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Begining of the year 7 Habits Lesson Plans


Leadership Meet the Kids of 7 Leadership Oaks page 10&11 Tree Map list characteristics Intro kids of 7 Oaks to your family


bubble map - choices you can make to be a good leader

home/school connection

list your families' leadership roles at home


TRR - Which character is most like you? Which character is least like you?Why?

TRR - Prereading ?s: Tell about a time you felt bored. How did you solve your problem? After reading: Think Bored! Bored! Bored! Habit 1: Pg. 13 7 habits journal - list ways to be proactive share your journal with your family about a time that you had to be in charge. How did you feel when you were in charge?

The Little Engine That journal - Write a sentence how the Habit 1 Could Little Engine was proactive. TRR (Prereading): Has there ever been something that you really wanted to have? What was it? (After reading): Why do you think it is important to plan Goob and the Bug Habit 2 Collecting Kit pg. 25 journal - see plans journal - How did the spider began Habit 2 The Very Busy Spider with the end in mind? share your journal with your family Talk to you about how planning ahead always leads to good things. TRR (During reading after p.38): What do you think is going to happen when Pokey takes his spelling test? Pokey and The Spelling Habit 3 Test journal - see plans share your journal with your family (After reading) How do you feel inside when you forget to work first, then play? ahead? What is one thing that you are going to try to plan ahead for now?

journal - How did the Little Red Hen Habit 3 The Little Red Hen put first things first?

What are/could be your most important jobs or responsibilities at home?

TRR (During reading after p. 46): What do you think Lily might do to convince her mom to plant a large garden? (After reading) Imagine that you wanted to Lily Plants a Garden Habit 4 pg. 45 journal - How was the garden win-win? share your journal with your family buy an expensive toy. How can you make it an "Everyone can win" situation for both you and your parents?

Begining of the year 7 Habits Lesson Plans

journal - How did Rainbow Fish think Habit 4 Rainbow Fish win-win? Make a "Wish Poster" - see plans

TRR (During reading after p. 59) Tell about a time when you felt that someone was not listening to you. (After Jumper abd the Lost Habit 5 Butterfly Net p. 57 journal - why is it important to listen with your eyes, ears, and your heart. share your journal with your family journal - write about someone in your classroom that is a good listener and Habit 5 The Runnaway Bunny why. Talk about someone in your family that is a good listener and why. reading) Who is someone you are going to listen better to and how do you think it will make them feel?

TRR (During reading after p. 70) What do you think the 7 Oaks gang should do to try to win the game? (After reading) Tell about what makes a bad team The Big Badgers pg. Habit 6 66 tree map - teams that make good choices vs. bad choices share your journal with your family member/friend and what makes a good team member/friend.

groups - discuss how you solve the Habit 6 Swimmy following problems - see plans

Wrtie three things you are good at, and three things someone in your family is good at. TRR (Prereading): What are some reasons Sophie could be sleepy? (After reading) What is your favorite

Habit 7

Sleepy Sophie p. 79

4 squares - see plans journal - How can you sharpen your

share your journal with your family For two night in a row, go to bed early and see how great you feel when you wake up.

thing to do and why?

Habit 7

The Snowy Day

saw? Read, exercise....

Complete the Leader in Me Goas for Success Review 7 Habit Tree Daily


7 habits lesson plans - july 09.xls FINAL COPY.xls

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7 habits lesson plans - july 09.xls FINAL COPY.xls