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From the Operations Corner

By Gary J. Rafferty

Since 1888


Customer Centric Culture

By Jeff Hoopes Our Superintendent also made the comment that, while many of his Team members have a fierce work ethic, he cautions them to not take on the whole world of issues at one time or all alone. He coaches his Team to get into a rhythm in order to balance the phases requiring intensive energy with the phases of the project that are less demanding in nature.

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eing in business for over 120 years is a very telling statement. As Swinerton employee owners, we have a very challenging task ahead of us. We have both the honor and the obligation to carry forward the Swinerton tradition as so many of our predecessors have done. In my last Newsletter, I spoke about our future being inextricably linked to our being a Guardian of our Client's Values. This message will continue with that theme.

Client Loyalty



While recently visiting a job, our lead Superintendent commented that doing work with this particular Client has been like being on a 6-year honeymoon. What he meant by that comment is that we have become loyal to one another and we know what is important to one another. This long-term loyalty is a result of putting our focus on our Client, and our efforts toward guarding our Client's Values. I could literally feel the positive energy in every one of our employees the moment I walked on that site. Loyalty is not an entitlement ­ it must be earned. Loyal Clients are living proof that we are doing something well. It means that what we are doing is being recognized and is appreciated. When this happens, every Team member is inspired and becomes more determined to maintain that momentum. On the other hand, if our Clients are unhappy, chances are our employees will be unhappy too. Nobody wants to work around a Client who complains about their Contractor all day long. It can sap the energy right out of the day ­ and right out of our employees.


On any project there will be times when one Team member is peaking while another is decelerating. High-performing Teams leverage these peaks and valleys effectively because their members understand each other, are loyal to each other and are dedicated to the same objective. And it will be high-performing Teams, with the right people in the right positions, that will make a highperforming Swinerton Company capable of servicing our Clients and moving us forward into the future. To quote Vince Lombardi, the legendary Green Bay Packer head football coach: "Individual commitment to a group effort ­ that is what makes a Team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." As we continue in our third century of doing business with valued Clients, I ask all of you to be role models to your Teammates, partners with your Owners, and loyal to all of them.

hope each of you has had the opportunity to read the recent announcements regarding the implementation of the Swinerton Center for Excellence in Project Delivery. Don Adair, Dave Higgins, Jr., Eric Foster, Chris Murphy, Dan Gonzales and Jef Farrell have been tasked with the assignment of taking Swinerton into the future with the ability to understand and deliver new Lean construction practices, IPD, Building Information Modeling and Design-Build Project Delivery Processes.

Center for Excellence in Project Delivery

IPD · Lean · Design-Build · BIM · Green

But the "Center" is about more than just delivery processes; it is the continuation of Swinerton moving our philosophy and culture from customer focus to customer centric.

After doing some research, I found a study by the Bain Consulting Group where they interviewed several hundred large corporations to understand the correlation of customer satisfaction to future profitable growth. The Bain Consulting Group found absolutely no correlation between the company's high customer satisfaction scores and evidence of future profitable growth and shareholder value. Let me clarify ­ customer satisfaction is a necessary element of customer loyalty. But, in and of itself, customer satisfaction does not guarantee customer loyalty. Bain has documented empirical evidence that in most industries the surest and fastest path to increased profitability and maximized shareholder value is to improve customer loyalty. The key indicators of customer loyalty are: (1) The percentage of our customers that intend to repurchase our services. In other words, Repeat Client Business. (2) The percentage of our customers willing to endorse our services to others. Or simply put, Our Brand Strength. To achieve high percentage rates of customers who intend to repurchase and are willing to endorse our services requires creating exceptional value for our customers and delivering exemplary services. This often means that we forego some short-term profits to create long-term customer relationships that ultimately provide significantly more profitable work. As Don, Dave, Eric, Chris, Dan and Jef move forward with the Charter and Mission statements of the Center for Excellence in Project Delivery, I challenge them to focus on processes, methods, policies and positioning that fosters a culture of customer loyalty resulting in delighted clients.

How Customer Centric is Swinerton?

Another Superintendent working with a different Client recently told me about our Quality program on his job. We self-perform the concrete on this project, and he said that there is no way that one person could effectively manage all the Quality Control. He shared that the expectation of each Team member is that they own a specific role in Quality. One person is verifying the quality of the precast shop drawings, fabrication, delivery, mock-ups and installation. Another is validating all the concrete mix designs, the concrete truck loads arriving onsite, and the placement of concrete...and so on. As a result of these efforts, we have become a partner with the Owner's CM, jointly and collaboratively monitoring the Quality of Construction.

There is a clear definition of customer centric. To be customer centric, an organization must have customers at the center of its business. Businesses can't just decide to organize around customers; oftentimes it is the customer

2010 Shareholders Meeting

4 5 who dictates how an enterprise should be organized to better serve their needs. Customers want their needs to be met, to be cared for and to be delighted. Customers don't want enterprises to put up barriers; they are not concerned with an organization's policies or processes, business rules, mission, positioning, the software they use, or their infrastructure. And customers are not concerned with an organization's profits. Customers are the source of Swinerton's profits. Our existing customers are Swinerton's surest and most reliable source of future revenue and customers are the one key asset that can differentiate our organization from our competitors. Therefore, in successful organizations, corporate strategies are customer strategies in which customers have become the mission of the business.

Performance Drivers of Customer Loyalty

The most important organizational asset that will determine the level of customer loyalty achieved by Swinerton is our own dedication to creating superior value for our customers. Employee engagement is a key performance driver that creates long-term sustainable profitability derived from customer loyalty. An engaged workforce is one of the major factors within businesses that are considered the most successful companies to work for in America. Swinerton is in a prime spot to capitalize on customer loyalty. We have reduced our staff count to our finest employees; now is the time to ignite our passion and joy in building projects and develop loyal customers. We have committed to a slow growth strategy that will allow us to maximize the skills and growth of our current employees while only hiring the best new hands. For us to engage our workforce, you, as Owners of the Company, must commit to the following: · LiveandwalkthetalkofourCoreValues. · SupportandembracetheCenterforExcellencein Project Delivery to operationally define customer centric deliveries. Help the "Center" establish metrics that define success and reinforce the right behaviors. · Hirethebesttalentavailableandcloselylinktheir incentive compensation to organizational performance. · Emphasizetheimportanceofcommunicationand building trust amongst our division/profit centers and our customer-facing units (Account Teams). · Putourpeoplefirst.Investinthembyproviding training that's aligned with organizational strategy and empower those with the authority and responsibility to make decisions that will provide customer loyalty. When we are driven by values and a mission we believe in, are given responsibility for the results of our efforts, and are recognized and rewarded for what we do, we will deliver exceptional value and service to our customers. These dynamics create the conditions to establish lasting customer loyalty, resulting in superior long-term profitability, growth and increased shareholder value.

There Is No "I" In Team

n June 18th, Shareholders, guests, valued business partners and graduates (retirees) enjoyed yet another day of presentations and networking at the 2010 Annual Shareholders Meeting in San Francisco. Held at Herbst Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center, the theme of this year's meeting was


"One Company Providing Value to our Clients" ­ Swinerton's shift from an individualistic mindset toward a cohesive Team approach in all aspects of our work. Speakers included Mike Re, Jeff Hoopes, Gary Rafferty, Frank Foellmer, Eric Foster and Dave Higgins, Jr.

Recognizing Excellence:

The 2010 Shareholders Awards

This year three groups were presented with the Shareholder Recognition Award in "Customer Satisfaction."

To enhance our customer centric culture, we must first revive and strengthen our Swinerton Corporate Services Group. Clients are searching for a single source solution to their geographic challenges. We are currently moving forward with two initiatives that will enhance and showcase our customer centric culture, the first being the Swinerton Government Services, led by Fred Parker. The greatest cultural impact with this group will be the creation of a traveling management/supervision group that is willing and excited to travel around the country to build work for their Client, the Federal Government. This is a big cultural shift from local construction projects. The second is Swinerton Renewable Energy. This group has evolved to meet their Client's demands in a market in which we traditionally do not compete, providing a one-stop shop for Engineering, Procurement and Construction services. To date, George Hershman and the Team are doing a great job! So, how is Swinerton doing? The Swinerton Management Team sees the competitive advantage of a customer centric culture, but success can not and will not be realized until all of our people embrace this cultural shift.

This year's Outstanding Safety Award was presented to the Hawaii Division. Accepting the award was George Ehara, Gary Moura, Scott Schriefer and Gena Roberts. The award was presented by Wade Obermann and Gary Rafferty.

Chevron Richmond Technology Center Team, accepted by Kerry Atkinson, Glenn Ashton, Mark Capriotti and Andy Holden.

The David H. Grubb Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to the Construction Operations of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Accepting the award was Frank Foellmer, Don Adair, Dave Callis and Emery Molnar.

UC San Diego Team, accepted by Mark Payne, Jef Farrell, Chris Murphy, Bobby Badillo and Mike Casey, and presented by Eric Foster.

Shareholder Recognition Awards were also awarded in the area of "Leading Edge Technology," honoring the Renewable Energy Group, accepted by George Hershman, David Grubb, Jr., Tom Bell and Grant French, with Frank Follemer as presenter ­ as well as the area of "Profitability," awarded to Swinerton Builders Los Angeles. Accepting the award was Kim Grant, Emery Molnar and Lia Tatevosian, with Eric Foster presenting the award.

This year's James R. Gilette Outstanding Spirit Award was presented to a special group of people, honoring All Swinerton Employees The San Diego Division was awarded this year's Quality Management Award, accepted by Don Adair, Mark Payne, Jef Farrell, Bob Wilson and Roger Kazemier; Dave Higgins, Jr. presented the award. Swinerton Management & Consulting Education Group, accepted by Myrna Wagner, Anne Daley and Jeff Gee, with Dave Higgins, Jr. presenting the award. for their devotion, dedication and can-do spirit!

Congratulations to all award winners!

An Early Start to the Final Phase


N ortherN C aliforNia

Teamwork: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Time Flies in Fremont

he Team at Washington Hospital has had a busy spring and summer! March and April saw the placement of two fire tube boilers, four chillers and two steam generators. May followed with the placement of all six air handling units and 12 roof-mounted exhaust fans ­ and those were the light months! Juggling the logistics of the delivery of a 40,000 gallon fuel tank, a 30,000 gallon fuel tank, three two-Megawatt generators, and a 10-foot-high by 30-foot-long piece of paralleling switchgear, all within the span of three weeks was, to say the least, challenging. Shoring and excavation for each tank took the better part of a week. Maneuvering the 40,000 gallon tank down one of the busiest thoroughfares in Fremont and into an operating hospital took advanced planning, participation from all Team members and a little luck. An emergency tow of a contractor's van was the only hiccup. All this took place in the same two-week timeframe as the erection of the structural steel for the Center for Joint Replacement. Working the deliveries of the cranes, 150-foot fuel oil trucks, steel and switchgear through and around a working hospital took the cooperation and coordination of the construction Team, subcontractors and the facilities staff of Washington Hospital. The Team atmosphere on the Washington Hospital projects is making the building of the new Central Plant, the Center for Joint Replacement and hospital improvements a great success. So much so that this summer we are proud to say we celebrated our topping out two months ahead of schedule!


