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ITEM 43530

1/8 SCALE FACTORY ASSEMBLED GLOW-ENGINE R/C 4X4 CUSTOMIZED MONSTER TRUCK Parts code 8084221 1804029 9804276 0004457 0004486 0440242 0004168 50946 50947 Body (Assembled) Body (Transparent) Sticker Bag A Parts (A1 & A2) B Parts (B1 & B2, 1 pc.) Upright (C2, 1 pc.) D Parts (D1 & D2, 1 pc.) TGM-02 E Parts (Bumper) (E1 & E2) TGM-02 F Parts (Steering Arm) (F1-F6)

ITEM 43530

Parts code 9805859 3x15mm Screw (BB2 x4) 9804155 3x14mm Cap Screw (BB3 x4) 9804161 3x12mm Flange Tapping Screw (BB4 x10) 9805903 6x6mm Ball Nut (BB6 x10) 9805897 3mm Flange Nut (BB7 x10) 50586 3mm Washer (BB8 x15) 50587 3mm Spring Washer (BB9 x15) 53588 10mm Shim Set (BB10 x10...etc.) 9404451 Snap Pin Bag (BC1 & BC2) 50956 7mm Snap Pin (BC1 x10) 50197 Snap Pin Set (BC2 x10..etc.) 50595 Nylon Band w/Metal Hook (BD1 x10) 4004037 Chassis (BE1) 9404699 Gear Box Assembly (BE3 & BE4) 9404695 *1 Ring Gear Bag Bevel Pinion (MA1) x1 Ring Gear (MA2) x1 9404698 *1 Diff. Gear Bag Diff. Joint (Long) (MB1) x1 Diff. Joint (Short) (MB2) x1 Diff. Gear (Small) (MB3) x3 Diff. Bevel Shaft (MB4) x1 9mm Washer (MB5) x2 3x18mm C. Head Screw (MB6) x3 3x10mm Tapping Screw (MB7) x1 2300010 *2 9mm Washer (MB5 x1) 9804201 3x18mm Countersunk Head Screw (MB6 x2) 9804271 *1 Drive Shaft (MC1 x2) 9804272 *1 Diff. Joint Cup (MC2 x2) 9808090 5x5mm Grub Screw (MC3 x5) 9804270 *1 Wheel Axle L & R (MC4 & MC5, 1 pc. each) 9804278 6mm O-ring (MC6 x4) 9404692 *2 Suspension Arm Parts Bag 3.5x72.5mm Sus. Shaft (MD1) x2 3x90mm Turnbuckle Shaft (MD2) x1 12mm Adjuster Nut (MD3) x2 11mm Sus. Ball (MD4) x2 6x7mm Ball Connector (MD5) x1 Ball Collar (C1) x2 9415872 6x7mm Ball Connector (MD5 x10) 9415848 Roll Bar Bag Roll Bar (ME1) x1 4mm Flange Nut (ME2) x2 4mm Flange Lock Nut (ME3) x2 9805557 4mm Flange Lock Nut (ME3 x4) 9404693 Steering Arm Parts Bag Steering Post (MF1) x2 3mm Stainless Washer (MF2) x2 3x37.7mm Threaded Shaft (MF3) x1 3x10mm Step Screw (MF4) x2 6x7mm Ball Connector (MD5) x3 3x15mm Screw (BB2) x2 9804228 3mm Stainless Washer (MF2 x10) 50579 3x10mm Step Screw (MF4 x5) 9404697 *1 Damper Parts Bag Piston Rod (MG1) x2 Damper Spring (MG2) x2 Oil Seal (MG3) x2 Damper Cap (MG4) x2 4mm O-ring (Brown) (MG5) x4 3mm E-ring (MG6) x4 3x40mm Screw (MG7) x2 3mm Lock Nut (MG8) x2 3x14mm Step Screw (BB3) x2 6x6mm Ball Nut (BB6) x4 3mm Washer (BB8) x4 50380 E-ring Set (MG6 x4, MJ8 x7, MN7 x12) 9404456 Fuel Tank Bag Fuel Tank (MH1) x1 3mm O-ring (Brown) (MH2) x6 3x12mm Flange Tapping Screw (BB4) x3 Parts code 50597 Damper O-ring (Brown, MH2 x10) 9404694 Counter Shaft Bag Counter Shaft (MJ1) x1 Pressure Disc (MJ2) x2 Pressure Plate (MJ3) x2 Pressure Spring (MJ4) x1 Sliding Washer (MJ5) x2 4mm Washer (MJ6) x2 5mm E-ring (MJ7) x1 4mm E-ring (MJ8) x1 2x10mm Stainless Shaft (MJ9) x1 4mm Flange Lock Nut (ME3) x1 50589 5mm E-ring (MJ7 x5) 50594 2x10mm Shaft (MJ9 x10) 