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Communication made simple

Welcome to Swisscom You can do so much more than make telephone calls with your mobile phone. You can check your answering machine, send SMS and MMS messages, download information, pictures and music, and much else besides! You made the right choice in choosing Swisscom, because we can offer you a quality network with the best possible coverage and excellent value for money. This brochure describes our most important services and gives tips for users. Note Whenever we use the term Call key, we mean the key used to connect a call. Depending on the handset in question, this might be marked OK, YES, SEND or with a green receiver symbol.


1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Getting started Entering your PIN Unblocking your SIM card Changing PIN codes Making calls Video telephony Useful services COMBOX® Free SMS for missed calls SMS MMS 1811 Additional card Memo Number 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 8 8 10 11 11 4. 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 Other services Call waiting / hold / brokering Call forwarding Caller line identification Itemised billing 14 15 16 16 17 18

5. What to do if you lose your mobile phone 6. How to reach us

3. Mobile Internet 3.1 Vodafone Live! 3.1.1 Ring tones and call tones 3.1.2 Wallpaper, games, videos 3.1.3 Bluewin TV mobile 3.2 Internet on your NATEL®

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1. Getting started

How PINs protect your mobile phone and how to make phone calls. 1.1 Entering your PIN PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. PIN 1 protects your mobile phone against unauthorised use. PIN 2 is used to switch individual functions on or off. Both numbers were supplied together with your SIM card. Whenever you switch on your mobile phone, you must first enter PIN 1 correctly. Only then can you use it to make phone calls. Important If you enter the PIN code incorrectly three times consecutively, the SIM card is blocked automatically. 1.2 Unblocking your SIM card You can use the PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) to unblock the SIM card and reset your PIN code. The PUK code was also supplied with your SIM card and PIN code. Unblocking/resetting PIN 1

**05* PUK 1 * new PIN 1 * new PIN 1 # Call key

Unblocking/resetting PIN 2

**052* PUK 2 * new PIN 2 * new PIN 2 # Call key

(You can also enter your old PIN code as "new PIN".) English 5 Important Please consult the user guide for your mobile phone for information about special PIN functions. 1.3 Changing PIN codes Change your PIN 1 and PIN 2 when you use your mobile phone for the first time. Choose numbers that are easy for you to remember but not for others to guess. Change your PIN codes regularly. To change PIN 1

**04* old PIN 1 * new PIN 1 * new PIN 1 # Call key

To change PIN 2

**042* old PIN 2 * new PIN 2 * new PIN 2 # Call key

Tip Keep your PIN and PUK codes in a safe place separate from your SIM card and do not disclose them to third parties.


1.4 Making calls To call fixed line numbers in Switzerland or abroad

+ Country code Area code (without the 0) Phone number Call key

2. Useful services

How to use your COMBOX®, send MMS messages and turn your mobile phone into a very personal accessory. English 7 2.1 COMBOX® The COMBOX® is a useful answering machine for all subscribers of NATEL® and easy.

Phone number Call key

Example: +41 31 123 45 67 Call key To call mobile numbers in Switzerland

+ Country code Mobile code (without the 0)

Example: +41 79 123 45 67 Call key Tips ­ Calls are cheaper to make on the Swisscom mobile network than on foreign networks. We therefore recommend you specifically select the Swisscom NATEL® network to avoid accidentally using a foreign network when close to the border. ­ Store all numbers in the international format: +country code, area code (without the "0"), telephone number (e.g. +41 79 123 45 67). Note A short signal tone sounds whenever you dial the number of another mobile network operator. Further information at 1.5 Video telephony Making a call is even more fun if you can see the person you're talking to. On the Swisscom UMTS network, that's now possible. All you and the person you're calling need is a UMTS mobile phone. 6

The COMBOX® will intercept calls if ­ you don't answer within 20 seconds; ­ your mobile phone is switched off, or you are in an area where there is no reception; ­ you are making a call. Indication of messages Every new COMBOX® message is indicated by a free SMS containing details such as phone number, date and time. Listening to messages on your own mobile phone Call your COMBOX®: +41 79 499 79 79. The messages are played back in chronological order. COMBOX® abroad A password is required for accessing your COMBOX® from abroad. Call up your COMBOX®, press *, enter your password and then confirm it with #. If you don't know your password, simply send a free SMS with the text COMBOX to 444.