The celebration was held on July 30th as the final beam for the Washington Hospital project was hoisted into place. An American flag signed by all those involved with the project, as well as a ceremonial tree, were installed for good luck. The crowd watched excitedly as it was placed in its final position. This topping off ceremony was especially significant as it represented the beginning of the final phase of the $115-million project at Washington Hospital in Fremont, California. The ceremony started with a few words from Project Executive Mike Harris, who explained to the crowd the origin of the ceremonial tree. "This tradition migrated to America with European craftsmen. A tree or leafy branch is placed on the topmost beam, often with flags and streamers tied to it. A toast is usually drunk and sometimes the workmen are treated to a meal." Mike then turned the ceremony over to Nancy Farber, Washington Hospital CEO, and Dr. John Dearborn, for whom the Center for Joint Replacement is being built. Nancy Farber thanked steel subcontractor Kwan Wo for their efforts in developing the building to this point, as well as the entire Project Team for their dedication to the project. Dr. Dearborn reminded everyone that the Center for Joint Replacement will help hundreds of people recuperate and rehabilitate from their surgical procedures. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, lunch was served prior to the beam being raised. Laborers, Vice Presidents and Owners sat elbow to elbow discussing the strides made on the project thus far and their excitement about starting the final phase. The project is set to be completed and turned over by January 2012.

Special thanks to Sasco, FW Spencer, Kwan Wo Ironworks and the staff of Washington Hospital for making this a very successful summer!

UC Davis a Challenge to Remember

fter a long haul of nearly eight years, construction of UC Davis Medical Center's Surgery and Emergency Services Pavilion (SESP) is complete! July 30th marked a significant milestone as the Project Team received OSHPD sign-off of the 470,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility. The new SESP plays an important role in the expansion of the UC Davis Medical Center Campus, with the addition of a number of specialized departments which include a new Emergency and Trauma Department; Central Processing Department; Radiology Department with two MRI rooms, Cath Labs and CT Scan rooms; Intern and Residency Department; Clinical Lab with Robotics Line; 12-bed Burn Unit; Surgical Department with 24 Operating Rooms and Surgical Intensive Care Unit; and a new Kitchen and Cafeteria which will serve the entire hospital. Throughout the duration of the project, the Team worked relentlessly to mitigate and overcome challenges. Most notably were the abundant design changes, RFIs and the unyielding OSHPD inspection process.

SESP by the numbers:



Evergreen Window

The "Evergreen Window" next to a story indicates that the project incorporates Sustainable Design and/or Green Building elements.

A Greener Quarterly

In order to better support Swinerton's Corporate Sustainability Initiatives, the Swinerton Quarterly now has a maximum length of 32 pages and we are distributing the quarterly electronically to all employees in lieu of print copies. There will be a limited number of print copies available; if you would like a copy please contact your local Division Marketer or Corporate Marketing. In addition, we will continue to support our extended "Online Quarterly Articles" section located on with additional articles, in-depth features and photo galleries.

References: 3,650 RFIs: 9,966 OSHPD Change Orders: 930 OSHPD Instructional Bulletins: 190 UC Field Orders: 1,776 Inspections: 30,930 Over 70 individuals were employed throughout the duration of this project, not to mention all of the operation support personnel involved. Thanks to everyone who participated in the success and final completion of the UC Davis Medical Center. It was a long and challenging adventure but we have all become stronger and better builders due to this great achievement.

Special thanks to Randy Lawson, Dale Williams, Susan Smith, Toni Lands, Taliye Zarraby, Ethan Roschen, Jason Boeker, Larry Crawford, Nick Lucas, Pete Seadorf, George Whitfield, John Hubble, Issa Tam, Mike Duran, Mike Ramirez, Donna Horton, Yolanda Orellana, Pat Connolly, Jason Silva, Stephanie Simonds, Marcelo Moreno, Cary Thompson, John Maxwell, Joel Leong, Tom Rasica, Gene Osborne, Brain Tetreault and Mark Ishizaki for their efforts, dedication and hard work in bringing this project to successful completion.

Correction from Summer 2010 Quarterly

In "HMH the Cure for Lodi Memorial Hospital" the author was inadvertently printed incorrectly. We would like to recognize Steve Harless as the author of the exceptionally well-written article. The article "Always Dream Playpark" incorrectly credited Chris Johnson instead of Chris Young for his hours of dedication towards turning an extraordinary vision into a reality. Thank you Chris Young for getting us involved in this amazing community project and for all your hours of hard work!

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos

6 down and 30 to go!

8 By Glenn Ashton une 7th marked the turn-over of the first of 36 labs being renovated as part of Chevron Richmond Technology Center's Build 10 Lab Air Controls Upgrade project. The scope of the project involves upgrading the HVAC controls from pneumatic to Direct Digital Control through the use of a Johnson FEC controller. New Tek-air control valves are installed at each fume hood exhaust which constantly adjusts the exhaust flow to maintain 100 feet per minute at the face of the hood, no matter whether the sash is open or closed. New supply variable air volume controllers control the amount of supply air to maintain a negative pressure in the labs, which varies based on the use of the fume hoods. New heating hot water coils were added to the supply VAV's to provide heating in the labs. Challenges for the entire project include completing the work two labs at a time on an eight-day rolling schedule, with a new lab beginning every four days, all while working in an occupied lab building with minimal disruptions and no safety incidents. The first step when working in the labs is to pre-clean the tops of the fume hoods and construct extensive protection of the lab equipment using masonite and plywood. Next, the control valves are installed in the exhaust system while wearing full personal protective equipment including respirators. Work platforms are built over the lab benches for safe access to replace the Supply VAV boxes and Controllers. Heating hot water piping is brought into the labs above the ceilings from the adjacent utility porches. A new DDC controller is installed and connected, and the system is calibrated and pre-commissioned by use of Verification Checklists. The system is then commissioned, the protection removed, and the space turned over with new paint and cleaned floors. Detailed preconstruction planning has paid off for this project. Partnering with Marelich Mechanical and Mesa Energy Systems we provided a Design-Build project. Each lab was surveyed for difficulty of access which influenced the duration and the sequence of the schedule. The schedule was then detailed into daily task plans and scripting of the work by trade for each days work. A "Lessons Learned" session was held with the entire Team after the first lab to refine the task plans even further. Excellent Team communication and collaboration with Chevron project management, the lab user groups, subcontractors and the tradesman have lead to the successful turnover of the first six labs as promised; we are on schedule to complete the overall project in February 2011.

Our Project Team includes: Project Manager Molly Jans, Project Superintendents Eric Johnson and Gary Bernardini, Project Engineer Jessica Canales, Project Safety Manager Jay Bosley, Project Accountant Kelly Perry and Project Executive Glenn Ashton.

Meeting All SCIF's Project Needs


S wiNertoN i NteriorS



Not Teleport, Telepresence!

e recently completed a pair of state-ofthe-art Telepresence Rooms for Union Bank at their San Francisco and Los Angeles Headquarters. Located on the Executive floors of each building, these rooms allow Union Bank Executives to have real-time, face-to-face communication 24/7 without the cost and inconvenience of air travel. A key feature of these rooms was the need for privacy ­ as evident by the sound attenuating wall construction, door assembly and isolation

he State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) program is in full swing with several fast-track projects recently completed and several new projects in the planning and starting phases. The Northern California Team recently completed several interior projects at SCIF's San Francisco home office including a full-floor renovation, half-floor renovation, a conference room upgrade project and other minor projects. The Team is completing interior renovation projects at SCIF offices in Santa Rosa, Pleasanton and San Jose, as well as a security upgrade project in Stockton.

Patience Pays Off at Arlington

n September 24th, 2007, Swinerton Interiors received a proposal request from Mercy Housing California for a San Francisco residential renovation project known as the Arlington Hotel. This was a GC and fee RFP that included predevelopment services. The latter was seen as an important component to Mercy Housing; they understood the value of engaging a general contractor early on in the design development process, contributing building experience to help manage the overall project cost through efficient design. We bid against several other local general contractors and in December 2007 we were notified we were the successful bidder; preconstruction commenced in early 2008. The project, just a few blocks from Union Square, is a four-story building built circa 1908. Representative of the construction in this era, it is an unreinforced masonry building with limited seismic retrofitting. Its mixed-use consists of retail at the ground level and low income housing on the upper floors. The project scope includes entirely new utilities, additional seismic retrofit upgrades, ADA modifications, and converting the 173 existing residential units into 154 self-sufficient, single-resident occupancy units. The original timeline for predevelopment, including preconstruction, was to continue for 18 months. In Q2 of 2009, the project looked to become the victim of declining property values and unmatched state funding. After several months of waiting, a very persistent Mercy Housing secured the necessary funding for the project. We are happy to report that after two and a half years of predevelopment and preconstruction, we submitted a $20.5-million GMP to the Owner the first week of August. The Team is slated to break ground on the 19-month renovation project in mid-September.

This will be the fourth renovation project for Mercy Housing by Swinerton Interiors. Patience and hard work resulted in a viable project that would not have been possible without significant efforts from Andrew Holden, Kerry Atkinson, Peter Schoen, Bill Green, Pam Jefferis, Bronwyn Johnston, Diana Cuellar, Laurel Strange and Kim Majit.



of the HVAC systems. In addition, a "PreMeeting" room consisting of a gathering area, food service and other convenience features were included in the project scope. All work was completed without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Special thanks to the Union Bank Team for working tirelessly over several weekends and evenings to complete this high profile project, including: Account Executive Dale Beverett, Project Executive Peggy Delach, Senior Project Manager Chris Brennand, Superintendents John Campbell and Jesse Mendoza, Project Engineer Sarah Grossman, Project Accountants Sue Long and Rick Mortensen, and Principal-In-Charge Andrew Holden.

The Southern California Team was challenged with simultaneous fast-track projects in Glendale, Monterey Park and Riverside, all of which had to be completed in one-third to one-half the time normally allowed for projects of similar scope. The SoCal Team met the challenge with careful planning, attention to detail and flawless execution. We are very proud to say the SoCal Team of Lynne Delameter and Kevin Hostetter scored perfect 5.0's on the Client Satisfaction survey for these projects. Swinerton has now been asked to assist SCIF in their planning of major initiatives for facilities located throughout California. Waterproofing, infrastructure upgrades, building systems upgrades, as well as a number of interior restack and renovation projects, should keep the NorCal and SoCal Teams busy for quite some time. "Our ability to structure our services to State Fund's real estate and facility needs throughout their portfolio, regardless of whether the project is a multiple floor restack or replacing the handle on a door, is the true definition of partnership," said Account Manager Peter Hau.

For providing SCIF with superior service, special thanks go to Peggy Delach, Lynne Delameter, Kevin Hostetter, Salih Eroglu and Frank Trainor in Los Angeles; Bryan Holt, Dennis McCann and Michael Biel at HMH; and Andrew Holden, Kerry Atkinson, Adhamina Rodriguez, Dale Beverett, Garry Shahan, Bill Green, Ron Pratte, Chris Figone, Sarah Grossman, Sue Long and Peter Hau in San Francisco.

