the District budget based upon the projected sale of any proper ty and allowing t he financials to be open and published. The years 2006 and (Continued on page 2)

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Convention resolutions

Gathering under the theme "With Unveiled Faces: Reflecting the Lord's Glory," based on 2 Cor. 3:18, delegates voted to: · Adopt a goal of 50 mission starts in five years based on five priorities--focus the Gospel on the unchurched; be locally supported and supervised; partner with other congregations, the district, and the Synod for additional support and accountability; not require high financial investment of any one entity; and be self-supporting in a short period. · Support an international LCMS mission partnership to plant the first national Lutheran church within the Dominican Republic. The goal is a national Lutheran church body that welcomes, ministers to, and equips for service all those loved by God in Jesus Christ, including families that have members with developmental disabilities or other special needs. · Encourage congregations to work with the Synod and the district when undertaking mission starts or planning mission trips. The resolution asks congregations to work in conjunction with district or Synod efforts and to refrain from supporting entities that are not (Continued on page 2)

LCMS president's report stresses unity, hope for the future

By Sarah Holtan LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick addressed the delegates at the SWD Convention June 7-8, where he emphasized the need for harmony and unity within the Synod. In the threepart report spanning two days, Kieschnick highlighted the doctrinal issues that have caused unity and disharmony. Abortion, homosexuality and defining marriage as between man and woman were spotlighted as clearly unifying issues. "There is more that unites us than divides us," Kieschnick said. He also tackled the issues that have caused disharmony in the Synod, including Holy Communion, the service of women, proper forms of worship and inter-Christian relationships. (Continued on page 4)

LCMS President Gerald Kieschnick answers convention delegate questions.

South Wisconsin District--LCMS 8100 West Capitol Drive Milwaukee, WI 53222-1920

Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance

To change or not to change

By Rev. Randall Ferguson That was the question at hand in Monday's of the SWD convention June 8 as delegates reviewed and discussed the proposals from the LCMS Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance. The task force, appointed by President Gerald Kieschnick in 2005, is presenting its twenty tentative proposals for restructuring the LCMS to all district conventions throughout the Synod. Rev. Robert Greene, task force chair, summarized each proposal and then responded to questions and concerns expressed by the delegates. Delegates were invited to respond to each proposal via a paper survey. Survey results will be processed in St. Louis and then sent to the SWD office. Nationwide results will be posted on the Synod's website this fall. Key proposals include: enhancing the opportunity for commissioned ministers to serve as voting delegates; reducing the number of voting delegates at the national con(Continued on page 2)



South Wisconsin News

THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER More from the SWD convention

The theme for our 2009 District convention was "With Unveiled Faces...Reflecting the Lord's Glory." By the time that you are reading this, Rev. John C. Wille the business of the convention will have been ended for four weeks or more. That said, the urgency of the convention theme lives on. Think for a moment about the culture in which we live. Thinking back to the world in which many of grew up, parking lots and pews were full on Sunday mornings. Thinking back to the world in which many of us grew up, marriage vows were honored, "yours, mine and ours" was only the title of a movie and not the description of most families in our congregations. Thinking back to the world in which many of us were born into the traditional family where mother, father and children lived in the same house; with grandparents in the same community. Now things are different. A few weeks back it was reported that 40 percent of children are now born outside of marriage. Many couples that come to be married are now living together before they make their marriage vows. Come Sunday mornings worship runs third to soccer tournaments and hockey matches. Things are so different now that even less than two months back the headline on the cover of Newsweek read: "the decline of Christianity." All of which is anecdotal evidence that our culture is different now than when most all of us grew up. We are now outsiders in our culture. The Christian faith and our Christian church are no longer pillars in our society. In many ways our beliefs, our values, our confession is quite alien to the culture in which we live. That said, it's not time to give up. It's not time to withdraw into our little community of believers. It is rather time to be bold. It is time to engage our communities, time to engage our families and our neighbors. It is time for us to honor our vocation as the people of God in every station of life where we find ourselves. It is time for us to work together as perhaps we have never worked together before. It is time for us to walk together as generations before us have done. That is the reason that our Lord Jesus was born, the reason why he suffered on the cross, died and rose again. It is about the cross. It is about forgiveness. It is about peace with God. It is about eternal life. It's at least part of the reason that our Lord Jesus has given us the royal position of priests in his Kingdom. My invitation--my encouragement--is that each of our congregations, each of us as called workers, and each of us as part of the priesthood of all believers understand and live out our vocation to be "passionate believers...changing life." And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Wille reelected

(continued from front page) 2007 ended in "fairly good shape financially." A deficit in 2008 was attributed to the economic downturn. While the District is in the black thus far this year, it continues to face financial and other challenges. "Let's just be who we are. It is time for us to be Lutheran Christians. It is time for us to be bold witnesses of the truth which we believe. Time for us to be passionate believers-- changing life; passionate believers engaging our neighbors; passionate believers pointing people to our Savior, his love and forgiveness; passionate believers living out our faith," Wille said. The four other candidates on the ballot for president included Rev. William Kilps, Rev. Larr y Myers, Rev. Daniel Schneider and Rev. John Struve. Newly elected servants were installed at a worship service in the Chapel of Christ Triumphant Tuesday, June 9.


&V A C A N C I E S

July/August 2009

CONGREGATIONS CALLING PASTORS: Beloit -- St. John Fond du Lac -- Hope Muscoda/Highland -- St. Peter/Christ Sheboygan -- Immanuel (eval.) PASTORS WHO ARE CONSIDERING CALLS: John Diener -- St. John, Tecumseh, NE to Immanuel, Sheboygan Steven Huff -- Divine Redeemer, Hartland to Hope, Fond du Lac Pedro Lopez -- Primera Iglesia, Racine to St. John, Alexandria, VA PASTORS WHO HAVE ACCEPTED CALLS: Jason Zobel -- Shepherd of Peace, Braidwood, IL to Mt. Olive, Madison Tyge Zucker -- St. John, Glendale to Concordia, Red Wing, MN PASTORS WHO HAVE DECLINED CALLS: Glenn Lucas -- Training Center for U.S. Missions, Concordia University, Irvine, CA to Mt. Olive, Madison Eric Skovgaard -- Elm Grove, Elm Grove to Grace, Woodbridge, VA George Volkert -- St. Paul/St. John, Sumner, IA to St. Peter/Christ, Muscoda/Highland PASTORS RESIGNING FROM THE ROSTER Michael Hylton -- Prince of Peace, West Salem (6/2/09) PASTORS RETIRING David Behling -- Holy Cross, Racine (6/30/09) Timothy Bruss -- Beautiful Savior, Waukesha (6/3/09) PASTORS CALLED TO GLORY Harold Austermann (6/17/09)

Blue Ribbon Task Force proposals

(continued from front page) vention by 50 percent to 650 and eliminating advisory delegates; basing congregational representation to the national convention, at least in part, on the size of the congregation; holding district and national conventions every four years rather than the current threeyear cycle; requiring a twothirds vote of national convention delegates to approve theological statements and resolutions; reconfiguring circuits and districts to address geography and types of ministry; including congregations and districts in the final say when certifying a seminary graduate for the pastoral ministry; removing term limits for elected offices; and renaming The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. The most frequently expressed concerns among the delegates addressed reducing the lay delegate voice, doing away with term limits, expanding the certification process for seminary graduates and renaming the LCMS. Greene stressed that the proposals are still in the formative stage. After gathering all the feedback that it can this summer, the task force will submit its final report in October as the LCMS looks ahead to its national convention in July 2010 in Houston. Any changes proposed by the task force must be approved by convention delegates and ratified by LCMS congregations. You can read and respond to the Task Force's current report online at via the "Walking Together" link.

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South Wisconsin District financial snapshot

For the four months ending May 31, 2009 5/31/09 931,987 968,886 -36,889 5/31/09 659,804 87,628 5/31/08 925,611 1,108,518 -182,907 5/31/08 747,432 Revenue Expenses Income/Loss

Congregational support Decrease in income

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Convention resolutions

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Lutheran or not in fellowship with the LCMS. · Encourage congregations and their members to support the mission and ministry of the South Wisconsin District and the LCMS with their prayers, talents, and finances. The resolution encourages them to recognize that missions and missionaries are placed under stress by reductions in support and salary due to declining revenues and asked for God's guidance to be stewards "welling up in rich generosity" toward mission and ministry opportunities. · Commend Dr. Leonard Payton and Bob Gleason, from South Wisconsin, for their "Rejuvenating Congregations" program to enable congregations to attain a missional, outward focus. Their resource was recommended to congregations. · Address concerns about Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance proposals. Memorials to the Synod's 2010 convention included requests to: keep The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod name; make no changes to Synod's structure or bylaws that are not in alignment with Dr. C.F.W. Walther's "Church and Ministry"; continue the current process of electing circuit counselors; ask for detailed reasons for recommendations; and retain the current number of districts.

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July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News


Attendees at a "Partners in Seminary Training" picnic held at Concordia University Wisconsin on May 31, 2009.

