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What is PADMA 28 and when is it used? PADMA 28 is a remedy produced in Switzerland according to an old prescription of Tibetan medicine. It is used for pins and needles, heaviness and feelings of tension in legs and arms, numbness of hands and feet, cramps in the calf. What should you note with this treatment? If your condition should worsen, consult your physician! When must PADMA 28 not be used or used only with caution? PADMA 28 must not be used in cases of known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Notify your physician, pharmacist or druggist if you have any allergies or if you are taking any other medications (even if bought over the counter!). There should be an interval of one-and-a-half to two hours between taking PADMA 28 and any other medicines. May PADMA 28 be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding? On the basis of the experience to date there is no known risk to the child. However, no systematic scientific studies have ever been made. As a precaution, you should, if possible, avoid taking drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or ask your physician for advice. How should PADMA 28 be used? Unless otherwise prescribed by your physician, start with 2 tablets 3 times a day with sufficient fluid, thirty minutes to one hour before meals. As soon as there is a definite improvement, the dosage can be reduced to 1-2 tablets a day. People who have difficulty swallowing should dissolve the tablets in lukewarm water. If gastrointestinal problems occur, the tablets may be taken at mealtimes with plenty of fluid (preferably boiled, lukewarm water). It is sometimes necessary to reduce the dose. If the tablets have been prescribed by a physician, discuss any alteration of the dose with him/her. Follow the dosage given in this package insert or prescribed by your physician. If you feel that

PADMA AG Wiesenstrasse 5, CH ­ 8603 Schwerzenbach, Schweiz Tel: +41-(0)1-887 00 00 / Fax: +41-(0)1-887 00 88 [email protected],

Tibetan Remedy

the action of the drug is too weak or too strong, consult your physician, pharmacist or druggist. What are the PADMA 28? possible side effects of

Occasionally gastrointestinal symptoms may occur. In a few isolated cases, palpitations and slight restlessness have been observed in predisposed individuals. What other precautions should you take? People who are under medical care should inform their physician if they are taking PADMA 28. As with all other medicines, keep PADMA 28 out of the reach of children. The product should be used only until the "EXP" date indicated on the box. For further information, ask your physician, pharmacist or druggist. This product is also suitable for diabetics. PADMA 28 contains no lactose and is gluten-free. What does PADMA 28 contain? Columbine 15mg, Valerian 10mg, Cardamom 30mg, Monkshood 1mg, Wild Lettuce 6mg, Cloves 12mg, Golden Cinquefoil 15mg, Saussuria 40mg, Gingerlily 10mg, Iceland Moss 40mg, Heartleaved Sida 10mg, Bengal Quince 20mg, Myrobalan 30mg, Calcium Sulfate 20mg, Camphor 4mg, Allspice 25mg, Margosa 35mg, Marigold 5mg, Red Sandalwood 30mg, Ribwort 15mg, Licorice 15mg, Knot-grass 15mg. Excipients. Where can PADMA 28 be obtained? What pack sizes are available? In pharmacies and drugstores without a prescription. Supplied in boxes of 60 and 200 tablets. Producer: PADMA AG Wiesenstrasse 5 CH ­ 8603 Schwerzenbach Switzerland This package insert was last checked by the Swiss Intercantonal Office for the Control of Medicines (IOCM) in January 2000.


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