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos


childcare facility with a 7,000-square-foot play area. This Bright Horizons location will be one of the anchor tenants of a new mixed-use development consisting of office, retail and residential space. Construction is set to begin in November and will be seeking LEED Certification.

S outherN C aliforNia

S wiNertoN i NteriorS

CoNt .

LEED for B of A


winerton Interiors adds yet another project to its resume for Bank of America retail work! Cushman & Wakefield has selected us for their first Bank of America retail branch in Washington since taking over the account as Construction Manager. This 4,100-square-foot build-out is seeking LEED Silver Certification and will consist of demolition of an old video rental store, new exterior skin, storefront, awnings and site lighting. Special thanks to Senior Project Manager Derek Jaschke for his relentless efforts to stay in front of Cushman & Wakefield as well as Assistant Project Manager Chad Cone and Superintendent Gary Foote for their efforts on previous Bank of America account projects. Their hard work, dedication and commitment have paid off as this Team was specifically requested by the Owner to work on the project.

All in a Day's Archeological Dig...

o figure that the one time a Client doesn't make any provisions for archeological, weather, design or permit delays, more than 14 human remains are discovered and exhumed and nearly 30 significant artifacts are found throughout the course of construction! This $18-million colocation facility for Terremark Worldwide in Santa Clara, California, faced many challenges that compromised the original project schedule. Each time a new archeological item was found, excavation was ceased and the most likely Native American descendent was called in to monitor the exhumation or collection of artifacts. Additionally, major structural design changes, such as a complete redesign of the building entry and lobby area, were required by the City. Coupled with offsite permit delays and frequent severe weather conditions, the schedule seemed to slip further and further. It was the hard work and quick thinking of Senior Superintendent John Mills who met these challenges head on, implementing several workarounds that allowed the majority of work to be completed by the Client's scheduled occupancy date. The recently completed and turned over facility included converting an existing 24,000-square-foot, concrete tilt-up building into a Tier-3 colocation facility. The building was also completely gutted to the exterior walls and the roof was seismically braced, replaced and upgraded. The completed facility is a key component to our Data Center portfolio.

Congratulations to the entire Project Team who made this a successful project: Senior Superintendent John Mills, Project Executive Dale Beverett, Project Accountants Kim Meadows and Kate Matinas, and Project Engineers Jonathan Hoopes and Sarah Grossman. Jeff Recob provided quality control leadership, Andrew Holden managed the Client's expectations, and Kerry Atkinson ensured the full involvement of the mechanical subcontractors.

Offering Valley View Casino Winning Odds

By The Valley View Casino Hotel Team




n March of 2008, Swinerton Builders San Diego was selected to build a 10-story hotel with two levels below-grade for the San Pasqual Casino Development Group (SPCDG). Designed to accommodate 138 guestrooms and 14 guest suites, the project was phased to conform to budget restraints; but with the downturn in the economy in 2009 the project was on the verge of grinding to a halt. We provided the Client various proposals to overcome their budget snag and in late 2009 the Client sought financing for a reduced scope which consisted of a seven-story hotel with two levels below-grade, redesigned to accommodate 94 guestrooms and 14 guest suites. In mid-January of this year, SPCDG released our Team to proceed with procurement of interiors, elevators and more. We presented to Ownership an accelerated schedule to complete the project by mid-December with the assurance of making every effort to advance the completion date. We are currently targeting substantial completion by October 13th. The Casino has a soft opening scheduled for November 10th and a Grand Opening on November 19th.

The restoration included complete refurbishing of the historic stained glass, sanctuary entry doors, social hall entry doors and wood windows. The interior remodel included new flooring, plaster, light/lighting fixtures, paint, ceilings and office design layouts. The sanctuary seating was also imported and hand-crafted. The entire kitchen was completely remodeled and an elevator was added to the building for ADA access. Demolition of existing MEP building systems and installation of new MEP building systems are in place, and installation of new fire sprinkler systems and structural seismic upgrades were included throughout the building.

Annual SMPS Build Business Conference

Additional Project Team members include: Project Engineer Steve Goff and Project Coordinator Judith Helt.


More on the Horizon

orthwest Interiors continues to work with Bright Horizons Family Solutions...and we just received the certificate of occupancy for the South Lake Union project in Seattle! This 20,000-square-foot childcare facility included a 9,000-square-foot play area and is just one of the new projects and developments in the growing South Lake Union area. This area is home to Amazon's corporate headquarters and the future home of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Additionally, preconstruction efforts are underway for the newest childcare facility in West Seattle. This project will be a 13,000-square-foot

Hats Off to Historic Places

By Janel Espinosa winerton Builders is proud to announce the completion of a very unique restoration project originally built in 1926. The structure was originally built by the Beth Israel Congregation and is adorned in unique stained glass with a dome-like sanctuary suspended high above the hand-crafted pews. When Ohr Shalom took possession of the building in 2003, preserving the unique landmark was a main priority, along with complying with necessary seismic safety codes. The landmark is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and we are very proud to have taken part in its remarkable transition. The project began construction in March with substantial completion due for mid-August. The project required diligent coordination efforts between local architects Zagrodnik + Thomas, several congregation sub-committees and sub-contractors, and our own Lauren Nunnally, Greg McFaul and Courtney Whyte, who were consistently knee-deep in subcontractor negotiations, high-end, imported fixtures...and very tight deadlines.



o the economy is getting better... but what does this mean for us? The Society of Marketing for Professional Services (SMPS) recently held their annual conference themed "Build Business: Reinvent, Retool, Rebound," in Boston, Massachusetts. Approximately 700 attendees met July 14th-16th at the Boston Marriott Copley Place to explore how AEC firms are positioning themselves for future growth during the economic recovery and to examine how to use social media and digital marketing as a tool to market and develop business in the construction industry. This event was attended by Myrna Wagner, Lisa Landis and Holly Reindl, who came back full of knowledge to share with their Teammates. 260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos


S outherN C aliforNia

CoNt .

The (Temporary) Return of Swinerton Industrial

By The Telemedicine Project Team he UCSD Telemedicine project scope includes a four-level medical education building in the heart of UCSD's School of Medicine, as well as the utility infrastructure for not only the Telemedicine building but also for the future southwest portion of campus. Utilities include over 500 feet of heating hot water (HTHW) and chilled water (CHW) supply and return piping (totaling over 2,000 linear-feet), which connects the campus central plant to the eastern edge of the School of Medicine; normal power, standby power, telecom and data; cogeneration duct banks and new vaults; new domestic water lines and reclaimed water lines.

The Tricky Road of Challenges

Meanwhile, the Site utility subcontractor has shifted gears and is working full speed with the electrical subcontractor to install 700 cubic yards of concrete around electrical duct banks which weave their way over, under and around themselves adjacent to the mechanical work in order to feed buildings north, south and east of their original start point. One vault has over 30 conduits stemming from it and heading in various directions!

The Monster Truss

Clearing a Path to Success


he Garden Walk at Montgomery High School was once used by faculty as a teaching resource, but budget cuts and years of neglect had rendered the garden overgrown and impassible. Recently, our Team at the Montgomery High School Renovation and New Construction Project volunteered alongside students, faculty and community members to clear and beautify the school's Native Plant Garden Walk. We had just mobilized to the school jobsite when the Team heard of the July 24th clean-up event and were enthusiastic and eager to help. After working all morning to clear the garden, our Team grilled lunch for the volunteers on the San Diego BBQ trailer. The Montgomery High School project is located in Southern San Diego County and consists of the renovation of an existing technology center, improvements to the school's infrastructure and landscaping, and the construction of a new two-story library building. We were awarded the take-over project after it had sat idle for some time. The Team has hit the ground running, continuing demolition and utility work previously started while at the same time re-bidding the remaining work. Our Team is working closely with the District to deliver this LEED Gold project on-time for the start of the 2011-2012 school year. Our volunteer work on clearing the overgrown garden has not only enabled the students and faculty to renew and enjoy something that had been lost, but has also helped to facilitate a growing relationship with school officials ­ a great beginning to what will surely be a successful project.


We completed a major step towards topping out on August 2nd with the installation of three 87-foot-long, six-foot-deep, prefabricated roof-trusses weighing nearly 10 tons each. The saga of the trusses started with coordination efforts near the beginning of the job and ends at installation, which was planned for just three weeks prior to topping out. UCSD Telemedicine, a publically funded project, has a Design Team which has included efficiencies in work in the plans, including shop welding of steel as much as possible. Per plan, these trusses were to span between shop-welded and concrete-embedded knife plates which were not to have slotted holes as the trusses help comprise the lateral restraint system over the auditorium open space below. The Site Team started early coordination of these and other embeds, shifting shop welding to field welding, including slotted holes where possible, and discussing tolerances with the concrete and steel trades. When all was said and done, the truss embeds still had non-slotted holes but the knife plates were field-welded to embed plates so that minor adjustments in the span between concrete faces could be made. A second coordination effort was finding a path for the trusses from the freeway to the project site. The closure of Osler Lane, the project's main artery for utility work, required the trusses weave through parking lots and up large fire lane sidewalks to reach the site. In order to secure a clear path, they were delivered through the UCSD campus at four o'clock on a Saturday morning, blocking 44 parking spots. Once onsite, the trusses tested the integrity of the concrete subcontractor's eccentric baby blue tower crane. When they were set in place, steel crews whirled into action to place the remaining roof steel to prepare for the topping out concrete roof pour that was held on August 16th. With just over a month left in the summer schedule, there is never a dull moment at Osler Lane on the UCSD Telemedicine project!

wall panels and windows, plaster stone panels, high performance glazing with sun shading devices and a highdensity composite panel system. A structural steel load-supporting/resisting braced frame with cast-in-place concrete footings, foundation and retaining walls with composite steel and concrete floor and roof decks is proposed for the structural system matching the earlier project. Our capture of this project is a representation of great attention to customer satisfaction. Opportunities to submit bids on UCSD projects derive themselves from a prequalification process that we have devoted our Business Development and Project Teams to over the past few years. We endeavor to provide our Client a quality response to the prequalification process that addresses their project specifically and provides detailed, value-added solutions to their challenges before we even have the job. Combine that with attention to customer satisfaction on our existing jobs and you have a formula for continued success! The legacy of our excellent work on past UCSD projects such as the Housing and Dining Services Administration Building and Mayer Hall Renovation has truly paved the way to our success in capturing approximately $134 million in sales since the beginning of 2009.


One of the major challenges on the project is that the extent of the utility installation chokes the major access road for the project. The Team has worked with UCSD to create new drives and a fire lane through parking lots to meet fire codes as well as feed the job with material while the road is closed. Another challenge of putting the work into place is the size of the systems themselves. The mechanical trench, spanning from an existing vault in the middle of the intersection of the only two roads into the project's area of campus, is 14-feet-wide by 16-feet-deep and houses the supply and return pipes of hot and cold water. The hot water is installed in precast concrete trenches to allow for expansion and has two expansion loops included in the run; the chilled water is buried in sand adjacent to its hot partner. The HTHW pipe is eight inches in pipe diameter, but doubles with insulation around it, while the 16-inch CHW pipe has a more reasonable four-inch insulation wrap. These pipes are complete and were tested at the time of publication; tie-in to UCSD's system was set for August 11th.