SWD is a partner in seminary education

By Dr. Harald Tomesch Jesus once said the fields are ripe for harvest. Imagine for a moment that the Lord of the harvest has presented us with the unique opportunity to begin 50 new mission starts while training men to become first vicars and then pastors within the District. When Resolution 5-01b was adopted at the Synod's 63rd Regular Convention we became "partners" in seminary education with both LCMS seminaries preparing men for ordination both on campus and also right here in Wisconsin. We pray that our Lord will give us all the resources required of us by Synod's resolution. You perhaps know that 50 mission starts have been targeted for our District by 2014. Over 35 students are presently taking the required courses to enter the Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) and Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) initiatives. Faithful pastors are always needed for mission wor k. Jesus said, "Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers for the harvest" (Matthew 9:38). Faithful pastors are always on the mind of the laity of the church, and the laity within the South Wisconsin District are no exception. In the past year we began training future pastors right here in what the seminaries call the District's partnership in seminary education. In this partnership the District president is given the responsibility to oversee the admissions process for ordination track students applying for such seminary education. Giving God the praise, we are now preparing men for service to the Church with the needed SMP mission support teams in our congregations. The push is on to begin with financial strength and with a fine class of candidates. We want this next generation of pastors to be united in Christ and his church, hold to the Holy Scriptures and their Lutheran faith and confession with fidelity, to be filled with Christ-like compassion working in true mission. The mission of our partnership is to "Prepare shepherds for God's dear people." While not everyone who begins this noble task will be certified for ordination, we believe that true and faithful pastors will soon be trained at home.

on a future seminarian

Moses wants to be a pastor! Who would have thought that God would select Moses ... Thao? He is currently taking classes to prepare for the Specific Ministry Pastor program offered through Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He has been married to his wife Si for more than 10 years and they have two children, Mimi and Mino. Thao is a member of one of eighteen clans in Laos, the Thao clan, and his wife Si is from the Yang clan.

SWD residents enrolled in seminary education

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Mo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind. . . . . . . 13 Concordia University Wisconsin pre-seminary program . . . 8 Lay ministry (pre-SMP) at SWD office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Specific Minister Pastor Program (SMP) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Deaf Institute of Theology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Total SWD residents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78

What was your occupation in Laos?

Thao: Before coming to the U.S. I worked for a nonprofit organization called "World Concern" that helped develop agriculture, health care and education for my country. I was the chief accountant and office manager. World Concern was funded by many Christian organizations.

`Profiles of Ministry' show students glimpses of real world issues

Moses Thao An elderly widow has been diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy might bring temporary improvement but most likely will not prolong her life. She says, "Pastor, I've lived a good life and I am not afraid to die. I don't want to go through those treatments. But what will my sons say? What do you think?" An unlikely scenario? Not at all--this is a frequent occurrence in a normal parish. The sensitivities, approaches and concepts of ministry that come into play in such situations are the kinds of issues addressed by "Profiles of Ministry" (POM), an assessment process designed by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). The ATS oversees seminary education of all denominations in the United States. Tools such as these are available to students in South Wisconsin. Since seminary training cannot equip students with everything they will need in ministry, POM will help them identify personal characteristics and perceptions of ministry that will influence their decisions and actions in real-life situations. What would the POM look like for our students, should it be implemented? Students first respond to a series of cases gleaned from actual pastoral experience. Second, they meet with their mission support team members for a taped interview. The results are coded and are discussed with the aid of an interpretive manual. There are no right or wrong answers; nor is there one model for any one denomination. The value of the POM assessment is that it helps students to understand how and why they might approach situations in certain ways, and assists them in planning courses and identifying special work for which they may be well suited. Faith, family, fidelity, flexibility and relationships within the church and society are just some of the facets of ministry that are explored in the process. The POM approach is one more tool in which our partnership demonstrates its commitment to prepare servants for God's mission.

Why did you move to the U.S.?

Thao: My wife and I came to the U.S. in 2005 after the communist government repeatedly tried to put me in prison for being a Christian. I was not allowed to go to church after 2000 but I would visit different parts of Laos to attend churches in different locations on the weekend. Only this week, after four years of separation, were we reunited with Mimi (8), our daughter and Mino (7), our son.

Why do you desire to become a pastor?

Thao: I like the Lutheran doctrines and ways of worship! I was introduced to Lutheranism by my uncles who worshiped at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in St. Paul., Minn. In Laos I was president of the youth ministry in one of three large churches in Vientiane and it is this ministry that caught the government's attention.

What are some specific benefits of attending classes at home in Wisconsin?

Thao: I can continue to study while working for the Hampel Corporation. The American immigration process also requires us to remain within Wisconsin.

What is most challenging about your New Testament class?

Thao: I was used to reading a Bible passage alone without references to the rest of the Bible. Now I need to know how to interpret the Bible and its core message.

Who is the pastor at the heart of your mission support team?

Thao: I am supported by Pastor Yia Vang as we meet at St. Paul's Lutheran in Brown Deer. About 24 members worship at our Hmong service each week. I especially like reaching out into our community. If our Hmong people feel that you are not prepared enough for them in worship they will not visit again. Preparation for worship is key.


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009

Benediction, Milwaukee, celebrates 50th anniversary

Located at 8475 W. Fond du Lac Ave. in Milwaukee, Benediction is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a congregation wit h the theme "United in Christ." On Sunday, Aug.16, the congregation will mark the official 50th anniversary of the church with a service at 9 a.m. followed by a luncheon at Quilted Bear Restaurant. Current and past members of the congregation are invited to join the celebration. For reservations or more information, call (414) 463-9158 or visit Rev. Donald Hougard, a native of Racine called to the church in 1996, serves the congregation as it celebrates its golden anniversary. "Since its inception in 1959, Benediction has gone through many changes from a very small beginning to a large congregation to a very diverse congregation," said Hougard. "Through it all Benediction has been a fellowship of Christians who have been grounded in the Scriptures and centered on the Gospel." Benediction began when the South Wisconsin District approached a group of Lutheran families living on the northwest side of Milwaukee to explore the possibility of establishing a new mission in the vicinity of West Fond du Lac Avenue and West Silver Spring Drive. On Aug.16, 1959, Benediction's official organization meeting was held with the roll call of 72 souls. The church's memberadded in 2006. The Hmong ministry has included an English as a second language class and Hmong education programs in which Hmong culture and language are taught in the summer. In 2007 Vang graduated from the seminary and was ordained at Benediction. He was called to Hmong Outreach, Oshkosh. Moua Vang agreed to take over the leadership of the Hmong ministry at Benediction, entering the EIIT program in September 2008 with Rev. Edmund Schafer as his mentor. In 2006 the South Wisconsin District asked Benediction to provide space to a French African congregation which recently became Lutheran. An agreement with Eglise Lutherienne Internationale de Sion was signed that fall. In 2007 Immanuel, Brookfield, became a partner as they hired Deacon Gui Kasongo Kabeo as part of their staff, and their pastor Daniel Schneider became Kasongo's mentor in the EIIT program. Since July 2007 French African services have been held at Benediction every Sunday evening. The congregation also benefits from the parish nurse ministry in partnership with Covenant Health Care (later Wheaton-Franciscan). Cheri Miklas, RN, began her service as Benediction's parish nurse in October 2003, implementing various initiatives to minister to the physical health of Benediction's souls. "As we celebrate Benediction's 50th anniversary, we celebrate our unity in Christ," said Hougard. "We remember with gratitude those who gave so much of their time and talents to found the congregation, and we thank God for a fellowship grounded in his love for us."

Benediction groundbreaking ceremony ship quickly outgrew the chapel/parsonage where services were held, and the current hexagonal-shaped house of worship was completed and dedicated in 1964. Benediction reached its membership peak in 1976 with 1,213 baptized members. Since that time total membership has decreased but Benediction's diversity has grown. The Diana's Angels ministr y, which Benediction adopted in 1999, provides clothing for premature babies who have died. Harkening back to Lutheran beginnings in Milwaukee and his experience of conducting German services at Christ, Harrow, Ontario, where he previously ministered, Hougard offered a German Good Friday ser vice in 1997 which 100 people attended. Since then Benediction has offered German services regularly. In 2003 Benediction partnered with the South Wisconsin District to begin ministry to Hmong neighbors on the northwest side of Milwaukee. Blong Vang was given the position of deacon. He entered the Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology program (EIIT) at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. As the Hmong congregation grew, a Hmong service was

Benediction youth retreat at Whispering Pines in Shawano with Rev. Donald Hougard at left

Messiah celebrates 50 years in Beloit

On May 31, 2009, the members of Messiah, Beloit, celebrated the church's 50th anniversary with a special worship service at 10 a.m. followed by a dinner. A DVD was shown highlighting events from the past 50 years. Fifty years ago Messiah started as a small chapel and parsonage which covered a very tiny space on the corner of Townline Avenue, Whipple Street and Johnson Street in Beloit. This mission church, which opened its doors on May 24, 1959 with 16 charter families, was the dream of Rev. Walter Baese of St. John, Beloit. Even though he didn't live to see his dream fulfilled, a number of other members of St. John's mission group, with the help of the South Wisconsin District, followed through with his vision for a church in the northwest corner of Beloit. October 1963 saw the groundbreaking for the new church and on April 26, 1964, the new building consisting of a beautiful sanctuary, church offices and a full basement was dedicated with a special worship service. As the congregation grew, members saw a need to exIn the front yard of the church is a large blue spruce tree planted to celebrate the congregation's 25th anniversary. It was very small at the time, just like the congregation back in 1959. But the tree has grown, as has the congregation. Everyone is looking forward to the future and another 50 years of God's blessings at Messiah.