Tip Save the access number (079 499 79 79) on your mobile phone. If you have a new phone (SIM card) the number is already saved under key 1. You will find more information and the instruction for the COMBOX® on the Internet at 2.2 Free SMS for missed calls Swisscom's SMS Info service will send you an SMS free of charge whenever you miss a call because your phone is switched off or out of range. To deactivate your SMS Info Simply text the word STOP to 180 (free SMS). Deactivation is free of charge and confirmed by SMS. 2.3 SMS This practical service is included in all Swisscom subscriptions. Please refer to the user guide of your mobile phone for instructions on how to send SMS messages. 2.4 MMS MMS messages contain pictures, videos, music, voice and/or hundreds of characters of text. All NATEL® subscribers and NATEL® easy customers who have an MMS-compatible mobile phone can send and receive MMS messages. Send MMS messages to e-mail addresses You can send MMS messages to the e-mail addresses of friends who do not have an MMS-compatible mobile phone.

Send MMS messages to non-MMS-compatible mobile phones If you send an MMS to a non-MMS-compatible mobile phone, the recipient receives an SMS and can view the MMS at MMS Postcard: Send your snapshots as a real postcard There are three ways to create and send MMS Postcards: On mobile phones with built-in postcard function: ­ Take a picture or select an image on your mobile phone. ­ Select "Send as postcard". ­ Follow the on-screen instructions. On mobile phones without built-in postcard function: ­ Take a picture or select an image on your mobile phone. ­ Send the picture (without any text) to 8855; fee: CHF 3.90 (as per October 2008). ­ You will receive a message with a link. Open this and follow the instructions for creating and sending your postcard. On the Internet: MMS Postcards can also be sent conveniently by the Internet. You will find the input mask at Within a few days the addressees will find the postcard in their mailbox ­ anywhere in the world. Postage is already included in the price, and you needn't worry about a stamp.




Tip Do you have an MMS-compatible phone, but can't send MMS messages? Order the right MMS configuration for your mobile phone at or by calling our hotline on 0800 55 64 64. You will then receive the settings immediately by SMS. All you have to do is save them. 2.5 1811 If you want to call someone whose number you don't know or haven't stored, simply call 1811. If you want the 1811 agent to put you straight through, you will be connected without the number being announced. You can also say CONNECT or press «5» when you hear the number. Notes ­ If you say SMS or press "6" when you hear the number you will receive an SMS containing the number and address of the person you wish to call. ­ You can connect to national and international numbers using the 1811 information service. ­ Calls to 0800 numbers are connected at the same rate as those to the 1811 information service. ­ Three-digit speed-dial numbers and 0900 business numbers cannot be connected. ­ Enquiry by SMS: Send an SMS with the surname, first name and town (for example: SMITH JOHN BERNE) to 1811 and you will receive an SMS by return with the contact data of the required subscriber (if this person is registered). Charge: CHF 0.80 per SMS. You can find out more about the 1811 information service and the communication charges on the Internet at 10

2.6 Additional card Would you like to make calls on several mobile phones using a single telephone number? Then order as many additional cards as you need. Notes ­ You no longer need to switch SIM cards. ­ Additional cards are available for all NATEL® subscriptions. ­ Each SIM card has its own PIN and PUK codes. ­ It is not possible to use several mobile phones with additional cards simultaneously. ­ You receive only one bill showing the charges for each SIM card separately. Further information on additional cards can be found on the Internet at 2.7 Memo Number With Memo Number you can record important ideas simply and spontaneously when you are out and about by speaking them into your phone and then stating a date and time so that you will be reminded by automatic callback. Just dial the number 0900 079 079 (CHF 0.30/call, irrespective of duration and type of subscription) and follow the instructions. Notes ­ This service is available only for calls from within Switzerland. ­ The callback is made only to the number from which the call originated. Further information on Memo Number can be found on the Internet at 11


3. Mobile Internet

With Mobile Internet and Vodafone live! as home page and mobile portal, just a single button on your mobile phone is sufficient to conjure up coloured photos, cool sounds, exciting games and the latest news. You must have a Vodafone live!-enabled mobile phone to use Vodafone live! services. To access the Vodafone live! portal directly, send a free SMS with LIVE to the number 888. You can find additional information at 3.1 Vodafone Live! 3.1.1 Ring tones and call tones ­ Ring tones: Use the latest hits and classics to customise your mobile phone. Vodafone live! lets you choose from a multitude of songs in a wide range of different styles to use as real tones or polyphonic ring tones. ­ Call tones: Surprise your callers with your favourite song instead of the usual ringback tone. Call tones are real music clips that your callers hear before you accept the call. 3.1.2 Wallpaper, games, videos ­ Wallpaper: You can find images, photos and graphics on a variety of different topics at Vodafone live!: Download them to your mobile phone as wallpaper to make your handset unmistakably yours. ­ Games: Say goodbye to boredom: At Vodafone live! you can find all types of games including sports, film-based, adventure, skill and others.

