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L'emigrazione ticinese in Australia Volume I + II

By Giorgio Cheda

These two books are a real and unique testimonial how the Ticinesi people settled in Australia. It is a regrouping of letters sent from the Ticino emigrants to their home in Ticino, describing their long trip, their thoughts and their first impression about Australia. The reading of these books are very touching.

Printed and Published in Switzerland volume I in 1974 volume II in 1976

Armando Dadò Editore

(written in Italian)

A Swiss Settler in Australia The Diary of Etienne Bordier 1849 ­ 1851

Translated by Kenneth Dutton Edited by Kenneth Dutton and Denis Rowe

Etienne-Jean-Léonard Bordier-Roman's diary appeared in Geneva in 1863. It provides some interesting insights into the aspirations and experiences of those who were attracted to a largely unknown land by the hope of a prosperous future. The account of minor successes and major failures was presented as a salutary warning to other Europeans against succumbing to the lure of a land which appeared to promise much but which in fact delivered little else but thankless soil in harsh conditions.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1987 ISBN 0 7259 0583 2

University of Newcastle Auchmuty Library publication no 6

Nothing is ever all up hill

By V. Horn

The biography on the life in Nannup Western th Australia of the Wyss family in the early 20 Century. This is a remarkable pioneering story of a Swiss family who survived in a small bush town through the determined efforts and sacrifices of Rosina Wyss the mother of four children. The oldest child Jack later settled in Melbourne, where he was actively involved in the Swiss Community and particularly the Swiss Club of Victoria.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1987 ISBN 0 9588657 3 6 South West Printing & Publishing Company BUNBURY WA 6230 V. Horn PO Box 516 BUNBURY WA 6230

Australian Squatters

By Hubert de Castella

Translated by C.B. Thornton-Smith

Of Swiss birth, de Castella was naturalized as a Frenchman to join the French army. He later left it for Australia to join his brother in Victoria, and subsequently bought a station next to his brother's in partnership with another Swiss. While seeing Australian landscapes with a painter's eye, he enjoyed a vigorous outdoor life on horseback, happily combined with congenial interludes in Melbourne, which he was prepared to defend as a thoroughly civilized city.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1987

Brown Prior Anderson Pty Ltd Burwood VIC For Melbourne University Press Carlton VIC

200 Jahre Geschichte der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft in Australien

Special edition of the newspaper "Die Woche in Australia"

The presence in Australia of Germanspeaking people can be traced back to 1788. Early German-speaking settlers played an important role in development of the colonies. South Australia in particular has benefited from the establishment between 1838 and 1900 of a German-speaking community in the Barossa Valley. The still flourishing and highly acclaimed wine industry in the Barossa is a lasting tribute to the skill and industry of German-speaking people.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1988 ISSN 07 26-4860 Europa Krier Pty Ltd 1-3 Seddon Street BANKSTOWN NSW 2200

(written in German)

Singapore Saga

By Annelies Crone-Arbenz

Part I relates the dramatic escape to Australia of three young Swiss sisters during the Japanese Invasion of Singapore. It traces the gradual but complete adaptation to the Australian way of life by the youngest sister, Annelies. Part II is the tragic story of their parents, an architect and the Swiss Consul, remained in Singapore at their respective posts in dedication to the community.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1988 ISBN 0 9591151 1 0 Thomas Rowland Publishers PO Box 264 TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350

Edited by Rosemary Hassall

The settlement of Swiss Ticino Immigrants in Australia Geowest 23

By Jospeh Gentilli

The Ticinesi were unique as an emigrating group because of the very short time in which their exodus took place and because of the determination of so many of them to return home as soon as possible. The two first Ticinesi, stonemasons, left for Australia from the Valle Maggia in 1851, just before the news of gold discoveries was received. Two more followed in 1852. The successful return of two of them in 1854 may have precipitated the general exodus.

Printed and published in Australia in 1988 ISBN 0 86422 061 8 The University of Western Australia The Department of Geography NEDLANDS WA 6009

Swiss Poschiavini in Australia Geowest 25

The Poschiavino Valley constitutes the Bernina district, one of many subdivisions of the Canton of Grisons. Unlike the Ticinesi who hoped to find gold and return home immediately, the Poschiavini came to Australia primarily to buy land, build a home and become independent farmers.