LCMS president's report to convention

Rev. Robert Martens Rev. Dennis Pingel pand. On May 27, 1979, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the church, another groundbreaking was held for a new addition. This included enlarging the narthex, adding a choir lift, a mother's room with restroom off the narthex, two new classrooms and a storage room in the basement. The dedication of the addition was held on March 2, 1980, with a worship service, dinner and open house. In the fall of 1996 yet another new building project was started. This addition added a larger choir balcony, a larger sanctuary, three new classrooms, new offices, a chair lift, new bathrooms, renovation to the kitchen, conference/choir room, the main church and Sunday school building being joined together and a storage Rev. Samuel Bobby

(continued from front page)

"We will work to achieve unity in these issues. Where Scripture does not speak plainly and clearly, we must come to a godly and commonsense conclusion of mutual respect and conduct," Kieschnick said. Kieschnick stressed the importance of addressing matters of difference in a way that reflects God's love. He stated that the Synod's public manner must be above reproach. Kieschnick confronted the sins in the church and society, such as drinking and internet pornography. He urged the delegates to recognize these dangers and resist becoming numb to them. He said, "People are on a fast track to Hell," which he followed by stating that hope is the proper response. "Our God is a God of hope. He has a plan for the future." Other challenges relate to the declining membership in the schools and churches, which impact the Synod as a whole. Kieschnick's goals for the future include "more productive and harmonious relationships within the Synod." He asked that the members of the Synod be more fully engaged in the plan of God and plans of the LCMS. "We are growing, believe it or not, in the sense of trust in one other; notwithstanding there is some mistrust within our church bodies. We are growing in that our body is growing globally. We have something to offer the church body and to offer other church bodies," Kieschnick said.

garage. Laborers for Christ helped Messiah members with this project and it was dedicated on June 22, 1997. In its 50 years of existence, Messiah has had only three ministers: Rev. Robert Martens, who served the church from 195971; Rev. Dennis Pingel, who served from 1972 until he retired in 2008; and Rev. Samuel Bobby, who was ordained and installed as Messiah's new pastor in July, 2008. Pingel also celebrated his 40th year in the ministry in May. A church can't be a church without its members. Messiah has been blessed with many faithful and dedicated members. These families have burned three mortgages, the last one a 20-year loan of $284,000 which was paid off in 11 years.

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News


`When oh-oh's become ah-ha's'

Cedar Valley Gathering looks at positively aging

On May 20, 2009, a gathering of 94 people met for a day of listening and sharing at Cedar Valley Retreat and Conference Center near West Bend. Together they studied Scripture, enjoyed insights into the art of aging positively, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and raised a glass of wine and wished farewell to District executive for human care and older adult ministry Jim Far relly and his wife, Marlys. Farrelly retired June 30. But most of all, t hey laughed with each other and at themselves! Rev. Jeffrey Dorth of St. John, West Bend, opened the retreat with a de votional study about angels. The Bible makes many references to ang els, and Dor th shared some examples of modern day encounters with them. A few listeners also shared personal experiences of times when they felt aware of an angel's presence. Dr. Richard Bimler, past president and now senior s ta f f associate f or Wheat Ridge Ministries, was the keynote speaker for the day. He also serves as ambassador of health, hope and aging (AHHA) for Lutheran Life Communities in Ar lington Heights, Ill. It was his "Ah-Ha!" hat that he wore for this gathering, encouraging listeners to connect their oh-oh's with the ah-ha's in life. The ohoh's in our lives come from a world of sin. We cannot simply laugh that away, but we can learn to become ah-ha ambassadors, seeking and doing those things that God would have us do. "That's when ministr y happens," said Bimler. "We can laugh because we know how it all turns out!" Plans are already begun for another gathering in May 2010. Why not start making your own plans to join us? Please watch for announcements with more details.

Dr. Richard Bimler shares his knowledge and experience in "Positively Aging."

Blessings come from gathering connection

At the Cedar Valley Gathering May 20, a connection was made that became a blessing to a local mission. A man attending the gathering visited a display staffed by Armita Harmon, director of the SOS Center in urban Milwaukee. The SOS Center helps families in spiritual and economic distress. A few days later, the SOS Center received a letter with a check enclosed from the men's club of Redeemer, Manitowoc. It read in part, "The $321 enclosed is the net proceeds of our Brat Fry at Copps Food Center held on May 22, 2009. It is our pleasure to remit this payment to you in support of your dedicated program." Harmon was overjoyed and wants others to know how much she appreciates those who are so interested in the work the Center is blessed to accomplish. As she is known to say often, "God is good--all the time!"

Rev. Jeffrey Dorth, St. John, West Bend, shares his insights about angels from a biblical perspective.

Left: The Cedar Valley gathering is a great time for fellowship!

A feeling of accomplishment

Lutheran Special School & Education Services holds baptism service during graduation ceremony

Spring is a season of hope, optimism and youth. Nowhere is this more evident than in all the commencement exercises being held. On Friday, May 29, 2009, Lutheran Special School & Education Services (LSSES) held a graduation ceremony for the selfcontained classroom. While most ceremonies are held for hundreds of kids, this rite had only three students. And, it was not only a graduation ceremony--but also a baptism service. It is a somewhat unusual happenstance that all three graduates--Azanui Binhyoti, William Smith, and Julia Samolyk--were baptized this year. Azanui and William were baptized at Christmas. Julia was baptized at this graduation. Not only do these students have a great feeling of accomplishment, they have received the gift of eternal life. "I have faith in God because of his great love for me," Julia said. "Through him, I have power to stand in strength against all adversity." Julia read these words during her affirmation of faith. Her baptism was officiated by Rev. Ronald Meyer. Without the ser vices of LSSES, these students might not have gotten this far. "If it wasn't for my teachers, I would never be standing here giving my graduation speech," Julia said. "When I came to this school, I had problems with my anger and my school work," Azanui told the audience. "I've worked very hard on my anger and want to thank the teachers for helping me. I am glad that I was baptized during my time here." Another L SSES to become a child of God," student was also bap- said L SSES resource room tized on this day. teacher Jenny Clemens. "It enVaughn Phillips, a first courages the kids who are not grader in the L SSES baptized, to want to be." resource room at St. Many students come to John, Glendale, was LSSES for the special attention baptized during the they receive. They may have school chapel service. learning problems and/or He asked to be bap- emotional problems. They are tized and is anxious to accepted, nurtured and cared be part of the baptism for. Some are unchurched and remembrance chap- not baptized. But the mission els. of LSSES is to act as an advoOnce a month, cate and resource for students Rev. Ron Meyer baptizes student Julia the school holds the with specific educational Samolyk as part of the LSSES 2009 chapels to remind the needs, to help them recognize graduation ceremony. students why they and utilize their God-given were baptized. "I potential and to bring them to "I came to LSSES because think the service helps the stu- the saving knowledge of the I was having trouble with my dents remember how vital it is Lord and Savior. work," said William. "Now, I have learned to finish my work. I also learned to play the clarinet and hope to play in the high school band next year." Are you getting your copy of the South Wisconsin News? For $5 per year you can have it delivered to your door, sent to students away at school, shut-ins, or former members of the District--anyone who wants to keep in touch with LCMS happenings in southern Wisconsin. Make your $5 check A St. Paul payable to South Wisconsin District and mail to South member gets Wisconsin News, 8100 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53222. ready to enjoy his Name ________________________________________ pancake breakfast. Address _______________________________________


St. Paul, Janesville, hosts LuWiSoMo fundraiser

On May 30, 2009, St. Paul, Janesville, hosted a pancake breakfast and silent auction. Over 130 people enjoyed a delicious breakfast, bid on items donated from the community, and helped suppor t Camp LuWiSoMo in Wild Rose. The morning's event garnered over $1,700, which will be used for camp scholarships. When St. Paul's Sunday school leaders heard t hat Camp LuWiSoMo needed funds, they donated their Sunday morning collection to Camp LuWiSoMo and also have a pie-throwing contest with the proceeds benefiting camp.

