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2009-2010 School Performance Report

Meeker Middle School

4402 Nassau Ave. NE · Tacoma, WA 98422 · 253-571-6500 Kevin Ikeda, Principal

Welcome to Jerry Meeker Middle School

During the 2009-2010 school year America continued its road to economic recovery, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and the Tacoma Public Schools attained national attention with its school reform efforts. Meeker, as part of these reform efforts, will continually work to support every student to reach their academic potential. Since Oct. 28, 1958, Meeker has had a focus on educational excellence, delivered from the middle school perspective. Middle school is neither the beginning nor the end. It is part of the 12-year journey to prepare our students for post secondary opportunities. It is a place to build a foundation of knowledge, study skills and organizational skills to help our students become ninth-grade ready. With 98 percent of our students going to Stadium High School, we are also focusing on building a vertical articulation that will help us better prepare our students to enter high school. It is also vitally important that the community share in the efforts to prepare Meeker students to be our future citizens and leaders. Students need to see how their education today relates to their jobs and careers of the future, and how their learning in the classrooms applies to businesses and community organizations in the world beyond school walls. We will continue to work for the betterment of our students. Go Wolverines, Kevin Ikeda Principal

Mission statement: "Educate, Inspire, Explore"

Meeker Middle School will be recognized for its safe and caring learning environment, promoting positive social development. Students will master the academic standards required for future success. Curriculum will be challenging and relevant, and will embrace diverse learning styles. Staff, parents and community will work collaboratively to enhance student achievement.

Working together: Home, school, and community

Communication: grades online, teacher SWIFT site, school Web site and ConnecEd messages are communication tools which keep parents informed and upto-date. Events such as Back-to-School Night and student-led conferences (SLC) are forums to meet with teachers, learn about curriculum and find out about individual student progress. Service: Meeker students were busy helping the community both locally and globally. We raised over $1,500 for breast cancer research. We collected over 15,000 pounds of canned food for the homeless. We supported an orphanage in Haiti with money raised by the student body and Drums for Haiti event. Caring, compassion and action are the words to describe the humanitarian efforts of our school. Parent Involvement: Our PTA is a strong, dedicated group of parents who support the school through their sponsorship. Parents give generously of their time to chaperone field trips, dances, serve at our barbecue lunches, give homework help and coordinate teacher appreciation events. This year parents fluent in Spanish gave support to our Spanish only table at lunch. Students who participated could only speak Spanish while eating lunch.

Test scores comparison

For 2010 Measurement of Student Progress and 2005-2009 Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) results and detailed demographic information about the Tacoma School District and its individual schools, please go to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Web site at, then click on the School Report Card link or go directly to:


Enrollment (October 2009) 237 Grade 6 252 Grade 7 256 Grade 8 745 Total

Measurement of Student Progress and Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) scores are listed for the last six years along with the state and district averages.

Grade 6 Year Meeker District State Grade 7 Year 05 75 58 69 06 78 54 62 Meeker District State Grade 8 Year Meeker District State 05 06 79 61 70 05 06 64 55 67 Reading 07 76 58 68 08 75 59 69 09 86 63 72 10 69 48 65 05 06 49 33 50 Mathematics 07 54 40 50 08 56 37 49 09 55 39 51 10 53 34 52 Writing 09 54 38 52 10 45 34 55 05 62 48 61 06 75 57 65 07 78 58 68 08 77 65 70 09 78 60 70 10 79 58 70

Reading 07 77 61 69 08 71 58 63 09 66 48 59 10 64 47 63 05 44 35 51 06 51 33 49

Mathematics 07 63 43 54 08 57 41 50


African American 97 13.0% 118 15.8% Asian 9 1.2% American Indian 67 9.0% Hispanic 11 1.5% Pacific Islander 443 59.5% White

Reading 07 75 55 65 08 77 59 66 09 77 62 68 10 69 58 69 05 06 51 35 49

Mathematics 07 53 36 50 08 60 41 52 09 54 38 51 10 56 35 52 05 43 06 41 28 43

Science 07 48 28 44 08 52 34 48 09 58 37 51 10 54 39 54


Administrators Classroom teachers Educational assistants PE specialist Librarian Music specialist Guidance Nurse Clerical Custodians Food servers LRC/TLC teacher Campus Security Instructional facilitator

2 32 6 3 1 2.2 2 1 3 4 6 3 1 .5

Free/reduced price meals (May 2010): 26.7% Unexcused absence: .1%

In 2010 Meeker will move to broaden the scope of technology in the classroom.

About our building and neighborhood

Jerry Meeker was a Puyallup Native American who is credited with initiating the transfer of Browns Point and Dash Point from King County to Pierce County. He was a visionary, community activist and supporter of education. We are honored to carry his name. The original school was built in 1958 and is now currently the site of Browns Point Elementary. The school was rebuilt at its current site in 1991. Jerry Meeker Middle School is nestled between the King County border and Commencement Bay. Its unique location has allowed the school to build a close-knit community with high expectations and strong support. Students, staff and community share pride in the Meeker Middle School campus. Our 40-acre site, built in 1991, is used after school hours by a number of community groups and sports organizations. Meeker is served by three local elementary schools (Crescent Heights, Browns Point and Northeast Tacoma) which allow us to focus on the K-8 learning experience for our students.

Student achievement

This was the first year for our new state assessment called Measurement of Student Progress (MSP). The MSP test will provide benchmarks for our students who will eventually have to pass the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) for graduation in their 10th grade year. All Tacoma Middle Schools piloted the online MSP testing program for Math and Reading. Meeker seventh graders also took the paper and pencil assessment for writing and Meeker eighth graders also took the paper and pencil assessment for Science. We expect to receive the results in early Fall.