Special thanks to George Hershman, Ruben Fontes, Anne Marie Mowatt, Anthony Tarantino and Tim Erickson for volunteering at the event.

Ahead of The Class at UCSD

By Glen Bayliff


ow do we do it? Swinerton Builders San Diego recently celebrated yet another success at UCSD with the capture of the Rady School of Management Phase II project! The $31-million project marks a key success for the Building Group in San Diego and is a measure of our cultivation of a very successful business relationship with the University. The project is going straight to bid this fall and will begin construction shortly thereafter. Once it breaks ground it will be one of four major projects in construction that we are doing on the UCSD Campus, including the Revelle College Apartments, Revelle College Housing Remodel and the Telemedicine PRIME-HEq building. Phase II of the Management School Facility will provide 81,113 gross square feet of new constructed space. The project includes 33,496 actual square feet of instructional, research laboratory and office space, 4,804 actual square feet of student support, 5,369 actual square feet of executive education, and 5,103 actual square feet of multipurpose space. The building consists of a five-story structure that connects with an existing earlier project on four levels and will complete the interior courtyard constructed as part of the earlier project with pedestrian walkways, landscaping and outdoor seating area. The building will replicate building systems, structural systems and design elements used in the earlier project. Exterior walls will be a combination of curtain

Congratulations to our Team who took part in this three-step process, including an interview, which includes: Project Engineer Bobby Van Hollebeke, Administrative Assistant Ashley Young, Superintendant Will Carpentier, Senior Project Manager Brian McCarthy, Project Executive Steve Flint, Preconstruction Manager Randy Vandewater, BIM/VD&C Manager Chris Murphy, Business Development Manager Alex Beaton, Chief Estimator Bob Wilson and our Teams at UCSD Revelle and Telemedicine.

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S outherN C aliforNia

CoNt .

Bridging the Gap at UCLA

By Kyle Burnham

Third Time's a Charm on UCDMC Cancer Center

If at first (or second) you don't succeed...


Building Healthy Environments

ue to a statewide shortage of nurses, the Palomar Community College District's Health Sciences Building was critically needed by students waiting to attend nursing classes. On August 2nd their wait was over as the Project Team proudly turned over the brand new, state-of-the-art facility for nursing and dental students. The 38,000-square-foot facility includes classrooms, labs and administrative offices. This project is seeking LEED-NC Silver Certification from the USGBC and contains LEED features such as optimal thermal solar orientation, use of energy efficient glazing, and demand based airconditioning. Additionally, the building uses 30-40% less water and 25% less energy, generating 10% of the electrical power by integrating rooftop photovoltaic solar array. Additionally, all interior finishes are low VOC, light-colored roofing and paving were installed, and interior spaces contain high levels of daylighting and exterior views (75% min), with extremely high efficiency artificial lighting used throughout. The building was also sited to improve student circulation through and around the project from other campus nodes.

By Bryan Holt



winerton Builders Los Angeles is putting the finishing touches on a 120-foot pedestrian emergency egress bridge that spans above the UCLA Northwest Campus Student Housing Infill Project: Sproul Complex and Sproul West Residence Hall site. Once opened, the bridge will maintain emergency egress from the existing Sproul Hall residential tower over a 30-foot-deep excavation. In addition to maintaining egress from the Sproul Hall tower, the Project Team has coordinated the protection of three other access corridors through the site that are used by UCLA students and staff on a daily basis. The project, which includes two dormitory towers and new dining facilities, wraps around the existing Sproul Hall, marrying the existing structures on the bottom three levels. While finalizing demolition and site logistics preparations along the east and south side, the Project Team has also begun excavation and shoring work to allow the free standing Sproul West tower to begin footing work well ahead of the Sproul Complex building and with minimum disruption to the students, staff and visitors on all sides of the project.


MH was finally awarded the Cancer Center Construction package at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, after bidding the job three times! In the first bid, HMH came in second place. The University's basis of award was for the sum of the base bid plus all alternates. We argued that because the Alternates were mutually exclusive and that in reality the University could only accept one of the Alternates, the basis of award was flawed; the University rejected all bids. On the second bid, HMH was listed as apparent low, but due to technical irregularities with the submittal, the University rejected all bids again. Finally, on the third bid, HMH was listed as apparent low again, but this time there were no protests and no submittal irregularities so the $2.4-million contract was awarded! According to the University's Construction Manager ­ the process wasn't the smoothest, but in the end, HMH is the "cat with nine lives," demonstrating great resilience.

glass and glazing, pneumatic tube, and fire sprinkler systems. You can well imagine how large the core group meetings have become as well as the logistic challenges in keeping the Team productive. We are hosting the CAD document share-point site and are responsible for version control and clash detection for the BIM 3D work.

Thanks to our resilient bid Team: Russell Green, Mika Reckers, Shari Trejo, Bryan Holt, Robin Martinez, Macey Flores, Mike Hillman, Heather Benson, Jessica Andrews, Jason Johns, Corey Coleman, Michael Biel, Kirk Thompson, Carl Arevalo, Nicole Frieling and Sterling Graham.

While this project is not technically an official Lean project, i.e. it does not include a multi-party agreement, several Lean and IPD methods are being implemented. HMH is using pullscheduling techniques, forming trade specific cluster groups, advancing our ability to manage a design process, and is exploring incentives and risk sharing ideas for the design and subcontractor partners. HMH is continually searching for the level of detail and the tools that make sense, to deliver this project successfully to the Client.

HMH's First Design-Build Hospital

Design-Build + Hospital + Lean + IPD = A Cluster Group

By Curtis Johnson he HMH Team continues to explore new ideas on how best to deliver hospitals. Located in Stockton, California, the Dameron Hospital Expansion project is now in the Construction Document Design phase. This $95-million project includes a 125,000-square-foot expansion on the existing Medical Center campus. Anticipated construction start is Q4 2011 and project completion is slated for Q4 2014. At the end of the Design-Development phase, HMH bid many of the key subcontractor packages and provided a price guarantee to the Client. An extensive effort was needed to fill in the holes in the design and to document the scope completely. HMH's Team is now responsible for completing the design, obtaining the OSHPD permit, buying out the remaining scope, projecting the escalation, and completing the actual construction, all within the price guarantee! Our bidding process leveraged price, escalation and OSHPD scope guarantees from the major trades. The Design-Build Team has now expanded to include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, elevators, framing and drywall, architectural precast concrete,

The Project Team includes: Lia Tatevosian, Mike Franken, Robert Lee, Maria Estrada, Debra Leyden, Daniel Kim, Stephanie Ishler, Kyle Burnham, Jason Montgomery, Kristi Ababon, Jeff Crook, Kevin Hostetter, Jr., Armando Arellano and Patrick Ryan Shaffer.


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lyda S wiNertoN

Swinerton Helps the Air Force Bring Training into the 21st Century

The National Anthem Strikes Up As Shovels Strike the Ground

Air Force.' During this time our Recruit, and Housing and Training complexes, which also include dining and classrooms, were built in the mid-to-late-1960s timeframe. These buildings have been ` home' for our trainees as they began their service to our country and these complexes have also served our Air Force very well, as they allowed us to accomplish our mission. We are now beginning a new era in our Air Force's Basic Military Training program. Today's ceremony marks another step for the future of the new generation of Airmen. About a year and a half ago, Basic Military Training transitioned to a new eight and one-half week program ­ where we are now graduating Warrior Airmen of Character with the best training in the history of the Air Force. Now, as we move ahead, this Dining and Classroom Facility will help us continue to train our enlisted force of the future. This complex will be a modern facility with state-of-the-art capabilities, allowing us to conduct this training program in a world-class structure. I am confident that Lyda Swinerton will do an amazing job and I thank you in advance. For you and your Team are not just building a facility, you are playing a part of creating something that will house America's most precious assets ­ its sons and daughters ­ who volunteer for service in our great Air Force. This facility you will build will eventually be first-rate dining and classrooms for millions more brave young Americans as they continue the legacy of being the best enlisted force in the world."

The Significance As Defined By Those Who Have Lived It

From Our Team to the Next Generation of Airmen

round breaking ceremonies are always an exciting time for a project as it symbolizes the start of construction. When the project is located on a military base, the ground breaking ceremony takes on an added level of appreciation of the importance the completed project will bring to our United States Armed Forces. Lyda Swinerton recently had the honor of being part of the ground breaking ceremony for the Dining and Classroom Facility #1 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The playing of the national anthem indicated the start of the ceremony at the site of the new facility, which was hosted by Colonel Shane Courville, Commander of Air Force Basic Training. The official celebration consisted of several officers from the Air Force, members of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Swinerton Government Services Division Manager Fred Parker and the Project Team from Lyda Swinerton.

Colonel Shane Courville on Gateway to the Air Force


To date, our Lackland AFB Dining and Classroom Facility #1 Project Team has completed three Preparatory Phase Inspections in accordance with the USACE Quality Control program; excavation of the building site has been completed, site utilities are underway, and work has begun on the completion of the 109 foundation piers. We have a long history of building facilities at Lackland AFB and though it has been over 10 years since the last project was completed, both Senior Project Manager Dan Wettig and Senior Superintendent Gary Mitchell are no strangers to performing work with the USACE or Lackland AFB. They, along with the rest of the Project Team, are honored and proud to be part of such a landmark project for the next generation of Airmen.


C olorado

Colorado Makes the News!


winerton Builders Colorado has been awarded the interior renovation of the KMGH TV 7 Newsroom in Denver. KMGH TV 7 is an affiliate of the ABC Television Network and is owned by McGraw-Hill Companies. Originally awarded in March, it took some time for funds to be available for the project. The scope of work includes demolition of the existing space including old news desks, a sound room, video editing room and partial demolition of electrical and mechanical systems. The renovation will include rework of electrical and mechanical systems, new employee locker rooms, relocation of existing sliding office doors, new video streaming room, new editing room, and a new camera shot location to be used for sports reports and breaking news stories, making it quite possible that our work will be seen on the nightly news! This 6,200-square-foot project began on August 9th and will be complete by September 17th.

The Project Team includes: Senior Project Manager Dan Wettig, Project Manager Nate Kirwan, Senior Superintendent Gary Mitchell, Superintendent Steve Cameron, Safety Manager John Frey, Quality Control Manager Robert Carter, Project Assistant Kathy Webb, Project Accountant Donna Stafford and Intern Preston Hill.

