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Lumax and Lexar Corn Herbicides Headline Early-season Weed Control Battle

With the demand for corn increasing, growers know they have to take all necessary precautions to protect yield. Controlling weeds early is important to the health of the corn, and managing weeds throughout the season is critical to maximizing yield potential and profit. Allowing weeds to be present in the field during the growing season means the corn plant will have to compete for necessary water and nutrients in the soil, but two products from Syngenta ­ Lumax® and Lexar® corn herbicides ­ have placed themselves at the forefront of this early-season battle against weeds. Research from the University of Guelph, Ontario, reveals the environment in which a corn seedling grows is more significant than previously thought for protecting yield. Corn plants can actually detect the presence of weeds at emergence and will change their growth pattern in response. Weeds actively growing with the corn crop will alter the light quality surrounding the developing corn seedlings, which causes irreversible yield loss that cannot be overcome through later-season post-emergence control. In response to changes in light quality, research suggests the corn seedling adopts a shade avoidance growth strategy. This natural defense mechanism causes the plant to grow taller stalks and wider leaves to better compete for light. But because plants have a limited growth capacity, reallocating more carbon and other resources into above-ground growth leaves fewer resources for root growth, which compromises yield potential. In the presence of weeds, the corn seedling also shifts its leaf orientation by reducing the amount of leaves perpendicular to the row. This change in leaf orientation results in slower canopy closure and reduced ability to shade out weeds. The development of weak roots and random leaf orientation will negatively affect yield. Controlling weeds early, before root growth and leaf orientation are affected, is a critical step toward maximizing yield potential in corn, which affirms the need for effective pre-emergence herbicides. As the number of growers choosing glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids (Agrisure® GT or Roundup Ready®) increases, it is important to remember glyphosate alone does not protect yield. The highest yielding, most agronomically sound herbicide program for glyphosate-tolerant corn is a pre-emergence application of Lumax or Lexar herbicides followed by Touchdown® (if needed). A pre-emergence application of Lumax or Lexar will significantly reduce weed populations throughout the growing season because of the highly effective residual control they deliver. And, the use of Lumax or Lexar may eliminate the need for a post-emergence application of Touchdown. If a post-emergence application of Touchdown is necessary, Lumax or Lexar widens the window for the application, allowing growers greater flexibility. The season-long residual control these products provide is powered by mesotrione, the foundation of Callisto Plant Technology® and the active ingredient in Callisto®. Even broadleaf species that germinate over an extended period of time, such as waterhemp, giant ragweed and lambsquarters, are no match for the Callisto family of brands. While glyphosate herbicides will

control emerged weeds at the time of application, they lack residual control. Since all weeds do not emerge at the same time, relying solely on these herbicides can cause significant yield reduction. However, Lumax and Lexar control weed flushes throughout the season, which saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple, post-emergence glyphosate applications. ###

For more information, visit or call the Syngenta Customer Center at 1-866-SYNGENTA (866796-4368). © 2008 Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Greensboro, NC 27409. Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using any Syngenta products. Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. warrants that its products conform to the chemical description set forth on the products' labels. NO OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, SHALL APPLY TO SYNGENTA'S PRODUCTS. Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. neither assumes nor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth herein. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION, INC. BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OR HANDLING OF ITS PRODUCTS. No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any relevant patent now or hereafter in existence. Lumax and Lexar are Restricted Use Pesticides. Agrisure®, Callisto®, Callisto Plant Technology®, Dual Magnum®, Flexstar®, Lexar®, Lumax®, PrefixTM Resistance FighterTM and Touchdown®, Touchdown Total® and the Syngenta logo are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company. Roundup® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks of Monsanto Company LLC.


Lumax and Lexar Corn Herbicides Headline Early-season Weed Control Battle

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Lumax and Lexar Corn Herbicides Headline Early-season Weed Control Battle