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Juvenile Life Without Parole: Facts and Figures

1. Age under which children are prohibited from activities including voting, serving on a jury, serving in armed combat, purchasing or using tobacco or alcohol, and marrying or consenting to medical treatment without parental consent: 18 or older 2. States with civil laws recognizing that kids are different in maturity and responsibility: 50 3. Individuals serving life without parole ("LWOP") for a non-homicide offense committed at age 13: 2 4. Individuals serving LWOP for crimes committed at age 13: 9 5. States with a first-time juvenile offender serving LWOP for armed burglary: 1 (FL) 6. Number of states that account for nearly 90 percent of the juveniles sentenced to LWOP for non-homicide offenses: 3 (FL, LA, IA) 7. States that currently have juvenile offenders incarcerated for life for non-homicide crimes: 6 (FL, LA, IA, CA, NE, SC) 8. Percentage of individuals serving juvenile LWOP for a non-homicide offense who are minorities: 100 9. Estimated number of individuals in the U.S. currently serving LWOP for crimes committed as juveniles: 2,500 10. Individuals in the U.S. currently serving LWOP for non-homicide juvenile crimes: 109 11. Years since a 13-year-old has been sentenced to LWOP for a non-homicide offense: 18 12. 13- and 14-year-olds sentenced to LWOP over the last approximately 30 years: 73 13. Number of child offenders serving life without parole outside of the United States: 0 14. Nations opposing the 2006 UN General Assembly Resolution calling on all nations to abolish juvenile LWOP: 1 (United States) 15. Nations that have not ratified Article 37 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child, prohibiting juvenile LWOP sentences: 2 (United States and Somalia)

Sourcing by line: 1: Roper v. Simmons Opinion of the Court; ABA Juvenile Justice Center 2,4,11,12: Sullivan petitioner brief 3,8: Equal Justice Initiative, Cruel and Unusual: Sentencing 13- and 14-Year-Old Children to Die in Prison 5,7: Graham petitioner brief 6,10: Paolo Annino, et al., Juvenile Life without Parole for Non-Homicide Offenses: Florida Compared to Nation


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