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Synapse Decisions, LLC expert consultants will help your organization inspire the innovative potential that already exists in your workforce. Our workshops and seminars are highly interactive and memorable. Participants will be provided tools and techniques useful in the identification of problems to be solved, opportunities to be seized, idea generation and creation, as well as implementation of action plans. Organizations interested in a dynamic future vision and outstanding competitive impact will benefit from our Creative Problem Solving (CPS) experience. Workshops and seminars are fully customized to fit the specific needs and interests of your organization.

Creative Problem Solving

The Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process has been effectively researched and evolved by scholars and practitioners for over 50 years. The CPS process is a framework that arms individuals and/or groups with tools and techniques to: · Systematically identify appropriate opportunities/problems. · Generate many, varied and unusual solutions to opportunities/problems. · Quantitatively analyze and select effective solutions. · Design and implement action plans. The foundation of Creative Problem Solving lies in the strategic use of both generative and evaluative thinking techniques. Generative thinking sessions empower participants to produce many, varied and unusual solutions. Evaluative thinking sessions are used to analyze, refine and select from among alternative solutions. In its most basic form, CPS begins with a "fuzzy" situation and ends with a fully implementable plan of action. However, a solution-seeker may "plug" into CPS at any level appropriate for the current situation.

Who We Are - Toni S. McNutt, Ph.D. (Idea Practitioner)

Toni has a passion for the spontaneous combustion achieved when people recognize their own creativity and the powerful influence it can have in their professional and personal lives. She specializes in the training of applied creativity and facilitation of project development and strategic planning utilizing creative problem solving methods. Toni teaches university level courses in creativity and innovation in business as well as marketing. Her practitioner and academic marketing backgrounds accommodate a unique perspective toward the application of creativity in the workplace. Toni is fully certified in the Kirton Adaption Innovation Theory and Inventory. She is also a member of the Creative Education Foundation, the American Society of Training and Development, the International Association of Facilitators, and is listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Toni holds a Ph.D. and BBA in Marketing, and an MS in Marketing Research.

Who We've Helped

· Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention · Argonaut Insurance · Business Control Systems · CareFlite · EDS · Healthcare Information Management Systems and Information Society · Lockheed Martin Vought Systems · 7-Eleven, Inc. · 6th Annual North Texas UN Conference on Women · Viscern

What We Can Do For You

Synapse Decisions, LLC is committed to assisting professionals in accessing the power of individual and team-based creativity. By improving creativity in the work environment, companies enjoy a more productive staff and are better able to overcome challenges quickly and effectively. A variety of program formats are available to offer you the ideal resolution to your unique situation including: Interactive Workshops, Custom Facilitation, Brown Baggers, Creative Style and e-Storming. Please explore each of these topics to see which best addresses your specific situation. Interactive Workshops Interactive Workshops are designed for individuals, groups or teams that need to find innovative solutions to opportunities in a competitive marketplace. Participants will learn the basics of the highly successful Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process. Tools and techniques for idea generation, development and implementation will be employed to foster individual and group creativity. Key benefits include: · Experience highly interactive sessions · Recognize personal and group creativity · Develop skills to yield creative ideas fast · Acquire a systematic approach to effective problem solving · Apply skills to achieve productive meetings · Move ideas into action and implementation Custom Facilitation Custom Facilitation services are designed to address complicated issues such as new product development, strategic breakthroughs and general business planning. Any group that needs to create real breakthroughs will benefit from Custom Facilitation. We will custom design facilitated problem solving sessions to allow your team to access creative insights resulting in productive and actionable solutions. Key benefits include: · Nurture and renew team creativity · Maintain a collaborative environment · Experience efficient and productive meetings · Develop clear objectives and expectations · Build consensus among team members · Solve challenges, innovate and implement solutions Brown Baggers A Brown Baggers experience is useful as an extended working lunch. Session times range from one to three hours. Participants should be prepared for a dynamic, highly interactive session. The foundation of individual and organizational creative problem solving will be explored in this timely, high-impact session. Think of it as the new "power lunch."

Key benefits include: · Explore options for idea generation · Understand habit-bound thinking · Turn problems into opportunities for achievement · Learn to judge potential options affirmatively for strong, actionable solutions Creative Style - KAI Creative style or KAI (Kirton Adaptor-Innovator Inventory) measures preferred style of problem-solving, decision-making and creativity. The KAI theorizes that people prefer to solve problems, make decisions and be creative in a stable and characteristic way, along a continuum from more adaptive to more innovative. Both adaptive and innovative styles produce distinctive and different patterns of behavior. Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses within a given situation. The KAI has been used by practitioners, consultants and scholars in areas such as: · Assessment and selection · Team building and re-building · Enhancement of group cohesion and effectiveness · Diversity management · Change management · Consumer behavior · Understanding concepts of problem-solving and creative thinking e-Storming e-Storming or facilitated problem-solving via the Internet lets groups "meet" asynchronously to explore market challenges and opportunities. This program is a perfect solution for groups that could benefit from Creative Problem Solving but cannot easily assemble in one central location.

Why It Works!

Use of Creative Problem Solving techniques will foster a safe, open and supportive environment for team members, empowering the creative intellect of each. A common language for developing solutions to challenges will be shared. An overall process structure results in effective use of human and fiscal resources. Synapse Decisions' experienced facilitators have keen listening and observation skills necessary for process management, energizing a group, maintaining focus, resolving conflict, gathering information and building consensus. An outside, objective perspective can revitalize a group that has become static or deeply entrenched in habit-bound thinking. External facilitators maintain a position of neutrality enabling differences in perspectives and inconsistencies to be highlighted. ROI: When used effectively, facilitated Creative Problem Solving sessions can lower costs through reduced time frames, increased team collaboration and delivery of more robust yet targeted solutions with greater levels of individual commitment and group synergy.

How Long Will It Take?

Training workshops are designed for a maximum of 15 people and may be presented in a 2- or 3-day format. Facilitation services, both on site and e-Storming, are custom designed to fit the needs of each organization. Brown Bag lunch experiences are presented in 1-3 hour formats. Creative Style (KAI) Inventory may be applied either as a stand-alone piece or integrated into the design of Creative Problem Solving events.

Contact Synapse Decisions, LLC

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