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Room A Space Debris I 17-A-1 (4) 9:00- 9:20 Relation between fracture of ceramics under high-velocity projectile impact and mechanical properties [] [] 9:20- 9:40 Fracture of mortar with PE fiber under high-velocity projectile impact. [] [17-1] 9:40- CFRP 10:00 Oblique Hypervelocity Impacts on CFRP Plates [JAXA] [] Room B Shock Wave Interactions I 17-B-1 (4) Numerical simulation of shock-induced motion of solid objects and its validation [] Room C High-Enthalpy &Plasma Flows I 17-C-1 (4) Spectroscopic Measurements of Low-pressure Nitrogen Micro-plasmajets [][ ] [] Vacuum Ultraviolet spectroscopy of molecular nitrogen behind a shock wave [] [JAXA ]

Internal structure of triple shocks intersection []

Neumann reflection over curved bodies in shock tubes [] [ ]

N2 1+ Radiative Characteristics of N2 First Positive Bands in Microwave-discharged Nitrogen Plasma at Low Pressure [] [] C2 SWAN Measurement of temperature in C2 SWAN band of carbon dioxide arcjet [] [ ] []

10:00 CFRP Fracture of CFRPs with different mechanical properties 10:20 under high velocity projectile impact []

Fundamental study on the terrain effect of shock wave over a wedge ] []

10:20 10:30 [17-2] Space Debris II 17-A-2 (4) 10:30 Shape Distribution of Fragments From Micro-satellite 10:50 Impact Testing [] 10:50 11:10 Micro-Satellite Impact Test to Investigate Multi-Later Insulation Fragments [] Pulse Detonation Engine I

Break High-Enthalpy & Plasma Flows II

17-C-2(4) Absolute number density distribution measurement of atomic oxygen in an arc heated wind tunnel flow [JAXA/] [ / Efficiency Analysis of Rotating Detonation Engine []Wolanski, Ablation Experiments of SiC-based Materials in Air Plasma Piotr [] [ISAS/JAXA] Freejets - Surface Observations of Ablated Materials [] [] High-density MHD energy conversion in a high-temperature inert-gas plasma []

17-B-2 (4) Fundamental Aspects of Rotating Detonations [FF]

11:10 Detonation Propagation in Rectangular-bent Tube 11:30 Impact Damage of Spherical Aluminum Projectiles by [] Hypervelocity Impact on Single-Ply High-Strength Ceramic [] Fabrics [] 11:30 Whipple Nano-fragmentation of mullite ceramics and its application 11:50 to Whipple shield bumper [][ ][] Numerical investigations on the stability of spinning detonation with one-step reaction model [] Lunch 13:00 13:05 13:05 13:55 [Room S] [Room S]

Magnetoplasmadynamic Simulation of Magnetoplasma Sail [JAXA][] [][]

13:55 14:35

[Room S] CFRP

14:35 14:45 Space Debris II 17-A-3 (5) [17-3] 14:45 15:05 Proposal of debris removal method using interaction between space plasma and net electrode [ ] Pulse Detonation Engine II

Break Supersonic Flows I 17-C-3 (5) Experimental and numerical investigations of unsteady flows at 2Dnozzle throat [] [] []

17-B-3(4 ) (40) Initiation of Detonation Related to Shock Waves []

15:05 15:25 Threshold of Sustained Arc due to Space Debris Impact on Solar Array [] [] [] 15:25 15:45 The influence of a nickel sheet film on the high-speed crater formation ofaluminum alloys [] DDT Numerical Analysis on Combustion Wave Propagation from Ignition Source and DDT Process []

Effects of Downstream Disturbances on Flow Fields in a Critical Nozzleat Low Reynolds Numbers [ ] KIM Heuy Dong[Andong National University Korea]

Restricted Shock Separation Flow Pattern Observed in Over-Expanded Condition of Rocket Nozzle and the Sideload in Relation to this Flow Pattern [JAXA]

15:45 16:05 The Energy Dumping Estimation For Modeling Of Material Penetration [] 16:05 16:25 Performance evaluation of Small-sized Two-Stage Light Gas Gun dedicated to Four-Stage Light Gas Gun [] 16:25 16:35 [17-4] Shock Waves in Complex System I 17-A-4 (5) 16:35 Shock interaction and pressure generation of micro-bubbles 16:55 [] [ ]

Mechanism of Change in Detonation Cell Size in Spherical Detonation []

Relation between formation of Restricted Shock Separation Flow Pattern and Rocket Nozzle design and working condition [JAXA] LICT ART LICT Hybrid ART for the shock waves spouted from two holes.LICT Hybrid ART for the shock waves spouted from two holes []