"The personal connection for me is deep. In addition to me, two of my sons have gone through this base. This is a great project where thousands of troops to be will train to protect the nation and learn the core values that the Air Force represents." -Chief of Resources for Basic Military Training, Von Whelchel "This is the next big step for military training. Our last construction projects were in 1942 and 1968, and we're happy to have this project in 2010. It is very exciting to watch how this has gone from a plan into project implementation and share in this historic project. We're glad to have Lyda as a partner." -The Commander, 37th Training Wing, Colonel William Mott the Fifth "The Army Corps of Engineers is glad to be in partnership with the Air Force and Lyda Swinerton. This has been a dream in the works for a long time and now it's coming to fruition." -Area Engineer, United States Army Corps of Engineers, San Antonio Office, Mr. Thomas Smiley

Official Party

· · · ·

TheCommander,37thTrainingWing,ColonelWilliamMotttheFifth ViceCommander,37thTrainingWing,ColonelPatrickVetter TheCommander,737thTrainingCroup,ColonelShaneCourville AreaEngineer,UnitedStatesArmyCorpsofEngineers,SanAntonio Office, Mr. Thomas Smiley · Commander,802ndMissionSupportGroup,ColonelPatrickFogarty · SwinertonGovernmentServicesDivisionManager,FredParker TSgtGabrielLewis TSgtGeorgeCarpenter SSgtJonathanAduddell TSgtKennethKnodle2 SSgtMichaelWhitman

Our Project Team is led by Project Manager Ryan Shaw and Superintendent Mitch Felker. Congratulations to the Special Projects Group, especially Senior Estimator Bret Hall. We are pleased to be working with Gensler, the Design Architect for this project.

"For more than 60 years, Lackland Air Force Base has marked the beginning of service for our Nation's enlisted force of over 7 million Americans ­ wherein Lackland has rightfully earned the title `Gateway to the

Other Military Members who participated in the ceremony

· · · · ·

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos

and 80% of the light fixtures as well as completing the installation of an extensive filtration system. 18 Originally scheduled as a 12-week project, it was soon accelerated to eight weeks. Floors one and four through seven were finished and inspected in eight weeks. The eighth floor was 95% complete when we discovered that the massive boardroom table (31'x 6" long x 12' wide) would not allow adequate freedom of movement once in place. This required the eighth floor to be redesigned, deconstructing approximately 30-40% of the newly finished area. The construction of the redesigned eighth floor proceeded with "back of napkin" drawings to allow the architects and engineers time to produce CDs for the Building Department. Even with this delay, the eighth floor was turned over to CHI within the original 12-week schedule. When asked how the Team was able to accomplish this, Senior Project Manager Jeff Carwile smiled and stated "We had divine intervention. Seriously, however, we were able to meet our deadline as a result of Superintendent Stephen Love's relationship with the Building Department, through the use of extended work hours, working weekends, expedited shipping and subcontractor and vendor teamwork." The Project Team's sustainable efforts focused on recycling. All metals on the project were recycled, which included steel studs, metal piping, metal ceiling grid, light fixtures and door frames. Fluorescent light bulbs were separately recycled and ceiling tiles were sent back to the manufacturer and recycled into new tiles for another project; cardboard, copper and aluminum were also recycled. Bins were set aside for the various materials and our Superintendents tracked all materials to make sure they were routed to the correct areas. Our construction recycling efforts saved: · 47,415poundsofmetal · 640poundsofaluminum · 2,640four-footfluorescentlamps · 69,000squarefeetofceilingtile · 19,560poundsofdrywall · 9,980poundsofcardboard

Our Project Team include: Senior Project Manager Jeff Carwile, Superintendents Stephen Love and Gary Schell, Senior Estimator Bret Hall and VP Ian Stevenson. Project Manager Ryan Shaw and Superintendent Phil Mills assisted with submittals, RFI and change orders; Tina Munoz served as Project Accountant.

h awaii

Courthouse Renovation by the Book

he modernization and renovation of the Prince Jonah Ku ¯ Kalaniana'ole ¯hio Federal Building and Courthouse continues with the first of ten phases scheduled for completion in October. The first phase establishes 8,000 square feet of new office, meeting and clinic space for existing tenants, allowing their current space to be modernized and renovated in the third phase. The second phase started in July with removal of existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing components, and all but a few interior partitions. This 36,000-square-foot area on the second floor of the Federal Building will contain office and meeting space for two major tenant agencies. The third phase is starting incrementally as existing tenants relocate. This 58,000-square-foot space on the balance of the second floor of the Federal Building will contain office and meeting areas for three major tenant agencies, as well as additional temporary space to accommodate tenant agencies displaced during future phases. The third through ninth phases work their way down the Courthouse Building, with tenants swinging in and out of spaces to allow modernization and renovation to take place. The 10th and final phase restores the last swing space in the Federal Building to its permanent configuration and is projected for completion in April 2014. The project is primarily funded via $121 million made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. In addition to the modernization and renovation of the over 30-year-old building, the project is creating jobs and stimulating the economy for both Hawaii and the nation. We have a full-time staff of 10 people onsite and a handful more sharing time with other projects. We also have a crew in the field and will be self-performing all concrete and carpentry work. We are the Construction Manager as Constructor for this $76-million GMP contract, which includes both preconstruction and construction responsibilities. Gensler out of San Francisco is the lead architect and Clifford Planning of Honolulu is the associate architect. The GSA's Project Manager and Contracting Officer are also based in San Francisco, just blocks away from our corporate office. For the entire project, all design documents are created in BIM and we receive the updated BIM model at each incremental design release. All MEP and Structural shop drawings are then based on refining the BIM model, ensuring coordination through technology before conflicts occur in the field. As demolition progresses, the as-built information of the existing building is also verified and any major design issues are brought to the attention of the Design Team.


C olorado

CoNt .


wPy C oNStruCtioN

Divine Intervention on CHI HQ?

WPY Wrap-Up

ur determination and hard work is paying off. As the public work market is stabilizing, we have been able to pick up more work and have started three new projects which are all in different stages of progress: BART C-Line Earthquake Safety Retrofit, SLAC Building 50 Retrofit and Lower Codornices Creek Phase III. The BART C-Line project has just started mobilization and initial structural excavation. The contract value of this project is $10.6 million and construction completion is expected by mid-July of 2011. This project consists of retrofitting over 146 piers and three abutments from Orinda to Concord. The work zone covers approximately 13 miles of track and includes concrete foundation overlays, micropile foundation installation and fiber reinforcing polymer wrap, shear keys, bolsters, and bumper installation. The project was bid with three work zones, allowing us to schedule the completion of the project in a third of the allotted contract completion time of 900 days. This factor, along with our previous experience with BART on the Earthquake Safety Program, allowed us to be the successful low bidder on this project. 260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos


atholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is a national nonprofit health organization headquartered in Colorado. The faith-based system operates in 18 states and includes 73 hospitals; 40 long-term care, assisted-and residential-living facilities; and two community health-services organizations. With annual revenues of $8.6 billion, CHI is the nation's third-largest Catholic healthcare system. Swinerton Builders Colorado was awarded the tenant finish of their 98,000-square-foot headquarters relocation back in February. Construction began on March 5th and was completed on April 30th. Covering six floors, the scope of work involved complete demolition of all walls except the core ones. Break rooms were added on each floor, boardrooms and lobby areas were finished in high-end millwork trim, and extensive tile work was employed in both the break rooms and reception areas. The project also involved the relocation of the Mercy Glass wall, which was a Congressional Gift given to Catholic Health Initiatives as a symbol of Unity between the Catholic Church and CHI. The wall was located on the 40th Floor of 1999 Broadway, CHI's old office location, and was disassembled piece by piece at night over the course of a weekend, then transported to the mill shop to be completely refinished. Once complete, it was brought to 198 Inverness and reassembled in place on the 8th Floor. The project contained extensive electrical renovation with motion sensors throughout, custom millwork in the mailroom and extensive wall covering. Electrical changes occurred in the meeting rooms, including the main conference room and training room areas. The scope also included lighting in the light cove areas in the hallways and custom-built glass shelving into the wall; the shelving was constructed without brackets so they appear as if they are floating. We also replaced 80% of the ceiling tile and grid


SMC N ortherN C aliforNia 20

Swinerton Green


Green Library for the Town of Los Gatos

wPy C oNStruCtioN

CoNt .

The Building 50 retrofit project at the SLAC facility is a seismic retrofit project that includes the installation of tensioning brackets and rods on the exterior of the building. This is a short-term project that is expected to be completed by the end of September. With a contract value of $283,000, this is the third project we have done for SLAC in the past five years. The Lower Codornices Creek project is the third phase of the Codornices Creek Redevelopment Plan which includes the realignment of the existing creek as well as creating fish habitat structures, bank

n June 21st, Swinerton Management & Consulting took part in a groundbreaking ceremony in the Town of Los Gatos for the new $18.4-million Los Gatos Library. This two-story, 30,000-square-foot building is designed to LEED Gold standards and will serve the growing population of this historic town of 30,000. The beautiful new Los Gatos Library is scheduled to open in late 2011 and will be the newest addition to the Town's library facilities which date back to 1898. In 1898, a room was rented at the back of a store on Main Street and the Town Trustees agreed to spend $16 in order to make it ready for use as the Town's first public library. Today, the new Library will be the largest construction project undertaken by the town of Los Gatos in the past 50 years. This is made possible with funding from existing Town reserves and with Redevelopment Agency (RDA) funds through Certificates of Participation (COPs). In addition to expanded operational space provided by the new library, the plan includes other specific site improvements proposed for the project which include: · StrongpedestrianandvisualconnectionsbetweentheCivicCenter,Library and Pageant Park · Preservationofmaturetreesthroughoutthesite · Maximizingintegrationoftheexistingroadwayandparkingtominimize construction costs · Clearcirculationandarrivalpatternsforvehicles,bicyclesandpedestrians · Trafficcalmingmethodsintegratedinvehicularcirculationandparkinglayout · Additionalnewparkingtomeetthetargetidentifiedforthenewlibrary · Integrationofbiologicalswalestomanagestormwaterrun-off


The Next Generation of Green Building: When the Carrot Becomes a Stick

California's Green Building Code

and resources, and environmental quality) ­ but also focuses on many of the same areas as the LEED rating system. There are, however, some potential complications and, perhaps, unintended consequences associated with the adoption of the new 2010 California Green Building Code. Whereas the privately developed LEED rating system is voluntary, CALgreen is now a legal requirement. On projects where the specifications call for a specific LEED Certification level, there may be some complications associated with working through any discrepancies that may exist between the voluntary standards and the legally mandated requirements. The good news, from a sustainability perspective, is that CALgreen was developed with the future in mind ­ many sections of the new code have been reserved in the anticipation of the adoption of additional mandatory requirements, including, for example, regulations associated with the deconstruction and reuse of existing buildings. California is again leading the trend ­ an International Green Construction Code is currently under development by the International Code Council, which plans to use the new California Green Building Code as a template. Just as the LEED rating system has become the accepted voluntary standard as the carrot, so will an internationally accepted green building code become the accepted stick. Ultimately this evolution will represent the completeness of the green building movement. 260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos

