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Den Helder, The Netherlands, 20 May 2011

SWIFT 10 HEADS OUT FOR THE NORTH SEA Unique drilling platform heralds new phase in gas extraction In order to also be able to open up smaller oil and gas fields, the new high-tech mobile offshore drilling unit SWIFT 10 is embarking today on its maiden voyage in the direction of the southern North Sea. The platform is an excellent example of innovative technology that aims at making operations safer, more efficient as well as to lower the overall cost of drilling.

The SWIFT 10 was built by Swift Drilling, a joint venture between Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power and the Van Es Group, under commission of the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM), which in turn is a joint venture of Shell and ExxonMobil. The SWIFT 10 will be used to tap new wells and to work on existing installations. The platform is specially designed for use in the southern part of the North Sea. With only 50 to 60 crew members, the SWIFT 10 operates with a 50% lower headcount than a conventional drilling rig. Technically it is specifically adapted to the conditions in this part of the North Sea with automated pipe handling and reduced crane movements. The first mission of the SWIFT 10 is situated in the 'L13-block ' of the North Sea, located about 50 km west of Den Helder. SWIFT 10 will be shutting down a well definitively, a good preparation for the more complex tasks to follow. A first in the North Sea

"The SWIFT 10 is a first on many levels", says Hans Holkenborg, Managing Director at Swift Drilling. "Thanks to the extensive automation and robotisation, we've reduced the number of manual actions by half and thus also the exposure to all kinds of risks. For instance, there's only a single crane instead of the normal three or four. The reduced operational cost will make it possible to tap smaller fields , something which until now was unprofitable for larger platforms and associated well designs."

The SWIFT 10 will enable to continue exploiting the mineral wealth in the North Sea as efficiently as possible in the future as well. For years now the Dutch government has been pursuing a ´small-fields-policy´ in order to preserve the large Groningen gas field. At NAM´s request, the SWIFT 10 was specially designed to exploit these small fields as optimally and efficiently as possible. The joint venture Swift Drilling, held 50/50 between Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power and the Van Es Group, was formed for this purpose in 2008. The specialty of the Van Es Group is to provide the so-called ´jack-up barge´, the movable platform with 4 hydraulically movable legs and associdated construction management engineering and operations, while Fabricom focused on the cantilever (the drilling tower itself on an extendible platform), the infrastructure, equipment. The final result was achieved in close collaboration with the experts of Shell and NAM. Bart van de Leemput, Director NAM: "The SWIFT 10 helps us to tap new small gas fields safely and profitably. Together with innovative techniques for extracting more gas from alreadyexisting gas fields, we are trying to optimally exploit the Dutch mineral resources."

The different parts of the SWIFT 10 were built all over the world, and were brought together in the port of Rotterdam in December 2010 for final assembly. In all, the construction and the engineering of the SWIFT 10 took around 3 years. The crew members were hired about ten months ago and have been getting familiar with their new job and eachother over the last months. The past few weeks have been devoted primarily to performing very rigorous system, integrity and software tests. The contract with the NAM was concluded for a period of five years, with an option for five one-year extensions. Interesting to know: - Dimensions: 40 x 67 x 5.5 m - 50 % fewer manual actions than conventional platforms - Maximum seabed depth: 45 metres - Length of the legs: 92 m - Diameter of legs: 3.5 m - Maximum drilling depth: 6500 metres - The drill pipes are kept in casings, which means less handling and greater safety Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power

Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power focuses on multi-technical services and solutions for the Oil, Gas and Energy markets in Europe, and in particular the North Sea offshore region. Consisting of companies in the UK, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power is a coherent operational unit, ideally positioned around the North Sea to serve its customers. The aim of the group, which has a long history in the European market, is to act as a key player offering added-value onshore and offshore services and solutions to the Oil, Gas and Energy groups in Europe. Fabricom Oil, Gas & Power operating unit is part of GDF SUEZ Energy Services, one of the six business lines of GDF SUEZ which employs 76,000 people with a turnover of 13.5 billion in 2010. GDF SUEZ is one of the leading energy providers in the world, active across the entire energy chain in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. The Group employs 214,000 people worldwide, with a turnover of 84.5 billion in 2010.


De NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.) was founded in 1947 and mainly focuses on the exploration and production (detection and exploration) of petroleum ­mainly- natural gas , in the Netherlands and the Dutch part of the Continental Shelf. The NAM (50% Shell, 50% ExxonMobil) is by far the largest producer of natural gas in the Netherlands: annually the company produces about three quarters of all the natural gas won from the Dutch soil. In 2010 the NAM produced a large 67 billion cubic metres of natural gas and 280.000 cubic metres of petroleum. The NAM, with its headquarters in Assen, has over 1700 employees.

Van Es Group

The Van Es Group is an international group of companies active as providers of marine and offshore construction assets such as mobile jack-up work platforms for offshore windfarm installation work and offshore support. Other activities include international heavy equipment

rental & trading such as crawler cranes and seagoing barges. The group holds a 50% stake in Swift Drilling. In addition to Swift Drilling the van Es group's other brands include: - Jack-Up Barge: providing self elevating work/accommodation/crane platforms for the marine construction and offshore energy industry; - World Wide Equipment: providing charter tugs & barges and construction equipment to clients in South East Asia and the Caribbean; - PVE Cranes & Services: Rental and sales/purchase of heavy crawler cranes, piling and drilling rigs on a world-wide basis. - Dieseko: Rental and sale of vibro pile hammers and associated construction equipment.

Press Contacts Swift Drilling Hans HOLKENBORG General Manager Tel +31 (0)223 630077 E: [email protected] NAM Chiel SEINEN Spokesman Tel. +31 (0)592 362101 E: [email protected]



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