Study on Propagation Characteristics of Gas-DetonationDrive Shock Waves [] []

Break Experimental Techniques II 17-B-4 (5) Preliminary Experiments on Rainbow Schlieren Optical Techniques [ ] Supersonic Flows II 17-C-4 (5) Study of Unsteady Supersonic Jet using Shock Tube with Small High-Pressure Chamber [][ ] [] Ballistic Range Interior and Transitional Ballistics Simulations within Ballistic Range []

16:55 High speed water entry 17:15 []

Background Oriented Background-Oriented Schlieren Visualization of shock waves using Background-Oriented Schlieren method

17:15 17:35 Observations on impact phenomena of projectile on three dimensional particle packing (Changes of the crater shape with impact phenomena of projectile) []

Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) CT Computed tomographic density measurement of supersonic flow field around a circular cone model by Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) technique Nurul Hazwani Binti [] High-speed embossed radiography utilizing flash x-rays [] [ ] [] [ ]

Effect of trancated cones on drag reduction using repetitive energy depositions in supersonic flow []

17:35 17:55 DEM analysis on projectile penetration behavior into three dimensional particle packing [ ]

Attenuation of sonic booms due to real gas effects of atmosphere []

17:55 18:15 Observation of Dynamic Fracture of Spherical Al Projectiles by Hypervelocity Impact onto Light-weight Ceramic Bumpers [] [ ]

Irradiation of monochromatic x-rays and applications [][ ][]

Velocity measurement of a supersonic flow using phosphorescence emitted from acetone molecules []


Room A [18-1] Shock Waves in Condensed Matter Room B Pulse Detonation Engine III Supersonic Flows III 18-C-1 (6) Structure and Oscillation Phenomena of the Internal Supersonic Flows with Shock Waves in a Supersonic Rectangular Intake [] Room C

18-A-1 (6) 18-B-1 (6) 9:00- 9:20 Numerical Simulations on Large Deformation and Fracture A study on laser initiation of detonation in a combustible of Metals supersonic flow by Using Tanimura-Mimura Constitutive Model [] [] [] 9:20- MgO 9:40 Measurement of Hugoniot-compression curve of MgO single crystal [] 9:40- Eu2+ 10:00 Fluorescence spectra of europium halides under shock compression [] 10:00 10:20 Cryogenic temperature high-speed impact characteristic of Magnesium alloy by shield material thickness change [] [] 10:20 CFD-LagrangeEuler40 10:40 Numerical Study on the Shock Wave in Condensed Matter and CFD, Lagrangian and Eulerian Hydrodynamics [()] Behavior of Detonation Wave Propagated into Gas Interface of Different Equivalence Ratio []

A basic study of aerodynamic characteristics on the modified double wedgeairfoilin a cryogenic wind tunnel [] Flow Characteristics around a Concave Body in Supersonic Flows []

Studies of detonation transformation on a detonation chamber with a reflecting board [] [ISAS/JAXA] [] Study on Visualization of Oblique Detonation Wave around a Hypervelocity Projectile [] [] Shock-Induced Combustion Numerical Simulation on Low Frequency Phenomena of Shock-Induced Combustion []

Visualization of temperature oscillation in a supersonic cavity flow by the laser-induced fluorescence method [] Interaction of Supersonic Condensing Jets with the Resonance Tube ALAM Miah Md. AshrafulMATSUO Shigeru HASHIMOTO TokitadaSETOGUCHI Toshiaki [Saga University]

10:40 11:00

Numerical Analysis on the Mechanism of Detonation Velocity Deficit at Low Pressure [] [ISAS/JAXA] [] Break 2 [Room S]

Three dimensional effect of a supersonic busemann biplane on start process [ ]

11:00 11:20 11:20 12:10

12:10 13:20 13:20 13:40 13:40 14:40


[Room S]

Glass Memorial Award Lecture[Room S] Strong Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter Vladimir E. Fortov Institute of Thermal Physics of Extreme States, Joint Institute of High Temperatures of Russian Academy of ScienceRussia

14:40 14:50 [18-2] Laser Shock Waves I 18-A-2 (4) 14:50 Fundamental Experiments on Wave-Front Structure of 15:10 Laser-Driven Detonation [] [] 15:10 Laser Power Dependency of the Structure of a Laser 15:30 Supported Detonation Pulse Detonation Engine IV

Break Impact Science and Technology 18-C-2 (4) Dynamic strength and compression properties of concrete under shock loading [ ] Formation of carbon-bearing materials in volcanic rocks: phlogopites in basalts from Shimonoseki-City, Yamaguchi []