By Kevin Brooks e are all, by now, well familiar with the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Rating System (LEEDTM) and the various LEED products that have been developed (and continue to be developed) to address specific building types. In recent years, both local municipalities, as well as State governments, have adopted LEED and required LEED Certification on both public and private projects. Governments have used both the carrot and the stick as a means of motivation ­ San Francisco, for example, uses an expedited permitting process as a means of encouraging private projects to commit to LEED Certification. This past January a new benchmark was reached as California became the first state to develop a green building code; the California Building Standards Commission (www. unanimously approved the first statewide green building code, known as CALgreen, which goes into effect beginning January 2011 and includes both mandatory requirements as well as voluntary measures. The voluntary measures are incorporated into two groupings, Tier 1 and Tier 2, with Tier 2 covering additional "green efficiencies" above and beyond Tier 1. Obtainment of the Tier 2 voluntary measures (plus the mandatory requirements) roughly equates to LEED Silver Certification. The development of California's green building code was motivated by AB32, which calls for a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2020 ­ the implementation of CALgreen will help meet this goal by reducing these emissions by an estimated three-million metric tons. A second fundamental goal is to reduce buildings' energy and water consumption. Finally, similar to the LEED rating system, CALgreen is designed to ultimately create more environmentally responsible as well as healthier buildings. Many different building product types are covered by these requirements, including residential buildings (motels, hotels, apartments, family dwellings) of three stories or less as well as palette of non-residential building types. State owned buildings, including State university and community college facilities, as well as private residential, office and medical services buildings fall under the mandatory requirements of CALgreen. In addition, The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) has adopted the voluntary provisions of CALgreen for hospitals and medical office buildings. Inspection and enforcement of the CALgreen code provisions will be performed by local and State building departments. At a summary level, CALgreen is not only structured similar to the LEED rating system ­ CALgreen is divided into five fundamental areas (planning and design, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material conservation


stabilization, irrigation and landscaping, construction of pedestrian and bicycle pathways, and the construction of an outdoor classroom. This long awaited community project for the City of Albany and the City of Berkeley was funded by the California Resources Agency River Parkway Grant Program. The value of this project is just over $750,000. In addition to these projects, we continue to work with Swinerton Builders at the Washington Hospital project and are awaiting our contract for additional work with Swinerton Builders on the Jackson Rancheria project, in which we are scheduled to install shotcrete protection on existing concrete columns.

· Provisionofsunny,protectedoutdoorgatheringareas · VisualaccentandconnectionfromMainStreettotheCivicCenter,Libraryand Pageant Park by means of a colorful allée of trees, decorative paving treatment of pedestrian promenades, specialty lighting, seating and gathering spaces along the promenade

Energy-saving features will include:

Solar Control: windows on the south, east, and west elevations have suncontrol systems to reduce HVAC cooling loads from solar heat gain Photovoltaics: will harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, and reduce dependence on polluting fossil fuels FSC Wood: wood is specified to come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified logging operations Plaza & Roof: light-colored (high albedo) materials will reduce the heat island affect and subsequently HVAC cooling loads At the ceremony, Town Officials and citizens gathered at the site of the new library to express their great joy and anticipation for the start of this historic building for the Town.

SMC's Team includes: Project Executive John Baker, Project Manager Nimone Li-Hardistry and Project Administration Elizabeth Rutlin.

Swinerton Renewable Energy has evolved to become an overarching group that supports and works collaboratively with all of our Divisions. We add value to our Clients as a one-stop shop for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of all their solar needs. We look forward to continuing to report on our collaborative successes! 22 23

Forecast Sunny for Irvine

he Orange County Team just completed a photovoltaic panel installation on three office buildings for The Irvine Company. The project included the installation of two system types. On two of the buildings, We installed a combination of Suntech 200 Watt panels

Achieving New Sustainable Heights with xD

Basking in the Sunlight at Caltech

winerton Renewable Energy in Los Angeles continues to install Solar work at the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California. The 1.25 Megawatt system includes Photovaltaic panels on five active buildings on the campus, as well as large solar arrays on two of the western most parking garages covering most of the top levels of parking. Work on the buildings was completed in May, with the in-grid commissioning being conducted by our Client Suntech in July and August. The work at the parking garages is scheduled to be complete in midSeptember and includes the installation of a space frame that was fully engineered and manufactured in Turkey. The Team spent many hours speaking with the Project Manager and Production Representative at Ukson in Turkey working through questions and details. The dedicated Team of Senior Superintendent Richard Pratte, Project Manager Dave Cramp, VP and Operations Manager Kim Grant, Project Executive Chris Tallon, Preconstruction Manager Jennifer Hawkins and Swinerton Renewable Energy in San Diego, headed by George Hershman, have integrated perfectly to create a cohesive Team crossing office borders to create a successful project we can all be proud of. There is no "I" in Team and this project proves it.



ry as you might, you won't find another public building as sustainable, innovative or close to the moon as Sustainability Base! The $20.6-million, 50,000-square-foot, steel-frame Sustainability Base located at Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in Mountain View is designed to achieve LEED-NC v2.2 Platinum Certification. When complete in late 2010, it will be the federal government's greenest and highest performing building, as well as the first new NASA Ames facility constructed in over 20 years. Sustainability Base is taking green building to entirely new levels through adaptive, intelligent software developed for planetary exploration and aeronautics that interprets real-time data acquired from distributed internal sensor arrays, and interfaces with on-line calendars and weather predictions. The Integrated Intelligent Building Control (IIBC) will track light, heat, humidity, weather and occupancy status throughout Sustainability Base's neighborhood micro-climates, and optimize ambient environment and energy efficiency, improving its performance by learning. The state-of-the-art system, from NASA technology, is being jointly developed by NASA Ames and Integrated Building Solutions, Inc. via the Space Act Agreement. To test the state-of-the-art building systems that make up Sustainability Base, Swinerton Builders teamed with NASA and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) to build a full xD virtual model to simulate the future operation of the building's various energy saving and comfort systems. The modeling process goes beyond the LEED Commissioning requirements. LBNL will provide complete energy performance simulation of the virtual model using Energy Plus software. The actual building is being fitted with energy monitoring sensors and when Sustainability Base is occupied, sensor data will be fed back to Energy Plus. This data will enable the building's actual performance to be compared to its predicted performance. The data will help to fine-tune the building systems to ensure that it operates at peak performance. The data will also be used to evaluate Energy Plus' simulation algorithms, which will benefit Design Teams to design and evaluate future high performing buildings. In addition to providing a supportive and nurturing space for the building's end users, Sustainability Base will also serve as a test bed for a new generation of earth-friendly building technologies. The building will enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and maximize employee performance and quality of life. Sustainability Base truly is a window to the future on earth and the greenest and most forward thinking building to date in our Government's history.


through many obstacles to assure construction did not affect their 24/7 operation. The solar project utilized 4,928 solar modules that will produce 1.13 Megawatts DC of supplemental power to the facility. Commissioning was recently completed and the solar farm became fully operational on August 18th.

San Antonio Airport Goes Solar


with a SunLink ballasted racking system. This system incorporated 690 panels generating 138,000 Kilowatts of DC power. The third building is equipped with the Solyndra non-ballasted system. This system incorporates 350 Solyndra 191 Watt panels generating 66,850 Kilowatts of DC power. As part of the Solyndra installation, we also applied a high reflective coating onto the existing roof in order to reflect the sun to the underside of the Solyndra. The Solyndra

yda Swinerton Builders has been awarded a 235 Kilowatt DesignBuild Solar Array at the San Antonio International Airport. Through a qualification submission and interview, our Team, in partnership with the Swinerton Renewable Energy, outshined the rest of the competition. The key separators were the vast experience

Livermore Solar Project Shines

By Kevin Kaanehe


panels are made up of glass tubes with a thin film coating, which generates the DC power. Each building has an inverter that converts the DC power into AC power and offsets the electrical demand of the building.

n April, HMH and Swinerton entered into an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreement with solar developer Recurrent Energy to deliver 15 Megawatts of solar power to various Kaiser Permanente facilities throughout California. In four short months, HMH has successfully completed the construction of the first solar project at Kaiser's Regional Distribution Center in Livermore, California. This Design-Build project included self-performing the removal of 1'x 2'x 10" sections of Cellcrete roofing to attach a block and post assembly to the structure. This process was repeated 670 times across a 400,000-square-foot roof. Livermore is home to one of the nations largest wind farms, so the design had to account for the 115 mph winds that can blow through the region. The Livermore distribution center serves as the main hub for all drug orders, packaging and shipment to Kaiser's California pharmacies. HMH worked

of our firm in solar installations, our commitment to meet the $1.5-million budget, and the 90-day design and construction schedule. This win is key in solidifying our resume in an emerging Texas solar market.

Team Members include: Senior Project Manager Jason Boeker, Senior Estimator Ric Henderson, Project Manager Roy Allen, Corporate Sustainability Manager Grant French, Senior Estimator Trevor Vasey and the rest of Swinerton Renewable Energy.

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos



It's in the Hole...

By Ashley Young n June 18th Swinerton Builders San Diego hosted a hole at the 13th Annual International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Charity Golf Tournament. Sponsoring a hole at a golf tournament is nothing new in the construction business but when an e-mail message challenged all sponsors to get creative, and even Pictured, from left to right: Alex Beaton, Liz Hawkins, Holly further enticed us Reindl, Ashley Young, Jason Chappell, Lauren Nunnally and Brian McCarthy. with a trophy and sponsored dinner, we stepped up our game. Coming up with a theme took some time, but when "Caddyshack" was thrown out we got straight to planning the details! Our hole consisted of our Swinerton BBQ trailer, a pool with a floating Baby Ruth, posters of Chevy Chase and Bill Murray, a little Kenny Loggins playing in the background, and last but not least, a dancing gopher. Along with plentiful decorations, our employees additionally played the part in their golf-themed outfits, including our foursome golfing in "Bushwood Country Club" t-shirts. We walked away with the golden trophy and dinner to follow with IFMA co-chair and QUALCOMM Manager Paul Fitzgerald.



raffle tickets, we raised over $60,000! After a great 18-hole scramble tournament, all scramble Team and individual player scores were tabulated and the winners were presented with trophies from Los Angeles Division Manager Emery Molnar at the awards dinner. Special prizes such as iPods, Kindles, digital cameras, DVD players, tools and golf clubs were raffled. As always, the day was remarkable, memorable and a huge success!

Proudly Supporting iSEE

ach year, Swinerton's Los Angeles Division participates with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in their "I'm a Student Exploring Excellence" (iSEE) Internship Program. Created in 2007, the iSEE Program offers LAUSD high school students an engaging learning environment that Pictured, from left: Project Manager provides an introduction to architecture, engineering Emre Terazi and Jose Benavides. and construction. The iSEE Program provides meaningful industry exposure and a rigorous academic program to all interested students and includes college credit and work experience. Swinerton's intern this Summer was Jose Benavides, who is striving to be a structural engineer and is completing his internship on our LAUSD CRES #14 project. Jose is a recent high school graduate who will be attending Santa Monica Technical College with plans to later transfer to a four-year college to finish his degree.

Cal Expo

n August 12th, Swinerton participated as an exhibitor at the California Construction 2010 Expo, the premiere gathering of contractors, designers, construction professionals, suppliers and construction workers in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Hosted by many of our Clients, including the Los Pictured from left to right: Angeles Unified School Swinerton Community Relations Associate and District, Los Angeles Project Manager Steve World Airports, the Lamar and LAUSD's Department of General Director of Contractor Relations and Small Services and Cal-Trans, Business Program Veronica Soto. the event focused on MBE/WBE/DBE/DVBE getting contracting opportunities from major contractors such as Swinerton.