City, State, Zip _________________________________


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009

Lake Country Lutheran High

Building a legacy for tomorrow

What do 1902, 1952, 1961, and 1984 all have in common? These years mark the year that Lutheran churches and their worshipers embraced a vision for the future of Lutheran secondary education in the Milwaukee area and acted on it. In 1903, Lutheran High School introduced Lutheran education to high school students in the city of Milwaukee. In 1955, Milwaukee Lutheran held its first classes on Grantosa Drive. In the fall of 1968, Martin Luther opened its doors for the first time in Greendale, and 1999 saw the dream of Lake Country Lutheran High School become a reality. Now, the new kid in the ministry, Lake Country Lutheran High School (LCLHS) gets to make its own history, create its own traditions, and establish its own legacy. In fact, it has already started! In February 2009, LCLHS finally moved into a building that it could call home after 10 years of using temporary classroom facilities. Lake Country Lutheran has never been about the building or the facility. It has always been about the special bond of faculty, staff and students working, playing and worshiping together to God's glory. A school that provides athletic opportunity, academic challenges, faith development, leadership training and a pathway for personal growth in a nurturing environment is the legacy left by students who came before and toiled in basements, parking lot trailers and a converted YMCA and it is the legacy that the class of 2009 will leave to future generations. The campaign for Lake Country Lutheran High School continues its mission quest to gather $6 million in gifts and pledges in order to receive an additional $3 million from a matching challenge grant that has been issued to the school families and the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee. This $6 million in gifts and pledges needs to be accomplished by Feb. 28, 2010 to receive the match. Thus far, the campaign has raised $1.2 million towards its challenge goal. Through the vision and generosity of all Lutheran High School alumni and the families of Lake Country, God has provided the children of LCLHS with a beautiful facility on Campus Drive in Hartland. Dedicated faculty and staf f are accomplishing the ministry of Christian education there and preparing the next generation of leaders to seize the challenges and opportunities of the world as disciples of Jesus Christ in service to others.

Gui Kasongo leads music at the Pilgrim "In+erchange."

`In+erchange,' folk fair at Pilgrim, Wauwatosa, foster cultural understanding

On May 2, 2009, about 30 people par ticipated in an "In+erchange" at Pilgrim, Wauwatosa, involving members of International Church of Zion, Milwaukee, the Frenchspeaking African immigrant ministry of the South Wisconsin District, and members of Pilgrim. The purpose was to gain a greater understanding of ethnic groups supported by the District, hear their stories, and share a time of food and fellowship. The participants enjoyed a potluck meal followed by question and answer time with Vicar Gui Kasongo of Zion. His group also shared music in their special style. This interchange is an outgrowth of last fall's ethnic folk fair held in Pilgrim's gymnasium. That first-time event featured par ticipants from Hispanic, Hmong, Chinese, French-speaking and Englishspeaking African immigrant ministries who shared ethnic food, music and displays of their cultures and ministries within the District. A second ethnic folk fair will be held in the same location on Saturday, Sept. 26, from noon to 6 p.m. Missionminded groups and individuals are encouraged to set aside that day to enjoy celebrating and appreciating our unity in Christ amidst a diversity of "nations, tribes, peoples and languages" (Revelation 7:9). Young and old will enjoy this event! If you would like to support this effort financially or otherwise, or if you would like to sponsor an "In+erchange," please contact Pilgrim at (414) 476-0735 for more information.

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News



Johnson, Farrelly retire from South Wisconsin District

Arleen Johnson Arleen Johnson, who has served the LCMS for the past 25 years both in the Florida-Georgia District and in the South Wisconsin District for the past nine years, has retired effective May 31, 2009. Johnson served the SWD as administrative assistant to the president for Rev. Ronald Meyer and Rev. John Wille, as well as more recently as receptionist. "We t hank our Lord for her many years of faithful service to our Lord and his church, for her cheerful voice on the other end of the phone and for her warm smile to all who walked into our SWD office," said Wille. "Our prayer is that our Lord w ould g rant Arleen g ood health and much joy as she moves into retirement and that she enjoys her grandchildren!" Jim Farrelly Jim Farrelly, who has served the church for 45 years, announced his retirement from the District office effective June 30. Farrelly, a commissioned lay minister, has served the SWD for the past 15 years. During his ministry he has served in various settings including the urban areas of Milwaukee and Sheboygan. In recent years he has worked part-time in human care and older adult ministries as well as with the Sheboygan circuits. Farrelly will continue serving in a volunteer capacity, assisting with planning for the Cedar Valley gathering and retired pastors' retreat. "Here too our prayer is that our Lord would give Jim and Marlys many more years of good health, enjoyment with family, and good fishin'," President John Wille said.

SWD business manager, Debbie Novak (left), presents a retirement award to Arleen Johnson on May 29, 2009.

Buck retires from Lutheran High School Association

Executive Director/CEO Dr. Thomas M. Buck of The Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee (LHSAGM) retired April 30, 2009 concluding a two year transition process. Buck served the association since 1968 in roles including teacher, department head, director of development and for the last 21 years as superintendent and executive director/CEO. Prior to returning to his home state of Wisconsin he was an instructor at Concordia College, Edmonton, Canada. A graduate of Concordia University Chicago, Buck also earned a master's degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada and a Ph.D. from Marquette University in Milwaukee. He served in adjunct roles for Marquette and Concordia University Wisconsin, teaching in their graduate programs. Volunteer service beyond his schools includes the Association of Lutheran Secondary Schools, Association of Lutheran Development Executives, Board of Regents at Concordia University Chicago, and the Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee. He has chaired the boards of each of these organizations and has received several leadership awards.

Marlys and Jim Farrelly

Gibson assigned to A Place of Refuge

A Place of Refuge Ministries (APOR) is pleased to announce the arrival of a new house parent at Refug e House. Deaconess Intern Dawn Gibson was assigned to APOR this spring from Concordia Seminar y, St. Louis. She began working at Refuge House July 1, 2009. Gibson heard about the deaconess program from a vicar at her church. She said the program "aligned perfectly with what I wanted to do, which was to receive theological training that would help me be a more effective care provider." Gibson comes to APOR with an overwhelming desire to serve in general and a specific desire to work with women and those new to the faith--a per fect fit for APOR. APOR also gives thanks for the service of house parent Ruth Zeuschner. Zeuschner's husband David received a call to Chapel of the Cross in Milwaukee. Zeuschner stated that her time at Refuge House was an amazing journey of learning and a spiritual blessing as she walked alongside many wonderful women in this lifesaving and life-giving ministry. If you would like learn more, please contact Trish Kagerbauer at (414) 438-2767 to arrange a speaking engagement for your church or chapel service, Bible study or group meeting.

Lutheran High School Association welcomes Moritz as new executive director

LHSAGM is pleased to welcome Todd Moritz as executive director/CEO. Moritz was executive director/CFO at St. John, Ellisville, Mo., a position he assumed in 2008. He served as the director of operations/CFO since 1998. The congregation is the third largest church in the LCMS with 6,300 members. In the past he has served as director, accounting and cash management for UniGroup Van Line Services in Fenton, Mo.; and as manager, corporate financial planning and analysis for Continental Baking Company in St. Louis. "We are very pleased that Mr. Moritz has accepted the offer to lead The Lutheran High School Association," said Thomas Schoewe, president of the Association board of directors. During these challenging economic times Moritz's considerable experience in ministry leadership and finance are skills that will be of value to the Association. Moritz graduated Carthage College in Kenosha. He is also a Certified Public Accountant for the State of Illinois and holds an MBA from the Keller Graduate School of Management in St. Louis. He and his wife, Christine, are looking forward to making Milwaukee their new home. They have two sons Karl (20) and Paul (18).

WLI presents leadership awards to three CUW students

Katie Lane of Grafton received the 2009 Donna J. Streufert Christian Women's Leadership award at the recent board banquet of the Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) Women's Leadership Institute (WLI). Given annually, the $400 award recognizes an outstanding Concordia student for her leadership and service on campus and in the community. Two additional students also were honored this year for their accomplishments: Kristen Weber of Ottertail, Minn., and Sonja Weber, Fenton, Mo. Each received $200. Lane, a senior who majored in lay ministry and theology, served for two years as congregational ministries coordinator, working with leaders of five campus activities: youth ministry, puppet ministry, children's ministry, the Cross, and Jesus Retreat. She also represented the university at Concordia Sundays and this past year was a Bible study leader. With two other women students, she launched a social justice group at CUW. Known as Noonday, it has raised money to build wells in places in Africa where there is no clean water, and members have volunteered at Milwaukee's Crop Walk. Kristen Weber will receive a master's degree in occupational therapy in December 2009. A member of the student government association for three semesters, she has also participated in the occupational therapy association, German club, college republicans and yoga club. Active for four years in the District Lutheran Student Fellowship based at Luther Memorial, Shorewood, Weber has done home safety evaluations, collected food for an inner city congregation, assisted with the House of Refuge Life Walk, and served on the fundraising committee for a new organ. Sonja Weber, a senior majoring in nursing and missions, has led a Bible study on spiritual and physical fitness, coordinated missionary speakers for the mission club, met one-on-one with CUW international students as a partner in CHAT (conversations hap-

WLI Christian Leadership Award recipients (left to right) Kristen Weber, Katie Lane, and Sonja Weber receive congratulations from Donna Streufert, founder of the Concordia Institute. pen all the time, an outreach that she founded), helped with ESL classes, collected shoes for Belize, and participated in the student nurses association. She has also volunteered at a nursing home, taught Sunday school, tutored elementary students,and founded April Shower's baby showers to raise pro-life awareness.


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009


Port Washington holds old time Gospel singalong

Mark your calendar for Saturday, July 11, at 7:30 p.m. Outside on the patio after church, St. John in Port Washington is hosting an old time Gospel singalong featuring spiritual songs and hymns, Negro spirituals, white and black Gospel songs, American folk and campfire music. Invite friends and neighbors, saints and sinners alike to this fun and friendly event at St. John, 217 N. Freeman Dr., Port Washington. Call (262) 284-2131 for more information.