Special programs at Meeker

Art Club Advanced art class Advanced PE class ASB Band programs for all grades Choral music for all grades Orchestra for all grades College Bound Scholarship Computer Counseling Creative writing/yearbook Dance Team (Sparx) Drumline ELL (English Language Learning) Finance Park (eighth grade) Highly Capable program Homework Café Honor Choir Intramural sports Jazz Band Leadership Math Club Music Club New Zealand exchange program Pre-engineering ­ CAD program PTA Reflections contest Robotics Spanish Sixth-grade Spanish (fee) SPARX, Metro Parks Special Education (LRC/Adjustment) Woodshop/production tech

Learning improvement

The primary focus of Jerry Meeker Middle School is student academic achievement. We have an excellent staff that is dedicated to high standards and academic rigor while cultivating positive relationships and mutual respect. Meeker is built around a team system which focuses on students with a core group of teachers who can collaborate to better meet the needs of the students. At the sixth-grade level, students are divided into two teams of five core subjects (math, language arts, social studies, science and physical education). In seventh grade, students are divided into two teams of four core subjects (math, language arts, social studies, and science). In the eighth-grade team, students are blocked in language arts and social studies and are placed in math and science courses. Meeker also offers a highly capable program at each grade level in the four core areas of math, language arts, social studies and science. A main focus for Meeker has been the need to close the achievement gap. The staff has used student achievement data to focus on under-achieving populations in the school. An effort to understand the learning needs has translated to better instruction and achievement. A significant gain toward reducing the achievement gap was the increase of score of our African-American students. Communication about homework, test scores and projects has vastly improved with the use of online grading and teacher swift sites. Our seventh- and eighth-grade teams have implemented a 100-percent homework incentive program that has shown positive results in student work and improved grades. This year's major initiative has been around math instruction. The Meeker math staff had taken on a very rigorous staff development project supported by the Teacher Development Group (TDG). The focus was on improving the learning of our sixth-, seventh- and eighth -grade regular math classes. One math class was selected to act as a lab to implement best practices. After a two-day seminar on best practices, the team examined the class in action and later conferred with each other, the studio teacher and the students to address the effectiveness of what was learned. The major shift in practice was moving away from what the teacher was doing toward what the student was thinking. Discourse strategies and higher-level questioning were two important processes needed to elicit student thinking. This initiative will continue into the 20102011 school year.

About Tacoma School District No. 10

The Tacoma School District No. 10 is the third largest district in Washington state. There are nearly 30,000 children in kindergarten through grade 12. Tacoma Public Schools has 37 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, five comprehensive high schools, and seven alternative learning sites. The district encompasses 56 square miles and is located on the southern end of Puget Sound in the shadow of Mount Rainier. As of Oct. 1, 2009, the district had 2,008 teachers, 26 certificated management-level staff members, 88 principals, 1,406 regular classified employees, 55 exempt classified employees, 742 classified non-regular/substitute employees and 520 certificated nonregular/substitute employees.

2009-2010 district improvement goals

1. Increase achievement for all students each year by 10%. (Based on the difference between the 2007 WASL scores and 100% of students meeting state standard.) 2. Decrease the gap between underperforming subgroups and the district average performance on the WASL by 10% annually. 3. Decrease the dropout rate by 10% annually. 4. Reduce the number of students not graduating by 10% annually.

Financial data

Revenues 2009-2010: State ........................................................ $181,436,768 .............. 56.4% Federal ..................................................... $57,586,354 .............. 17.9% Local taxes .............................................. $72,232,664 .............. 22.4% Local non-taxes ....................................... $6,831,491................ 2.1% Other ......................................................... $3,795,569 ................ 1.2% Total revenues budgeted .............. $321,882,846 Expenditures 2009-2010: Teaching activities ................................ $195,536,100 .............. 60.5% Other support activities ......................... $54,738,203 .............. 16.8% Teaching support .................................. $32,154,459 ............... 9.9% Central Administration ......................... $20,776,021 .............. 6.4% Principals' office .................................... $21,018,081 ................ 6.4% Total expenditures budgeted ......$362,222,864 Average per pupil expenditure 2009-2010 .................................$11,990

The information in this report is a requirement of our state's legislature. The Tacoma Public Schools supports this sharing of educational information with the community. If you have questions about district policies or programs, contact the Public Information Office at 253-571-1015. The Tacoma Public Schools Web site:

Annual School Performance Report is published by the Tacoma Public Schools, Public

Information Office. If you have a disability and need this publication in an alternate format, please call 253-571-1015. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Debbie Winskill, president, Kurt Miller, vice-president; Jim Dugan, Kim Golding and Catherine Ushka-Hall SUPERINTENDENT: Dr. Arthur O. Jarvis, Ed. D. PUBLIC INFORMATION DIRECTOR: Dan Voelpel Tacoma School District complies with all federal and state laws and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability or use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability, age, familial or marital status, honorably discharged veteran or military status. This applies to all educational programs and extra-curricular activities. Inquiries regarding the application of the above should be directed to Laurie Taylor, assistant superintendent, Human Resources, telephone 253-571-1252. Inquiries regarding the application of Title IX should be directed to Jennifer Kubista, director of Athletics and Activities, telephone 253-571-1123. Inquiries regarding the application of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (concerning students with disabilities who are not eligible for special education) should be directed to Jennifer Traufler, executive director, Special Education, telephone 253-571-1224. Inquiries regarding accommodations for disabled employees and the public should be directed to Leslie Nohr, Disability Accommodations Office, telephone, 253-571-1021. These individuals may be contacted by mail at P.O. Box 1357, Tacoma, WA 98401-1357.

Tacoma Public Schools P.O. Box 1357 Tacoma, WA 98401-1357

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