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Investing in India

Investing in India

"India offers high prospects for growth and earning potential across a multitude of sectors."

India is the fifth largest economy in the world and has the third largest GDP in the entire continent of Asia. The far reaching and sweeping economic reform policies embarked on since 1991 have unleashed India's enormous potential for growth. These new "Open Door Policies" effectively liberalized, deregulated and integrated the Indian economy with the global economy, resulting in India becoming a key destination for foreign investment. As such, in 2004, the Indian economy registered a 8.5% growth with a 6.9% growth projected for 2005.

India Investment Advantages

Conducive foreign investment environment that provides freedom of entry, investment opportunity, freedom of location, choice of technology, production capability, and repatriation of capital Well-balanced package of fiscal incentives Large and diversified country-wide infrastructure Well-developed R&D infrastructure and technical and marketing services Large manufacturing capability Vibrant capital market consisting of 22 stock exchanges with over 9,000 listed companies Skilled manpower and professional management available at competitive costs Stable democratic government with over 53 years of Independence

Investment Opportunities

TAIB realized the value of investing in India and became the first institution from the Gulf to register in India as a Foreign Financial Investor (FII) in 1995. Since then, TAIB has been active in the Indian market through its subsidiaries, TAIB Capital Corporation Ltd. and TAIB Securities (India) Ltd., while providing overseas investors with access to unique opportunities.

TAIB Everest Fund

TAIB Securities Mauritius Limited (TSML)

TAIB India Profit-Sharing Fund

The TAIB Everest Fund is an openended mutual fund targeted for retail overseas investors and NRIs. The Fund accesses India through several different and highly successful external "Best-In-Class" investment managers that have an on-the-ground presence in India. The Fund delivered returns of 35.3% in 2004 and has marked a 180% return since its inception in 1995. As the Fund operates through a subsidiary in Mauritius, investors pay only a nominal tax on income, thereby, legally bypassing the Indian capital gains tax.

TSML is a broad-based fund in Mauritius that focuses on investment in the Indian equity market. Through this vehicle, investors will have access to the local capital markets and be able to leverage the wealth management and brokerage services offered by TAIB. It has the advantage of the Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty that is held between Mauritius and India.

The India Profit-Sharing Fund is a Shariah-compliant open-ended fund with a focus on India. It provides medium to long-term capital growth to investors through investments in select Shariah-compliant stocks.

About TAIB Bank, B.S.C. (c )

TAIB Bank B.S.C. (c), a private bank based in Bahrain, was established in 1979 and is regulated by the Bahrain Monetary Agency. TAIB is a public company and has been listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange since 1994. TAIB is one of the region's first private banks with a focus on providing complete wealth management solutions to both high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors alike. Its strength lies in identifying unique investment opportunities and is attributed to 25 years of investment expertise and a network of six subsidiaries around the world. TAIB's wealth management strategy is characterized by a professional approach and personal commitment to each client, supported by the belief that true wealth management involves a blend of investors' financial objectives, market conditions, investment opportunities and constant monitoring in order to achieve optimum returns. TAIB's goals are to first, help the investor structure and plan their financial future, and then, leverage their expertise to make it meet expectations.

"Focused exclusively on wealth management,

TAIB Bank B.S.C.(c)

TAIB Tower, Diplomatic Area P.O. Box 20485, Manama Bahrain Tel: +973-17-549-494 E-Mail: [email protected]

TAIB's mission is to protect, enlarge, and transfer investor wealth."

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