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summer 2011

A PublicAtion


tAcomA luther An retirement communit y foundAtion

Director's Message

The Silver TSunami and WhaT iT meanS for TlrC

term as we get new information from the 2010 US Census Data. We all know that the graying of America is here to stay! One of the more interesting tidbits I picked up in reading about our aging population is that centurions will be pretty commonplace. Some say that girls born today have a fifty percent chance of reaching 100! Now that's pretty exciting but not without the challenges of providing care and services for our aging population. A little more sobering is the sheer number of seniors that need help both medically and financially as they age.

If you haven't heard the term silver tsunami yet, you will be hearing a lot more about that

Ruthmarie Zimmerman with Oso, TLRC Therapy Dog.

Having worked in the senior housing industry for 5 years myself, I have never seen the importance of what the TLRC Foundation and TLRC as an entity does more than today. In talking to a good friend, she shared that many of her own good friends that are now retired or close to it are in a place they never thought they would be in. Working past retirement age, pinching pennies and wondering what later life will look like, is the new normal. George Elliot said it best. "What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?" Being a part of TLRC has been a real eye-opener for me. From helping nearly half the health center residents who rely on Medicaid for care, to building a Wellness Center, to continue to better each employee's life through scholarships, the list goes on and on. But there is a lot of work to do if we are to continue to keep up with the needs of our residents, our employees and the beautiful campus on which they work and live. So please join me and the Foundation as we heed the Silver Tsunami Warning Sirens by making life easier for all those who need our help. Call today to donate, 253-756-7560.

Ruthmarie Zimmerman, Director If you have any comments, please call us. Ruthmarie Zimmerman, Director, TLRC Foundation 253-756-7560 Robby Lanouette, Development Specialist 253-284-7508, Nancy Caldara, Foundation Assistant 253-284-7538

Resident Care Fund

Keeping Our Promise to Our Residents Seniors who have run out of money have very few options.


Because of their age, they are unable to get a job or find other means to support themselves. They served our community for decades, they did things right. They defended our freedoms, raised their families, led in the community, and served the church. These independent seniors worked hard their whole life and are now unable to provide for their own needs. This is one of the greatest tragedies of our day. These seniors built up a retirement account and now, because of medical costs and changes in the economy, it is suddenly all gone! A significant number of residents in our health center and on our campus have outlived their retirement savings, and rely on Medicaid and TLRC for all of their housing and health care needs. Because of low government reimbursements, the cost of serving Medicaid residents continues to be difficult for aging communities. Last year alone (2010) we wrote off over $1 million for those who could not pay their costs to live. In 2011, increased bed taxes will raise that number significantly. This huge deficit has ramifications for all of our residents and our campus. It makes our already tight budget even tighter and prevents us from doing some of the things we would love to do. You can contribute to the Resident Care Fund to help offset the costs associated with caring for Medicaid residents. The Resident Care Fund exemplifies the mission we were founded on over seventy years ago to serve Seniors in our community. For more information or to donate, call us at 253-756-7560 or donate on-line at

Contributions to the Resident Care Fund help us to Keep our Promise to provide for residents.

Donor Profile

T lrC h e l p i n g h a n d S

Making an Impact on the TLRC Campus

volunteers feel satisfaction for helping more people around TLRC. A driving force on campus, these resident volunteers stay busy.

As President Janie Hansen closes the meeting, the Helping Hands

Helping Hands is an all-resident, all-volunteer organization that supports TLRC. With over 70 residents involved on a regular basis, Helping Hands is an important part of the TLRC community. When a resident moves and the family has taken what they want, the remainder is donated to Helping Hands. What is left is organized by Helping Hands workers and a sale is scheduled, basically like an estate sale. They also have a showroom open every Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm on the third floor of the apartment building. Since 1984 these volunteers have given over $145,000 in gifts to projects such as sound systems, kitchen renovation, dishes, lighting, gardening supplies for the TLRC resident garden, and many more important projects around our campus. Talk about being able to make a difference around campus! Just this last year they contributed money for two new sidewalks around campus that provide more walking space for our residents. They also purchased additional exercise equipment for the Wellness Center. These hardworking residents have made a lasting contribution to our campus and we appreciate them!

A sidewalk extension grant from Helping Hands allows families to enjoy walks on campus.

Financial Insights

e v e r y b o dy

W i n S i n C h a r i Ta b l e g i v i n g


Everybody Wins in Charitable Giving

Cathy Kostelecky

ple who include their congregation or other institutions of the church (such as colleges, Bible camps and Lutheran social ministry organizations) in their giving plans. In addition to outright gifts of cash, there are many ways to make a gift in support of the Lutheran faith. These options include: will or trust bequests, beneficiary designation gifts (life insurance, annuities, trusts, IRAs or other legal contracts), life insurance gifts, investment gifts, gift annuities, traditional IRAs, charitable remainder trusts and more.

