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Unit Name: Chocolate

Content: · Graphs: Subjects: · Social Studies


Skills: · Stated 5 facts on the history of chocolate · Constructed a pictograph Lesson

Name: Chocolate ­ History of Chocolate

· Objective The students will demonstrate knowledge of the history of chocolate by stating a fact they read from the literature. The students will demonstrate application of the chocolate consuming countries by constructing a pictograph. · Activities Teacher will hand out literature on the history of chocolate to each student. Students will be responsible for highlighting the important facts read with a highlighter or crayon. After reading the material students will be given a sentence strip. The student is to write one fact about chocolate on the sentence strip. After the student has written their fact on the sentence strip, the student will have the opportunity to share his/ her favorite fact with the class. The sentence strip will then be displayed on the chocolate facts bulletin board. STUDENTS WILL CREATE A CHOCOLATE NOTE KEEPING LOG (used for vocabulary words, note taking, rough drafts, journaling, etc) At the end of the lesson students will use their chocolate log to write a short journal entry about how they feel about chocolate. They can include what they like about chocolate and what they dislike about chocolate. They may also include their favorite chocolate foods. Chocolate consumers of the world- Read information on teacher made worksheet rank the top eight chocolate consuming countries in the world from greatest to least. Using the chart, students will rank order the top eight chocolate consuming countries in order from greatest to least by cutting and pasting together a pictograph to show the data. · Resources and Materials Literature handouts, highlighters, sentence strips, bulletin board, chocolate logs, worksheets under links, scissors, pencils, tape or glue. Differentiated Objective: The students will demonstrate knowledge of map skills by locating and labeling the top eight chocolate consuming countries of the world.



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Procedure/activity: The students will use the large world map or an atlas to locate and color in the top eight chocolate consuming countries in the world. The students will match the large map with their individual blank map. Materials: blank maps of the world, colored pencils, large class world map or individual atlases. Evaluation: completed maps Make modifications as dictated in the student's IEP Have students work with more able buddies Provided resource students with additional picture books Have resource students' work with volunteers or teacher's aide Notes Links Suggested links for a Brief History of Chocolate: worksheets: Consumers of the World WS part 1 Consumers of the Word WS part 2



Chocolate. United Learning. 2004. unitedstreaming. 25 October 2005


Assessments: Name Describe five chocolate facts /Labeled Pictograph Type Written responses / Chart · Description · Direction · Product · Scoring Criteria · Materials · Notes · Links · Media Standards: Strand 2: Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics Concept 1: Data Analysis (Statistics) PO 1. Formulate questions to collect data in contextual situations. PO 2. Construct a single-bar graph, line graph or two-set Venn diagram with appropriate labels and title from organized data. PO 3. Interpret graphical representations and data displays including single-bar graphs, circle graphs, two-set Venn diagrams, and line graphs that display continuous data. PO 4. Answer questions based on graphical representations and data displays including singlebar graphs, circle graphs, two-set Venn diagrams, and line graphs that display continuous data. PO 5. Identify the mode(s) of given data. PO 6. Formulate predictions from a given set of data. PO 7. Solve contextual problems using graphs, charts, and tables.


Name: ____________________________________

Lesson: Day One

There are chocolate lovers all over the world! Listed below are some of the major chocolate consuming countries of the world. Beside each country is the average number of pounds of chocolate eaten per person each year!!

Australia Britain France Norway Sweden

- 11 lbs - 15 ½ lbs - 10 lbs - 17 ½ lbs - 12 ½ lbs - 10 ½ lbs

United States Finland Ireland

- 7 ½ lbs - 13 ¼ lbs

Directions: Arrange the countries in order from 1-8, with 1 representing the country that consumes the most chocolate and 8 representing the country with the least amount of chocolate consumed. Write the order in the boxes above.

Name: ____________________________________

Lesson One: Pictograh

Directions: Copy the countries (in order) on the chart. Cut out the correct number of candies at the bottom of the page to represent each country's chocolate consumption. Use the information on the other worksheet to do this. Complete the pictograph by gluing the correct number of chocolates next to each country. (Be sure to use half of a chocolate to represent ½ pound, one quarter of a chocolate to represent ¼ of a pound, etc)

Name of Country

Consumption in pounds (lbs)

* Each candy represents 1 pounds per person per year


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