Swinerton Builders owes a huge thank you to all of our Gold Member Sponsors this year: ACI Architectural Coatings, Inc., CEMEX, Dynalectric, Xcel Mechanical Systems, Inc., Seeley Brothers, Unison Electric, CSI Electrical Contractors, Bonas Company, Randall McAnany Company, University Marelich, DK Mechanical, Control Air Conditioning, Bergelectric Corporation, Performance Contracting and Tri-Signal Integration. We are also very grateful to all the volunteers who donated their time to help out at the tournament, including: Lauren Herzog, Christine Sevilla, Michael Coakley, Matt Feehan, Morgan Stevens and all the Southern California Division Managers, Operations Managers, Project Executives and Project Managers. Last but not least, a BIG special thanks to Marketing Manager Karen Glover and Marketing Coordinator Rachel Goldberg who planned, prepared and made the event perfect for all of our participants.

Spreading CEA Career Awareness

Our Own All-Stars Strike Out Cancer

his year, Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend provided our Orange County division an opportunity to give back, Team-build and even get some marketing done...all in 3.1 miles! With a couple friends from the Los Angeles Division, Orange County employees and their families were sponsored by Swinerton to participate in the All-Star Game Charity 5K and Fun Run. Many of us took part in the experience in memory of Orange County Project Manager Tom Teasdall. We also ran in support of SoCal Human Resources Representative Shurina Wilkins along with other friends and family who have battled breast cancer. Major League Baseball donated 100% of registration fees to four cancer charities: Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Stand Up to Cancer and City of Hope. Over $200,000 was raised at this year's All-Star Run; the amount was more than double the 2009 total raised last year in St. Louis. Thank you to everyone who came out to support and fly the Swinerton flag in our community!



The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

ummertime means golf time for the Orange County and Los Angeles Divisions...and of course, our Annual Swinvitational Golf Tournament at Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach! We look forward to this event each year as it provides the perfect opportunity for us to spend quality time with our Subcontractors and Consultants who help make our construction projects a success everyday, while raising money for the great causes the Swinerton Foundation supports. This year we hosted over 45 Subcontractor firms and reached close to 144 players. Through sponsorships, donations and

winerton's VP and Director of Community Relations Rick Moore participated in the Second Annual Greater Los Angeles Construction Career Awareness Day put on by the California Community Connection Corporation. Held on March 26th at the Los Angeles Southwest College campus, over 1,000 student and adult Pictured, from left: Executive Director participants were exposed to significant employment of California Community Connection Corporation Steven McGlover and and career information about potential opportunities in Steve Lamar. various fields within the construction industry. To show appreciation, the California Community Connection Corporation held a reception on May 20th for those that had participated in the Construction Career Awareness Day. Representing Swinerton at the reception was Community Relations Associate and Project Manager Steve Lamar.

Business Is Personal

n August 5th, we participated as an exhibitor in the California Minority Supplier Diversity Council's Minority Business Expo, with our booth sponsored by our Client Chevron. The theme of the event was "Business is Personal: Build Your Network, Build Your Future." This event directly connects MBEs with corporate members and helps position them for success. VP of Operations Kerry Atkinson and VP and Director of Community Relations Rick Moore attended the expo on behalf of Swinerton. 260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos



GSA Town Hall Meeting

nvited by the U.S. General Services Administration, Swinerton participated in their Large Business Town Hall meeting on August 11th. Rick Moore served as Swinerton's representative at the event which was held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. Pictured from left: GSA Business Other panelists included SunWize Technologies, Specialist Lori B. Falkenstrom Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company, BAE (involved with our Prince Jonah Kuhio ¯ ¯ Kalaniana'ole U.S. Courthouse project Systems, Hensel Phelps Construction Company, in Honolulu) and Rick Moore. Northrop Grumman and SAIC. Topics discussed included successful subcontracting partnerships, new policies, instructions for completing and submitting updated forms (prequals), and the pros and cons of this type of arrangement.



Shared Services

S wiNertoN G overNMeNt S erviCeS


Swinerton Government Services...Up and Running

ontracting with the Federal Government is a complex process. The creation of Swinerton Government Services (SGS) has been structured to provide support and resources to help The Swinerton Family of Companies respond to the large and complex requests coming from our Government, in response to the military infrastructure needs for the design and construction of a wide range of military facilities in support of defense capabilities. Working in tandem with the existing operations, the SGS Team has been positioning systems, policies and procedures to master these complexities. These efforts have resulted in a new policy for reviewing federal work, new tools to identify challenges unique to federal contracting and critical proposal review input. SGS and Swinerton General Counsel are also working to refine subcontracts, develop training on federal contracting, and provide support to ongoing projects in order to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Since December when SGS first mobilized, the Team has been meeting with Swinerton Operations Managers and local Business Development and Marketing Teams to discuss what opportunities are currently being targeted and pursued, researching future projects at Department Of Defense installations, and exploring other Federal opportunities which may be upcoming in the region with agencies such as the General Services Administration Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole Federal Building ¯ ¯ and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affair. As a result of

these meetings, SGS is developing a strategic plan for market penetration and long-term sustainability in the Government sector. Leading the Division is Fred Parker, who brings over 26 years of construction experience with extensive success in Design-Build construction management to Fred Parker Swinerton. In his new role as VP and Division Manager of SGS, Fred will lead efforts to successfully deliver sustainable, large-scale complex design and construction projects and professional services, to a diversified base of national Government agencies. In addition to his efforts with SGS, Fred was recently appointed by The Associate General Contractors of America to serve on the Army Corps of Engineers committee for 2010. Supporting Fred is a group of seasoned professionals adding to the strength of the SGS Team. The Team includes: ·BusinessDevelopmentManagerCherylJohnson ·DepartmentofDefenseAccountManager David Vaughan ·QualityAssuranceandComplianceManager Harvey Robinson ·SeniorProposalManagerKendaEnney ·ControllerRoxanneWatson ·SeniorAdministrativeAssistantSusanLinze

visible in the Federal sector by attending several events and conferences including: · USACESouthPacificDivision,9thAnnualVetand SBE Training and Outreach Conference: San Diego, CA · CannonAFBIndustryDayandOpenHouse:Clovis,NM · JointEngineeringTrainingConference:Atlanta,GA · AIAHonolulu,2010ArmyCorpsofEngineersWorkshop: Honolulu, HI · SAMEOmahaIndustryDayandBriefing:Omaha,NE · SAME2101FederalSectorTrainingConferenceand8-on-8 Federal Agency Lunch: City, CO · CampPendletonIndustryDay2010:SanDiegoCounty,CA · SAMESanAntonioPostSmallBusinessConference:San Antonio, TX · OpeningDoors(GSA):LosAngeles,CA · Navy2010GoldCoastSmallBusinessConference:SanDiego,CA

Lackland Air Force Base


Since its launch in December of last year, SGS has assisted the ongoing efforts of local divisions in the successful capture of these key wins: · SouthPacificMultipleAwardTaskOrderContract(MATOC)­$150million · ThePalmSpringsAirTrafficControlTower­$14million · LacklandAirForceBaseDiningandClassroomFacility(DFC)­$24million · U.S.ForestServiceActonDistrictOfficeConstruction­$6.8million In addition, SGS is currently teaming with divisions in several strategic pursuits: · Hawaii:MultipleAwardConstructionContract(MACC)­$500million · Denver:MultiplePursuits­$100million · SanAntonio:FiveAdditionalProjectsatLacklandAFB­$400million · NorCal:USDALosPadres­$15million

Colonel William Mott the Fifth and Fred Parker at the Lackland AFB groundbreaking ceremony.

Ray Haj will also soon be joining the SGS Team as their Operations Manager. Over the next 12 months, Ray will transition from his current responsibilities with Swinerton Incorporated Shared Services to join SGS. Ray has been with Swinerton for the past nine years and most recently serves as VP and Corporate Manager of Project Controls. His knowledge of company philosophies, systems and processes, along with his established network of relationships throughout the organization, will position him to be a key asset in the future success of SGS. In recent months, SGS has been helping Swinerton become more

SGS would like to thank all the Teams involved in these collaborative efforts. The future is exciting for the SGS Team and for all Swinerton Operations in the Federal services arena. Watch for more news from SGS in the coming months.

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community

NASA Sustainability Base

Shared Services Kudos



In Memoriam

B eNefitS

Q uality

i NforMatioN teChNoloGy

Remembering Leonard Richards


MH Builders recently lost a very good friend and family member to cancer: Leonard Richards, a 16 year employee with HMH. Leonard was a talented carpenter and carpenter foreman in the Medical Division, but he was also talented in so many other ways. He had a positive influence on those he worked with, was respected by Clients and Subcontractors, and helped shape the careers of many people in the field. Here are just some of the many endearing comments made by Leonard's coworkers on his behalf:

Keep Your Retirement Savings in the Right Hands

ou work hard to save money for retirement, so make sure you pass it on to those most important to you. Your account in the Swinerton 401(k) and Savings Plan should have a beneficiary ­ someone you designate to receive your savings should you pass away. Choose one or more beneficiaries ­ it's up to you. You should review your beneficiary designation information periodically and most importantly after any significant life event (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc.). If you do not specify who should receive your savings, federal or state law may determine a beneficiary for you. Why not take a few minutes to give yourself and those you care about peace of mind? You can review your Swinerton 401(k) and Savings Plan beneficiary information online at the Benefits Complete website. Or you may call the toll free Participant Service Center at 1-800-294-3575 or 1-888-440-0022 (if you prefer to speak with someone in Spanish) and press zero to speak with an operator. When going online, follow these steps: 1. Log onto Benefits Complete at (a user ID and PIN/password is required). 2. Select the "Manage My Account" tab at the top of the screen. 3. Select the "Beneficiary Election/Change" option on the left side of the screen. 4. Click on the appropriate fields to add or change your beneficiary designation(s). 5. A primary designation is the first person, persons or entity (a Trust) to receive your retirement savings should something happen to you. 6. Should you choose a contingent beneficiary, this is the person, persons or entity to receive your retirement savings should something happen to you and your primary beneficiary. Inquiries can be directed to the Employee Benefits mailbox at [email protected]

Quality Management

uality is integral with every aspect of the construction process, from the preconstruction assignments we perform, through any warranty issues we address after construction is complete. You may ask: how can warranty work help us improve quality? By the time we have a warranty call-back, the horse is already out of the barn. That may be true for your particular situation, but you can help the rest of us keep that same horse in the barn the next time, by sharing the lesson you learned from your experience. That is part of the "continuous improvement" mindset that will help make our program as successful as we all want it to be. There are a variety of ways we can share these lessons. Some of you have already submitted yours on our Lessons Learned form, while others are gleaned from the online Incident Reports submitted when problems arise during construction or well after a project is complete. Additionally, some are also generated from the daily conversations we have about issues and challenges on our projects. Whatever the source of the lesson, the important thing is that we make sure everyone has a chance to learn from it. Our process to do this includes the following steps: · DoesourSiteSpecificQualityManagementPlan (SSQMP) require the tasks that can help us avoid this in the future? If not, we will revise it. · Doourchecklistspromptthenecessary considerations that will identify this potential problem before it becomes a reality? If not, we will update them. · AreourBestPracticesthemosteffectivewayof meeting the challenges they address? If not, we will replace them.



