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SAMPLE LETTER (Recommending Expulsion and Asking for Leniency) Date Dear Superintendent(ERC Members): (Student's Name), a (grade) student at (School's Name), was (Explain the incident and circumstances). Pursuant to School Board Policy 7.08, I am recommending expulsion for (Student's Name) for the (Period of time) school year. He/She was arrested and charged with (name the offense) while on the school's campus. However, based on certain mitigating circumstances, I ask that this case be reviewed and that an alternative action be considered. The mitigating circumstances for which I am requesting leniency for this student are as follows: (Detail the mitigating circumstances here). The alternative action(s) which I am recommending for this student follows: (Detail the alternative action(s) here). Examples I recommend the student's return to (Name school following the initial 10 day suspension and that the expulsion be held in abeyance. I recommend the student's return to (name school) before the 10-day suspension is over (specify number of days) and that the expulsion be held in abeyance. I recommend the student's placement at the Alternative Learning Center for (period of time) while holding the expulsion in abeyance. It is understood that the period of time during which the expulsion is held in abeyance shall be considered a "probationary period". During this time the student may choose to withdraw from the Leon County School District and enroll in another school outside of the Leon County School District. Your favorable consideration of this request will be appreciated. Respectfully, *Principal must sign here. Principal cc: Appropriate School Executive Director Executive Director of Intervention Services Principal of the Alternative Learning Center Parent/Guardian and Student

Note: This sample letter may be worded to fit individual circumstances. REMEMBER! All actions resulting in alternatives to expulsion must be reviewed and authorized by the ERC.


Microsoft Word - Recommending Expulsi#53C431.doc

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Microsoft Word - Recommending Expulsi#53C431.doc