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Agree-Disagree Chart

By James Bellanca Design Steps by Szymendera

Agree-Disagree Chart (Reading for Meaning) This graphic organizer allows students to react to "controversial" statements. Students may agree or disagree in the "Before" column with each statement based on their prior knowledge. Next, provide students with a reading passage that emphasizes the content or concept. Students now have a chance to reaffirm their thoughts or change their mind in the "After" column. How To Make: 1. Make a 5 column table with as many rows as necessary 2. Type in information as listed below: Statement Before After 3. Now, begin to merge and split cells. Statement Before




4. The use of colors and line thickness helps identify/separate topics and categories easily. 5. You may want to change the background colors in different cells and change font sizes to help everything fit properly. Statement Before After Support

Agree Disagree Agree Disagree

1. 2. 3. 6. A few more adjustments...and its ready to use. Statement Before

Agree Disagree Agree




1. 2. 3.



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