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Do It Yourself Woodworking Project Plans Catalog, Inc. We specialize in producing uniquely designed, quality constructed woodworking project plans for porch swings, gliders and more.


Some time ago my wife had asked me to make her a porch swing. She knew I could handle the task as I was always working in carpentry related jobs ranging from framing homes to building furniture. I kept putting the job off , so my wife decided to go shopping. She returned with a porch swing in a small box, which she asked me to assemble. As I pro ceeded to notice the poor quality of the swing and was disappointed in the overall appear ance of the swing. I told my wife she could have done better than this. Her reply was: "No, I found the same thing everywhere I went." With this in mind I set out to build a new swing to replace the store bought one. I also began to ponder the idea of designing a unique product to fill this noticeable void in the market. After the long design process (exhibiting at craft shows, product testing, customer followups, etc.) I found that I could successfully provide uniquely designed, quality con structed swings and gliders. I have been designing these swings and gliders since 1989. I now make these designs available for other woodworkers. I have taken every precau tion to make sure these plans are accurate and of a high quality. They have been prepared by a professional draftsman using the latest technology. I know you will be pleased! A. C. Krause Jr. President/Owner: SWINGPLANS.COM

Our Full Scale Porch Swing Patterns...

will definitely ease the construction process and shorten the completion time of your desired woodworking project. Just trace the pattern onto wood and cut. All of our porch swings and gliders were made from "pressure treated" yellow pine using standard dimensions sold locally. Any other exterior grade lumber may be used to construct our swing and glider woodworking pro jects.

There are Two Ways we offer to help You with your Woodworking Project Plans 1. Woodworking ProjectsTechnical Help Phone Line (910)9389238) 2. Woodworking ProjectsTechnical Help Email ([email protected]) So, If you have ANY questions, comments, or need further assistance with your woodworking project plans, we would like to hear from you and will be glad to help you.

3 WAYS TO ORDER · Visit us on the Web and order using our secure shopping cart. · Fill out our postal mailin order form, enclose payment and send it to us. · Call us TOLL FREE: 18009399234


Sharon Anne Swing Plans Dimension: 58" Length, 27" Height, 27" Deep Price: $19.95

Beth Ann Swing Plans Dimensions: 58" Length, 28" Height, 27" Deep Price: $19.95

Paul Vincent Swing Plans Dimensions: 58" Length, 28" Height, 27" Deep Price: $19.95

King Arthur Swing Plans Dimensions: 58" Length, 24" Height, 27" Deep Price: $19.95

Plantation Swing Plan Dimension: 34" Deep, 26" Height This plan includes instructions for building three different length swings Lengths: 4 ft Swing = 56 1/2" 5 ft Swing = 68 1/2" 6 ft Swing = 80 1/2" Price: $20.95

Andrew/Anthony Toddler Swing Plan Price: $19.95


Sharon Anne Glider Plans Dimensions: 69" Length, 36" Height, 32" Deep Price: $19.95

Paul Vincent Glider Plans Dimensions: 69" Length, 37" Height, 32" Deep $19.95

Beth Ann Glider Plans Dimensions: 69" Length, 37" Height, 32" Deep Price: $19.95

King Arthur Glider Plans Dimensions: 69" Length, 34" Height, 32" Deep Price: $19.95

Swing Frames

AFrame Plan (Porch Swing Plan NOT included): Dimensions: 10 ft Length, 4 ft Wide, 6' 5" Tall Price: $12.95

Extreme Beam Plan (Swing shown is not included) $10.45


Adirondack Chair Plans Dimensions: 55" Length, 38" Height, 36" Deep Price: $19.95

Paul Vincent Garden Bench Dimensions: 48" Length, 37" Height, 24" Height Price: $19.95

Garden Arbor Trellis Arch Plan Dimensions: 94" Height, 58" Width, 31" Deep Price: $19.95

Playhouse Plans (Kids not Included) Two levels of play area--5' x 6' 10 1/2" Price: $19.95

Fire Pit Plan Dimensions: 19" Tall and 7' 2" in diameter. The inside diameter of the pit is 5' Price: $16.95

Decorative Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder Plan

Dimension: 30" Wide and 32" Tall Price: $12.95

Dog House Plans (Dog not included) Dimensions: 34" Wide, 37" Height, 48: Deep Price: $10.95

Wooden Wishing Well Planter Plans Demensions: Large Wishing Well-- 66" Height, 53" Round Small Wishing Well-- 54" Height, 34" Round Price: $19.95

Wood Flower Basket Planter Plan

Dimensions = 30" Round , 36" Tall

Price: $10.95

Wood Wagon Flower Planter Plan

Dimensions = 25" wide ,28" Tall , 38" Long

Price: $10.95 Bunk Bed Plan Bunk bed can be separated to form two twin size beds Price: $19.95

Mailbox Post & Planter Price: $10.95

WOODWORKING PLANS CD.........$48.00 USPS Mail Shipping and Handling........$5.60


Swing Spring Set (Two per set) Springs Rated For 300 lbs Price: $16.50

Swing Set Hanger Bolts (Two Per Set) Price $8.95 per Set

Porch Swing Lag Screw Swivel Hooks (set of 2) Price: $7.95 Price: $7.95

8 Glider Bearings (Swing Glider Plan Requies Eight Bearings) Price: $20.00

Stainless Steel Swing Swivel Set (2 per set) $19.95


Tire Swing Swivel $18.95

Tire Eye Bolt Set of (3) $16.50

Tire Eye Bolt Set of (4) $21.50

3 Tire Swing Eye Bolts

1 Tire Swing Swivel

Tire Swing Hardware Set $35.50


Just print this form, fill it out, enclose payment and send to: SWINGPLANS.COM INC. 2334 Dawson Cabin Rd. Jacksonville NC, 28540 OR ORDER ONLINE OR BY PHONE - TOLL FREE: 1-800-939-9234

Tire Swing Swivel Tire Eye Bolt Set of (3) Tire Eye Bolt Set of (4) Tire Hardware Kit

....$18.95 ....$16.50 ....$21.50 ....$35.50

Price_____ Shipping & Handling $12.70 per set ___ Price_____ Shipping & Handling $12.10 per set ___ Price_____ Shipping & Handling $15.30 per set ___ Price_____ Shipping & Handling $17.95 per set ___

SWINGPLANS.COM, INC. Our Return Policy All Hard Copy project plans and patterns that you purchase from Inc. are guaranteed for 30 days from the time that you receive it

To return the Hard Copy project plans you have purchased from Inc. and receive a refund of the purchase price, just follow our simple return policy. Send your project plans and patterns, postage paid, in a standard envelope, addressed to: Swingplans.Com, Inc. 2334 Dawson Cabin Rd. Jacksonville , NC 28540 The project plans and patterns returned to us must be in resaleable condition and returned within 30 days af ter receiving them. Include your name, phone number, date of your order and brief description of your "Reason for Return" (to help us serve customers better in the future). We do not provide refunds of any project plans and patterns without the above information, nor do we accept any returns with postage due. We do not refund or reimburse any of the following: · · · Restocking Fee ($3.85 per plan). Shipping and handling costs of returning items to us for refund. Any costs of other materials or supplies (such as wood, etc.) or any other losses or damages.

When we receive your project plans and patterns, we will mail your refund out to you or credit your credit card account for the amount of sale minus our restocking fee of $3.85 per plan. Please Note: All hardware items and the Woodworking Plans CD purchased are not refundable.


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