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Fusilli Carbonara

6271530 7181050 5975271 6935464 0698118 4418752 9742446 LABELLA Pasta Fusilli Long AREZZIO Pancetta Half Ital Sty Bac AREZZIO Garlic Chopped In Oil WHLFARM Cream Heavy 40% Esl Stabilized AREZZIO Cheese Gorgonzola Crumbles Asparagus Fresh Std AREZZIO Cheese Parmesan Shaved Import 6/Oz 3/Oz 1/Tb 8/Oz 2/Oz 4/Oz 1/Oz

Recipe Instructions: 1. Boil water and add pasta; cook until tender. 2. Dice pancetta. 3. Steam asparagus until tender. 4. Saute pancetta, garlic. 5. Add cream, gorgonzola crumbles and bring to a boil. 6. Add cooked pasta and toss. 7. Place asparagus on plate and cover with pasta.


Fusilli Carbonara

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Fusilli Carbonara