Why No Administrative Rights?

ne of the most common questions we get is why employees do not have "administrative rights" on their computers, allowing them to do things like install software and printers. While we recognize this can be a mild inconvenience, there are real productivity concerns driving this decision. First and foremost, please remember that if any employee ever needs to install anything for legitimate work purposes, they need only submit a HelpSTAR request asking for the necessary access. Things like printer installs are given a high priority and are usually sorted out quickly. The restriction on admin rights ­ which covers everyone from the executives to temps ­ is in place due to the hours of lost productivity Swinerton experienced with computers that became riddled with viruses, spyware and malware. A few years ago, more than half of all IT work hours were spent rebuilding these machines which endangered not only themselves but every other machine they might be connected to via a network. We have found over the years that the inconvenience is mild when compared to the tremendous savings in lost work hours, when we would see entire jobsites taken down because one person had an infected machine. Currently in Windows XP, the same rights needed to add a printer also allow the installation of software and viruses. Microsoft has promised to address this in future versions of Windows, with talk of a more granular level of installation rights (printers but not software). We are evaluating Windows 7 and should that feature be available, we will evaluate it for future deployment. Until then, this policy remains in place for the protection of the company and its employees. We appreciate your understanding.


"I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Leonard on pretty much every project I have been on since I started with HMH 12 years ago."

­ Project Manageer Amy Casado

"Leonard brought a calming presence to situations throughout the project, sometimes just with his smile. I guess he knew that somehow we would figure out how to live up to our word and get the job done. Whatever the job was, big or small, it didn't matter to him. He showed me that there are people who are truly at peace with their emotions and don't let their frustrations show through ­ ever. You are greatly missed, Leonard." -Project Executive Dexter Morris "He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word and to say he was a good man does not even come close to the giant of a man he really was...My world, as many others, is a better place because of Mr. Leonard Richards! May his memory always stay with us and bring a smile to our face to picture that Giant of a man." -Superintendant Mike Piper "I am going to miss Leonard a lot. He's one of the greatest guys I've ever met. He taught me a lot about life and work. He will be greatly missed by my family and me." -Carpenter Foreman Mike Doyle "Although we have only known Leonard a short time, his presence was large. I always found Leonard to be a positive individual and committed to giving his best!" -Lodi Memorial Owners' Representative

In order to benefit from the lessons we are sharing, you can take advantage of the tools we have available. These can be found on SwinNet in the Quality Management section of Risk Services.

260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos



Chris's Corner


By Chris Day n his 20 years with the San Diego Padres, MLB Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn was never a major homerun threat ­ in fact he never hit more than 17 in a season. Instead, Tony was one of the most consistent hitters in the game's history, winning the National League Batting Title seven times, mostly with singles and doubles. He struck out just 434 times in 9,288 career at-bats, and never batted below .309 in any full season. He concentrated, focused and consistently swung the right swing at the right pitch more than anyone in his era.




Companywide we have sold (in $1000s) $1,247,530 worth of work against a goal-to-date of $1,113,124 and a 2010 goal of $1,618,619. That's 112% of our goal-to-date and 77% of our 2010 sales goal. Following 15 months of draught we have been ahead of our sales goals since February. Why do I say Tony Gwynn-style? Because of that $1.25 billion we've sold this year, only one project has been over $100 million and only three have been over $70 million. Most of our wins have been in the $30 millionand-under range, projects that are truly within our core competencies...with a couple of home runs in there, too.

Woman of the Year!


Feature Project Wins of the Quarter

INFRASTRUCTURE: BART Earthquake Safety Program William P. Young Construction has been awarded the BART Earthquake Safety Program Aerial Structures ­ C Line Project, a seismic retrofit of the aerial structure from Orinda to Pleasant Hill. MILITARY: Our first Army Corps of Engineers Multiple Award Task-Order Contract (MATOC) Our Swinerton Government Services, teamed with the Southern California Region, Swinerton Renewable Energy and HDR Architects to win a place in this $150-million, three-year MATOC. Several of our Divisions will benefit from this win. EDUCATION: LAUSD's South Region Elementary School #9 The Los Angeles Management and Consulting Division won the Construction Management contract for the Los Angeles Unified School District's South Region Elementary School #9. MEDICAL: Dameron Hospital Expansion HMH has received the call to get started on this $95-million, Design-Build hospital expansion in Stockton. FEDERAL: U.S. Postal Service IT/ASC Upgrade in San Mateo This third phase of work builds on the upgrade completed by Swinerton Interiors in 2009 by adding three new 250 Kilowatt generators and upgrading the associated switchgear, UPS and battery systems. SPECIAL PROJECTS AND INTERIORS: Lots all over! Colorado: An interior renovation to the KMGH TV 7 Newsroom in Denver Texas: The Executive Area TelePresence Room Renovation for USAA San Francisco: The Sierra Atlantic biotech office build-out at the Pacific Research Center in Newark San Diego: Another QualComm TI in an existing research and development office Los Angeles: Two more Kaiser and three more JPL projects Northwest: The Newport Terrace Office build-out on the T-Mobile main campus in Bellevue HOSPITALITY RENOVATION: Fairmont Kea Lani Guestrooms and Suites Renovation Hawaii wins the partial renovation of all 450 guestrooms and the replacement of the Fairmont Pool Deck. The luxury Maui resort is a repeat Client. RENEWABLE ENERGY: Solar Array at San Antonio International Airport Lyda Swinerton and Swinerton Renewable Energy have been awarded a project to design and build a 350 Kilowatt solar array for the City of San Antonio.

he just keeps getting better and better! Earlier this year Senior Corporate Safety Manager Gena Roberts received recognition from the Construction Employers' Association at their Annual Membership Meeting. Gena received the Leadership in Safety Award, an award only received by one special person. More recent kudos comes from the National Association of Professional Women, where Gena was selected as their 2010/2011 Woman of the Year! No doubt her professional achievements have made others step up and take notice. She is a valued individual for her diligence and dedication in her work and has made a significant impact as a female in a male-dominated industry. Congratulations, Gena! We expect nothing but good things from you now and in the future.

The Quarterly Photo Contest

Congratulations to John Mills, winner of this issue's Swinerton Quarterly Photo Contest. You can see John's unique photo on page 10, which captures Underground Foreman Jim Phipps from William P. Young holding one of the many bones that were unearthed during construction of the $18-million colocation facility for Terremark Worldwide in Santa Clara, California. For his prize, John has his choice of any item from the Company Store, which can be found at: http://swinnet.swinerton. com/marketing/store/index.html. Please contact Ann Irwin at 800-929-2456 to claim your prize.

Excellence in Better Builders


winerton Incorporated Training & Development would like to recognize the following employees for their outstanding participation in the Better Builders Program over the last few months: Daniel Camin Carl Arevelo Edgar Vilca Josh Garcia Justin Cochrane Mike Ranney Los Angeles HMH HMH Northern California HMH Northern California 48 Tasks 35 Tasks 28 Tasks 26 Tasks 25 Tasks 19 Tasks

Congratulations to the Newlyweds

n August 7th, two Lyda Swinerton employees, Tina Baca née Munoz and Clayton Baca, were wed at St. Louis Catholic Church in Castroville, Texas. Tina began her career with Lyda Swinerton as an Administrative Assistant in 2003 while attending high school, and worked full-time as she completed her BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas San Antonio; her current role is Project Accountant. Clayton started as an Intern with Lyda Swinerton in 2004 while attending Texas A&M University. Upon graduating in 2006, Clayton joined the firm full-time as a Project Engineer. Clayton is currently Project Manager on the Crate&Barrel Homestore in Plano, Texas. The Bacas will reside in San Antonio once they return from their honeymoon in St. Lucia.


260/5 Swinerton Building Swinerton Green Community Shared Services Kudos

Nice work, everyone! Keep pushing, stay focused -- it pays to be a winner!

Blind Spots, Sharp Edges and Progress

By Brenda Reimche

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions."

f you're like me, one of the toughest things to do is listen to someone tell you that you're not perfect. Granted, the conversation is generally more subtle, highlighting something that we could do better or haven't mastered yet ­ but it can still be hard to hear. Even so, these suggestions and feedback can be among the most valuable interactions we have with others. And the truly astute seek out this kind of conversation as often as possible because they know, as challenging as it might be, it will benefit them. It's challenging because it takes courage to give meaningful, sincere feedback, just as it takes courage to receive it. We all have blind spots that can limit us and sharp edges that may need some refinement in order for us to realize our potential. To progress as an employee, you must know how you're doing and where you need to focus. To progress as a manager you must be able to communicate your expectations and inspire your employees to excel. Both sides of this equation take practice. No one is born knowing just the right way to coach another and give them constructive feedback, just as no one is born with the insight and self-awareness to immediately absorb and put into practice suggestions for improvement. The only way to hone these skills is to use them regularly. Giving and receiving feedback is not a once a year event. It is an ongoing conversation built on trust and the understanding that both parties have a stake in each other's success. As employee owners we all have a responsibility to ensure this feedback cycle is well-established because it keeps us focused on Excellence. So why do we often find this process challenging? I think it comes down to this, being uncomfortable with either delivering or hearing the message ­ so we put it off and figure no news is good news. What a lost opportunity. Without feedback we stay static, or worse, we may head in the wrong direction. Feedback is a gift. Ask for it. And if you have the opportunity to give it ­ do so thoughtfully and with an eye toward pointing that person toward success. Whatever your role, below are a few things to consider when the next feedback opportunity presents itself.

- Ken Blanchard


Receiving Feedback

·Beopentowhatyouwillhear.Receivefeedbackas honest information about your perceived performance. ·Letthepersonfinishwhattheyaresaying,thenask clarifying questions and ask for specifics. ·Invitealternativesuggestionsforapproachingthe next situation. ·Beawareofyournonverbalandemotionalresponses. ·Don'ttakeitpersonally­theirintentistohelpyou. ·Avoidbecomingdefensiveorinterruptingtoexplain­ take the time to really listen. ·Thankthepersonforbeinghelpfultoyou.

Asking for Useful Feedback (key questions to solicit constructive, meaningful input)

·"Howdoyoumeasuresuccess?"Understandhowyour work is measured and where the priorities are. ·"WhatareasdoIneedtodeveloptoadvancemy career?" Demonstrate your willingness to learn new things.

·"WhatstrengthsdoIhavethatwillhelpmycareer?" Talk about development, but don't forget to ask about your strong points and how they can be better utilized also. ·"Whatavenuesforgrowthdoyouseeformewithin the organization?" Know your options and the perceptions of where you add value. ·"WhatcanIdotohelpyou?"Asimpleandimportant question that is often forgotten.

Becoming skilled at giving and receiving feedback takes practice and it takes stepping outside of your comfort zone. Whatever your role, developing this skill is a key to success. Don't fear it, don't avoid it ­ seek it out. Excellence and high performance thrive on feedback. Take the risk ­ dare to be even better!


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