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(288 Plugs requiring NO cold treatment to flower)

Most of these varieties should flower over 50% the first year.

Achillea Cerise Queen Achillea Colorado Agastache Lilac Sprite (Zone 7) Agastache Pink Pop Alyssum Luna Anthemis St John Aquilegia Tequila Sunrise Arabis Snow Fix Armeria Ballerina Series Armeria Morning Star Deep Rose Armeria Morning Star White Asclepias Tuberosa Astilbe Astary Series Bellis Bellissima Rose Bi-color Bellis Speed Star Carmine Bellis Speed Star Mix Campanula Lactiflora Dwarf Pink Campanula medium Champion Pink Campanula Carpatica Pearl Series (Seed supply failure for `09 - Limited 50 Plug Avail. only) Campanula Porscharskyana Centranthus Cerastium Snow in Summer (50% or less blooming) Cheirianthus Gold Dust (Erysimum) Coreopsis Early Sunrise Coreopsis Presto Coreopsis Rising Sun Coreopsis Sunfire Delphinium Guardian Mix Delphinium Laurin Delphinium Summer Series Dianthus Allwoodii Alpinus Dianthus Barbatus Amazon Neon Duo Dianthus Barbatus Black Adder Dianthus Barbatus Bouquet Purple Dianthus Barbarini Purple Picotee Dianthus Barbarini Red Picotee Dianthus Deltoides Confetti series Dianthus Flavora Rose Shades Dianthus plumaris Sweetness Dianthus Zing Series Digitalis Camelot Series Echinacea Prairie Splendor Erigeron Blue Beauty Gaillardia Arizona Sun Gaillardia Mesa Yellow Geum Cooky Grass Fiber Optic (Annual) Grass Bunny Tails (Annual) Gypsophila Repens Rose (50% or less blooming) Gypsophila Repens White (50% or less blooming) Helenium Helena Mix Heliopsis Summer Sun Herb Lavender Blue Scent Herb Lavender Ellagance (Potpourri) Series Herb Lavender Lady Herb Lavender Lavance Herb Lavender Purple Ribbon (Spanish) Herb Lavender Vincenza Blue Heuchera Coral Forest Hollyhock Alcea Indian Spring Mix Hollyhock Alcea Queeny Purple Hollyhock Alcea Summer Carnival Hollyhock Malva Moravia Hollyhock Malva Zebrina Hollyhock sidalcea Party Girl (Prairie Mallow) Hyssop Nectar Blue Hyssop Nectar Rose Kniphofia Tritoma Flamenco (Red Hot Poker) Leucanthemum Snow Lady Leucanthemum Silver Princess Leucanthemum White Knight Linaria Toad Flax Lobelia Queen Victoria Lobelia Fan Series Lupine Gallery Series Lychnis Lumina Series Myosotis Mon Amie Blue Nepeta Felix (Cat Mint) (50% or less blooming) Oenothera Missouri Primrose (50% or less blooming) Oenothera Speciosa Pink Oenothera Tetragona Sundrops Pansy Rain Series Papaver (Poppy) Pacino Papaver Iceland Champagne Bubbles Papaver Iceland Garden Gnome Papaver Iceland Wonderland Mix Penstemon Pinacolada Blue Penstemon Rondo Mix Penstemon Mexicali Miniature Bells Physostegia Crystal Peak Platycodon Astra Series Platycodon Sentimental Blue Polemonium Pearl Series Primula Noverna Deep Blue Prunella Bella Deep Rose Prunella Freelander Blue Rudbeckia Hirta - All varieties Sagina Pearl Wort Salvia Adora Blue Salvia Ballet Series Salvia Merleau (Dbl. Blue) Salvia Blue Queen Dwarf Salvia Rose Queen Scabiosa Perfecta Alba Scabiosa Diamond Series Sedum selskianum Spirit Stachys coccinea Pow Wow Verbascum Benary's Hybrid Mix Verbascum temptress Purple Verbena Canadensis Viola

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Pg 96 - 1st Year Flowering 288's

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Pg 96 - 1st Year Flowering 288's