3.1.3 Bluewin TV mobile Everything I want, when I want. Never miss a football game, the latest news or a single episode of your favourite TV show, even when you're out and about. Bluewin TV mobile turns your mobile phone into a mobile television. You can use Bluewin TV mobile on any standard UMTS/EDGE mobile phone. With an HD mobile phone (e.g. Nokia N77), you can now experience television on your mobile handset with brilliant picture and sound quality (HD quality via the DVB-H network). Further information about the services described, along with information about numerous other services (such as sport, news, weather, videos, chat & dating) can be found at (this site is only available in German, French and Italian). 3.2 Internet on your NATEL® From sports news and weather to YouTube videos ­ now you can enjoy a real Internet experience on your mobile phone. NATEL® Surf Options offer you good-value Internet access anywhere and at any time. A must-have for all those who want more from their mobile phone! You can find more information on the Internet at mobileinternet 13



­ Videos: You can download video clips and watch them anyplace, anytime, or select the Streaming Video option and play clips without loading them onto your handset. However you do it, you can find the video clips under Video & Picture on Vodafone live! ­ Music videos: Download them once and play them over and over again. As a customer of Swisscom, you have access to over 3000 of the latest music videos via the Vodafone live! mobile phone portal.

4. Other services

How call waiting, hold, brokering and forwarding turn your mobile phone into a communications centre. 4.1 Call waiting / hold / brokering While you are making a call, you can receive another call and then switch to and fro (broker) between the two calls. This function must first be activated ("Activate call waiting"):

Activate call waiting: Deactivate call waiting: Check status: Put active call on hold, switch to waiting call: End active call on hold, reject waiting call: End call on hold, take waiting call/call on hold: 1 *43# #43# *#43# 2 0 Call key Call key Call key Call key Call key Call key or End

4.2 Call forwarding Your calls can follow you anywhere, be it to a mobile phone or fixed line number at home or abroad. Just enter the destination number. Call forwarding on no reply (after 20 seconds)

Activate: **61* Destination number with dialling code # Call key

Example: **61* +4186 079 123 45 67 # Call key

Deactivate: Check status: ##61# *#61# Call key Call key

Call forwarding on busy: **67* instead of **61* Call forwarding when mobile phone is switched off: **62* instead of **61* Directly forward all calls: **21* instead of **61*





Notes ­ If you wish to accept a third call, you must end one of the calls you are already dealing with. ­ If you have activated "Call forwarding on no reply", you must accept an incoming call within 20 seconds. ­ If both "Call forwarding on busy" and "Call waiting / hold / brokering" are activated, a second call will not be forwarded.

Notes ­ The 61, 62 and 67 call forwarding options can be activated simultaneously. ­ SMS and MMS messages are not forwarded. ­ ##XY# deletes both the service and the corresponding telephone number. ­ Call forwarding cannot be activated if incoming and outgoing calls are barred. 4.3 Caller line identification If you do not want people you call to see your number on their display, you can suppress caller line identification presentation (CLIP): ­ Suppress CLIP for this call only: Enter #31# before the telephone number. ­ Suppress CLIP permanently: Either request this by calling our hotline (0800 55 64 64) or use the relevant function on your mobile phone (see user guide). Notes ­ When calling another country or making calls while abroad, your number may be displayed even if CLIP is suppressed. ­ Caller line identification cannot be suppressed for SMS and MMS. 4.4 Itemised billing If you would like to keep track of your calls on a monthly basis, you can request free itemised bills by calling our hotline on 0800 55 64 64.

5. What to do if you lose your mobile phone

What you should do and how to avoid losing lots of money. Act quickly 1. Call our 24-hour hotline (0800 55 64 64) immediately to block your SIM card. 2. On the latest generation of mobile phones, we can block the handset itself rather than the SIM card. If your mobile phone turns up again, it can be unblocked. 3. Report the theft to the police. Most importantly, give them the mobile phone's IMEI number (see below). Security measures ­ Do not store your PIN and PUK codes together with your mobile phone. ­ Keep the PIN code activated to block unauthorised access to your SIM card. ­ Retrieve the electronic serial number (IMEI) of your mobile phone by entering *#06#, note this down and keep it in a safe place.




6. How to reach us

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd Contact Center Mobile CH-3050 Berne Hotline In Switzerland: 0800 55 64 64 (freephone number) From abroad: +41 62 286 12 12 (subject to charge) Internet English 19



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