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th Update 20 April 2006

Current Pharmaceutical Inventory List

Tablet Process & Packing

Tablet Presses S36711 S38611 S22911 S23011 S12211 FETTE Model P2000, Datacontrol 2, Gratex Deduster, output 245000 pcs/h, 1987 FETTE Model P1, aprox Year 1955, 12 Station, max. 16 mm tablet diameter, die filling height max. 16 mm, spare parts, documentation, very good working condition KILIAN Model KIS, 1980, eccentric tablet press, div. formats 6,7,5,8 mm KILIAN Model RUD, 19661969, Rotary Tablet Press 17 punch. AMANDUS KAHL Pelletpress 33500, 1994, unused, 50300 kg/h, SS, press hydraulic, exelectr., documentation, 210 mm pellets (incl. components for 1 mm pellet) COURTOY R200, Tablet Press, Year 1993, 43 Station, used on antibiotic products COURTOY R190 Tablet Press, Year 1991, 30 Stations

S7553 S7554

Coating Equipment S51201 S57255 ACCELA COTA 150, all stainless construction, flame proof, film coating, year 1990 GLATT COATER 1500, all stainless construction, film coating, 1995

Tablet Filling S5521 KING ATLC TB4 Tablet Counting Line, all stainless construction, Suitable for tables and capsules up to 25mm in diameter, 6080 bottles per minute, Comprising Rotary Table, Bottle Cleaner, ATLC TB4 Unit, SAMA Capper for press on and Rotary caps, Eurokett Labeller, L Sealer and Heat Tunnel. KALISH Cotton Wool Feeders, Model ­ KOTNR 120, All Stainless GMP Construction, Twin Tube feed system, Gating mechanism. 1996 Granulation Drying & Blending S5122 S5123 S7762 S7763 S5125 S5599 GLATT IBC Blender, 600 litre capacity, 4 IBC containers on castors, 316L contact parts GLATT WSG CD V70 Fluid Bed Drier, flame proof control cabinet, capacity 100 kg, two product bowls, vertical explosion relief FREWITT Model NG633 Granulator, mounted on frame with castors, all Stainless, year 1990 GLATT Type WSG120/500 Year 1995 Fluid Bed Drier, %00 Litre Bowls DIOSNA P400 Mixer Granulator, 400 litre capacity, flame proof electrics, painted frame, contact parts GLATT Tray Drying Ovens, 250Kg load, two trolleys in line, perforated trays. All S/S construction.


S2126 S40709

GLATT WSG GPCG 120 Fluid Bed Drier all stainless, twin product filters, post hoist, mirror polish inside. 1995 hardly ever used. HUTTLIN Type HKC20 TJ Fluid Bed Drier/Coater, Lab Scale 35Kg Charge, year 1993. Blister Packing

S5591 S7633 S7740 S13412

UHLMANN UPS 300 Blister Packer, 1983, Brush box, Pacvision system year 1995, Happa over printer 1998, scrap shredder. CAM PARTENA Model M90/2 Blister Packing Line, year 1989, Complete with Cartoner and Overwrapper TRUBULL Model PM40 Automatic DeBlistering Machine, year 2000 Blister line Boch TLT 3060, 600 bl/min, Hapa coding device 208, cartoner Bosch CS4, 1991, Garvens SL 2 PM, 1991, Kiener ASK 450, 1994 Capsule Filling


BOSCH Model 400 Capsule Filler, year 1985, High Speed

Sachet Packing S7723 S7321 S7912 S7833 SIEBLER Type HM3/290, Year 1996, 5 lane, 4 side seal, various formats, 50x100mm 21,000 to 36,000 sachets per hour. VORPACK Sachet Line complete with two machines feeding single hot glue cartoner Type M100, Nordson Glue system, 150 double sachets per minute, Year 1991 WOLKOGON Duplex Sachet packing Machine, year 1983 SIEBLER Type 90 Twin Lane Strip Packer

Liquid & Cream Filling & Labelling

Liquid Filling S7740 FARMOMAC F57V Monoblock Liquid Filler, 4 dosing pump sets, Filling Station, Dropper insert station, Screw Capping Station, CIP, PLC Control, 6,000 Bottles /Hour 1991 CORINA Filling Line, feeding Table, Filling and Capping, 6 Formats from 60,150ml,250ml, various sizes of bottles. PKB Type Filling Line, 60ml120ml, 6 head complete Canister Filling Line 60011000ml Comprisinng KUGLER Type K54HR 6 Head Filler, Kugler K708 Capper, ANKER Wet Glue Labeller and Palletiser Year 1987 Tube Filling S7955 NORDEN M100 Tube Filler for Plastic and Laminate tubes, complete with cartooning machine, year 1981

S7888 S7903 S38210

Labelling S7533 S7944 NERI Type ETA300 Labeller for Bottles, 120140 bottles/min, 1984 SFE HPVI grande Vitesse, 250/min, year 1999


CARIBA Model PHB220 Horizontal Cartoner, Large Format 1000ml possible at 17 cycles/min.

Cartoning & Case Packing

S39415 S48115 CARIBA Model PHB220 Horizontal Cartoner, Large Format 1000ml possible at 17 cycles/min. MEURER Type CM/TA Tray Packer, Packing 12 Cans per carton, year 2000

Sterile Equipment

S7553 S7432 ROTA Model R920 ampoule filling machine for closed ampoules, 1982 Ampoule Filling: Complete Line for Filling Open Ampoules, Comprising Bosch Washer RUR D07, Bosch Tunnel TSQ W02, Bosch Filling & Closing AVR D04, 5 and 10ml 1982. Ampoule Filling: Complete Line for Filling Open Ampoules, Comprising Bosch Washer RUR D07, Bosch Tunnel TSQ W02, Bausch & Stroebel AFV 4015 Filling & Closing, 1,2,5 and 10ml 1986. Brevetti Model ALS18S Ampoule Inspection Machine, 7,500aph 1990 Brevetti Model ALS18S Ampoule Inspection Machine, 7,500aph 1993 Brevetti Model ATM Automatic Ampoule Inspection Machine, 18,000aph 1989 Bosch Type KLD 1040 Crack Detector for ampoules and vials, 2 & 5ml parts Fedegari Type F0F5 Autoclave, used for ampoules, trays etc, year 1991


S7271 S7272 S7283 S7284 S7275


S5511 S5512 S7761 S7654 S7321 S41003 NEWSMITH Washers model GK80 for general washing of pharmaceutical change parts etc.1998 NEW ENGLAND Machinery Bottle Blower Model ­ Mini 11 All Stainless GMP Construction Suitable for both Plastic & Glass Bottles Complete with bottle elevator PRB New Pocket Case Packer, Tape seal, several Change Parts MARDEN EDWARDS Cellophane Overwrapper Model BF110 SERVOLIFT, Product lifer, capacity 200Kg ERWERKA Suppository Line, small scale comprising Model SFD and BST Dosing and Sealing Machines, 5000 suppos/hour, year 1988


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