Chaplaincy picnic in Plymouth July 12

You are cordially invited to the seventh annual chaplaincy fund-raising picnic beginning at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 12, 2009, at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth. Picnic entertainment includes the Clauson Family Music Show, a variety of country, rock and roll, bluegrass, Gospel and comedy. This event is the Sheboygan County chaplaincy ministry's major annual fundraiser to enable bringing God's Word to the residents of Sheboygan area nursing homes and assisted living centers. Your tax-deductible donation entitles you to all picnic activities and food. For more information, visit

parking lot at 10 a.m., arriving by noon in time for the chicken dinner ($6.50). Picnic supper items will be available for purchase later. There is a chapel service in the evening followed by fireworks which conclude about 10 p.m.. The bus departs afterward with return to Pilgrim about midnight. Cost including driver's tip is $16 per seat. This event is open to all who are interested in supporting the South Wisconsin District-sponsored camp and their friends. Save yourself the drive, perhaps into unfamiliar territory. Whether you have been to Camp LuWiSoMo before or not, riding the bus assures being with a good group of fellow Lutherans. Consider it a one-day "staycation." Bus reservations will be firm when check made payable to Pilgrim Lutheran Church noted "Bus to LuWiSoMo," is received at 462 Meadowbrook Dr., West Bend, WI 53090. Please state name, address, phone, e-mail address, and congregation to which you belong. Pilgrim is one block north of Washington (Hwy. 33). Exiting Hwy 45 at Washington, go eas t past 18th Street to Meadowbrook to North. Same intersection is 15th to South. Those living closer to Waldo/Adell may save miles by arriving at Personalized Tours, two miles South of Waldo on Hwy. 57. Be there at 9:15 a.m. when the bus leaves for Pilgrim.

MLHS honors guild charter member

On May 26, 2009, Milwaukee Lutheran High School ladies guild honored guild charter member Ruth Meiser at its spring luncheon in the school cafeteria. At 100 years of age, Meiser is the oldest member of the guild. She has been with the organization since its founding Feb. 18, 1930, when 49 women decided that Lutheran High School would benefit from a women's auxiliary organization that would support the school. Through the many intervening years, Meiser has been an active guild member, helping with many activities that raised needed funds and equipment for the high school. Barbara Kurth, guild program chair, introduced Meiser and presented her with a corsage. Ruth Meiser Principal Paul Bahr read a congratulatory letter and led the group in the singing of "Happy Birthday" to the honoree. Ruth (Reineck) Meiser graduated from Lutheran High School in 1925. Her two daughters, Marion Braatz and Janet Mueller also graduated from Lutheran High School and each married their high school sweetheart. In addition, Meiser's five grandchildren and three great grandchildren graduated from Milwaukee Lutheran High School. Her husband George actively participated in the planning and building of Milwaukee Lutheran High School back in the 1950s. Lutheran secondary education was clearly important to Meiser and her family.

Oklahoma Avenue celebrates 75th anniversary in October

Milwaukee ice cream social

What would summer be without ice cream and a car wash? There's no need to wonder because St. Mark's annual ice cream social returns Sunday, Aug. 2 from 1-5 p.m. with a car wash hosted by its Sunday school students. Simply leave the suds to the kids and cool off with your neighbors inside over an assortment of affordable sweet treats. The combinations of cold eats are many with pie or brownie ala mode, root beer floats, make-your-own sundaes and classic single dip cones. If you fancy something warmer, try the coffee or select from a variety of homemade bakery. Everyone is welcome. St. Mark's is located at 550 N. 95th St., Milwaukee. For more information call (414) 258-7118.

Bus to Camp LuWiSoMo's family day

Pilgrim, West Bend, invites you to join their members on a trip to Camp LuWiSoMo in Wild Rose for family day Aug. 15, 2009. A deluxe motor coach will depart from Pilgrim's

Organized in February 1934, Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, is celebrating 75 years of ministry with a service Oct. 4, 2009. The church had its beginnings in the early part of 1931 when several pastors took steps to organize a Lutheran congregation at 54th Street and Oklahoma Avenue on Milwaukee's south side. Rev. Birthdays (90, 95, 100 & above) Carl Harman of Hales Corners JULY Lutheran was given the mission 1 Althea Laack, 90, St. Paul, Cascade as an additional charge. He 9 Leona Hilgendorf, 90, Grace, Menomonee Falls served both congregations for 10 Geneva Montaba, 90, Good Shepherd, Sheboygan four years and in 1936 accepted Hugo Roman, 90, Mt. Olive, Milwaukee a call to serve as pastor of Okla14 Myrta Hackbarth, 90, Trinity-Freistadt, Mequon homa Avenue. At that time the 17 Gary Christian, 90, Immanuel, Mayville church was a member of the 20 Bernice Nussbaumer, 90, Grace, Omro English District and remained so 23 Leland Kopps, 90, Christ, Highland until 1971, when the congrega26 Selma Weber, 90, St. Martin, Chilton tion voted to join the South Wisconsin District. AUGUST In 1982 the congregation 9 Clarence Habeck, 90, St. Paul, Brown Deer founded a Christian day school Howard Selchert, 95, St. Stephen, Horicon as an addition to its ministry, 12 Edna Schroeder, 95, St. Stephen, Horicon which continues to serve the 15 Florence Dillman, 90, Good Shepherd, Sheboygan 20 Elsie Roberts, 102, Trinity, West Allis community today.

Henry Spanley, 90, Grace, Menomonee Falls 25 James Schaefer, 90, Mt. Olive, Milwaukee 30 Claire Geisler, 102, Benediction, Milwaukee

Anniversary Corner

Twenty-one new members join St. Paul, Brown Deer

Anniversaries (50, 55, 60, 65 & above)


3 Duane and Evelyn Duesterbeck, 55, Our Redeemer, Delavan 11 Norm and Darlene Jahn, 50, Grace, Menomonee Falls Norman and Barbara Justus, 50, St. Peter-Immanuel, Milwaukee 12 Howard and Genevieve Bentz, 68, St. Peter-Immanuel, Milwaukee 16 Rev. Daniel and Darlene Doan, 60, Grace, Omro 18 Sebastyan and Elizabeth Ellenberger, 50, Berea, Milwaukee Albert and Janet Jenks, 50, St. Paul, Janesville Rev. David and Jane Rockrohr, 50, Mt. Calvary, Milwaukee 19 Edwin and Elizabeth Stieg, 68, Mt. Olive, Milwaukee 25 Richard and Carol Henning, 50, Pella, Waupun 31 Frederic and Marjorie Mayer, 55, St. Paul, Brown Deer

AUGUST On May 3, 2009, St. Paul, Brown Deer celebrated the public reception of 21 people into the church's family. Longtime members were overjoyed with the event, as were the new members. Two people said they made their decision to join St. Paul's when they heard that Rev. Dave Paape had accepted the call to serve there. Paape attributes the growth to a simple, clear and enthusiastic emphasis on God's promises for all who trust in Jesus, promises that guarantee those whom the Holy Spirit has given saving faith are truly "blessed by the Lord!"

2 7 8 13 20 21 22 Harvey and Phyllis Gaatz, 73, Trinity, Wautoma Dennis and Dorothy Curtis, 50, St. Andrew, West Bend Leroy and Darlene Gosse, 50, Good Shepherd, Sheboygan Elmer and Glenrose Klug, 60, Trinity-Freistadt, Mequon Bill and Joyce Pokel, 60, Grace, Menomonee Falls John and Sue Gieschen, 55, St. Paul, West Allis Alton and June Due, 50, Our Redeemer, Delavan Rev. Eberhard and Betty Klatt, 50, St. Paul, Brown Deer 27 Melvin and Lois Fast, 60, Grace, Menomonee Falls 28 August Raymond and Jeanine Streblow, 55, St. John, Mayville Send us the names of people who will observe a September or October 2009 birthday (90, 95, 100, or above) or anniversary (50, 55, 60, 65, or above). Deadline is August 1, 2009. Mail to: South Wisconsin News, 8100 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53222. E-mail: [email protected]

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News



Early childhood literacy festival on the lake

"A visit with Lois Elhert" will be held Friday, Aug. 7, 2009, at Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon. For the schedule, registration form and a listing of workshops, visit the SWD website at


Lutheran Radio Church Service, WJYI 1340 AM Sundays at 7 a.m. The program alternates weekly between WELS and LCMS services. Pella, Waupun, WFDL 1170 AM Sundays at 8 a.m. with a taped replay at 11 a.m. St. Paul, West Allis, WJYI 1340 AM Sundays at 8 a.m. Services are live at Call (414) 5416250 for audiotape or CD. Messiah, Ripon, WRPN 1600 AM Sundays at 9 a.m. Mt. Olive, Milwaukee, WJYI 1340 AM Sundays at 9 a.m., archived services at German radio program, WJYI 1340 AM Saturdays at 4:30 p.m. Visit for details and archives. Send listings for internet and radio worship services and other programming to [email protected] or mail to Communications, South Wisconsin District, 8100 W. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53222. WJYI 1340 AM can be heard online at

Lutheran singles road trip to the Creation Museum

Sept. 11-13, 2009 · Lexington, Ky. and Cincinnati, Ohio

A weekend of fellowship and learning with other Lutheran single adults from around the country includes a visit to the Creation Museum. The Creation Museum presents a "walk through history." Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the art 65,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life. A fully engaging, sensory experience for guests: murals and realistic scenery, computer-generated visual effects, over fifty exotic animals, life-sized people and dinosaur animatronics and a special-effects theater complete with misty sea breezes and rumbling seats. Visit for a flyer including cost, hotel information and registration form. The registration deadline is Aug. 1, 2009. For more information e-mail Linda Gerbitz at [email protected] or call Robin Mueller at the District office, (800) 793-3678.