Printed and published in Australia in 1989 ISBN 0-909678-33-2 The University of Western Australia The Department of Geography Nedlands WA 6009

By Joseph Gentilli

Die Fünfte Schweiz auf dem Fünften Kontinent

By Susanne Wegmann

(written in German)

During a stay in Canada, Susanne Wegmann discovered the problems that Swiss emigrants encounter while immigrating in another country. She got fascinated and decided to study the phenomena in Australia which offered itself to be an ideal research project because it had a well documented immigration history and a great number of Swiss Abroad.

Printed and published in Switzerland in 1989 ISBN 3 7253 0354 1 Verlag Rüegger CH ­ 7214 Grüsch

The Swiss in Australia

Susanne Wegmann came to Australia to do her Ph.D., which has been accepted by the University of Zurich. She achieved to compile the first history of Swiss immigration into Australia and their contribution to the development of Australia.

Printed and published in Switzerland in 1989 ISBN 3 7253 0342 8 Verlag Rüegger CH - 7214 Grüsch

By Susanne Wegmann

A time to remember Pre-War Swiss Migrants in Australia

This publication was compiled to help th commemorate the 700 anniversary of Switzerland's foundation and to celebrate the contribution of the Swiss to the unique multicultural society that is Australia. It consists largely of interviews with people who migrated to Australia from Switzerland in the 1920s and 1930s.

Printed and published in Australia in 1991 ISBN 0 646 07825 9 The Swiss Community Care Society Inc, QLD Chapter 50 Mayfield Road MOOROOKA QLD 4105

By Maximilian Brändle

Switzerland 1291-1991 Commemorative Queensland Perspectives

Many Swiss people left their homeland within the last 150 years and chose to settle in Australia, a considerable number of them migrated to Queensland. The most remarkable Swiss to settle in th 19 century Queensland was Henri Alexis Tardent, originally from the Canton of Vaud. He arrived in 1887 and participated in the discussions leading to the formulation of Australia's Constitution of 1901.

Printed and published in Australia in 1991 ISBN 0 646 03789 7 Swiss Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Victoria and Queensland Chapters

By Maximilian Brändle

Swiss Artists in Australia 1777-1991

To celebrate Switzerland's seven hundredth anniversary, the Art Gallery of New South Wales organised and hosted an exhibition spanning more than two hundred years. Johann Wäber known as John Webber was the first Swiss citizen to touch Australian soil when accompanying Captain Cook on his third voyage as illustrator. For the first time some of his works was shown together with those of six other Swiss nationals.

Printed and published in Australia in 1991

By Barry Pearce

Art Gallery of New South Wales Art Gallery Road The Domain, SYDNEY NSW 2000 ( 02 9225 1744

The Pre-War Migrants Reminiscences from a past era

By Maximilian Brändle

The Pre-War Migrants features interviews with former migrants and refugees who arrived in Australia before 1940. It seeks to illustrate an era of Australia's history through the eyes of those who experienced it. It is an insight into the subjects' former countries, their decisions to emigrate, their first encounter with Australia, adjusting to a new country and the time of World War Two. Of the 31 people interviewed, 3 were Swiss

Printed and published in Australia in 1992 ISBN 0 646 11922 2 Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland 120 Main Street KANGAROO POINT QLD 4169

Four Swiss Australian lives enriched by the four cultures of Switzerland

By Maximilian Brändle

This publication deals with each of the interviewee's personal struggle for survival in a new cultural environment. The four life stories demonstrate that thriving success and devastating set-backs were quite often not more distant apart in a immigrant's life than were great passion for the new country and melancholic homesickness for many among them.

Printed and published in Australia in 1994 ISBN 0 646 17348 0 The Swiss Community Care Society Inc, QLD Chapter 50 Mayfield Road MOOROOKA QLD 4105

Lettres d'Australie

This is a collection of journalistic letters sent to his homeland by one of the most outstanding former migrants to Queensland. Henry Alexis Tardent was a Swiss who became a good Australian while still retaining a strong love of his mother-country. He established a family in Queensland in 1887 of which 300 descendants still survive. Many of them have achieved distinction in various fields...

Printed and published in Australia in 1995 ISBN 0 646 25653 X Boombana Publications PO Box 118 MOUN NEBO QLD 4520

By Henry Tardent

Edited by Maximilian Brändle

(written in French)

From Boudry to the Barrabool Hills The Swiss Vignerons of Geelong

By John Tétaz

Swiss from the canton of Neuchâtel and from the town of Boudry in particular played a significant role in the establishment of the wine industry in the Geelong region. Prominent among them were members of the Pettavel and Tétaz families. David Pettavel and Frédéric Breguet established the first vineyard in the Barrabool Hills at Pollocksford on the Barwon River in 1842.