18-B-2 (4) Research on an Intermittent Flow Operation and a Turbine [] [JAXA]

Performance Validation of a Pulse Detonation Engine System Using Inflow-Drive Valve [] [JAXA] [IHI]

15:30 Multiple shock compression of diamond with Intense Laser Development of Compact High-Power Heat Source by 15:50 Pulse-Detonation Technology [ ] [] [] [] [] 15:50 X MHD 16:10 X-ray scattering measurements on diamond under laserNumerical Simulation of Two-dimensional MHD Flow in a driven shock compression Pulse-Detonation-Driven MHD Electrical Power Generator []G.Gregori [ [] ]A. Benuzzi-Mounaix M. Koening[ ]D.Riley[]Katerina Strakova[] J.Wark [] []

Formation of chlorine-bearing materials in terrestrial & extraterrestrial materials formed by shock-metamorphism []

Carbon-and chlorine-bearing materials in Mars : Underground fluids and meteorite fossils related with shock metamorphism []


16:10 16:20 Laser Shock Waves II 18-A-3 (5 ) 16:20 16:40 Drag Reduction in Supersonic Flow using Laser Energy Deposition over a Blunt Body [ ] Pulse Detonation Engine V 18-B-3 (5 )

Break Shock Waves in Complex System I 18-C-3 (5) 40 Deformation and Fracture of Solids due to High-speed Impact Loading []


PDE Reduction Effect of Driver Gas Usage by using a PDE Initiator with a Conic-Shaped Reflecting Board []

16:40 Gasdynamic Interference between Tubes in Two-Tube Pulse 17:00 Discussion on the propagation and reflection of laserDetonation Engine induced shock wave near liquid-solid boundary [] [] 17:00 Experimental study of laser-induced bubble formation in 17:20 the pressurized water Experimental Evaluation of Heat Transfer and Friction [] Losses in Pulse Detonation Engines [ [ [] [ [ [] ] ] 17:20 Visualization of Pulse-Laser-Induced Plasma Behavior 17:40 M. Rizal Rosli Naoya OgitaAtsushi Matsuda Akihiro Sasoh [Nagoya University] - Experimental Investigation for Net Thrust Performance of Pulse Detonation Engines Using Fuel-Air Mixture [] [] [ ] Numerical analysis on detonation tube for simulating the rocket combustion gas ]

Characteristics of in-plane shock absorption of honeycombs [ ] FRP Dynamic Behavior of FRP Plate under Blast Loading [ ]

17:40 LEO type Atomic Oxygen facility development using CO2 18:00 pulse laser Danish Noor []

Whipple Investigation on the ballistic limit equations for the Whipple bumper shield []

18:30 20:30



Room A [19-1] Laser Shock Waves III 19-A-1 (5) Measurements of shock waves produced by TEA CO2 laser ablation in atmospheric conditions John E. Sinko[The University of Alabama in Huntsville] Chemical Reaction 19-B-1 (5) Nonequilibrium calculation of H2-He flowfield behind a shock wave [] Development of the Detailed Reaction Mechanism on Isobutane Combustion [] [ ] [] [] A Study on Soot Formation Process in Hydrocarbon Pyrolysis using a Shock Tube [] [] HIEST Numerical study on nozzle flows of high enthalpy shock tunnel HIEST (Themo-chemical non-equilibrium modeling) [JAXA] Room B Room C High-Enthalpy & Plasma Flows III 19-C-1 (5) Flow characterization of high enthalpy shock tunnel based on shock stand-offdistance [JAXA][] [JAXA] HIEST Wind tunnel test of hypersonic boundary layer transition in the impulsive facility HIEST [JAXA] An Experimental and Numerical Study on Thermal Response of Ablators [] [JAXA] [] [] [] Study on Hypersonic Flow around Flare-type Aeroshell with Torus Frame [ISAS/JAXA][] [ISAS/JAXA]



Calculation of Impulse Generated by Pulse Laser Ablation on Polyacetal [ ] Generation of supersonic liquid jet by laser ablation and decay characteristic of jet velocity [ ] [ ] []


10:00- 10:20 Measurement of laser-ablation impulse generated on preheated polymer materials [] [ ]

10:20- Shock wave and vapor plume measurements for area 10:40 scaling in laser propulsion H+O2+M=HO2+M Pressure Recovery of Hypersonic Free Jet John E. Sinko[The University of Alabama in Huntsville] Constructing of H2/O2 chemical reaction model under high [] pressure states: modifying the rate coefficient of H+O2+M=HO2+M [] ISAS/JAXA [] [ISAS/JAXA] [] [JEDI/JAXA] 10:4011:00 11:0011:50 Break (3) [Room S]