While giving is a very personal decision, there may be significant tax benefits for peo-

People don't need to be wealthy to take advantage of these potentially tax-advantaged giving means. However, they should always consult with legal and tax experts for advice before putting a plan into action or making a charitable gift. Cathy Kostelecky, a Financial Representative with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, in collaboration with your legal and tax advisors, can explain a variety of charitable giving techniques that are available. To ask for a free, no-obligation meeting, call 253-445-2423. Knowing the options that best fit one's financial circumstances can help ensure that both the donor and recipient organization are taking full advantage of the gift being given. Remember, everybody wins in charitable giving.

Planned Giving


Knowing Your IRA Beneficiary

to receive the balance of your IRA through your estate. Often individuals fail to update this form. It's important to know who the named beneficiaries are because it supersedes your will, and if not managed, your IRA might go to someone for which you do not intend. The form is easy to change by simply calling your financial services company. If you have planned to leave your IRA balance to children or others, you might want to consider the tax implications. Because a charity does not pay income and estate taxes, you can make a sizable gift to charity while saving your heirs the burden of a tax liability. Please consult your tax advisor for more information.

The beneficiary form that accompanies your IRA lists who is

Naming TLRC as a beneficiary can help serve both you and residents.

If you want to leave a legacy for both your children and your favorite charity, consider naming a charity such as TLRC as a beneficiary of your IRA, 401k, Stock, Life Insurance or the gift of your home. And if you do include TLRC in your will, please let us know so we can thank you!

For more information on leaving a legacy at TLRC, please contact the TLRC Foundation at 253-756-7560.

Donor Events

J o e S e p p i ' S T a k e ov e r

Two Successful Events


W aT S o n ' S n i g h T

with two fundraising events: Joeseppi's Takeover and Watson's Night Out.

Thank you for your support of TLRC through the busy month of April

Our Watson's Night Out was also a big success! With even more tickets sold this year, the 350 attendees shopped, mingled, and enjoyed a wonderful private event at Watson's Greenhouse & Nursery. With ticket sales and proceeds from the evening, we raised $6,000! Thank you to our wonderful supporters and Watson's! Get us on your calendar for next year: May 3, 2012.

For more information, please contact the TLRC Foundation at 253-284-7508 or donate on-line at

Watson's Greenhouse was overflowing with beautiful flowers.

With a constant flow of TLRC supporters, our 3rd Annual Joeseppi's Takeover raised nearly $3,000 through dinner proceeds, silent auction, and raffle. Attendees were graced by the hard work of our Board members who hosted, served and bussed tables enthusiastically throughout the evening. Thank you all who attended and made this another fantastic event!

The Joy of Giving

finanCial funnieS


Did you know?

TLRC Voted: Best Place to Work

(3 Years in a row!)

Runner-Up: Best Event and Best Non-profit

2011 ­South Sound Magazine

Family Circus Jeff and Bill Keane 11-23-09 Enthusiast Masthead Design: Al Abbott Enthusiast Design: CarrotStick Marketing

TLRC 2011 Board of Trustees

OFFICERS Chair Beverly McConaghy, Principal Financial Network Investment Corp Vice Chair Dick Beeson, Broker/Owner Windermere/Commencement Treasurer Karla McLane SVP Columbia Bank , Secretary Sally Ann McLean, Lay Minister St. Mark's Lutheran Church Past Chair J. David Snow Franciscan Foundaton MEMBERS Bruce Arneklev, Ed.D Psychologist, Retired Terry D. Arca Aqua Arca Wayne Campbell, Retired VP Total Door Supply , Gina M. Erni Windermere Real Estate/South Ann Fish VP Heritage Bank , Cathy Kostelecky Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Gay Landry, Owner Affairs Chocolates & Desserts Char Leone Citadel Patent Law Don Lloyd Rushforth Construction

T lrC f o u n d aT i o n

Sue Maniatis Maniatis Consulting Janet Monroe Franklin Pierce Schools Kathryn J. Nelson Superior Court Judge Allen C. Olson CEO, Rockmann Investment The Rev. Norman Orth TLRC Resident Andrea Peterson C.B. Richard Ellis, Sr. Assoc. Chuck Uhlman Developer Consultant Kathy Weller Albers & Company Steve Wright, President Wright Mature Market Services AdvISORy COMMIttEE Jonathan Edmonds Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Paul Ellingson, Pres/CEO Bargreen-Ellingson Eileen S. Peterson, Attorney Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell, Malanca, Peterson & Daheim EX OFFICIO The Rev. Lyle Miller Chair, Board of Governors Paul M. Opgrande President and CEO, TLRC dIRECtOR Ruthmarie Zimmerman TLRC Foundation

1st Annual TLRC Foundation/Rushforth Golf Classic

Thursday, August 18th 4:00 pm Highlands Golf Course

Contact the TLRC Foundation at 253-284-7508 for golf entry information.

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