Printed and published in Australia in 1995 ISBN 1 875606 27 0 Australian Scholarly Publishing PO Box 299 KEW VIC 3101


Compiled by Perter Wicki

This Bibliography reinforces the widely held view that amongst the many Swiss who came to colonial Australia, Henry A. Tardent stands out as a unique achiever in diverse fields of human activities. He published almost exclusively in English and French although he also had advanced skills in writing in Russian and Latin, possibly also in German and Polish.

Printed and published in Australia in 1996 ISBN 0 646 30290 6 Swiss News Queensland PO Box 10 WELLERS HILL QLD 4121

Room 105 The compelling True-Life Story of Victory Over Suffering and Death

By Marcus Luedi with Allen Roberts

Marcus Luedi immigrated from Switzerland to Australia way back in 1969 with his wife Marianne and their two little children. This brave young family gambled on making a successful new life for themselves in a land far different from their native Europe. And succeed they did. This is their exciting and poignant story.

Published in Australia in 1997 Printed in USA ISBN 0-9643136-2-6 Marcus Luedi Po Box 257 COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450 [email protected]

Auch ältere Känguruhs hüpfen durch Australien

Lilly-Johanna Aebi came to Australia as a tourist in 1985 and realised that it was where she wanted to spend her life. After several years of travelling around the world, she came back to Australia, bought a campervan and started the discovery of the country before settling down for good.

Printed and published in Australia in 1998

By Lilly-Johanna Aebi

Lilly-Johanna Aebi

(written in German)

"Goldie" The Baby Kangaroo

By Lilly-Johanna Aebi

This children book was born on the 9.9.99. The story is told in German and English by the Swiss hobby author and publisher LillyJohanna Aebi.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1999

Lilly-Johanna Aebi

Luginbühls in Australia Switzerland's contribution to the Olympic and Paralympic events 1 September ­ 28 October 2000

The Swiss associations in NSW have worked together to fulfil an aim of the modern Olympic movement : to provide international cultural exchange in a context of friendly sporting competition. The vigorous art of the Luginbühl family embodies a spirit of collaboration while supporting individuality. It is uniquely Swiss, but it speaks to the whole world, transforming recognizable industrial objects into popular art.

Printed and Published in Australia in 1999

By the Swiss Australian Cultural Association Inc.

Swiss Australian Cultural Association Inc. 39 Wentworth Avenue KILLARA NSW 2071

The truth about my fathers

By Gaby Naher

George Naher was one of the most memorable Swiss in Australia, making his mark not only as a dynamo in the Hospitality Industry in Sydney, but devoted half of his life until his passing away to the Australian and Swiss Community and Charities. With an excellent sense of humour, he served on Legacy, the Swiss Community Care Society, the Swiss Seniors, St Vincent de Paul Society, etc. His adopted daughter Gaby gives a fascinating insight and rendition of her Fathers' life, including his parentage and youth. She touches at the same time on the life of her birth father and her own life.

Printed and Published in Australia in 2002 ISBN 1 74051 164 6 Random House Australia

Highlights of the road

By Charis & George Schwarz

Charis and George Schwarz are a creative Sydney couple with Swiss roots approaching their 70's, who still ride the same veteran motorcycle, this illustrated day-to-day account of a one-year 45000 kilometre motorcycle journey on the roads of the late sixties will delight motorcyclists and armchair travellers alike. In celebration of the safe ride, any profit made from sales will be donated to the Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative (M A R I) trust fund at St Vincent's Public Hospital Darlinghurst.

Printed and published in Australia in 2004 ISBN 0-975-1877-0-8 Charis and George Schwarz Publishers 149 Riley Street EAST SYDNEY NSW 2010 ( 02 9361 6452 [email protected]

Bois de Chesne top art & food art & eatery guide : Sydney

This is a guide through the local art and entertainment scene for the discerning lover of fine things in life. Each local area is introduced by a leading Sydney personality, supported by pictures of great places to visit and accompanied by user-friendly maps.

Published in Australia in 2004 Printed in Hong Kong ISBN 0 9750993 0 2 Bois de Chesne Design

By Carole & Henry Bois de Chesne

Bois de Chesne top art & food art & eatery guide : Melbourne

Carole and Henry Bois de Chesne are Sydney-Based designers with a passion for art and food. After forging creative careers in major international advertising agencies in Switzerland and Sydney, they have been running their own successful design company for the past twenty years.

