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Title: Scope of Service Operating Room (Surgery) Revised: 04/09 Page: 1 of 2 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE: The Operating Room (Surgery) works in conjunction with the Anesthesia Department, Surgical Preop Area, and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in providing continuity of care through pre-operative assessment and preparation, intra-operative intervention and post-operative evaluation. LOCATION: There are a total of 18 operating rooms functioning at Southwest Washington Medical Center. The main operating room suite (Surgery) is located on the second floor of the Firstenburg Tower in the Medical Center and consists of 13 surgical suites. The Cardiovascular surgery suites (2) are located on the first floor of the Firstenburg Tower co-located with the Cardiac Cath Labs. In addition, 3 surgical suites are also in operation in the Mother Joseph operating room, on the second floor in the Mother Joseph Building and 2 surgical suites in the Cardiovascular area. HOURS OF SERVICE: Seven days a week/24 hours a day SERVICES PROVIDED: Patient care for all types of surgical procedures Includes all specialties except transplant procedures ADMISSION/DISCHARGE CRITERIA: Upon entering the OR patients have been admitted by their surgeon and evaluated and cleared by an anesthesiologist for their surgical procedure. Patients are discharged from the OR at the completion of the surgical procedure, when the anesthesiologist determines the patient is ready to be transferred to PACU or the receiving unit. STAFFING PLAN: The staffing plan is based on the following: Scheduled staff sufficient to provide care for the anticipated daily Surgical Schedule volume based on AORN Recommended Standards. Staff sufficient to meet core staffing needs and nonproductive replacement. Each OR suite is staffed with a minimum of 2.5 staff with a minimum of one RN · The RN is always assigned the circulating role. · Assigned staff may be increased to provide additional help as needed to cover specialty procedures requirements.

Title: Scope of Service Operating Room (Surgery)

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Staffing for weekends is based on support to 3 ORs for Saturday from 0700 to 1900 and 2 ORs on Sundays from 0700 to 1900. After 1900 there is one nurse in-house and 2 surgical teams of one circulator and one scrub on-call for Saturdays. On Sundays there is one circulator and one scrub team in house from 1900 to 0700, and one surgical on-call team. All holidays are supported by 2 on-call teams 24/7. A Nursing Team Lead is on duty 24/7 during the weekdays. A charge nurse is on duty 24/7 in 12 hour shifts on weekends. Support staff include: · Operating Room Assistants · Anesthesia Technicians/LPNs · Secretaries · Computer Specialist · Surgery Schedulers · Transporters · Nurse Specialists · Supply Coordinators ASSIGNMENT OF PATIENT CARE: Assignments are based on staff experience, competencies, and acuity of patients Assignments are the responsibility of the Team Leader in coordination with the Nurse Specialists and the Education Coordinator for student and intern assignments.


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