9404459 Main Shaft Bag Main Shaft (MK1) x1 Support Ring (MK2) x1 8mm One-Way Bearing (MK3) x1 Alu. Hub/2nd Gear/Assy. (MK4) x1 Cam Holder/2nd Gear/Assy. (MK5) x1 Shift Cam Ball (MK6) x1 Shift Cam Spring (MK7) x1 3x14mm Stainless Shaft (MK8) x1 2x3mm Screw (MK9) x3 4x4mm Grub Screw (MK10) x1 3x3mm Grub Screw (Mk11) x1 5700062 8mm One-Way Bearing (MK3 x1) 9805854 2x3mm Screw (MK9 x3) 50576 3mm Grub Screw (MK11 x10) 9404460 Final Shaft Bag Final Shaft (ML1) x1 Drive Gear Hub (ML2) x1 3x12mm Stainless Sahft (ML3) x1 9804160 3x12mm Shaft (ML3 x2) 9404461 Wheel Nut Parts Bag Aluminum Wheel Hub (MM1) x4 2.5x12mm Stainless Shaft (MM2) x4 5mm Flange Lock Nut (Silver) (MM3) x2 5mm Flange Lock Nut (Black) (MM4) x2 9404691 Brake Parts Bag Brake Shaft (MN1) x1 Brake Pad (MN2) x2 Brake Disc (MN3) x1 Brake Hub (MN4) x1 Brake Piston (MN5) x1 4x5.6mm Flanged Tube (MN6) x2 2mm E-ring (MN7) x2 3x12mm Stainless Shaft (ML3) x1 3x15mm Screw (BB2) x2 51033 TGM-03 Brake Disc (MN3 x1) 3585060 *1 4x5.6mm Flanged Pipe (MN6 x1) 50588 2mm E-ring (MN7 x15) 51035 TGM-03 Propeller Shaft (F & R) Propeller Shaft (Long) (MO1) x1 Propeller Shaft (Short) (MO2) x1 51034 *1 TGM-03 Joint Cup Set Joint Cup (MP1) x2 12mm C-ring (MP2) x2 3x12mm Stainless Shaft (ML3) x2 9404696 Rod Bag Brake Rod (MQ1) x1 Throttle Rod (MQ2) x1 Silicone Pipe (5mm) (MQ3) x1 Rod Mount (MQ4) x2 Rod Stopper (MQ5) x2 Throttle Spring (Long) (MQ6) x1 Throttle Spring (Short) (MQ7) x1 4mm Adjuster (MQ8) x3 2mm E-ring (MN7) x3 3x3mm Grub Screw (MK11) x2 5304029 Throttle Rod (MQ2) 3454096 *1 Rod Mount (MQ4 x1) 9804221 2mm Rod Stopper (MQ5 x2) 5005067 Throttle Spring (Long) (MQ6) 0445563 4mm Adjuster (MQ8 x3) 9404690 R/C Unit Parts Bag 2.6x8mm Tapping Screw (MR1) x1 Servo Saver Spring (Large) (MR2) x1 Servo Saver Spring (Small) (MR3) x2 Color Band (White) (MR4) x1 Mount Screw (MR5) x2 Servo Grommet (MR6) x8 Sponge Sheet (MR7) x1 Sponge Tape (MR8) x1 Double Sided Tape (MR9) x1 3x10mm Tapping Screw (MB7) x11 Parts code 6x7mm Ball Connector (MD5) x1 3x12mm Flange Tapping Screw (BB4) x8 3mm Flange Nut (BB7) x1 Snap Pin (Large) (BC2) x2 Nylon Band (Small) (BD1) x2 9805911 2.6x8mm Tapping Screw (MR1 x10) 9805886 Mount Screw (MR5 x2) 9804165 Servo Grommet (MR6 x10) 6295014 Sponge Sheet (MR7) 9805211 Sponge Tape (MR8 x2) 50171 Heat Resistant Double-Sided Tape (MR9) 41063 FS-18SR 40mm Air Cleaner (Assembly) (MS1-MS5) 41064 FS-18SR 40mm Air Cleaner Filter (MS1 x1) 9404687 Muffler (Assembly) (MT1-MT4, MG8) 9805895 3x20mm Screw (MT4 x10) 9404689 Muffler Parts Bag Silicone Pipe (Large) (MU1) x1 Nylon Band (Large) (MU2) Muffler Stay (MU3) x1 Cross Joint (MU4) 3x12mm Screw (MU5) x2 3mm Lock Nut (MG8) 3mm O-ring (Brown) (MH2) x2 3mm Washer (BB8) 9805898 3x12mm Screw (MU5 x10) 41053 2x5mm Silicone Fuel Pipe (MV1 & MV2) 9804273 *1 Tires (MW1 x2) 0554005 *1 Wheels (MW2 x2) 9804274 *1 Inner Sponge (MW3 x2) 7624022 Manifold (MX1)