Published in Australia in 2005 Printed in Korea ISBN 0 9750993 1 0 Bois de Chesne Design

By Carole & Henry Bois de Chesne

Swiss Club of Victoria

This book traces the history of the first 100 years of the Swiss Club of Victoria (SCV). The first Swiss Club of Victoria was founded in Melbourne in 1899. From its inaugural year, the club published a newsletter, Edelweiss, and a rule book. But its first incarnation was short-lived; the club was dissolved in 1904 and was not replaced until almost two decades later, after the First World War.

Printed and published in Australia in 2005

By the Swiss Club of Victoria

The Swiss Club of Victoria 89 Flinders Lane MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Bullboar, Macaroni & Mineral Water Spa Country's Swiss Italian History

By Clare Gervasoni

History shows that in the early 1850s, during the gold rush, over 1000 miners of SwissItalian descent came to the region from northern Italy and from the Italian speaking Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Many remained in Australia, settling on small farms or establishing businesses throughout the Spa Country. This book tells the story of these early settlers who helped shape the region, the landscape and the community.

Printed and Published in Australia in 2005 ISBN 0 646 45472 2 Hepburn Spring Swiss Italian Festa Inc. P.O. Box 58 HEPBURN SPRINGS VIC 3461

Australia is Calling

Written by Theres Stendale

This is a collection of stories from people who left Europe after WWII and finally found their way to the Hasting Valley. Theres Sterndale have looked at their circumstances that occurred at the time and what made them choose Australia as their final destination.

Printed and Published in Australia in 2006 ISBN 0-9581872-7-4 Wauchope District Historical Society Inc. Po Box 410 WAUCHOPE NSW 2446

No mountain too high A life's journey

By Ron Maitland

Written by Christine Makella

Ron Maitland was born in Switzerland in 1917. He forged his values, his courage and his resilience in the years of the Great Depression. These steeled him for the brutality of war and prepared him for his incarceration in an Italian POW camp. Despite the vicissitudes of Rons' life, he always maintained a quiet dignity and an admirable humility which should be inspirational to all of us.

Printed and Published in Australia in 2006

BA Printing & Publishing Services 1 Ethel Avenue BROOKVALE NSW 2100 [email protected]

Canberra Sketchbook

By Alfonso Hüppi

This sketchbook materialized at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador while Alfonso Hüppi was building up the exhibition "Sentimental journey" at the Art Gallery of the Australian National University in Canberra.

Printed in Germany in 2006

MATTO Verlag Albrecht Pfundt Rolshoverstrasse 233 D 51105 Köln ( 0221-831047

From Jolimont to Yering Swiss bachelor vignerons

By Raymond Henderson

Raymond Henderson, descended from Swiss wine-making grandparents, Leuba and Paris of Lilydale, was motivated to research the coming of dozens of Neuchateloise vignerons who migrated to the Port Philip district in the 1840s and 1850s. His story is set in the period of the beginnings of Melbourne when vignerons and vinedressers plated vineyards in the virgin Barwon and Yarra River valleys alongside other pioneers of the timer.

Printed and published in Australia in 2006 ISBN 0-9581358-5-1 Roundabout Publishing Pty Ltd 28 Milford Street KILSYTH VIC 3137 ( 03 9761 9192

Wine, water & Stone The Swiss and Italians of Hepburn

By the Immigration Museum

Based on the exhibition, this publication focuses on the story of families from the Swiss-Italian border region, who arrived en masse during the 1850s gold rush at the Jim Crow goldfield ­ today, better known as the Daylesford-Hepburn region of central Victoria.

Printed and published in Australia in 2007

Immigration Museum Old Customs House 400 Flinders Street MELBOURNE ( 03 9927 2700

The Swiss Swagman By Theodore Müller

Presented by Maurie Garland, John Ramsland and Frank Pammer

The "Swiss Swagman" was written by Theodore Müller in 1877. 130 years ago, our fellow Swiss citizen travelled around the Australian Outback on foot and wrote : " I have endeavoured to present a portrait of Australia as I experienced it, truthfully and without additional or omissions."

Printed and Published in Australia in 2007 ISBN 9781921221026 Manning Valley Historical Society WINGHAM NSW 2429 ( 02 6553 5823 [email protected]

Sydney, July 2007

Consulate General of Switzerland in Sydney 101 Grafton Street, Cnr Grosvenor Street Tower 2, Level 23, Bondi Junction NSW 2022 Postal address: PO Box 282, Bondi Junction NSW 1355 Phone: +61 2 8383 4000, Fax: +61 2 9369 1334 [email protected]


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