National Youth Gathering 2010

July 17-21, 2010 · New Orleans, LA

Visit for the latest information on the 2010 NYG. Registration information will be available in September. Leader cluster meetings will take place late summer/early fall. City Chicago Hartford Hartford Plymouth West Bend

Local broadcast guide

Station WGN 720 AM WTKM 104.9 FM WTKM 1540 AM WJUB 1420 AM WBKV 1470 AM Day Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Time 6 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 5 p.m. 10 a.m.

City Milwaukee

Station WGLB 1560 AM

Day Saturday

Time 7 p.m.

Racine Lutheran JETS win second in state

Each year, Racine Lutheran High students participate in the JETS (Junior Engineering Technological Society) competition, held at Milwaukee School of Engineering. Two varsity teams of eight students researched and were tested on the topic of "Behind the Scenes: Theme Parks." The competition involved challenges such as designing rides, logistics for flow and safety of visitors, environmental issues and trash collection, plus food services. The teams scored well, with one team taking second in the state. Racine Lutheran JETS teams have a long-standing history of taking high honors in the competitions. Tim Lorenz is Racine Lutheran's math and physics teacher and JETS coordinator. Principal Randy Baganz said, "Technical studies such as math, science, and computer technology are high priorities for our school. The JETS competition allows students to gain real-world exposure to engineering. Congratulations to all students taking part in the competition!" For more information, visit

Racine Lutheran JETS teams, front row left to right: Taylor Berglund, Greg Bock, Tyler Cooper, Aleesha Davis, John Muir, Ryan Ganther, Nicole Roeder and Jon Lambert; back row: Jon Poppe, Nate Murray, Nate Poppe, Beth Phillips, Sarah Benben, Rachel Aumann, Gino Richio and Tim Demuth.


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009 See you there: BOD meeting Sept. 12, 2009 Menasha Fall retreat Oct. 16-17, 2009 Waukesha

Mission Lamp

Lutheran Women's Missionary League News Here is what Lutheran Women in Mission are doing! Mission grant education for 2008-2010: 6. Recruit Alaska Native Church Workers (LAMPUSA): $20,000

This mission grant will be used to identify native Alaskans to lead ministry in remote communities. They will then be equipped through a training program similar to the Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) available through Concordia Seminary, which involves training via the internet. The program requires support and on-site direction from a Lutheran Pastor as a mentor. EXEC. COMMITTEE President Jan Dankwardt 920-783-0776 [email protected] VP, Servant Resources Judy Paulson 920-989-1777 [email protected] VP, Gospel Outreach/ Christian Life Florence Harms 608-323-3420; [email protected] VP, Human Care, Grants Linda Christensen 608-762-5264 [email protected] VP, Communications Barbara Kurth 262-252-4573 [email protected] Recording Secretary Linda Ault 608-676-4994 [email protected] Corres. Secretary Barbara Strenger 920-467-3644 [email protected] Financial Secretary (Receives all funds) Janis Mattson 3557 S. 43rd St. Greenfield, WI 53220 414-546-1998 [email protected] Treasurer(Pays all bills) Debbie Netz [email protected] Renewal Committee Chairman Jean Kruse 262-786-4520 [email protected] Senior Counselor Rev. David Totsky 414-444-4133 [email protected] Junior Counselor Rev.Brian Beardsley 920-361-1812 [email protected] From our President


This year as we celebrate July 4, let us take a special time to thank God for the religious freedom we have. We are still able to profess our faith openly and gather together in worship. Christianity is in a more difficult position than it has been in the recent past. The Christian faith is coming under attack from many sources. Political correctness demands that we say and do certain things and these don't always agree with the tenants of our faith. And yet, NOW, is the very time that our Lord commands us to speak up as he gives us new opportunities each day to tell others about what He has written in His Word. We need to be a people of faith and of prayer. God tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and for- Jan Dankwardt give their sin and heal their land." President We need to storm the throne of Grace with our humble prayers for our country. Our forefathers built this great nation on the Christian faith, and we need to return to that base. I would like to share with you a beautiful undated prayer written by George Washington in one of his journals at Mount Vernon. "O eternal and everlasting God,...increase my faith in the sweet promises of the gospel; give me repentance from dead works; pardon my wanderings, and direct my thoughts unto thyself, the God of my salvation; teach me how to live in thy fear, labor in thy service, and ever to run in the ways of the commandments; make me always watchful over my heart, that neither the terrors of conscience, the loathing of holy duties, the love of sin, nor an unwillingness to depart this life, may cast me into a spiritual slumber, but daily frame me more and more into the likeness of thy son Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favor, I may in thy appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life bless my family, friends, and kindred." God's blessings as you celebrate the fourth and please keep our nation in your constant prayers. HAVE A GREAT INDEPENDENCE DAY IN THE LORD!!! Jan

inancial assis ssist now Financial assistance now to att ttend LWML available to attend LWML ents events

With the principal base of $25,000 having been reached in our SWD LWML's "The Love of Christ" (TLC) Fund, we are now able to begin distributing the interest, in the form of scholarships, to SWD LCMS women who may otherwise not be able to afford attendance at retreats and district conventions. The District's Financial Taskforce established guidelines which have been approved by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. President Jan Dankwardt has since appointed the "TLC Application Review Committee" to implement these guidelines and begin awarding scholarships. Confidentiality of all applicants, including those awarded scholarships, is a high priority; the only District personnel knowing their identities are the President and the event's registrar. The Review Committee will rate each application on its individual merits and will not know the identity of any applicant. Those with the highest composite rating for each event will be awarded the scholarships. A limited number of scholarships will be awarded for each event. Details can be found on the application forms. To promote fairness, the following postmark deadlines will be enforced for each event (forms received after these dates will not be considered): Fall Retreats: June 30 the year of the retreat; Young Women's Retreats: October 31 the year before the retreat; District Conventions: March 31 the year of the convention. All applicants will be informed at least two weeks before the event's early registration date as to whether or not they have been awarded scholarship money. Applications forms are available at, in the Christian Life Newsletter or from the District President, and all completed applications should be sent/e-mailed to the District President. Submitted by: Linda Ault SWD LWML Financial Task Force Chairman

Remember, another way to stay updated on what's happening in the SWD-LWML is to use the website:

Electronics recycling changes and updates

Thank you to everyone for saving and collecting your empty printer cartridges, cell phones, pagers, PDA's, I-Pods, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, DVD Video games, portable DVD players, laptop computers, etc. As of May 31, 2009, we have received $2,330.38 to assist with District administrative expenses. The recycling company has just informed us of some changes and reminders: Be sure to include the cords and accessories with laptops, I-Pods, MP3 players, digital cameras, DVD Video games & portable players, and PDA's. New items accepted are GPS systems (with cords and accessories). Important reminders: Be sure to ship as many cartridges as possible in the box you ship--AT LEAST 12-14! The more in one box, the more economical it is for shipping! Make sure ALL cartridges are in a plastic bag to prevent leakage! Always, pack as tightly as possible using newspaper to add extra tightness to fill in the empty spaces. Items NOT accepted include: toner bottles, toner tubes, fax film, and printer ribbons. Epson printer cartridges, remanufactured, or refilled cartridges. Send only the virgin cartridges. The company realizes that it is not always apparent that a cartridge has been remanufactured. Please look at the box to see if it states that it is remanufactured. Several companies refill cartridges--if that is noted somewhere on the cartridge, it is not accepted for recycling. However, if you do not know whether it has been remanufactured or refilled, always send it, just to be on the safe side. Linda Ault SWD LWML Financial Task Force Chairman

Sept./Oct. Mission Lamp by July 5th to: Lori Kleinschmidt, Editor 884 Fieldcrest Dr., Neenah, WI 54956-1716 (920) 727-8870 [email protected]

Correction from the May/June issue: The Fall Retreat was incorrectly listed to be in Lake Geneva at the top of the left page. The correct location for the 2009 Fall Retreat is Waukesha. Details and a registration form are included on the page to the right.

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News


2008-2010 Theme:

Go! Gather! Glorify

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here I am, Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

Mite update as of 5-31-09:

Mites: $87,409.45 Memorials/Celebrations: $ 2,415.00 Selle Fund Interest: $ 1,323.04 $91,147.49 Total:

Next issue: Watch for national convention highlights from Portland!

Mission Lamp

Vol. 59, No. 4



Grant #4 Paid! Food & Clothing Co-op Assistance - Fort Wayne Seminary $15,000

Pictured below (L to R): Karen Wellings, Jan Dankwardt and Rev. Timothy Puls, Asst. VP of Church Relations at Concordia-Fort Wayne.

not about "It's not about us, it's all about about Him."