*2 *2 *1

0114022 *1 J Parts (J1-J6, 1 pc.) 50948 TGM-02 K Parts (Body Mount) (K1-K4) 0114025 L Parts (L1 & L2) 0114070 M Parts (M1-M11) 9334087 2-Speed Gear (P1-P6) Spur Gear/2nd Gear (P1) x1 Spur Gear/1st Gear (P2) x1 46T Driven Gear (P3) x1 Drive Gear (P4) x1 Hub Spacer (P5) x1 2-Speed Pinion (P6) x1 51000 Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) Q Parts (Q1-Q6) x1 Servo Saver Spring (Large) (MR2) x1 Servo Saver Spring (Small) (MR3) x2 0554006 Main Frame (T1 & T2) 0444291 *1 U Parts (U1-U3, 1 pc.) 0444292 *1 X Parts (X1-X5, 1 pc.) 50953 6mm Adjuster Set (Z1 x16) 5454008 35T Spur Gear 7604027 FR-32FX Engine (EN1) 7730047 Plug & Plug Washer (EN2) 9404688 Starter Gear Unit (EN3) 7684402 Crank Case (w/Ball Bearings) (No.1) 7684411 Crank Shaft Ball Bearing (Front) (No.2) 7684412 Crank Shaft Ball Bearing (Rear) (No.3) 7684403 Crank Shaft (No.4) 7684413 Starting Shaft Set (No.5) 7684405 Heat Sink Head (No.6) 7684406 Inner Head (No.7) 7684410 Head Gasket (No.8 x2) 7684404 Cylinder & Piston (No.9) 7684407 Connecting Rod (No.10) 7684408 Piston Pin (No.11) 7684409 Piston Pin Retainer (No.12 x8) 7684414 Back Plate (No.13) 7684424 O-ring for Back Plate (No.14) 7684423 Screw Set (No.15) 7684418 Carburetor Retainer (w/Screw) (No.16) 7684415 Slide Carburetor (Assembly) (No.17) 7684416 Slide Carburetor (Body) (No.18) 7684419 Slide Rotor Set (No.19) 7684417 Rubber Boot for Slide Carburetor (No.20) 7684420 Needle Valve Set (No.21) 7684422 Gasket for Fuel Inlet (No.22 x2) 7684421 Carburetor O-ring Set (No.23) 7684425 Muffler Gasket (No.24) 9805672 840 Ball Bearing (No.30 x2) 9808025 2.6x5mm Screw (No.36 x5) 9464056 Screw Bag A (BA1) 9404714 Screw Bag B (BB1-BB10) 50583 3x15mm Tapping Screw (BB1 x10)

x2 x1 x1 x2

5224002 Manifold Spring (MX2) 9804275 Engine Mount (MX3 x2) 3454377 Flywheel (MX4) 3454409 Taper Collet (MX5) 3454383 Flywheel Nut (MX6) 3454378 Clutch Bell (MX7) 51032 TGM-03 Clutch Shoe Set (MX8 & MX9) 2994004 18mm O-ring (MX10 x1) 9804277 8mm E-ring (MX11 x2) 53587 5mm Shim Set (MX12-MX14, 10 pcs. each) 9804279 4x10mm Cap Screw (MX15 x4) 9805612 3x10mm Cap Screw (MX16 x5) 9804280 4mm Spring Washer (MX17 x4) 9805818 3mm Washer (Large) (MX18 x5) 53126 1510 Sealed Ball Bearing (MY1 x2) 53065 1260 Sealed Ball Bearing (MY2 x2) 53029 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing (MY3 x2) 51269 TGM-04 1150 Heat Resistant Bearing Set for Clutch Bell 1150 Ball Bearing (Heat Resistant) (MY4) x2 8mm E-ring (MX11) x1 5x7x0.3mm Shim (MX12) x1 5x7x0.2mm Shim (MX13) x1 5x7x0.1mm Shim (MX14) x1 3x10mm Cap Screw (MX16) x1 3mm Washer (Large) (MX18) x1 3mm Spring Washer (BB9) x1 8084223 Engine Starter 7304027 Glow Plug Heater 7252144 Transmitter Antenna 9805954 Antenna Pipe (30cm) (Black) (300 pcs.) 1054431 Operation Manual 1054432 Maintenance Manual *1 Requires 2 sets for one car. *2 Requires 4 sets for one car.


©2007 TAMIYA


©2007 TAMIYA


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