[] Lunch CO2SFRP ablation behavior of SFRP Ablator under CO2 arcjet flows. [] [][IHI] Measurement of the valve opening velocity of a diaphragmless driver section for a small diameter shock tube [ ] Background Oriented Schlieren(BOS) Quantitative measurement of supersonic flow field around an asymmetric model using Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS) technique Nurul Hazwani Binti [] Effect of projectile shape on penetration behavior into particle packing [] Numerical simulation of Laser induced bubble and water jet []


Performance measurement of laser ablation fine particle propulsion [] Impulse Generation by Laser Irradiation on Aluminum Target []

Determination of EOS in various liquidsDetermination of EOS in various liquids [] [] Background-Oriented Schlieren Visualization of vortices discharged from open-end of a shock tube using Background-Oriented Schlieren method []

Pressure measurement in a water container impacted by a Visualization of starting process of a Laval nozzle installed projectile in a shock tube. Studies on Ignitions of Gasoline Surrogate Fuels in a HighPressure Shock Tube [] [] [] Detonation Properties of Hydrogen-Oxygen-SteamDevelopment of combustion code and its application to Interaction between diffusion flame formed over detonation waves Mixtures at High Initial Pressures [] combustible solid [] [IHI] and laser-induced blast wave [] Wall-Ablative, Laser-Driven In-tube Accelerator Temperature effect on hypervelocity impact perforation [] phenomena in aluminum alloy [] Experimental investigation on laser-induced shock wave and single bubble near a metal plate in liquid nitrogen Optical visualization of supersonic jets []


Laser Shock Waves IV 19-A-2 (4) 13:20- 13:40 Measurements of spatially resolved particle velocity of laser-shocked materials using a line-imaging ORVIS [ ] [] [] 13:40- XII 14:00 Development of Recovery Experiment using GXII LASER [ ] [] []

Experimental Techniques I 19-B-2 (4) Investigation of Operating Characteristics of an Ultra Small Shock Tube for High-energy Molecular Beam Source [] A preliminary study on the diaphragmless shock tube for transonic airfoil testing []

High-Enthalpy & Plasma Flows IV 19-C-2 (4) Force Measurements using semi-Free Flight Method of Blunt Cone Model in the HIEST High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel [JAXA] Numerical Analysis of Re-Entry Flows and Comparison with High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel Results [JAXA]

14:00- XVISARSOP 14:20 Development of simultaneous hard x-ray radiography with Small model experiment on tunnel pressure wave problem VISAR/SOP shock diagnostics of a limited express in the conventional line [] []M.Koenig LULIEcole polytechnique]T. Vinch [Commissaraita I'Energie Atomique(CEA]W.Nazarov[University of St, Andrews] []

Plasma flow simulations in constrictor-type and segmented-type arc heaters []

14:20- 14:40 Hugoniot measurement of liquid hydrogen by laser-induced Development of square-bore ballistic range [] shock compression [] [] [] [] [] [( ] [] []

CARS4-5km/s Measurement of vibrational and rotational temperature distributions behind strong shock waves from 4 to 5 km/s by CARS spectroscopic measurement system [ ]

14:4014:50 [19-3] Shock Wave InteractionsII 19-A-3 (3) 14:50- 15:10 Characteristics of Propagating Compression Wave in a Very Long Tube [] Energetic Materials

Break High-Enthalpy & Plasma Flows V 19-C-3 (4) Suppression of Feedback Loop between Two Bodies Due to Fence at Hypersonic Speed []

19-B-3 (4) Fundamental study on electrical propulsion system using wire explosion phenomenon []

15:10- 15:30 Pressure propagation of explosion in high-viscosity fluid [] [ ()] []

Blast propagation from an underground magazine []

Surface heat flux visualization on a blunt-nosed body with an aerospike in hypersonic flow using TemperatureSensitive Paint [] [ISAS/JAXA] [ARD/JAXA] []

15:30- Weak shock wave distortion 15:50 The influence of turbulence on weak shock wave distortion Jae Hyung KIM Atsushi Matsuda Akihiro Sasoh [Nagoya University]

Explosion of Small Amount of explosive and the Application Engine Configuration Consideration based on Aerodynamic to Metal Bonding Effect of Shock-Wave Interaction in a Scramjet Engine [] [] [] Observation of shock induced reaction in liquid energetic material [() ] [] Measurement of test free-stream static pressure in the High Enthalpy ShockTunnel(HIEST) [JAXA]



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