2009 Fall Retreat Registration

Name____________________________________ Telephone No._____________________________ Address, City, State, Zip______________________ _________________________________________ Congregation / City_________________________ Zone No. _______ E-mail:___________________ Emergency Contact Name and Phone No:______ __________________________________________ Attending: Friday Night Saturday Both Days Age (circle one) 12-17 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 55+ I am a minor attending without a parent or legal guardian & need a waiver form to fill out and return to the registrar. Registration Fee: If postmarked on or before September 15th: $40.00 Late Registration if postmarked after September 15th $50.00 Note: Late Registrations are not guaranteed the special rate or a room. * Discount of $10.00 if High School age. ($30.00/ $40.00) Registration Sub-Total $ ______ Note: Walk-ins are not guaranteed space and/or materials. Meals: Saturday Breakfast Buffet: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Cereal, Danish/Muffins, Fruit, Juices, Coffee & Milk $10.00 _____ Sat. Lunch: Grilled Chicken Wrap, Salad, Irish Cream Pie $13.00 _____ Check if desired: Diabetic Dessert ______ and/or Vegetarian Meal _____ Note: Joining us for the meals helps keep total Retreat cost down Hotel Room w/2 double beds: Up to 4 people per room $99.00 _____ Please send all roommate registrations together in one envelope. Names of my roommates: 1. ____________________________ 2. ____________________________ 3. ___________________________ Any Special Needs: Large Print _______ Deaf Interpreter _______ Please describe need below: Physical ______________________ Dietary ________________________ Total Amount Enclosed: $________

societies re to New societies re ady to blossom

Pictured L to R: Bernice Steffens, Greta Martin, Karol Voigt, Jan Dankwardt, Trish Regula and Jan Bohac. A revitalized society from St. Paul's, Union Grove, pictured at the Spring Rally in East Troy. MMV consultants helped get this society going again.

Below, Immanuel in Adams chartered a new society at a Spring Rally in Necedah.

Mail checks payable to: SWD-LWML Fall Retreat Mail check and registration (with SASE if confirmation is desired) to: Bonnie Wilkum 14409 Woodside Lane Kiel, WI 53042 Phone No.:(920) 894-3589 Email: [email protected]

Pictured L to R: Jan Dankwardt, Sally Strom, Barb Neumill, Edie Norling, and Ada Peterson.

Hotel address: W231 N1600 Corporate Court, Waukesha, WI 53186 Telephone: (262) 574-0888 Amenities: Indoor pool, whirlpool, Fitness Center Hotel website: mkemw-milwaukee- marriott-west/ Ingathering: SOS Center in Milwaukee, WI Kids' or Adults new or gently used: jackets & coats, snowsuits, hats, gloves, mittens, boots, and warm socks Servant Event "Jesus Packs": Items to bring: Any devotional materials (Portals of Prayer, Lutheran Witness, Lutheran Digest, etc.), VBS & Sunday School materials, Christian coloring books & crayons. 1 gallon freezer bags to pack. Offering: ¾ to Mission Central for the most needy of their missions. ¼ to SWD-LWML Scholarship Fund Hotel website: mkemw-milwaukee- marriott-west/


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009

The Concept - Men from all over the United States and Canada are invited to participate in an Internet-based fishing tournament brought to you by the Men's NetWork from Lutheran Hour Ministries. The tournament will begin June 1, 2009, and conclude August 30, 2009. The Fish - There will be separate weekly prizes for the largest fish (by weight) caught in each of the following categories: Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, or Kentucky), Walleye and Sauger, Northern Pike and Musky, Crappie Bluegill, Perch, Sunfish, Trout (all except Lake Trout) , Freshwater Salmon, Freshwater Stripers, Channel Cat, All other Catfish Strangest non-fish thing caught. We're not sure what prize you might get if you win in this category, but we'll have fun posting them! For info & rules rules and how to register,

Men's NetWork Count

You all may remember that our goal for May of 2009 was 1,000 churches and our goal for May of 2010 was 2,000 churches. As of today, we have 2001 churches represented among the those who have registered for Men's NetWork--we made our 2010 goal almost a year early! Other stats: 115 LCC churches 1686 LCMS churches 15 ELCA churches 185 Other churches 2001 Total Churches 3601 men on the Newsletter List 2876 total individual registered users

`Global Care Packages' Program to Deliver Last Packages Lutheran Hour Ministries has announced the phasing out of the Global Care Packages program. New orders for bags will continue to be accepted until May 31st, 2009. Care packages will be distributed to needy children throughout the rest of the year. Over the past decade, more than a quarter of a million care packages have been delivered to children in 20 countries around the world, including the United States. During that time, thousands of congregations and schools discovered the blessing of giving by packing a care package for a needy child. We are very thankful for the support that we received for this program, and for the hope and joy that these care packages delivered to people-- young and old--all over the world.

where computer technology meets the rod and reel. Using your computer to win a fishing tournament may sound a bit weird, but that's why it took the LHM Men's NetWork to do it. Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on June 1, registered guys can begin casting, trolling, dunking, or drowning their baits in a frenzied attempt to snag that week's heavyweight from any legitimate freshwater source.

Let the fish tales begin!

First Annual Men's NetWork North American Fishing Tournament:

92nd International Convention July 16-19, 2009 Greensboro, North Carolina

"Bringing Christ to the Nations... and the Nations to the church!"

The 92nd International Convention of the International Lutheran Laymen's League will meet in Greensboro, North Carolina, July 16-19. The convention theme "Share His Story" is based on Psalm 66:16 , which says, "Come and listen, all you who fear God; let me tell you what He has done for me." It is our hope that convention attendees will be emboldened to share the story of salvation with those who don't know God.


AUGUST 21 & 22, Cedar Valley Retreat and Conference Center 5349 County Road D West Bend, WI 53090 Ph. 262 269-9202

Friday evening August 21 for a fish dinner at 5:30 p.m. followed by fellowship. Saturday, August 22, 8:00 a.m. until the afternoon adjournment will feature messages from Curt Whitbracht, the League's Staff Financial person and South Wisconsin District Governor, Ed Bieno. A special noontime program will be presented by Phil and Micah Meinzen a father and son who will share their exciting story about the Holy Spirit's work in India.

Registration for SWD-LLL Convention August 21 & 22, West Bend, WI

Cedar Valley Retreat and Conference Center 5349 County Road D, West Bend, WI 53090 Ph. 262 269-9202

NAME: ___________________________________________ NAME:____________________________________________ ADDRESS:_________________________________________ __________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER:_____________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS:____________________________________ HOME CHURCH:______________________________________ Number Amount Total _________

Friday fish fry _____ @ $12.50

Room at [email protected] $70.00 single _________ [email protected] $85.00 double_________

You are to make room reservations and payment directly with the retreat center at 1-262-629-9202 or by mail at the address above.

For questions call Roger at 608 782-6886 COME: or e-mail "SHARE HIS [email protected] STORY" Ps. 66:16 use registration form & Join us at the 69th send to annual South Wisconsin Roger Fisher District Lutheran 1450 Park Street S. Laymen's League Con- La Crosse, WI 54601 vention beginning

Convention Registration

(includes continental breakfast Breaks, & Noontime banquet)

________ @$65.00 by Aug. 7 ____________ ________ @$75.00 after Aug 7 ____________ Total Enclosed Make Checks Payable to SWD LLL _________________

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News


Camp LuWiSoMo

W5421 Aspen Rd Wild Rose WI 54984-9177

Phone: (920) 622-3350 Fax: (920) 622-4960 E-mail: [email protected] Web:

Are You an Advocate?

We are looking for people from each congregation who will share Camp LuWiSoMo opportunities with his/her congregation. Advocate positions can be shared by several individuals. Duties include: · Displaying brochures at your church · Submitting bulletin announcements and newsletter blurbs provided by camp to your congregation · Keeping you pastor and congregation informed of upcoming events and programs. · Attending a free annual retreat at LuWiSoMo with other LuWiSoMo Advocates. If you are interested, contact [email protected] today.

Upcoming Events at LuWiSoMo Summer Camp Programs

· · · · · · · · · BASIC BASIC PLUS Joyful Hears, Kinder Camp Jr Basic Horse-a-Piece Rocketry Hunter Safety Art

Terry Schmeckpeper, Executive Director

I am reminded again and again how important Camp is in the lives of young people. Recently a group of students from Emmaus Lutheran School in Milwaukee participated in Outdoor Education at Camp. They had a great time and openly talked to me about their faith between squeals about seeing bugs and critters around their feet. Come again Emmaus, Let's grow together in faith!

LuWiSoMo Golf Outing

Kick off your Family Day Weekend with an afternoon of golfing for a great cause. The event will be held Friday, Aug 14 at the Waushara Country Club in Wautoma, WI. The $75 registration fee includes lunch, golf, cart, beverage, hors d'oeuvres, prizes, and a $50 donation to Camp LuWiSoMo. Call 920622-3350 to register today. Proceeds will provide scholarships for children to come to camp. Be par t of the fun and make a difference impacting lives for Christ.

