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Cytel Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts Dr. Nitin Patel Development at Pune subsidiary, Cytel Statistical Software & Services Pvt. Ltd. Marketed by C-BIA, Pune, India and /, Washington DC, USA



About C-BIA

Division of Cytel Software India Pvt. Ltd. a company founded by the co-founders of Cytel Software Corporation ( , Massachusetts, USA:

Dr. Cyrus Mehta, a member of the faculty in the Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health since 1979; and Dr. Nitin Patel, a member of the faculty at MIT's Sloan School and the Operations Research Center since 1995. Previously, he was a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Group of 40 people in Pune, India with expertise in Analytics, Data Management and Software Development

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BI solutions

Design and development of data warehousing and OLAP ­ Online Analytical Processing - applications

Development of BI Tools

Custom designed tools for analytics using our library of analytical algorithms

Analytics services

On-site analytics services Remote computing based offshore analytics services Client specific analytics service on Internet


In-company and public programs in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics, including Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Product Marketing and Implementation Services

XLMiner ­ Data Mining add-in for Excel ProClarity ­ OLAP based Analytics tool



Management and Experts Panel

Management Mayank Shah Chartered Accountant Mayank has over 27 years' experience as Consultant, Executive and Academician in the field of MIS and BI applications for business. Mayank is Consultant and Director of Cytel Software India Pvt. Ltd. leading C-BIA activities and is a Visiting Professor at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research. Ajay Sathe PGDM, IIM, Ahmedabad Ajay has over 17 years' experience in IT industry specializing in Software Development and Technology Management. Ajay is Director of Cytel Software India Pvt. Ltd. and heads Quantlink Solutions Pvt. Ltd. engaged in statistical software development for Cytel Software Corporation, Cambridge, MA, USA. Shrikant Athavale Industrial Engineer Shrikant has nearly 36 years' experience in Industrial Engineering and Quality Management. Shrikant is Executive Director of Cytel Software India Pvt. Ltd. and spearheads the new initiatives in IT enabled services, especially in eLearning. Experts Panel Nitin Patel, Ph. D. Dr. Patel is a leading expert on the development of fast and accurate computer algorithms to implement computationally intensive statistical methods. Dr. Patel is Founder and Co-Chairman of Cytel Software Corporation, Cambridge, MA, USA and Visiting Professor. MIT Sloan School of Management. Sunil Lakdawala, Ph. D. Dr. Lakdawala has over 20 years' of consulting experience in IT applications for business including Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Dr. Lakdawala is a consultant in BI applications and is visiting professor at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research. V. Chandran, Aeronautical Engineering Chandran has over 22 years' experience in technology functions, including CTO positions in companies with sizeable software teams. Chandran is Vice President with Quantlink Solutions Pvt. Ltd. heading Technology Management function besides managing consulting assignments.



XLMinerTM is a comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel. Data mining is a discovery-driven data analysis technology used for identifying patterns and relationships in data sets.


Supervised Learning

Classification ­ predicts classes Prediction ­ predicts values

Unsupervised Learning

Clustering Dimension reduction Affinity


XLMiner ­ A Data Mining Tools

Data Management Sampling Model building

Classification Prediction Data reduction Data exploration Charts

Predicted Buyer = 1; Nonbuyer = 0 Predictor variables Gender Income Age

Y1... known Y2.....known

x11 x12 Model

x21.... x22....

xn1 xn2



.. x1i

.. x2i....

.. xni



Overview of Techniques - Classification


Discriminant Analysis Logistic Regression Classification Tree Naive Bayes Neural Network k-Nearest Neighbor Gives classification function Predicts probability of success; Gives subset selection of variables Gives a decision tree with rules of classification Works with categorical and non ordinal predictors Is very opaque but gives higher level of accuracy in many situations Groups cases into neighbors and assigns a class based on majority of cases in a neighborhood



Overview of Techniques - Prediction


Multiple Linear Regression Regression Tree k-Nearest Neighbors Gives predicted values based on Regression Model Gives a decision tree with rules of prediction Groups cases into neighbors and assigns a value based on majority of cases in a neighborhood Gives predicted values for given time periods based on trend model

Time series



Overview of Techniques ­ Unsupervised Learning

Clustering and Dimension Reduction

k-Means Clustering For given number of clusters ­ k value - develops clusters based on minimum distance between the cluster centers and the cases in the cluster. Builds, through successive steps, clusters by grouping cases having less dissimilarities and finally creating a single cluster. The user can choose the number of clusters corresponding to a distance measure. Creates new variables, called Principal Components, that are uncorrelated and that explain the majority of variability in the original data.

Hierarchical Clustering

Principal Components

Market Basket Analysis / Affinity

Association Rules Gives prediction of combinations of events that will occur together based on the past occurrences




Excel add-in






Some of the Commercial Users

Northrup Grumman National Institutes of Health Westing house (Savannah River) JD Powers NASA Bell Atlantic Pitney Bowes Centers for Disease Control Gillette, UK Monsanto ExxonMobil US Army FDA Experion National Inst. of Standards & Technology Fidelity Investments Blackstone Group More...




XLMiner ­ Pro is offered as a solution to enable completion of all Data Mining tasks and generate results directly usable by a business manager. The bundle includes following product and services:

XLMiner, an Excel add-in software that runs on Excel platform, using Excel as a user interface. XLMiner embeds world class Data Mining algorithms and leverages Excel's computational capabilities to create easy-to-use environment for business managers. The software has ability to connect with popular data bases such as SQL Server, Oracle and Access. Five user licenses are offered in a bundle. Two days training for developing XLMiner-Pro based application, with hands on exercises and Two days case study based on client data base. E-mail support services

Additional services:

Customization services to create data marts suitable for different applications of XLMiner-Pro (Per data mart) Customized interactive reporting features. Customized application development based on XLMiner- Pro.




Microsoft PowerPoint - XLMiner Introduction [Read-Only]

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