Coming Fall Programs

Family Day Weekend August 14-16, 2009 LuWiSoMo Golf Outing August 14, 2009 Quilt Retreat September 11-13, 2009 Men's Retreat September 25-27, 2009 Confirmation Retreats October 2-4, 2009 October 9-11, 2009 October 16-18, 2009 Fall Work Weekend October 23-25, 2009 Mother/Daughter Scrapbooking Retreat Oct 30 ­ Nov 1, 2009 Women's Scrapbooking & Stamping Retreat

Feeding His Flock Campaign Update The dream is almost a reality! Soon we hope to be breaking ground on the new dining hall with only 5% of our goal left to raise. The new dining hall will provide much needed space for campers to enjoy fellowship and Chef's great cooking. Bon Appetit!

Searching for Contact Information

Camp LuWiSoMo will celebrate 50 years of God's blessings in 2011. There have been many individuals and groups who have played key roles in this historic ministry and we would like to invite them to the celebration. We need your help to locate lost members of the "LuWiSoMo Family". We are seeking contact information for past employees, volunteers, campers and all those who love camp. If you, your family or friends have been connected to LuWiSoMo, please email current names, addresses, email addresses and a description of your connection to [email protected] Thanks!

November 6-8, 2009

For a full calendar of events, visit


South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009

Groundbreaking for CUW Center for Environmental Stewardship Scheduled For July 14

Concordia University Wisconsin will break ground on its new, $3.5 million Center for Environmental Stewardship on Tuesday, July 14 at 11:00 a.m. This environmentally "green" building is scheduled for completion by the start of the 2010 academic year and will be located on the site of the current Peace Center. A natural offshoot of the $8 million bluff restoration project, it will serve both CUW students and the broader community as well. The general public is invited to celebrate the groundbreaking with us, as we look to share our passion for responsible environmental stewardship. Please call 262-2434326 or email [email protected] for more information.

Aug. 28-30 Oct. 10 Oct. 17

Orientation or Move-in Weekend Family Weekend Homecoming

Accreditation Extended for Social Work Program

Re-affirmation of Concordia University Wisconsin's Social Work Program has just been granted by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The announcement means an extension of the programs CSWE accreditation for another 8 years (2009­2017), according to Janice M. Staral, director of the social work department. "This accreditation gives us a solid foundation to be innovative and further explore the needs of our students and the CUW community," says Staral. Social workers can be found in hospitals, schools, churches, criminal justice systems, community agencies, child and family services, mental health centers. They practice as school social workers, mental health counselors, community planners, administrators, child protective service workers, advocates. The primary mission of the CUW social work program is to prepare graduates for baccalaureate level, generalist, and social work practice, within the context of faith, service, and social justice. The program is also designed to utilize the strengths of the liberal arts perspective with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary curriculum.

Women's Leadership Institute Announces 3rd Biennial National Conference ­ April 16-18, 2010

The Women's Leadership Institute of Concordia University Wisconsin will host its third biennial national conference April 16-18, 2010, at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Milwaukee. Participants will explore various aspects of communication under the theme "Listening, Linking, Leading: From Words to Action" based on Exodus 4:12. "Now go. I will help you speak and I will teach you what to say." Featured speakers will include Dr. Jean Garton, Benton, Ark., as keynoter, along with plenary speakers Dr. Bernard Bull from Concordia University Wisconsin and Dr. Carol McDaniel from Concordia University Irvine, Calif. K aren Lippert, a parish coordinator of women's ministries, will lead the Bible studies, and Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia University Wisconsin, will conduct the Sunday worship. In addition, 15 sectional presentations will explore a variety of topics related to leadership, communication and priorities. A new feature of the 2010 Conference will be pre-conference schools for in-depth, personalized training in speaking and writing. The Speakers and Writers Schools, under the leadership of noted speaker Ruth Koch, Denver, Colo., and highly respected author and editor, Dr. Jane Fryar, St. Louis, Mo., will be offered April 1316, 2010 at the conference site. Conference registration will open in June 2009. Consult t he WLI website ( in the weeks ahead for additional information or contact Bonnie Treloar, Operations Coordinator, at [email protected] or 262-243-4422. The Women's Leadership Institute is an educational initiative founded by Dr. Donna Streufert, South Bend, Ind., in 2003 to encourage and equip women for leadership and service in their homes, congregations, and communities. The Institute offers biennial national conferences, regional wo r kshops, and networking opportunities. Bible studies, event-planning ideas, speaker lists, and other resour ces are available thr ough t he WLI websit e ( As an educational initiative, WLI works in support of other LCMS ministries for women. WLI Advisory Board member Ruth Koch was the keynote speaker and WLI Director Dr. Mary Hilgendor f lead the Bible studies at the national LWML Convention in Portland, Ore., in June 2009.

Lutherland & Passion Play

July 30 ­ August 9, 2010

by Hosted by Concordia Univ Wisconsin Concor dia University Wisconsin Rev Dr. Patrick T. Ferry President Rev. Dr. Patrick T. Ferry

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to travel historical Luther sites with a Luther Scholar. Tour sites in Erfurt, Wartburg and Wittenberg. Take pleasure in a beer garden in Munich; then enjoy the Oberammergau Passion Play. Tours will also include visits to Austria, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland.

Tour price of $2,499 per person does not include airfare. Confirm your reservation today by sending in a deposit of $1500 per person. Travel Arrangements Through TOM'S CHRISTIAN TOURS PHONE (920) 921-7737 1-800-656-7745

For more information about Concordia University Wisconsin visit us on the Web at:

July/August 2009

South Wisconsin News



South Wisconsin News

July/August 2009

Historic accomplishment

MLHS sends three 2009 grads to military academies

Milwaukee Lutheran High School celebrated a historic accomplishment at its 54th commencement ceremony on May 30, 2009. The United States Air Force Academy, the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the United States Military Academy at West Point have announced appointments for three members of MLHS's class of 2009. In the words of Lt. Col. Retired Joseph Guido, representative of the United States Military Academy at West Point, "This is a historic moment in time for this high school. Appointments to a service academy are extremely competitive. Gaining an appointment to a service academy is, in itself, very challenging and difficult. The odds of any high school receiving an appointment from each of these three service academies in the same year are simply astronomical." Senior Nikko Ruud has received an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs; senior Jonathan Kappel will enter the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis after successfully completing a year at the Naval Preparatory School; and senior Richard J. Wycklendt III has received an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Each received special recognition upon his graduation from Milwaukee Lutheran. See the Fox6 video at

Jonathan Kappel, Richard J. Wycklendt III and Nikko Ruud

Mequon member receives Naval Academy appointment

Rebecca Guild, a member at Trinity-Freistadt, Mequon, has accepted an appointment to the US Naval Academy and reports for "I" (Induction) Day on July 1, 2009. Guild has been a four-year member of the Homestead High School swim team, captain senior year; a four-year orchestra member; and a high honor student during her career at Homestead. The US Naval Academy received over 15,000 applications for the 1200 spots given to the class of 2013. This is a very competitive school, with most students being valedictorians of their respective high schools. Applicants to the Naval Academy must show leadership in the community and physical as well as academic ability. All candidates must be interviewed by their respective Congressional representative and Senators. Senator Russ Feingold's office interviewed approximately 150 students from Wisconsin. At present there are 13 students from Wisconsin attending the Naval Academy. Guild is the only female. Guild is the daughter of Dr. Jan Heinitz, faculty at Concordia University Wisconsin, and Leo Guild, Milwaukee Public Schools teacher.


Great offer for churches or schools: Only $1 each for 3" capacity vinyl binders. Clear view overlay on the front, spine and back, 3 round rings, vinyl inside pockets. About 150 binders are available at the District office. Call (414) 464-8100.

Rebecca Guild

Neat Repeats thrift store opens

Neat Repeats, a thrift store dedicated to the mission of Lutheran High School in Sheboygan, had its grand opening on June 12 at W5140 County Road O, located in a small strip mall on the north side of Hwy 23 opposite the Aurora Health Facility in Plymouth. After months of investigation and organization, the LHS board of directors approved the opening of the store. The store is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Staffed entirely by volunteers and students from Lutheran High School, proceeds will be used to provide tuition assistance and financial support for the school. Donations are being accepted at Lutheran High School and at Neat Repeats. At present Neat Repeats is looking for clean, youth clothing, toys, books and household items in good condition. Due to space limitations no appliances, computers, televisions or dehumidifiers are desired at this point. Furniture items may be accepted after discussion with the store volunteers. The store phone number is (920) 892-9100. It has been inspiring to see the numbers of volunteers who have come together to donate their time, resources and efforts to bring Neat Repeats to fruition. To volunteer or for more information, please contact volunteer coordinators Chris Melcher (920) 458-8246 (days), (920) 458-4795 (evenings) or [email protected]; or Darlene Mech, (920) 467-1724 or [email protected]

Volunteer opportunities

Might you have a few extra hours this summer to assist with administrative tasks at the District office? Stuffing envelopes, applying address labels, helping with meals and snacks for meetings? Do you have time to cover SWD personnel and its mission outreach with prayer? Do you have a talent for writing or editing? Share your information with us by visiting Click "get involved" for details on becoming a member of our volunteer group. Download, fill out and submit a form, including your preferences as to times you are available and the types of tasks you enjoy doing. You will then be contacted for an assignment. Or, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call (414) 4648100. Thought for a hot summer day: The District office is air conditioned and as a volunteer, you will be supplied with cool beverages while you work!


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